Upload a Photo to your Web Page

You may display images (photos) on your project's web pages, as long as they are stored somewhere on the internet.  We do not provide provision to store them on our website.  However, there are a number of ways you can store your photos on the internet and access them for display on your project's web pages. 

First, to make sure you understand what's happening. 

  • When you use our editor's upload image tool, you are enabling the photo to display. 
  • As a second part of the process, you have to define where the photo is stored.
  • The photo has to be accessible by the internet.

If you have photos you would like to display on the project's web pages, but do not have them saved as a file on the internet, there are a number of websites that will do this for you.  A website that we tried and liked because of its ease of use is FileAve.com.  This website will upload and will store your photos for free, making them available for you to display on your project webpages.

Here's how to do it: 

Save the photo as a jpg, gif, or png file on your computer. 

Then go to FileAve.com  http://www.fileave.com/

Sign up for a free account.  (You will have to go through a number of pages of ads to get to the sign-up page.)

Follow the instructions for uploading the photos to your account at FileAve.  You will be given your own url and each photo will have that url and a file name. 

After you have successfully uploaded your photo(s) to FileAve, you can open a second browser to take you to your project pages at Worldfamilies.net. 

Click on "Edit this page".

  • Place your cursor on the place in the edit box where you would like the photo to appear.
  • Then go up to the tool bar and find the image for Insert/Edit Image (second row, square with a mountain in it). 
  • Copy and paste the url of the photo you uploaded to FileAve into the url box. 
  • You can choose the width and height of the picture (start with 200 for the width, save it, look at the photo, and then adjust until you get it the size you want). 
  • If you want text to appear next to the picture, be sure you have placed the cursor where you want the photo to appear next to the text.  Then click on Alignment and choose "left" or "right" until you get the text appearing the way you want.
  • To change anything about the photo, place your cursor on the photo, right click, select image properties, and you can change any of the settings.
  • If you've never done this before, you may have to play with it several times to get the photo looking the way you want.