Launches Newest Version of Website!

We're past the early problems of the launch.  (thanks to all who helped!)  Our focus is now on helping you understand the features and usability of the new site.  We still welcome comments, suggestions and notice of glitches.  Have Fun!

Here are some of the reasons we think you'll like the new site: 

For All Visitors to the Site and Surname Project Members:
  • WorldFamilies main Navigation Bar unifies our site (dark gray bar)  (The WorldFamiles information pages, Project pages and Forum are now all tied together in one structure)
    • "Search" Box on every page finds the projects - or use it for an "Any word" search
    • "Surname Projects" page makes it easy to find a project by alphabetic listings and to go directly to project ordering page at FTDNA or to the project page ( or not)  Includes the variations included in each project.
    • "Order Test" in the main navigation bar allows you to find your project and order in a simple and direct way
    • "Forums" takes you to all WorldFamilies Forums
    • "Using FTDNA" helps you navigate and understand Family Tree DNA's process
  • Project Navigation Bar on each of the project website pages (light gray bar), so you can get back to the other pages on the site.
    • Our most used Project pages ("Home", "Patriarch" and "y-Results") keep their primary positioning
    • "mtDNA" is a new page - allowing easy inclusion of this increasingly popular test
    • "Join Project" in your Project navigation bar takes you directly to your project's order page at FTDNA, automatically enrolling you in the project when you order a test - and gaining you the best price - which comes from group projects.
    • "Forum" takes you to the Project's Family Board and "Pedigree" take you to the Project's Pedigree Forum
  • The left sidebar serves multiple purposes (provided on most pages)
    • Navigation menus to our information pages - which are updated and expanded  An example is our DNA the Smart Way, helping you and your family members understand genetic genealogy and how to get involved.
    • Optional Log In (not required to access any of our pages) enables "Tracked Projects" and posting at the Forum
    • "Track Project" tool allows you to navigate directly to your project from WorldFamilies homepage and information pages.  (By clicking on the "Track Project" button on the surname projects of interest, links to those projects will appear each time you sign in.  You can track multiple projects)
    • "Tell a Friend" feature lets you invite others to view the website.
  • And other features, such as:
    • Notes at the bottom of Project Patriarch and Results pages explain how to read and use the information
    • Results Viewer that allows you to utilize the full size of your monitor to view the Results and Patriarchs Pages.

For Project Administrators: 

  • "Configure Project Site" gives you more control over your site
    • Change your project name and tag line in the project pages banner
    • Choice of which pages you display and use
    • Easily update your co-administrator information
    • Tie multiple projects together so you can edit them all with one log-in
  • New "at-the-page" editing (no more separate editor)
    • Choose "Default" text for each page or write your own
    • Optional html upload feature for Results & Patriarch pages is quick and painless  
    • Editor notes at the bottom of each project page with instructions for posting.
  • and more!

    We hope you will enjoy using the newest version of!