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Note: There are often gaps between the FTDNA-Reported SNP and the corresponding "Longform" info at ISOGG.  Thanks to ISOGG for permission to use their "Long Form" Haplogroup names,.  
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Haplogroups are currently listed as reported by the testing companies, but they will be further refined as more full-sequence test results are received.?
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# Mitosearch Earliest Known Maternal Ancestor Haplo HVR1 HVR2
U352 U5b 16051G,16183G,16189C,16234T,16270T
U90 JEWUR Elizabeth Herndon, b. c1805 KY U5b2 16051G,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U230 668CJ Elinor Mantague, b. c1627 England U5b 16051G,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U253 U5b 16051G,16189C,16270T
U426 U5a1a 16051G,16192T,16256T,16270T,16216G,16399G,16519C
U377 ANSRV Nancy Millican, b.1822 TX U5a1 16051G,16192T,16256T,16270T,16316G,16399G,16519C 073G,263G,315.1C
U506 KM4YQ Marie Gravois, France U5 16076T,16256T,16270T,16272G,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U458 2T6TN U5a 16074G,16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U121 FRJUS Ellen Leary, b. c1870, Ireland U5a1a 16092C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,152C,263G,315.1C
U201 Hannah Cope, b. 1839 England U5b 16093C,16150T,16183C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U30 ZAWW4 Esther Guthrie, b. 1802 PA U5b 16093C,16183C,16187T,16189C,16190T,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,152C,195C,263G,315.1C
U120 ZP8HU Alice Cundy, b. c1813 England U5a 16093C,16183C,16187T,16189C,16190T,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,152C,195C,263G,315.1C
U267 RGZPG Netty Moscovitz, b. 1869 Russia U5b 16093C,16183C,16189C,16270T
U310 U5b 16093C,16183C,16189C,16270T
U408 U5b 16093C,16183C,16189C,16270T
U534 5XQ8X Beatrice Hamilton, b. c1800 Ireland U5 16093C,16183C,16189C,16270T
U526 BNB8Y Fedelia Gadcourt Potter, b. 1803 VT U5 16093C,16183C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U88 KWTUA Rozalia Wilczek, b. c1881 Poland U5b 16093C,16183C,16189C,16270T,16465T
U246 WG7PG Martha Thurow, b. 1884 Michigan U5 16093C,16188.1C,16188.2C,16270T
U314 GCQKY Anna Buchanon, b. 1770 Virginia U5b2 16093C,16189C,16192T,16270T,16319A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U134 Sarah Gatling, b. c1740 NC U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U212 U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U272 Mary Mitchell, b. 1832 NC U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U402 TQ3C4 Mary James, b. c1752 Maryland U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U148 U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T
U22 4FZZQ Zuzana Repova, b. c1795 Moravia U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T
U54 CDXWR Elizabeth Polly, b. 1780 NC U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U128 V8YXF Elizabeth Polly, b. 1780 NC U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T
U451 JTNFD Hellen Moucher, b c1800 England U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T
U184 Anna Juergensen. b. 1823 Denmark U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U300 Jane Baker, b. c1835 NC U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U488 XGBNV Sarah Campbell, b. c1777 NC U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U490 Phoebe Tubb, b 1783 SC U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U516 U5 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U208 Roelfje Jonkman, b. 1841 Netherlands U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,151T,263G,315.1C
U202 Katerina Hornikova, b. 1844 Czechoslovakia U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,384G
A22 Italy [AY882400] U5b1b 16093C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,270.1T,315.1C
U478 U5b 16093C,15189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U248 ?? Cvelbar, b. c1855 Slovenia, Yugoslavia U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T,16362C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U126 D5VST Paraskevia Brygay U5b 16093C,16189C,16270T,16465T 073G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C,522-,523-
U447 U5a 16093C,16192T,16249C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U523 8P543 Fox, b c1930 Scotland U5 16093C,16192T,16249C,16270T
U468 TEDUB Mary Kerns, b. c1852 PA U5a 16093C,16192T,16249C,16270T
U228 U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16262T,16270T,16399G
U38 4WYVU Annie Ives, b. 1895, Burlington, VT U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U55 6C48A Sarah Elizabeth Broom, b. 1851 NC U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U425 M8G8E Lonie Jenkins U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U46 63SNM Barbara Kleindinst, b. 1760 Auenstein, Switzerland U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,150T,315.1C
U508 492HD Lina Wilson, b. 1862 MO U5 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,150T,315.1C
U419 U5a1 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,198T,263G,315.1C
U369 S39U9 Hilda Heir, b. c1885 Finland U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C,522-,523-
U270 7UEYB U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399C
U480 U5a1a 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G,16519C
U442 RD5PR Jessie Herron, b. c1915 OH U5a1 16093C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A
U147 7JB47 Katherine Giesbrecht, b. 1842 Russia U5a1a 16093C,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U472 U5a1a 16093C,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U545 U5 16093C,16256T,16270T,16399G
P22 India [AY714004] U5 16093C 16318T 16519C 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C, 522-, 523-
U475 83XJR Caroline Kirkland, b. 1822 NC U5a1 16111T,16168T,16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,199C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,455-
U103 P6K88 Mary Ann Howe, b. 1819 Essex, England U5b1b 16111T,16189C,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U333 Anna Maria Virkkunen, b.1870,Pielisj?rvi,Finland U5a1 16114A,16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16271C,16294T,16526A
U288 2XQ7W Julie Paarman, b. c1871 U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16263C,16270T,16290T,16294T,16526A
U65 N8JQE Priita Laurintytar Knihtila, b. 1752 Finland U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16271C,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U77 HV8MY Antonia Weszowska, b. 1881 Lidzbark, Poland U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16271C,16294T,16526A 073G,146C,263G,315.1C,372C
F123 Finland [AY339524] U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16271C,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
F124 Finland [AY339525] U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16271C,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
F125 Finland [AY339526] U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16271C,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U500 DMC7A U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16309C,16350G,16526A 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U262 QQSW7 Petronella Larsdotter, b. c1835 U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16309C,16350G,16526A 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U371 U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16311C,16526A
U421 AUZFZ Ellen Dickenson, b. 1829 England U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16311C,16526A
