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This site is for posting Y chromosome DNA information for men from the Francisco, Cisco, Sisco, Siscoe, and Sischo families of North America.

This site looks best if you use the Firefox web browser available from  Firefox is especially good at displaying the y-Results page. Click on the following link to download the latest version of Firefox: 

It is important to note that there are several different, unrelated, families with these surnames. We've been using DNA testing of the Y chromosome of men to differentiate the various families. If you are a male member of the family with one of these surnames, you can order the DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA.  Click on the following link and look for the Y-DNA37 test.

We can then compare your results to those of other men who have been tested. To date we have ~50 participants.  Here are the different, unrelated families that have been discovered:

1. A large family descended from John Fransoy, a French protestant (Huguenot) born about 1660 in France, who fled north to the Netherlands to escape religious persecution. He married a Dutch woman, Elizabeth Geitje, either in the Netherlands or in New Jersey. In the Netherlands and in the Dutch community of Second River, New Jersey, he was known as Johannis Franse, which means "John French" in Dutch. Later the name was written as Francisco or Fran Sisco. He is supposed to have had at least five sons, Henry, Frans, Johannis, Abraham, and Barent. Many of the descendants of Barent in New Jersey shortened the name to "Sisco", whereas the descendants of Henry in New York and points west often kept the full name of "Francisco".  A southern branch of this family is descended from a John Francisco who moved to North Carolina about 1750. The southern branch uses the shortened "Sisco" or "Cisco" versions of the name. Men of this lineage have the R1b-DF27 Y chromosome haplotype, the so-called "Gascon-Iberian" haplotype, which is most common among men in the Atlantic Coast region of southwestern France and northern Spain.  For a discussion see

2. Another large family descended from Ludwig Christophel ("Stofel") Franciscus, who emigrated to Pennsylvania in the early 1700's. Some members of this family changed the name to Francisco and Sisco. This is the family of the late actor James Franciscus. Men of this lineage have the G2b-M377 Y chromosome haplotype, which is described in the following Wikipedia article

3. A Portuguese Francisco family originating in the island of Madeira. Some in this family have shortened the name to "Francis". These also have a R1b Y chromosome haplotype, but they are not closely related to the family of John Fransoy (Family #1 above).

4. The family of Peter Francisco, the "Virginia Giant", who was a hero in the Revolutionary War.  His origins are obscure -- some say he may have been Portuguese.  Click on the following link for the Society of his descendants:

5. A Francisco family descended from Daniel Francisco, born about 1803 in Tennessee, who moved to Illinois at a young age. The Y chromosome of men in this family matches other men with the surname of "Gage", so it is likely their direct male ancestor was a Gage. They have an E1b1b Y chromosome haplotype, described at:

6. A Francisco and Sisco family descended from Horace Cisco (1819-1901) of Ohio. The Y chromosome of men in this family matches other men with the surname of "Cook", so it is likely their direct male ancestor was a Cook.  They have a J2a4 Y chromosome haplotype.

7. A Francisco family whose Y chromosome matches the Y chromosome of Burleson men, so it is very likely that their direct male ancestors were Burlesons. The southern Burlesons, Franciscos, Shipmans, and Gages traveled together to North Carolina about 1750 and intermarried. Men in this family have an I1a Y chromosome haplotype.

8. A family descended from two Sischo brothers who lived in Rhode Island in the early 1700's. Different branches of this family spell the name Siscoe or Sisco. They have a J2a4b1-M92 Y chromosome haplotype.  Several men descended from Philip Coe, b 1742, have the same Y chromosome.

9. A Sisco family from Calabria in Italy. This is the family of the late Dr. Joseph John Sisco, President of American University in Washington, DC. We do not have any DNA data for the Y chromosome of this family, so we do not know if it is related to any of the other families.

10. A family who owned the Sisco Dairy in New Jersey. They changed their name from "Ziljstra" when they emigrated to this country.  We do not have any DNA data from men in this family.

Thanks very much for your participation.  I am from the southern branch of the John Fransoy family (Family #1).

Paul Hardeman Sisco, Jr. (b. 1945)

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