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For mtDNA research, you use your Mother's Mother's

For mtDNA research, you use your Mother's Mother's ... Mother's maternal line.

We have listed mtDNA Haplogroup T Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader, who provided information before 2010.  Due to time limitations, we are no longer adding additional info on this page - but will continue to display the info we have.  Possibly, a new volunteer will step forward at some point and resume this important support.  We had hoped that eventually, all mtDNA Haplogroup T1 families would be listed on this page.   We had also hoped to eventually locate descendants of each daughter.  Those listed were to be classified mtDNA T, T*, T1, T2, T3, T4 or T5 by test or have a paper trail connection to a family who has been tested.

Group T1- (Light Yellow)

  • Jean (Jene) Unknown, b c1719 m James Allison - Monte A. Hart [MHart96 AT]
    • Isabella Allison, m John F. Casey
    • Elizabeth Allison m William Casey
    • Jean Allison, b 1741 Ninety Six District, SC m Aaron Lynch
    • Margaret Allison, b c1752 Enoree Settlement, Ninety Six District, SC m Edward Lynch
      • Lennura Lynch
      • Margot (Margaret) Lynch
      • Rachel Lynch
      • Mary Lynch
      • Phanna (Johanna) Lynch
      • Elizabeth Lynch, b. c 1770 SC m Unk. Stone
      • Jane Lynch, b c1775 SC m Boardwine W. Waters
      • Nancy Ann Lynch, b 8 Nov. 1782 Enoree Settlement, Ninety Six District, SC m Davis Newman
        • Edith Newman, b c1808 SC m Riley Lynch
        • Elizabeth Newman, b. bef. 1810 SC m John F. Casey
        • Margaret Newman, b c 1812 SC m Ephraim Campbell
        • Mary Newman, b c1813 SC m Thomas Campbell
        • Jane Newman, b 10 Oct 1815, Spartanburg District, SC m John Campbell
          • E. Josephine Campbell, b 1836 SC m George Washington Hughes
          • Nancy Caroline Campbell, b 1837 Spartanburg District, SC m ?
            • Nancy J. Campbell, 14 Dec.1860 SC m Benjamin Henry Cole
              • Lula May Cole, b 1881 m Seth Amy Lewis
              • Margaret Cole, b 1884 Oconee Co., SC, m William David Lee Hanvey *
              • Hattie Pauline Cole, b 1890 m Lionell Isbell
              • Leona Arizona Cole, b 1895 m James Edward Campbell
              • Cleora Willie Cole 1907 m Henry E. Coats
          • Mary Elizabeth Campbell, b 1841 Laurens District, SC m Wright Joshua Hanvey
          • Sarah Jane Campbell, b 1843
          • Margaret Eugenia Campbell, b 1844 Laurens District, SC m Jesse Taylor Waldrip
  • Margaret Campbell, b 1812 Monaghan Co, Ireland, m Francis Edwards - Gordon Hamilton [gah4 AT]
    • Elizabeth Edwards b 1835, Goulbourn Twp, Lanark Co, ON, m John Crozier
      • Mary Ann Crozier b 1856, Horton Twp, Renfrew Co, ON
      • Margaret Crozier b 1864, Admaston Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m Alexander Watchorn
        • Margaret Watchorn b 1889 Renfrew Co, ON, m Samuel McLaren
      • Catherine Crozier b 1868
      • Jane Ann Crozier b 1870, m John Brennan
        • Liza Brennan
        • Mary Ann Brennan
    • Mary Ann Edwards b 1843, Beckwith Twp, Lanark Co, ON, m William McQuitty
      • Phoebe Jane McQuitty b 1865, Alice Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m James Rae
      • Margaret Ellen McQuitty b 1867, Horton Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m Alexander Gibbons Cole
        • Kathleen Bell Cole b 1890, MB, m Donald Gordon McKenzie
        • Laura Ella Cole b 1897, MB
      • Annie Louise McQuitty b 1869, Horton Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m John Rose