U143 EHTJ4 Sibyl Pitzer, b. 1740 PA U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16311C,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U224 KSMB7 Annie Sharkie, b. c1870 Donegal, Ireland U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16350G,16526A 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,372C
U392 GU274 Millie Sisk, b. 1861 KY U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16350G,16526A 073G,152C,263G,315.1C
U386 NF3EK Fannie Chew, b. c1835 MD U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A
U446 EEAHS Ida Burri U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A
U466 Anna Zemite, b. 1901 Liepaja, Latvia U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A
U395 KHBKG Maggie Gilliespie, b. c1877 VA U5a 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
F126 Finland [AY339527] U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,152C,263G,315.1C
U375 HWW6P Ann Ogletree, b. c1748 VA U5a 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,152C,263G,315.1C
U278 SYH9N Mary (Casey) Curtin, b. c 1833 Ireland U5a1 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U509 J2E2R Maternal Ancestry Unknown U5 16114A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
P04 Portugal [EF177408] U5a 16114A,16192T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U47 NSY3F Annie Mills, b. 1871 LA U5 16114T,16220G,16224C,16270T
U469 4H768 Amanda Jane Stephens, b. 1849 FL U5 16114T,16224C,16270T
U234 5H77N Arpatia Finley, b. c1827 Albemarle Co., VA U5b2 16114T,16224C,16270T 073G,150T,253G,279C,315.1C,517T
U140 HZS89 Viana Chandler, b. c1888 LA U5 16114A,16256T,16270T,16278T,16294T,16526A 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U75 8VXGF Frances A Hunt, b. 1857 LA U5a1 16114A,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U240 YCKBK Sallie Ray, b. 1869 U5a 16114A,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U533 U5 16114A,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U338 U5a 16114A,16256T,16283G,16294T,16526A 073G,151T,263G,315.1C
U331 V3C86 Koosje de Haan, b. c1860 Indonesia U5 16129A,16176T,16266T,16270T,16311C,16357C
A31 Italy [AY882409] U5b1c 16129A,16189C,16192T,16270T,16274A,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U86 ESX8P Brigget Cleary, b. Ireland U5b 16129A,16189C,16270T
U308 AM754 Ann McFall Brown, b. 1823 Indiana U5b 16129A,16189C,16270T,16465T,16519C 073G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C,522-,523-
P-C3 India: Brahmin [AY714003] U5a1 16129A,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U440 Z5AYH Maria Amado Rodriguez, b. Galicia, Spain U5a 16129A,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,199C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U57 K2PKE Patience Tuttle, b. 1788 GA U5a 16129A,16192T,16270T,16304C 073G,150T,228A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U25 32QGA Harriet Parker, b c1829, Southampton, England U5b 16140C,16174T,16183C,16189C,16270T,16288C,16311C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
A28 Saami [AY882406] U5b1b 16144C,16148T,16189C,16270T,16335G 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
IG4 Saami (Sweden, Norrbotten) [DQ902700] U5b 16144C,16148T,16189C,16270T,16335G 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
IG2 Saami (Sweden, Norrbotten) [DQ902697] U5b 16144C,16148T,16189C,16270T,16335G 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U41 QBME5 Anna Turunen, b. Finland U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T
U68 QNDV4 Margreta Persdatter, b. c1714 Norway U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T
U420 SEKHE Olga Ivarna Engelsen, b.c1900 Norway U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T
U423 U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T
U459 4XMUB Inger Eriksdater, b. 1826 Norway U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T
U473 U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T
U510 U5 16144C,16189C,16270T
U521 X4Z79 Anna Mattsintytar Kerenen, b. 1787 Finland U5b1b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,146C,150T,263G,315.1C
F134 Finland [AY339535] U5b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U173 Elin Pedersdotter, b. c1675 Sweden U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U543 G8Y9F Lithuania U5 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U213 F6FUP Elsie Katri Paakkonen, b. 1874 Finland U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U243 8Y9J9 Maria Kristiina Antintyt?r, b. 1830 Orivesi, Finland U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T
F129 Finland [AY339530] U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
F130 Finland [AY339531] U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
F131 Finland [AY339532] U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U487 Finland U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U11 3A68R Helga Absolonsdotter, b. Norway U5b1b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U12 Hilma Kainulainen, b.c1891 Finland U5b1b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
F133 Finland [AY339534] U5b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
A25 Saami [AY882403] U5b1b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
A26 Saami [AY882404] U5b1b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
IG1 Saami (Sweden, Vasterbotten) [DQ902705] U5b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
IG3 Saami (Sweden, Norrbotten) [DQ902696] U5b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U162 583HX Margit Larsdotter, b. c1690 Norway U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U163 GMMT7 Tekla Lisiag?rska, b. c1875 Poland U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
A27 Yakut (Northestern Siberia) [AY882405] U5b1b 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U13 3CT29 Jane Campbell, m. 1811, Baltimore MD U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,207A,263G,315.1C
F132 Finland [AY339533] U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T 073G,263G,315.1C
U139 UM3VX U5b1 16144C,16189C,16270T,16278T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U502 QXAXV Ida Obert, b. c1865 Finland U5 16144C,16189C,16270T,16360T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
ING1 Italy [AF346988] U5 16145A,16169A,16192T,16235G,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,373G
44P Perdasdefogu, Ogliastra, Sardinia [DQ523624] U5 16145A,16169A,16192T,16235G,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,373G [This paper does not report 309.1C and 315.1C]
U84 Willie Effie Arrington, b. 1898 AL U5a 16145A,16174T,16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U383 93WYP Ann Wright, b. 1799 Cambridgeshire, Eng. U5a1a 16145A,16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16299G,16399G
U237 PCX5R Marie Lehr, b. 1856 Regensburg, Germany U5a1a 16145A,16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,195C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C 573.2C
U62 HYWR7 Mary Barrett, b. 1820 Ireland U5a1a 16145A,16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,195C,263G,315.1C,573.1C,573.2C
U64 EZT4W Josephine Suszczynski, b, c1890 Bialystok, Poland U5a1a 16145A,16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,195C,263G,315.1C
U298 A9DA9 Mariah Robinson, b. 1836 Alabama U5a1a 16148T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U387 XZ7UW Lydia Nettles, b. 1797 Georgia U5a1a 16148T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U312 SVCTE Genevieve Kwak, b. c1928 Poland U5b 16150T,16189C,16257A,16270T,16465T
