Be sure to provide your ancestral information in these two important places:  
  1. Your Pedigree on the Project's Website at WFN
  2. Your Ancestral Information at FTDNA:
You paid for the test--now do the rest.  Let your matches know about your family tree!
  • Although DNA testing can confirm that two test participants share a common ancestor, it must be combined with traditional genealogy to gain the maximum benefit for the genealogist.
  • It is through comparing paper trails with those whom you match that the connection is made and new generations are added to your family tree.
  • Paper trails (pedigrees) are needed to find which ancestor, when, and where.
  • What is a pedigree?  It is the family tree that has been constructed for your family line through traditional genealogy.  This is the paper trail that has been constructed through research into public records (birth certificates, death certificates, wills, deeds, ship passenger lists, marriage certificates, and other documents) and other verifying data (letters,family Bibles, diaries, and other documents).