        • Jennie Belle (Jean) Rose b 1896, Renfrew Co, ON, m Gordon Leslie Barber
        • Laura Ann Rose b 1904, Haley Station, Renfrew Co, ON, m Robert Hamilton *
    • Harriet Edwards b 1848, Horton Twp, Renfrew Co, ON Roland Crozier
      • Mary Crozier 1867, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON James Thomas Luker
        • Ida Dell Luker b 1893, m John Lester Hodgins
        • Pearl Luker b 1905, m Milburn Jeffrey
      • Margaret Crozier b 1869, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m Willard Makim Nix
        • Susan Nix
        • Ellen Nix
      • Helen Crozier b 1871, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m Malcolm Nix
      • Elizabeth Crozier b 1873, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m George Coumbs
        • Annie Coumbs
        • Jenny Coumbs
        • Eliza Coumbs
      • Jane (Jennie) Crozier b 1877, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m John Jeffrey
        • Harriet Georgina Jeffrey b 1899, Arnprior, Renfrew Co, ON, m Eric Melvin Johnston
        • Irene Jeffrey, m Cuthbert Danard
        • Marguerite Jeffrey, m Victor Lee
      • Sarah Ann Crozier b 1879, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m John A Gould
      • Susan Crozier b 1883, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m William McEwan
        • Geneva Pearl McEwan b 1903, Ross Twp, Renfrew Co, ON
    • Jane Edwards b 1852, Horton Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m Hugh Patterson
      • Harriett Jane Patterson 1882, Bowesmont, Pembina Co, ND, m John George Merritt
        • Gladys Vaness Merritt b 1902, Drayton, Pembina Co, ND, m Engval Olaf Hovland
        • Edna Jane Merritt b 1906, Drayton, Pembina Co, ND, m Charles Gordon Coulter
        • Edith Marie Merritt b abt 1913, m Elmer L Reho
        • Hazel Clara Merritt b abt 1915, m Earl (Fred) Hungate
      • Agnes Isabella Patterson b 1887, Drayton, Pembina Co, ND, m David Pearson Kydd
        • Agnes Kydd, m John P Stobie
        • Pearl Kydd, m& Martin Jones
        • Mabel Kydd m Edmund C Mick
      • Ida Elsie Patterson b 1891, Drayton, Pembina Co, ND
    • Margaret Edwards b 1854, Horton Twp, Renfrew Co, ON, m Thomas Lynch
      • Margaret Cora Lynch b 1887, Drayton, Pembina Co, ND, m Norris Dixon Richey
        • Jean Margaret Richey b 1914, m John Withington Gates
        • Wealtha Ruth Richey b 1916, m Robert William Harper
        • Lucille Mildred Richey b 1921, m Carl Edward Hall
      • Ona May Lynch b 8 Mar 1891, m & Ollie Hustad
        • Dorothy Hustad, m Leonard R Sheridan
  • Unknown, m Elias (Elijah?) Moore who immigrated to Texas in 1837 - Terry Barton
    • Emily T Moore, b 21 Jan 1812 SC m Dr Zachariah Ellison
    • Nancy Moore, b c1813, m Marcus P Mead
    • Martha Moore, b 1821/2, possibly in Bedford Co TN, m Cyrus H Randolph
    • Margaret Catherine Moore, b 14 Dec 1825, AL, m John Grigsby
    • Mary Jane Moore, b 1826 MS or AL, m Dr John Hassell
      • Florence Hassell, b 1851 Elkhart, Anderson Co TX, m James I Campbell
        • Mary Isadora Campbell, b 1868, Elkhart TX, m James Smith Weisinger
          • Myriam Weisinger, b 1889, m Ray Pegg
          • Bertha Weisinger, b 1895, m Roy Norman Harvey
          • Esther Weisinger, b 1899, Grapeland TX, m Jerome A Hodges
          • Eloise "Birdie" Weisinger, b 1904, m WD Wilson
        • Maggie Florence Campbell, b 1870 m John Joseph Guice
        • Hope Campbell, b 1882, m Charles L Cromwell
        • Millie Maud Campbell, b 1888, m Mr Gray
    • Sarah Francis Moore, b 1 Sep 1829, TN, m Warren Angus Ferris