U83 87FNT Francessca Aliberti, b. c1850 Sicily U5a1a 16157C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16320T,16399G
U82 UMARG Antonina Toddaro, b. 1913 Sicily U5a1a 16157C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16320T,16399G
U353 U5 16162G,16270T,16292T,16362C
50U Urzulei, Ogliastra, Sardinia [DQ523645] U5b1 16167T,16189C,16270T,16311C,16356C 073G,150T,263G
U315 Eleonora Masala, Sardinia, Italy U5a 16167T,16192T,16270T,16311C,16356C
U328 H95S4 Mary Myrtle Babb, b. c1880 Michigan U5a1 16168T,16192T,16256T,16270T,16304C,16526A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C, 455-
U263 S9YNX Elizabeth Hall, b 1796 Cambridge, England U5a1 16168T,16192T,16256T,16270T,16325C,16526A
U58 TB8K4 Lucretia Cook, b. 1746/47 CT U5a1 16168T,16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C,455-
176P Perdasdefogu, Ogliastra, Sardinia [DQ523628] U5b3 16169A,16192T,16235G,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,373G    [This paper does not report 309.1C and 315.1C]
187U Urzulei, Ogliastra, Sardinia [DQ523655] U5b3 16169A,16192T,16235G,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,373G    [This paper does not report 309.1C and 315.1C]
32U Urzulei, Ogliastra, Sardinia [DQ523644] U5b3 16169A,16192T,16235G,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,284G,373G    [This paper does not report 309.1C and 315.1C]
96T Talana, Ogliastra, Sardinia [DQ523669] U5b3 16169A,16192T,16235G,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,284G,373G    [This paper does not report 309.1C and 315.1C]
U106 UN72M Charlotte Bowman, b. c1810 VA U5 16170G,16270T,16362C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U381 UJDUS Dolores Guerrero, b. c1870 Granada, Spain U5b 16172C,16183C,16189C,16270T,16274A, 16311C,16325C,16465T,16519C
U463 9BA8R U5a1a 16172C,16256T,16270T,16274A,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U16 MA69H Winnie Emaline Kilpatrick, b. c1816 TN U5b 16174T,16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,516T
U56 7HSR6 Lucinda Hensley, b. 1858 AR U5b 16174T,16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,516T
U536 U5 16174T,16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,516T
U172 Anna F. Flekler, b. 1857 N.S.W., Australia U5b 16174T,16189C,16192T,16192.1T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U170 Elizabeth Nerney, b. c1820 NSW, Australia U5b 16174T,16189C,16192T,16192.1T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U171 Mary Partridge, b. 1647 Hartford, Connecticut U5b 16174T,16189C,16192T,16192.1T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U3 HG3CZ Martha Gay, b. 1851 TN U5b 16174T,16189C,16193.1C,16270T,16311C [Family Tree DNA does not report 16193.1]. 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C [Relative Genetics does not test for 516T]
U1 6PY6X Martha Gay, b. 1851 TN (Cherokee) U5b1c 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U220 Nancy Adams, b. 1801 Virginia U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U14 R3DZ2 Mary Katherine Leonard, b 1950 VA U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C
U495 Elizabeth Duke, b. 1780 GA U5 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C
U108 WMPFX Lydia Holder, b. 1803 NC U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U15 ZMR4H Helen Poole Sangray, b. 1923 U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C,516T
U6 W6BJF Sarah Teal, b. 1752 Craven Co., SC U5b1c 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U4 2EPYN Bethena Grant, b. c1810 SC U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
U513 U5 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C
U5 U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C
U203 Lourana Jordan, b. 1840 U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,516T
EM1 HUN0500208 Szeckler, Romania U5b 16174T,16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,516T
U81 PSS8A Mary Sherrod, b. Scotland U5b 16182C,16183C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U10 2DSVM Eleanor Brittin, b. 1776 VA U5b 16182C,16183C,16189C,16270T,16519C
U122 NW447 Deborah Lathbury, b. c1660 U5b 16182C,16183C,16189C,16270T,16519C
U214 Z4Z44 Elizabeth Johnston, b. 1886 U5b 16182C,16183C,16189C,16270T,16519C
U241 P84DM Louisa Johnston, b. c1750 NY U5b 16182C,16183C,16189C,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C,573.2C
U394 RZEEZ Elizabeth Robbins, b. 1808 PA U5b 16182C,16183C,16189C,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U101 U5a 16182G,16189C,16192T,16270T,16526A
F137 Finland [AY339538] U5 16183-,16184A,16189C,16193T,16193.1C,16270T 073G,146C,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,309.2C, 315.1C,573.1C ,573.2C
F136 Finland [AY339537] U5 16183-,16184A,16189C,16193T,16193.1C,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,315.1C,573.1C
F138 Finland [AY339539] U5 16183-,16184A,16189C,16193T,16193.1C,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C
F139 Finland [AY339540] U5 16183-,16184A,16189C,16193T,16193.1C,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C
F141 Finland [AY339542] U5 16183-,16184A,16189C,16193T,16193.1C,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C
F142 Finland [AY339543] U5 16183-,16184A,16189C,16193T,16193.1C,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C
A23 Spain [AY882401] U5b1b 16183-,16188 -,16189C,16193.1C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U540 DVG4W U5 16183C, 16187T,16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,195C,263G,315.1C
U188 Jane Ellison, b. 1855 England U5 16183C,16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U497 U5 16183C,16189C,16192T,16270T
U200 Phebe Carpenter, b. c1762 CT U5 16183C,16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U133 Z7BCJ Josepha Pausz, b. c1770 Wuerttemberg U5a 16183C,16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U431 U5b 16183C,16189C,16217C,16258T,16270T,16519C 073G,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C,499A
U276 QRH69 Anna Catherine Reinschmidt, b. 1686 Germany U5a1a 16183C,16189C,16217C,16227G,16256T,16270T,16316G,16320T,16399G 060.1T,071-,073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U187 Mary Ann Buckland, b. 1822 England U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C
U251 U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U445 GTZM2 Mary Thomas, b. 1805 KY U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U481 SFKE4 Frances Edwards, b. c1763 VA U5b 16183C,16189c16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U400 U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T
U26 YX85S U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T,16311C,16336A 053A,055A,073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U137 RQPGK Mary Ann Brown, b. 1818 KY U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T,16311C,16336A 063A,055A,073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U207 VFTXU U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T,16319A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U18 V3BE4 Lois Porter, b. c1710 CT U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T,16360T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U535 U5 16183C,16189C,16270T,16362C,16519C 073G,093G,150T,263G,309.1C,309.2C315.1C
U105 KJY9B Maria Francisca de Leyva y Martinez, b. 1802 Cuba U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T,16519C 071-,073G,150T,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C
