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Maternal Lineage of Edward Kipp #N18407,

Margaret Carr b 1650, Newport, RI:

mother Phyllis Link (b 1906 SK, Canada; d 2000 ON, Canada) (married to Lorne Kipp)
daughter of Margaret Allen (b 1880 ON, Canada; d 1914 ON, Canada) (married to Horace Link)
daughter of Hannah Parlee (b 1841 NB, Canada; d 1931 ON, Canada) (married to James C Allen)
daughter of Margaret Folkins (b 1823 NB, Canada; d 1904 ON, Canada) (married to John Casey Parlee)
daughter of Hannah Frazee (b 1791 NB, Canada; d 1864 NB, Canada) (married to Joseph Folkins Sr)
daughter of Catherine Thorne (b 1767 New Jersey, USA; d 1836 NB, Canada) (married to Lewis Frazee)
daughter of Sarah Webster (b 1747 New Jersey) (married to Isaac Thorne)
daughter of Anna Taylor (b 1726 New Jersey; d 1762 New Jersey) (married to John Webster)
daughter of Sarah Hartsharne (b 1687 New Jersey) (married to Thomas Taylor)
daughter of Margaret Carr (b 1650 Rhode Island) (married to Richard Hartshorne)
possibly daughter of Hannah Hale (b ? London, England) (married to Robert Carr?)

Maternal Lineage of Tracy Edward Tucker #77348,

Anna Margaretha Stroder abt. 1724, Lagenselbold, Hesse:

mother Living Johnson
Daughter of Georgia Bell Bean b. 30 Jan 1920, Sullivan, Indiana, d. 6 Mar 2001 Shelburn, Indiana, m. Fred Johnson
Daughter of Rosa Mae Goodman, b. 28 Jan 1888, Indiana, d. 14 Jun 1969, Indiana, m. William Bean
Daughter of Meranda Morse, b. 25 Jun 1862, Illinois, d. 5 Jan 1945, unknown, m. James Knox Polk Goodman
Daughter of Rebecca McCarty, b. May 1821, d. Oct 1886, m. Perry Morse
Daughter of Margaret Hale, b. 1805, Kentucky , d. 1863, Indiana , (m. Thomas McCarty)
Daughter of Christina Lower b. 14 Mar 1787, Heidelberg, Berks, PA, USA, d. Abt. 1802, Rush, IN, USA, (m. John Hale)
Daughter of Maria Margaret Lerch b. abt. 1744, Berks, PA, USA , d. Nov 1836, Washington , Wayne , IN , USA , (m. John Michael Lower)
Daughter of Anna Margaretha Stroder abt. 1724, Lagenselbold, Hesse, Germany, d. Unknown, Berks, PA, USA, (m. Caspar Lerch)