Orphan Projects

One of the services that WorldFamilies.net has provided since 2004 is starting and managing surname projects where one doesn't exist at FTDNA. We also take over projects where the administrator is no longer able to manage them. We gladly turn these over to a family member who wishes to become the administrator. (or welcome them as co-administrator to learn the skills and take leadership at their pace)  Note: a few of these projects are also our personal ancestral surnames.  We prefer to stay involved with them, but welcome a co-admin!

We have prepared an admin guide that provides the basic information for those who choose to use our approach to manage a project through the three sites that we utilize: the FTDNA GAP page, our WorldFamilies.net project site and the Family Board and Pedigree Forum at WFNForum.net.

   "Sissy" (1925-1928) & orphan lamb

There are a number of projects under our management that are available for adoption.  We try to keep the list on the Forum updated - but it's hard to always remember - so let us know if we need to make a correction.  The list is generally the largest projects we serve.  If the project you are interested in already has an administrator or isn't on the list, check with us.  Many administrators welcome a co-admin and every project deserves a Family Researcher on the admin team. 

We have a number of surname projects that have no administration from a family member. Many call these "Orphan Projects"

We welcome one or more volunteers to become co-administrators of the following projects and to learn how to manage the project at their your pace - with our support. (Or take it on your own - if you are ready)

Larger Projects needing a Co-Administrator or Administrator 
Aaron, Abel, Ackerman, Aguilar, Albers, Alley, Apple, Arthur, Ash, Askew, Atwood
Baca, Bacon, Barclay, Barger, Baron, Barrs, Bateman, Baum, Baxter, Beauchamp, Beebe, Benjamin, Benoit, Bergman, Blackmon, Blankenship, Blanton, Blount, Boswell, Bowie, Brenner, Bright, Broadway, Broussard, Buckner, Burkett, Burnham, Burrell, Burt, Butler
Cahill, Cantrell, Cantu, Cartwright, Cash, Castillo, Castro, Chadwick, Chaney, Chappell, Christie, Christopher, Clinton, Cody, Colburn, Collier, Colvin, Comer, Conley, Corley, Corn, Cornelius, Costello, Coulter, Covington, Crenshaw, Cross, Crowder, Cruz, Cutler
Darby, Darden, Delgado, Dempsey, Denton, Dickey, Dominguez, Doran, Doyle, Dunlap, Durfee, Duval, Dykes
Echols, Emery, Estep, Eubanks, Ezell
Fagan, Feldman, Findley, Fink, Flores, Flynn, Foley, Foot, Fountain, Fournier, Franco, Friedman, Fritz, Funk
Gabriel, Gallagher, Galloway, Garza, Gebhart, Gould, Grimm, Groves, Guererro, Gutierrez, Guy, Guzman
Hackett, Hammer, Hampton, Haney, Hanley, Hannah, Havens, Hayward, Heard, Hedgpeth, Helms, Herbert, Hernandez, Herrera, Hess, Higginbotham, Hillard, Hirsch, Hitchcock, Hobbs, Holbert, Holden, Hollis, Hurley, Hutchins
Jamison, Jarman, Jarrett, Jewell, John
Keefer, Keller, Koehler
Lacy, Lassiter, Leach, Leary, Legg, Lind, London, Lopez, Lord, Love, Lucero, Luna, Lund, Lusk, Lynch
Mann, Mansfield, Marin, Marquez, Masters, Maurer, McClendon, McGarity, McGraw, McHugh, McNally, McNamarra, Medina, Mendoza, Merritt, Milner, Miranda, Mobley, Molina, Montoya, Moon, Morales, Moran, Moreno, Moser, Moss, Mueller, Munoz, Myers, Myrick
Newell, Newsome, Nguyen, Norris, North, Novak, Nugent
Ogden, Oleary, Ortiz, Otts
Padgett, Padilla, Parkison, Parsons, Patrick, Patton, Pelletier, Pena,Piper, Pollard, Post, Potter, Pratt, Puckett, Purcell, Purvis
Ransom, Reams, Reyes, Richmond, Ring, Rios, Rivers, Roman, Roy, Royal, Ruiz
Sadler, Salazar, Sams, Samuels, Santos, Sapp, Schroeder, Seay, Sevier, Sexton, Sheridan, Shipley, Shook, Siegel, Singleton,  Snow, Sprague, Steiner, Stern, Stinson, Stoddard, Stover, Stowe, Street, Stinson, Sweeney, Szabo
Talbott, Thacker, Titus, Trevino, Trotter, Trujillo, Tuttle
Valdez, Vargas, Vasquez, Vega, Velazquez, Vines
Waller, Walton, Warner, Weber, Whitlock, Whittington, Wickham, Wilkins, Willoughby, Wills,  Wong, Woodman, Woodson, Woolf, Worley

Note: we also are administrator for many more smaller projects which also need and deserve a family admin.

Once you are confident, you can take over sole operation of the project - or keep us in the background as technical support. (The websites that we provide will stay with the project. They are provided at no cost.)

You may post a reply, or contact me privately by clicking on the white envelope

Additionally, I have the following ancestral surname projects that I would love to share administration with a fellow family researcher"

Allard, Armistead
Bancroft, Birdsong, Brandt, Briscoe, Bynum, Byrchett
Clewis, Conway, Cresap
DeBerry, Dillard, Duckworth (Marilyn's ancestry)
Fleete, Franks (Marilyn's ancestry)
Hornsby, Hunter
Isom (Marilyn's ancestry)
McWilliams (Marilyn's ancestry), Medley (Marilyn's ancestry)
Robeson (Marilyn's ancestry)
Seat, Sowerby, Steele, Swearingen
Vess (Marilyn's ancestry)
Waddell, Wortham

You can find these projects with a search at:



More info on becoming a Co-Admin is available at this site: http://www.worldfamilies.net/becomepa

Contact Terry to arrange an adoption