U157 3YQ54 Margaret York, b. 1815 KY U5b 16183C,16189C,16270T,16519C 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U254 U5a1a 16184T,16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G,16519C
U71 QC2KP Frances Adams, b. 1810 TN U5b2 16184T,16213A,16286T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U275 U5a 16189C,16192T,16224C,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U404 V5MV4 Watfe Komaira, b. 1880 Lebanon U5a 16189C,16192T,16230T,16270T,16398A
U32 S729G Harriet M. Bolin, b.1857 TN U5b2 16189C,16192T,16240G,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U67 G6RYG Mary Sweeney, b. c1823 Ireland U5a 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U454 55S92 Susan Reis, b. 1885 Australia U5 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U138 Ebba Ramstrum, b. 1846 Sweden U5a 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T
U325 JGCAT Clara Gregory, b. c1882 Indiana U5a 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T
U432 HBXAE Jane Owen, b. c1758 VA U5a 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U2 SNNBZ Patience Coleman Glenn, b. c1774 VA U5b 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U93 Elizabeth Park?, b. c1805 GA U5b 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U94 Susannah Miller b. c1795 VA U5b 16189C,16192T,16249C,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U109 U5b 16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16286T,16320T,16399G
U181 X95R9 U5a1 16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16465T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U519 U5 16189C,16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A
U236 XGSXV Ida Dunn-Blankenship, b. 1875 West Virginia U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T
U541 36TPJ Mathilda Huhtala, b. c1879 Finland U5 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C, 573.2C
U365 73XX8 Rebecca Schenck, b. c 1773 New Jersey U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U156 QN5HQ Lucinda Green, b. 1809 NY U5b1 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
A30 Berber (Algeria) [AY882408] U5b1b 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
MM1 Berber (Morocco) [AF381989] U5 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
F140 Finland [AY339541] U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573C
F135 Finland [AY339536] U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573C
U485 Kristina Parintr, b. 1789 Kiurujarvi, Finland U5b1 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C
U20 7TSZR Hannah MacDonald, b. c1763 PA U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U505 QJFDV Bernadette Challot, b.? 1932 France U5b1 16189C,16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U320 6YZDP U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16291T
U23 HX9XM Kl?ra M?dli, b. 1876 Hungary U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16304C,16398A 073G,150T,217C,263G,315.1C
U361 A2J9Y Sarah Snyder, b. c1836 New York U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U215 7M833 Maria Dewes, b. 1842 NY or England U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C,16336A 073G,094A,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,368G
A32 Italy [AY882410] U5b1c 16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C,16336A,16519C 055A,073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U332 U5b1c 16189C,16192T,16270T,16311C,16336A,16519C 055A,073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
A29 Fulbe (Senegal) [AY882407] U5b1b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16320T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
1-04 Hispanic [DQ282511] U5b1b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16320T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U24 2FF96 America Lopez, b. in Ponce, Puerto Rico U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16320T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U27 83RVR Maria Cedeno, b. 1939 Cayey, Puerto Rico U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16320T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U164 96D9R Antonia Mendoza y Suarez, b. c1858 Rio Humacao, Puerto Rico U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16320T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U31 86GG9 Anna Duncan, b. 1752 NY U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U29 SDCCB Catherine Riffel, b. c1903 Germany U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A
U45 R9DFH Hannah Christopher, b. 1715 Somerset Co., MD U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U418 926TD Anne (Nancy) Meriwether? b. c1740 VA U5a 1619C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U151 F2VC3 Sally Read, b. 1811 U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A
U514 U5 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A
U223 U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A
U261 SC38U Annie M. Gass, b. 1884 ME U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U279 NUKXT Mary A Peele, b. c1850 NC U5b2 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
A37 Italy [AY882415] U5b2 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U19 7R6AG Margaretha Harder, b. 1765 Schleswig-Holstein U5b2 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U34 BBKDV Carrie Morgan, b. 1895 SC U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U42 DXGSP Juliana Hartwig, b. 1836 Russo, Poland U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U260 Q69YF U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U482 Cathalijntje Van de Mart, b. c1786 Netherlands U5a 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U528 PPUMH Hannah Nelson, b. c1830 U5 16189C,16192T,16270T,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C, 522-,523-
MS2 DQ156214 U5b 16189C,16192T,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C
U301 39UQF Anna Barbara Wildonger, b. 1770 PA U5b 16189C,16212G,16270T,16380T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C 385G
U342 568ZF Mary Ludwick, b. c 1833 Pennsylvania U5b 16189C,16239A,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,499A,524.1C, 524.2A
U401 QQGNH Esther Jones, b. 1862 MD U5a1a 16189C,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U341 QDPC9 Isabell McKay, b. c1800 Eddrachillis, Sutherland, Scotland U5a1a 16189C,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U336 U5a1 16189C,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U429 DZQPE Josepha Hermann, b  c1844 Switzerland U5b 16189C,16258C,16270T,16519C
U69 G8QSU Permelia Osbourn, b. c1796 CT U5b 16189C,16261T,16270T,16304C,16398A
U99 ZPZPK Catherine Varney, b. 1598 U5b 16189C,16261T,16270T,16304C,16398A
U78 7QE2H Charlotte Guy, b. 1850 IL U5 16189C,16261T,16270T,16304C,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U507 U5b2 16189C,16261T,16270T,16304C,16398A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U335 7SY66 Mary Humenny, b. c1895 U5b 16189C,16263C,16270T
U467 JWRK8 Ingeborg Svensdotter, b. 1845 Sweden U5b 16189C,16266T,16270T
U7 7FZUQ Elizabeth Hart, b. c1813 KY U5b1b 16189C,16270T 073G,150T,152C,200G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U221 Mary Fisher, b. 1605 England U5b 16189C,16270T 073G,150T,200G,263G,315.1C
U283 U5b 16189C,16270T 073G,150T,217C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U70 Z3V8R Catherine Smith, b. 1819 MD U5b 16189C,16270T
U258 U5b 16189C,16270T
U305 B7AJ3 U5b 16189C,16270T
U453 U5b 16189C,16270T
U522 U5 16189C,16270T
U225 GB8J8 Martha Pohl, b. Dresden, Sachsen, Germany U5b1 16189C,16270T 073G,146C,150T,152C,195C,263G,315.1C,522-, 523-
U80 Elizabeth Horsley Cotten U5b 16189C,16270T