  • Concetta Troccola - (Trocolle) b c1834 Italy (Basilicata ??), m Giovanni Durso - Roseanne Caleca [rcaleca AT]
    • Evangeline (Eva Angelina) Durso - b ca 1874 in Italy, d March 11 1937, m Pietro Iula
      • Jenny Iula - b June 12 1989 in USA, m Vincent Concelia
      • Concetta Iula - b November 2 1902 in Brooklyn, NY USA, d November 28, 1937, m1 Pietro Iula m2 Charles Caltabellotta
        • Marianne Caltabellotta - b October 18 1930 in Brooklyn, NY, d June 16 1971, m Anthony Caleca
        • Evangeline Caltabellota - b May 9 1932 in Brooklyn, NY, d June 30 1937, m Nicholas LaBatto
      • Lucille Iula - b July 27 1905 in USA, d October 25 1988, m Henry Arday
      • Josephine Iula - b February 28 1908 in USA, d April 24 1960, m Sol Vinetsky
  • Emma Hobday b. c 1830 England - Clifford Andrew [neurologist AT]
    • Ida C Lee b. 1861 Victoria, MO
      • Elba Lee Mancelas b. 1875
        • Georgia Elba Angermueller b. 1897
          • Living Andrew b. 1923 St. Louis, MO

