Order Through a Project

 When you order through one of our projects, you will order your test from Family Tree DNA, who do 90% of all DNA test for genealogistsand whose databases are several times larger than all of the other databases on the market - combined!

In order to get the lower price that FTDNA gives to project members, and to insure that you will be in the surname project of your choice, it is necessary for you to go through a few steps.

We will make it as easy as possible!

Find your project.

  • Search at Worldfamilies.net
    • If project exists at Worldfamilies.net, (it will also exist at FTDNA)
      • Click on the link to go to the project's website home page.
      • Click on the "Click here to order" on the Project's homepage.
      • You will be taken directly to the project's order page at FTDNA
    • If project exists at Family Tree DNA (but is not shown for Worldfamilies.net)
      • Click on the link to FTDNA's project
      • You will be taken to the project's order page at FTDNA.
  • Search at Family Tree
    • Type surname in search box on FTDNA home page.
    • Click on the surname shown under "Project"
    • You will be taken to the project's order page at FTDNA.
    • Note: Do not click on the "Pricing" link at the top of the page -as you'll pay $50 - $80 more for the same test - and not be in your project!.

  • If no project exists for your surname at FTDNA or Worldfamilies.net
    • Submit a request to set up a project for your surname.

Fill out the FTDNA Order Form. (For help in choosing a test, click here.)

  • First Page:
    • You list the name of the person being tested. This is also the name that will be on the Certificate.
      • Ordering for yourself
        • Fill out the 2-page form, being sure to include your email address
        • Choose to either pay now, or have an invoice sent to you
      • Ordering for another person
        • If you want the kit sent directly to the person being tested, list their address.
        • If you want the kit sent to you, list their name and then put c/o (your name) in the first address box and your regular mailing address, beginning with the second address box.)
        • Put your email address in the first position, as this is how you will know what is happening. (Be sure the person you sponsor includes your email address if they place the order)
        • You can list the person your sponsor's email address as the additional address
        • If you have someone who is terribly concerned about their privacy, you can list your own name in the order or you can list the name of their earliest ancestor. (When the kit isn’t in the tester's name or address, they aren’t associated with the sample other than through your knowledge. )
      • If you want the kit sent to the person being tested, but the certificate sent to you, use this two step method:
        • Set up the order with their name and mailing address
        • After the sample is returned and you are given the password to access their personal page at FTDNA, leave their name, but change the mailing address to c/o you and your address.


  • Second Page:
    • You choose to pay by credit card or invoice.
    • If you pay by credit card - fill out the info - and you're all done.
    • If you want to pay by check, you list your address in the second page so they can send you the invoice