U124 Rhoda Smith, b. 1808 England U5b 16189C,16270T
U390 U5b 16189C,16270T
U222 Ruth Rowles, b. c1789 England U5b 16189C,16270T 073G,150T,253G,309.1C,315.1C
A24 Italy [AY882402] U5b1b 16189C,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U66 F8ZTM Anna Puskaric, b. 1884 Croatia U5b 16189C,16270T,16278T
U281 DG2FK Elizabeth Buckner, b. 1728 Surry County, VA U5b 16189C,16270T,16287T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U891 8CW7B Elizabeth Buckner, b. 1728 Surry County, VA U5b 16189C,16270T,16287T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U532 VZUH7 Ann Rowley, b. c1700 VA U5 16189C,16270T,16287T,16519C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U17 MXCHE Sarah Jane Clayton, b. 1840 NC U5b 16189C,16270T,16304C,16398A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U35 PC8FR U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U146 FQ6FH U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C
U348 FYFDA Mary Redmon, b. c1788 North Carolina U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C
U398 53YHS U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C
U462 U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C
U271 RKCKU Olina Jensdattter Setter, b. 1862 Oslo, Norway U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C,16336A
U358 U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C,16336A
U424 U5b 16189C,16270T,16311C,16336A 055A,073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,309.2C, 315.1C
U76 AJQXQ Betsy Jane Tibbets, b.1850 Belmont, Ontario, Canada U5b 16189C,16270T,16319A,16526A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U379 WADXN U5b 16189C,16270T,16319A,16526A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U489 XA4QV Emily Dawson, b. 1857 KY U5b 16189C,16270T,16319A,16526A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U479 8PZS8 Maria Schuerheck, b. Trippelsdorf, Germany U5b 16189C,16270T,16352C,16519C 073G,150T,185A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U142 2RNA3 Anna Toloscko, b. c1678 Lithania U5b 16189C,16270T,16465T
U227 K4KJA Barbara Hetherington, b. c1753 England U5b 16189C,16270T,16465T,16519C 073G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C,    522-,523-
U299 E32AW Anna Burak, b. c1877 Poland U5b 16189C,16270T,16465T,16524G 073G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C,    522-,523-
U9 35UQ4 Eva Rossow, b. c1770 Rosenow, Mecklenburg U5b 16189C,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,185A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U115 N78DP Arlene W. Ross Neal U5b 16189C,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,185A,189G,263G,309.1C,315.1C, 524.1C,524.2A
U511 R9E7P U5 16189C,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,185A,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C, 524.2A
U372 U5b 16189C,16270T,16519C
U8 P6GGF Agnes Lichnovsky, b. 1852, Hukvaldy, Moravia U5b 16189C,16325C 073G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C
U378 7GNW2 Sarah Phelps, b. 1839 IL U5b2 16189C,16325C 073G,150T,152C,263G,315.1C
U74 CJVNT Hopestill Morey, b. c1735 RI U5a1 16192T,16210G,16256T,16270T,16526A
U155 RW3BB Selma Flewellin, b. 1913 South Dakota U5a1a 16192T,16211A,16256T,16270T,16399G
U166 6GZGN Hazel May Smith, b. 1894 IA U5a 16192T,16218T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U49 MUXKN Charity Gower, b. c1810 NC U5a 16192T,16218T,16270T,16320T
U158 U5a 16192T,16218T,16270T,16320T 073G,150T,253G,315.1C
U107 25CK2 Louise Deboize, b. c1617 France U5a 16192T,16218T,16270T,16311C,16320T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U396 Q2R3D U5a1a 16192T,16222T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,203A,204C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U295 WSPUJ Johanetta Leichtfuss, b. c1860 Germany U5a 16192T,16234T,16235G,16270T,16304C,16465T
U362 U3GDV U5a 16192T,16235G,16257T,16270T,16304C,16465T 073G,150T,253G,315.1C
U349 5WX9S Anna Redstone, b. c1825 England U5a 16192T,16235G,16270T,16304C,16465T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U252 U5a1a 16192T,16239T,16256T,16270T,16299G 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C
U414 U5a1a 16192T,16239T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U449 TTF5T Sara Kirby, b. c1860 Ireland U5a1 16192T,16239T,16256T,16270T,16290T,16399G 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U363 QVU68 Elizabeth Brookes, b. c1760 England U5a1a 16192T,16239T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G,16519C 073G,263G,315.1C
U284 ZW6RN Elizabeth Hall, b. c1792 England U5a1a 16192T,16239T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U285 U5a 16192T,16239T,16270T,16354T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U334 Mary Martin U5a1 16192T,16243C,16256T,16270T,16526A
U104 9E9FT Ann Oliver, b. 1885 Ireland U5a 16192T,16249C,16270T,16309G
U72 P295E Teresa Margaret Flynn, b. c1853 Ireland U5a 16192T,16249C,16270T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U403 Sithamparam Sangarapillai, b. 1820 Sri Lanka U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16262T,16270T,16294T,16399G
U364 EYYMB Shprintza Anna Newman, b. c1878 Ukraine U5a1 16192T,16256T,16265C,16270T,16526A
U527 Hedvig Harriet Peterson, b. 1835 Sweden U5 16192T,16256T,16270T,16286T,16320T,16399G 073G,183G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A,524.3C,524.4A
U37 EVN96 Anne Corbet, b. c1871 Ireland U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16286T,16320T,16399G 073G,183G,263G,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A
U448 JZKC6 Virginia Dickens, b. NC U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16290T,16399G
U531 U5 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16294T,16311C,16399G
U116 4SM9Q Josephine Godu U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16294T,16399G
U280 Q3RT3 Florence McClure U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16294T,16399G
U399 7HPAP Suzanne Gabaret, b. c1614 France U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16294T,16399G
U130 AM3Y9 Ethel McClure, b. c1910 PA U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U145 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U327 65X9B U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U159 FSRHS Clementina Torino, b. Valguarnera Caropepe, Sicily U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U416 UMUBF Marie Correa, Madiera Portugal U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G
U242 HXUC3 Mary Hearn, b. 1774 SC U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,146C,152C,263G,315.1C
U428 97KPM U5a1a 16192T,16256G,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,207A,263G,315.1C
U85 SBEF7 Maria Bird, b. 1825 England U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U175 Alexandra E. Benning, b. England U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U21 UFBVM Elizabeth J. (Sarah) Taylor b. c1820, Delaware U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U40 KRXMF Pfief, b. c1892, Frank, Saratov, Russia U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U210 Emily Tomsett, b. 1878 England U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U412 Mary Anna Baker, b. 1845 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U44 9JUZ8 Elizabeth Levins, b. 1881 GA U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C,522-,523-
U245 6G9Z7 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G,16519C
U51 RHP35 Mary A. Hodgens, b. 1829 Anderson Dist, SC U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G,16519C 073G,199C,263G,315.1C