  • Mary ?Polly? Riggs b. ca 1750, Shenandoah, VA m. Ralph Crume - Susan Granade [dorothybolton AT]
    • Rachel Crume b. 8/16/1763, Shenandoah, VA m. Benedict Lucas
      • Martha Jane Lucas b. 1818, Breckinridge, KY m. James ?Jesse? Kapoke Clark
        • Julia Clark m. John Harris
        • Nancy Clark m. ? Fisher
        • Mariah Clark m. Thomas Grey
        • Mary Elizabeth Clark b. 10/29/1843, Breckinridge, KY m. John F. Wm Tinius
          • Mary Anna Tinius 1865-1955 m. William Sahlie
          • Josephine Tinius 1871-1933 m. Lucius Chapin
          • Margaret Frederika Tinius b. 1873 m. Ether Hall
          • Rossette Tinius 1878-1958 m. Lloyd Bailey
          • Lorena Tinius 11/18/1875-1/13/1932 m. Luther Harned Pate
            • Irene Octavia Pate b. 10/13/1889, B?ridge, KY m. John Griffith Eberhardt
      • Eleanor Lucas b. 1801, KY m. William Blandford
      • Mary Ann m. John Ragan b. 1810, KY m. John Ragan
      • Sarah ?Sally? Lucas b. 1811, KY m. Edward Butler
      • Elizabeth b. 1815, Breckinridge, KY m. William Powell or Pile
      • Lavina b. 1822, Breckinridge, KY m. Robert Clark
  • Margret/Mary or Molly Fischer (Unconfirmed) m. Casper Hedrick - Sandy for Jason Serda [sandyspiritwalker AT]
    • Ellender Hedrick m: Uriah Davis
    • Mary Hedrick m: unknown Jenkins
    • Elizabeth Hedrick b: 1805 Rowan Co., North Carolina
    • Julia Hedrick b: 1808 Rowan Co., North Carolina
    • Susanna Hedrick b: 1818 Georgia
    • Scharlotte T. Hedrick b: 22 Jun 1818 Georgia d: 15 Jan 1904 m: Dozier T. Sutton
      • Eliza Jane Sutton b: 1843 Alabama d: 17 Sep 1898 Arkansas m: Jesse Sheets
  • Sarah Caroline Sheets b: 24 Jul 1865 Arkansas d: 27 May 1906 Arkansas m: Isaac Joseph Cooper
    • Callie Jane Cooper b: 18 Oct 1884 Arkansas d: 9 Dec 1926 Arkansas m: William "Jesse" Carpenter
    • Minta Julina Cooper b: 15 Nov 1885 Arkansas d: 27 Aug 1966 Hugo, Oklahoma m: Elijah Thomas Carpenter
      • Muriel Mavis Carpenter b: 9 Mar 1922 Sobol, Oklahoma d: 5 Nov 1985 Delano, California m: Arthel W. Selph
    • Rushia Elizabeth Cooper b: 26 Oct 1900 d: 10 Apr 1985 El Reno, Oklahoma m: John C. Lawless
    • Ollie Mae Cooper b: 28 Oct 1901 d: 30 Apr 1993 m: David Thomas
  • Mintoria Elizabeth "Mintie" Sheets b: 15 Jan 1871 m: Berry Hugh Lambert
  • Susan C. Sutton b 1 Apr 1847 Alabama d: 1 Feb 1872 Arkansas
  • Amanda "Ellen" G. Sutton b: 4 Jan 1848 Alabama d: 2 Jan 1917 Arkansas
  • Sarah Julenia Sutton b: c1849 Alabama d: c1850 m: William B. Lambert
  • Elizabeth Sutton b: c1855 m: Jeremiah M. Lamber
  • Unknown female m. Ransom Mitchell - Catherine Cooper [catcoop AT]
    • Bethenia Lane Mitchell b. 1807 GA m. Elisha Floyd Tub
      • Cemantha Isabella Tubb b. 1830 AL m. Rhodeham Yoe
        • Bethenia Elizabeth Yoe b. 1853 MS m. Dewitt Clinton McGraw
          • Annie Calmes McGraw b. 1879 MS m. Charles Murrah Thomas II
            • Mamie Elizabeth Thomas b. 1911 MS m. Gibson Cecil Ross
            • Annette Garner Thomas m. Kline Bedwell
              • Anne Elizabeth Ross m. Curtis Rudolph Williams
                • Catherine Cooper
          • Mamie Ella McGraw b. 1875 MS m. James Whittle
          • Sinah Cemantha McGraw b. 1877 MS m. Daniel Garner
      • Susan Elizabeth Tubb b. 1827 AL m. Thomas W. Reed
      • Sarah Jane P. Tubb b. 1835 AL m. C. C. Colbert
    • Margaret Cimantha Mitchell b. 1809 GA m. James R. Winn
    • Sarah W. Mitchell b. ca. 1815 GA m. Thomas Allen
    • Mary C. Mitchell b. ca. 1821 GA m. Isaac C. Wheeler
  • Antonina Russo b. abt 1830   m. Giuseppe Morreale  (Santa Margherita de Belice, Sicily) - Elena Morreale McComas [e.mccomas AT]
    • Domenica Morreale  b. April 15, 1880  m.  Giuseppe Lamberta (Santa Margherita de Belice, Sicily)
      • Margaret Lamberta  b. Sept. 16, 1899  m.  Antonio Sinacore (New York, NY)
        • Jennie Sinacore   b. April 15, 1922   m.  Joseph Morreale  (New York, NY)
  • Malinda Unknown, b1798 VA m1. Unk Mr. Gordon. m2. Micajah Goode - Walter Clayton [enlseldomread AT]