U100 EHNGZ Narcissa Caroline Hudgins U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G,16519C 073G,199C,263G,315.1C
U211 Catherine Patterson, b. 1840 Ireland U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G,16519C 073G,177C,263G,315.1C
U281 99GNG Ana Ehlinger, b. c1880 Lugoj, Romania U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16293G
U198 Marianna Starita, b. 1829 Italy U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U131 UW99X Kotramma Kempuganoyappa, b. 1963 Davangere, India U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16304C,16399G
U136 D7QWT Mary Wilson, b. 1751 NC U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16320T,16399G
U319 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16320T,16399G
A20 Adygei [AY882398] U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16399G 073G,199C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U434 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U119 7RC5Q Chaika Devora Solway, b. 1887 Minsk, Belarus U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16399G
U443 9RM5K Julia Weisz, b. c1810 Hungary U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16399G
U233 E758B Bella Spier, b. Poland U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16399G,16441C
U346 R52GD Anna Marie Heinrich, b. Germany U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16399G,16526A
U374 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16399G,16526A
U61 NNMGE Rosina Zimmerman, b. c1820 Baden, Germany U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16465T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U232 BEXJ7 Lavena Chareba, b. c1859 Goumenissa, Greece U5a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16311C,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U405 4BF99 Mabel Greenwood, b. 1900 Yorkshire, England U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16320T,16399G
U326 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16320T,16399G,16527T
U322 UGMTC Anna Karabin, b. 1879 Pavyshivka, Ukraine U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16352C,16354T,16526A 073G,152C,263G,315.1C
U307 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U520 U5 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U538 MSBVG Marta Olsdotter, b. 1781 Sweden U5 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
F127 Finland [AY339528] U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,249G,263G,315.1C
U110 MMBPV Mary Beckett, b. c1831 Ireland U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U153 78ABG Salena Felker, b. 1846 Missouri U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U135 B898R Marie Theresa Joseph U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
Roumieux, b.1813 Belgium
U178 Anna Machado de Oliveira, b. 1868 Brazil U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U380 3T8F2 Charlotte Butt, b. c1867 Newfoundland U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
F128 Finland [AY339529] U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,249G,263G,315.1C
Z1 Germany [DQ862536] U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U152 WFSBR * Sarah Marshall, b. 1654 MA U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,249G,263G,315.1C
U370 Nancy Higgins, b. c1775 Virginia U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,249G,263G,315.1C
U112 HVNAA Tabitha Kelley, b. 1754 MA U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,263G,315.1C
U368 Z6J6T Mary Ann McElroy, b. 1824 IL U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,263G,315.1C
U486 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,263G,315.1C
U491 Abigail Breed, b. 1769 NH U5a1a 16192T,16256T.16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,263G,315.1C
U125 ZSWQA Allie Watt, b. 1806 KY U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A
U296 Lydia Preston, b. 1748 CT U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A
U441 WRTFN Viirinkyl?, Rovaniemi, Finland U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A
U36 RBUXH Julianna Roenspiess, b. c1836 Germany U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16527G
U302 Maria Rolinec, b. Hungary U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16362C,16526A
U484 Amelia Potson, b. c1822 Germany U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,201G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U176 Eunice Street, b. 1828 Indiana U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,235T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U177 Frank Robinson, b. 1852 Tennessee U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,235T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U179 Mary Tigott, b. 1837 Ireland U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U195 Wilhelmina Koch, b. 1848 Germany U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U465 XKFYS Elizabeth Day, b. 1810 PA U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
A21 Italy [AY882399] U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U117 SAQ33 Louisa Catherine Lagier-Lamotte, b. 1818 England U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U174 Rosina Goeck, b. 1845 Rheinland, Germany U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U59 HNVVJ Margaret Jane Ball, b. 1837 TN U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C,522-,523-
U411 YCQB9 Ava Andrews, b. c1780 Virginia U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C,522-,523-
U111 WN2Y4 Sarah MacCullough, b. c1740 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U256 Q3EPY U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U293 QRKSQ Johanna van Veggel, b. c1790 Netherlands U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U430 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U406 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U433 U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U544 U5 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U437 YHMMF Dorothea Schulze, b. c1820 Germany U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U274 6CQEW U5a1a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16399G,16519C
U323 QPX75 Mary Jane Spilman, b. c1845 London, England U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,153G,263G,315.1C
U91 9FBR4 Brita Larsdotter, b. 1711 ?rsunda, Sweden U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U359 Y33SK Sarah Slusher, b. 1832 KY U5a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U388 Sarah Slusher, b. 1832 KY U5a 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U92 WD2FT Elizabeth King, b. c 1814 Ireland U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U247 U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U194 Henrietta Schuldt, b. 1868 Germany U5a1 16192T,16256T16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U367 U5a1 16192T,16256T16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U149 8R24V Elizabeth Miller, b. 1787 U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C,493G
U113 F5DAH Emma Hendrickson, b. c1855 Sweden U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A
U311 Mary Thorpe, b. c1693 VA U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A
U393 Mary Susan McDonald, b. 1844 VA U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A
U438 9RFDD U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A
U452 R5HPK Vaselika Nicolesco, b. c1902 Galatz, Romania U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A
U127 6TVCY Ann Walker, b. 1798 MA U5a1 16192T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,146C,263G,315.1C
U504 U5 16192T, 16270T
U257 D95T5 U5a 16192T,16270T
U297 JE72K Clara Maude Brown, b. 1883 NC U5a 16192T,16270T 073G,150T,195C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U329 A5XNJ Hannah Spooner, b. c1795 England U5a 16192T,16270T
U330 GKK6D Rhoda Ann Griffith, b. 1786 Pennsylvania U5a 16192T,16270T 073G,150T,199C,263G,309.1C,309.2C,315.1C, 524.1C,524.2A
U366 Maria Jacintha, b. c1815 Azore Ielands U5a 16192T,16270T 073G,150T,204C,263G,315.1C,533G
U168 WUGKW U5a 16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,299-315.1C,524.1C,524.2A,524.3C,524.4A
U269 WCWEA Maria Cros, b. c1830 Oix, Girona, Spain U5a 16192T,16270T 073G,150T,185A,263G,315.1C
U356 MDQ3T Mary Whitney, b. 1798 VA U5b 16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U169 NS2QZ Catherine Moriarty, b. Ireland U5a 16192T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
"Cheddar Man" U5a 16192T,16270T
U317 U5a 16192T.16270T,16278T
U525 U5 16192T,16270T,16299G,16304C 073G,150T,228A,263G,315.1C
U154 ZUDYF ___ Easton, b. 1890 London, England U5a 16192T,16270T,16304C
U231 27AN9 Annigjen Kunst, b. c1860 Vlissingen, Zeeland, Netherlands U5a 16192T,16270T,16304C 073G,150T,185A,228A,263G,315.1C
U470 8JVWY Catharine Miller, b. 1826 SC U5a 16192T,16270T,16304C 073G,150T,189G,228A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U264 U5a 16192T,16270T,16304C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U218 8DTGF Elizabeth Ferguson, b. c1760 Virginia U5 16192T,16270T,16304C,16311C 073G,150T,228A,263G,315.1C
U389 5A9Y2 Elizabeth Prettle, b. c1843 Bohemia U5a 16192T,16270T,16304C,16335G 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U33 F6C85 Catherine Hubbs, b. 1753 Durham, England U5b 16192T,16270T,16304C,16526A 073G,150T,228A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U255 4YV2Q Dorothea Hess, b. 1745 PA U5a 16192T,16270T,16304C,16526A 073G,150T,228A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
MS1 DQ156208 U5 16192T,16270T,16319A 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,533G,574G
U436 JFRFD Carlota Aguilera, b. c1900 Leon, Guanjuato, Mexico U5a 16192T,16270T,16355T,16519C 073G,150T,151T,228A,263G,309.1C,315.1C, 376T,573.1C,573.2C
U268 VC4XA Sarah W. Clark, b. c1815 NJ U5a 16192T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U292 FZ4QC Winnie Ashcroft, b. 1765 U5a 16192T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U63 5G6NG Maria Delmira Vidal Barcia b. c1910 Spain U5a 16192T,16270T,16519C 073G,150T,151T,228A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U266 FTBJN U5a 16192T,16270T,16519C
U376 UHGBD U5a 16192T,16270T,16519C
U524 U5 16192T,16270T,16519C
F143 Finland [AY339544] U5 16192T,16311C 073G,150T,249-,263G,315.1C
U496 QM78H Karin Eriksdotter, b. 1664 Finland U5b2 16192T,16311C 073G,150T,249-,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U461 U5b2 16192T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U483 BTDAP Eine Ilalainen, b. 1914 Finland U5b2 16192T,16311C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C,538G
U321 Y8A9S Barbara Steiner, b. 1773 Pennsylvania U5a1a 16203G,16256T,16270T,16399G
U417 Margaret Martin, b. c1796 Ireland U5 16218T,16270T 073G,150T,199C,263G,315.1C
U165 WKR9J Deborah Cook, b. c1775 Virginia U5 16223T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U229 DNSKK Deborah Cook, b. c1775 Virginia U5 16223T,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U167 2GXWW Marianna Dawid, b. c1850 Poland U5a1a 16223T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16399G
U277 HX9ZF Nora Lancaster, b. 1878 AL U5 16223T,16256T,16270T,16294T,16526A
U265 XS6XM Cayetano Sepulveda, b. c1760 Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico U5 16224C,16270T
U493 EQBJH Matilda Cagle, b. 1821 GA U5 16224C,16270T,16272T 73G,150T,263G,279C,315.1C,517T
U306 PWNVR U5 16224C,16270T,16519C
U391 U5a1a 16231C,16256T,16270T,16399G 263G,315.1C
U409 8CBYW U5a1a 16239T,16256T,16270T,16399G
U355 Q3U8K U5 16239T,16256T,16270T,16356C,16390A,16519C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U217 Mary Wheeldon, b. 1797 England U5b 16239T,16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U477 U5 16239T,16270T
U498 U5 16239,16270T
U102 UCKE6 Mary Parker, b. 1776 U5 16243C,16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U79 U5a1a 16256T,16263C,16270T,16356C,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U123 78N8N Ernestina Schulz, b. 1842 Pomerania U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16286T,16320T,16399G
U512 GVZ2F Julie Cote, France U5 16256T,16270T,16287T,16327T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U161 N3GGB Wittel Biderman, b. c1861 Poland U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U517 FKPNS U5 16256T,16270T,16291T,16399G,16519C
U337 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16293C,16399G,16519C 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U518 CJPTR Maryann Yanichkova, b. c1897 Odorin, Slovakia U5 16256T,16270T,16294T,16399G
U50 39E8N Beda Josefina Lassinantti,  Hietaniemi, Sweden U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16304C,16399G
U537 H4YGV Harriet Spell, b. 1847 Louisiana U5 16256T,16270T,16305T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U407 97VWG Elizabeth Balthrope, b. 1815 TN U5a1 16256T,16270T,16320T,16399G,16527T 073G,153G,195C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U73 2F2HH Caroline Smith, b. 1835 ME U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U309 XVZ6S May Isabel MacDonald b. c1820 Scotland U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U345 Dicey Palmer U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U529 KZCWZ Bridget Higgins, b. c1880 New Brunswick, Canada U5 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U382 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U347 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,146C,195C,263G,315.1C,497T
U530 9AGC8 Elizabeth J Cagle, b. 1845 GA U5 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,185A,189G,204C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U160 4GE7Y Ellen Elizabeth Barnes, b. 1861 Canada U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,185A,189G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U150 VR4K9 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,185A,204C,263G,315.1C
U464 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,185A,204C,263G,315.1C
U216 BSQKV Marian Sorensen, b. 1854 Aalborg amt, Denmark U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G 073G,204C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U114 9M8W7 Margaret Evelyn Harris, b. 1864 IA U5a 16256T,16270T,16304C,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,522-,523-
U413 KKVJF Elizabeth Nicholson, b. 1811 Scotland U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G
U39 WFSBR * Sarah Marshall, b. 1654 MA U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16362C,16399G,16428A 073G,249G,263G
U471 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16390A,16399G
U219 6KBWQ Anne Sorensdatter, b. c1665 Denmark U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U316 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U324 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U351 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U357 3EKVA U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U373 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U422 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U539 U5 16256T,16270T,16399G
U492 TB2SV Theresa Inman, b. 1846 ME U5 16256T,16270T,16399G