    • Elizabeth Camden Goode b. 1831 Lincoln/Mercer Co. KY m. Joseph Baylor Temple
      • Mary Louise Temple b. 1854 Boyle Co KY m. John Edmund Stealey
        • Mary Elizabeth Stealey b.1884 Hendricks Co IN m. John Sadler Barlow
      • Elizabeth Almadora Temple b.1854 KY m. Caleb Adams
        • Mary Adams b.1876 N. Salem, IN?
      • Nancy Jane Temple b. 1863 m. Douglas Hall
      • Martha Clauda Temple b. 1860 m. Henry L Wiles
    • Nancy J. Goode b.1833 KY m. John R. Graham
      • Margaret M Graham b.1854 Clay Co., KY m. Nathan Turpin
        • Mollie Turpin b. Apr1875 Madison Co KY
        • Katie Turpin b. Jun 1878
        • Mattie Turpin b. Apr 1881
      • Martha A Graham b Jul 1855 Clay Co., KY
      • Katie T Graham b.1859 KY m. Hugh H. Grigg
        • Martha Jane Grigg b. Feb1896 Davidson Co, TN
      • Jennie Lizzie Graham b 1865 KY (Madison Co?) m. Hardin Richardson
      • Lula L Graham b.Apr1869 Madison Co. KY
      • Nannie Mae Graham b.Sept1870 Madison Co. KY m. Owen DeWitt Bearden
        • Virginia Mae Bearden b. 1897 Davidson Co TN m. Franklin Paul Morris
          • Virginia Ruth Morris
          • Martha Kate Morris
          • Anne Paulene Morris
        • Katie Lee Bearden b 1899 Davidson Co, TN m Frederick Vivian Davis
          • Dorothy Vivian Davis
          • Dorris Lee Davis
        • Blanche Allen Bearden b.1901 GA m1 Unk Mr Winn m2 Jerome Frank Silvertooth
        • Margaret Ware Bearden Feb.1911 Atlanta GA m. Walter Edward Braford Clayton
          • Janet Patricia Clayton
          • Walter Edward Clayton
  • Margaretha Kapsch b.1751-Unterlag, Gottschee m. Michael Kapsch Gloria Seligman [GSelig3359 AT]
    • Margaretha Kapsch b.1782-Unterlag, Gottschee m. Mathias Gasparitsch
      • Katherina Gasparitsch b.1806-Ramsriegel, Gottschee m. Johann Kump
        • Ursula Kump b. 1840-Ramsriegel, Gottschee m. Valentin Eppich
          • Katerina Eppich b.1867-Ramsriegel, Gottschee m. (1)Peter Spitznagel, m.(2) Franz Loschke
            • Rose Loske b.1905-Brooklyn, NY, m. John Meditz
  • Mary Jane Daniels b. 1814 Virginia m. Otheniel Tuttle in Ohio 1829 G. Stirling [littlepup0 AT]
    • Elizabeth Jane Tuttle b. 1846 OH m. George Washington Glassford
      • Lille Ellen Glassford b. 1879 OH m. Harry Sylvester Glick
        • Edna Blanche Glick b. 1900, OH m. Maurice Valentine
          • Phyllis A. Valentine b. 1925 Dayton, OH
          • Virginia Elaine Valentine b. 1921
        • Georgia Delores Glick b. 1911
      • Matilda Glassford
      • Mary Emma Glassford
    • Mary J. Tuttle b. 1836
    • Margaret Tuttle b. 1839
    • Malissa Tuttle b. abt 1834
    • Clarissa Tuttle b. abt 1831
    • Asinith Tuttle b. abt 1844
    • Sarah Tuttle b. 1847
    • Rebecca Tuttle b. 1852
  • Hannah (Taylor?) b. Grasmere Westmorland England c1794 m. William Parkin Claire Toynbee [claire.toynebee AT]
    • Catherine Parkin b. Westward (nr Wigton) Cumberland England c1834 m. James Pickthall
      • Mary Jane Pickthall b. Cartmel Lancashire England c1861 m. Joseph Johnson
      • Harriet Pickthall b. Cartmel Lancashire England c1862 m. Walker Dixon
      • Sarah Hannah Pickthall b. Holker Lancashire England c1864 m. Ned Dixon
      • Edith Annie Pickthall b. Holker-in-Cartmel Lancashire England 1865 m. Percy Wade Priestla
        • Lucy Parkin Priestlay b. Foxfield Lancashire England 1895 m. Peter Begbie
          • Catherine St Clair Begbie b. Burnaby BC Canada 1925 m. Philip Maurice Toynbee
            • Claire Toynbe
          • Patricia Jean Begbie b. Vancouver (?) BC Canada 193
      • Emily Pickthall b. Walney Lancashire England c1871 m. Sep Crank
        • Kate Crank
        • Edith Crank
        • Emily Crank
  • Jane Phillips 1818 Ala _ 1903) H.S. Co, Ark m James J Clift Ellen Conley [becc12 AT]
    • Eliza C Clift (1857-1936) H.S. Co, Ark  m Daniel Walli
      • Margaret Ann Wallis (1888-1979) H.S. CO, Ark  m William Bruce Stacy
        • Alice Marie Stacy (1919-1997) H.S.Co, Ark  m Hugh A Dyer Sr.