U460 X7TD4 Melissa Downey, b. 1856 Illinois U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U503 U5 16256T,16270T,16399G
U384 QZM5M Mary Peyton, b. 1799 North Carolina U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U515 U5 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U427 VM28X Anna Maria Hautajorvi, b. 1867 Finland U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G
U286 Belgorod, Russia [DQ904330] U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U129 Z3WRV Joanna Snelgrove, b. c1880 SC U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U52 TSMCY Frances Watson, b. 1788 Madison Co., KY U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U190 FN7YB Mary Baggs, b. 1780 England U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U318 JXKVE Martha Hodges, b. c1800 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U191 Eva Catherine Anderson, b. 1837 Sweden U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U455 S8UUC U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U209 Frances Moore, b. 1803 GA U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U141 EKBWG Nancy Bennett, b. 1765 NC or SC U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U282 F7DZ7 Nancy Drake, b. c1794 PA U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U439 GCUX5 Harriet Catherine Martin, b. 1851 MO U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U499 E9DEM Electa Roshia, b. 1862 U5 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C
U132 WBG66 Anne Pritchard, b. c1850 Long Island, Bahamas U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U98 VR5CC Maria Gilliland, b. c1803 Nova Scotia U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U205 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U238 HSYZ2 Helene Spies, b. c1860 Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U350 98U2Z Frances Nisky, b. c1877 Poland U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,456T,573.1C,573.2C
U435 A9UES Nancy Seals, b. 1774 NC U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,522-,523-,573.1C,573.2C
U289 BHJX2 Charlotte Fredricka Thomas, b. c1817 Germany U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,524.1C,524.2A, 573.1C,573.2C
U259 EE243 Martha Tarver, b. c1813 NC U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C,573.2C
U344 9CVF4 Mary Bing, b. Savannah, Georgia U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,263G,315.1C,522-,523-
U97 E9R3N Lena Petersdotter b, 1772 Sweden U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,152C,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U501 U5a1 16256T,16270T,16399G 073G,152C,263G,315.1C
U235 MSFDC Randi Nilson, b. c1900 Norway U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G,16519C 073G,189G,263G,315.1C
U43 QZ2NB Milly Fuqua, b. c1755 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G,16519C 073G,207A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U273 Milly Fuqua, b. c1755 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G,16519C 073G,207A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U182 MBZZE Sarah Warr, b. 1833 PA U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G,16519C 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U304 9YAJR Elizabeth Eoff, b. c1771 NJ U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16399G,16519C 073G,263G,315.1C
F122 Finland [AY339523] U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U95 PZDTF Mary Mosby, b. 1755 U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U118 W8498 Catherine Keneally, b. c1810 Co. Cork, Ireland U5a1a 16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,315.1C
U96 Elizabeth Brandon, b. 1793 PA U5 16256T,16270T,16526A
U444 F2ZPX Catherine Kintoch Gilroy, b. 1922 Scotland U5 16256T,16270T,16526A
U450 NMQ7M U5 16256T,16270T,16526A
U542 U5 16256T,16270T,16526A
U192 Q26XT Mary McGinnell, b. 1837 Ireland U5 16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U193 Mary Frances O'Connell, b. 1871 Ireland U5 16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U415 U5 16256T,16270T,16526A 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,522-,523-
U343 WQYPU Elizabeth Jarvis, b. 1754 Washington, Virginia U5 16258G,16270T,16292T,16362C 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U60 6CF5K Marya Uchwat, b. c1868 Poland U5 16265G,16270T,16292T,16362C 073G,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U206 4WXG4 Eleanor Lorreson, b. c1677 MD U5 16261T,16270T,16390A
U410 RB4KA Elizabetha Schnelbach., b. 1846 Krassna, Russia U5 16261T,16270T,16390A 73G,94A,146C,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U244 WYKVD Sarah Marshall, b. c1859 Antrim, Ireland U5 16261T,16270T,16390A 073G,094A,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U303 U5 16261T,16270T,16519C 073G,146C,150T,189G,263G,315.1C
U476 NYP35 Harriet Stevens, b. 1799 Wiltshire, England U5 16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
A33 Italy [AY882411] U5b1d 16270T 073G,150T,199C,263G,315.1C
A34 Berber [AY882412] U5b1d 16270T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U183 Maria Jose Silva, b. 1883 Dom Pedrito, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil U5 16270T 073G,150T,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U457 VUD87 Harriet Harris, b. 1835 IL U5b2 16270T,16292T,16311C,16362C 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
U144 U5 16270T,16292T,16362C
U291 Mary Cook, b. c1830 GA U5 16270T,16292T,16362C
U397 336BF U5 16270T,16296T 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
191U Urzulei, Ogliastra, Sardinia [DQ523656] U5 16270T,16296T,16325C 073G,150T,263G [This paper does not report 309.1C and 315.1C]
U385 QRWYN Ane Nielsdatter, b. c1820 Denmark U5 16270T,16304C
U250 K9M28 Virginia Wait, b. c1834 SC U5 16270T,16304C,16311C 073G,150T,228A,263G,315.1C
U494 T5BAB Frances Graves, b. 1760 VA U5 16270T,16304C,16311C 073G,150T,228A,263G,315.1C
U340 TWDPU Vera Parnell, b. 1897 IL U5 16270T,16304C,16311C 073G,150T,228A,263G,315.1C
U354 KBDSG Helen Thelken, b. 1860 Germany U5 16270T,16356C,16519C
U456 GPTYU Mary Fox, b. c1722 England U5 16270T,16399G 073G,263G,309.1C,315.1C,573.1C, 573.2C
U87 G986T Madeleine Agnes LaPointe, b. c1805  WI U5 16270T,16519C 073G,150T,228A,263G,309.1C,315.1C
U360 U5 16270T,16519C
U474 U5 16270T,16526A
U53 RGW5P Juana Cuanda, b. 1830 Hontoria,Asturias,Spain U5 16270T,16311C,16519C
A35 Italy [AY882413] U5b2 16519C [16270 backmutation] 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
A36 Spain [AY882414] U5b2 16519C [16270 backmutation] 073G,150T,263G,315.1C
1. U28 and U89 share a common ancestor. U89 has now changed her Mitosearch entry and attached a new pedigree chart to reflect the match made in the project. See Discussion page.
2. U39 and U152 are very closely related.  They were tested with different labs, and received different results.
3. Participant numbers prefixed with the letter A in the table above (A20, A21, etc) are from a paper published in 2005, Saami and Berbers--An Unexpected Mitochondrial DNA Link. The article includes the most recent U5 haplogroup tree and uses data from full mtDNA haplogroup U sequences.  A20 is number 20 on that tree, A21 is number 21, etc. The haplogroup tree in the article includes coding region mutations; the hypervariable region mutations (HVR1 and HVR2) are in the above table. See the tree here:
You can read a summary of the article by clicking on the link below. To read the full text of the article, click on the link below, then click "Free full text article in PubMed Central."
test 12-22-06

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