Group T1 - (All Other T1 Results)

These three are perfect FGS matches:

  • Rebecca Isaac, daughter of Joseph Isaac and Jane, m Charles Walker - Terry Barton
    • Elizabeth Walker, b 22 Dec 1695 MD, m Maryland van Swearingen
      • Elizabeth Swearingen, b 4 July 1715, Ringgold, Prince Georges MD, m Jonathan Simmons
      • Rebecca Swearingen, b 22 Dec 1716, Prince Georges MD, m Joseph Tomlinson
      • Mary Swearingen, b 11 Sept 1718 Somerset MD, m Aaron Phipps
      • Sarah Swearingen, b 20 Nov 1722, Somerset MD m Van "King Van" Swearingen
      • Drucilla Swearingen, b 1732 Somerset MD, m Thomas Cresap
        • Charity Cresap, b 1754
      • Nancy B Swearingen m Mr Phillips
      • Ruth Swearingen, b 1730 Ringgold MD, m Daniel Cresap

o Elizabeth Sprigg Cresap (1752- 1853) m Thomas Collins (1748-1822) lived in Romney WV

§ Charity Collins (1776-1841) m Abraham Johnson

· Emily Ruth Hammond Johnson (?-1841) m Luther m Dawson

· Elizabeth Ann Johnson (1815-1890) m Henry Myers Hutson

o Emily Ruth Hutson (1836-1917)

o Marian Elspeth Hutson (1838-1861)

o Mary Hutson (1840-1901) m Alexander Shaw, lived in Baltimore MD

· Lavinia M Johnson

· Mary Anna Johnson (1796-?) m Capt Dominique Rosanna, lived in Balt. MD

§ Mary Collins (1779-1804) m James Gibson

§ Jane Collins (1782-1821) m Mr Jones

§ Cassandra Collins (1784-1821) m Mr Callahan

o Mary Cresap (1760-1838) m William Ogle ? settled in Adams Co OH

§ Hannah Ogle (1785-1862) m Michael Cresap (#29) of Cresap Bottom, Marshall Co WV

· Mary Whitehead Cresap (1806-1865), m James Smith

o Cora Smith, m J.J. Yarnell

· Eleanora Keene Cresap (1809-1882), m Daniel Ward Edgerly

o Cecilia Edgerly, b 1828 Erie AL, m Thomas Hazard Perry Scott

§ Eleanora Scott (1845-1915), m Robert Wortham

· Mary Cecelia Wortham (1866-1961), m Augustus M Woodward

o Eleanora Cresap Woodward (1901-?) m John Newel Bryan

· Annie Briscoe Wortham (1869-1891)

· Mattie Rhodes Wortham ((1871-1929), m James Henry Boyd

o Minerva Ellen Boyd (1892-1980), m Charley Hunley Winston

§ Mattie Ruth Winston (1915- )

§ Francis Roberta Winston (1917- )

§ Minerva Ellen Winston (1921- )

§ Charleen Winston (1926-1986)

· Ellen Keene Wortham (1874-1897), m Warren Rentz Woodward

o Annie Wortham Woodward (1894-1985)

o Ellen Keene Woodward (1897-?), m Edward G Alexander

§ Virginia Ellen Alexander (1923- )

§ Annie Lenora Alexander (1925- )

· Maude Wortham (1886-1970), m Morris C. Stewart

o Kathleen Stewart (1909-?), m Maurice J Scott

§ Kay Scott

o Lenora Stewart (1914-1937)

o Virginia Stewart (1917-?), m Royce L Calvert

o Annette Stewart (1919-?), m Elmer A Roberts

§ Martha Ward Scott, b 1850 Greenwood LA, m George S Rentz

· Lula Rentz (1860-1953), m Mark Adrian Rose

o Martha Elizabeth Rose (1890-1985), Samuel A Price

§ Lillian Rose Price (1910- ), m Louis Owen Moorman

§ Willie Kathleen Price ((1912- )

§ Helen Price (1915- )

· Josephine Rentz (1872-1953), m Warren Rentz Woodward

o Ruth Woodward (?-1966), m Joseph W Sessums

o Mattie Scott Woodward, m J Weldon Jones

· Mable Clair Rentz, b 1876 m Robert Wortham Waddell

o Josephine Cresap Waddell, b 1897 Waco TX, m Jack Sneed Barton - 29659

o Florence Audrey Waddell (1903-?)

o Mabel Claire Waddell, m 2) Calvin H Tucker

· Ellen Rentz (1878-?), m Thomas Ivey

· Mina Everett Rentz (1886-?), m Thomas Jefferson Honea

o Gladys Nadine Honea (1908-?), m Marvin Lee Farris

o Thelma Alice Honea (1915-?), m William Creed Vetzler

o Dorothy Nell Honea (1927-?), m William Thomas Allen

· Nadine Rentz (1890-?), m Luther Brumfield

o Mattie Brumfield (1910-?), m Boyd Browning

o Virginia Ellen Brumfield (1911-?), m Marvin Short

o Sybel Brumfield (1913-?)m Aubrey Beasley

o Frances Brumfield (1915-?), m James Tune

§ Cecelia Scott (1858-1898), m John Rose

· Edna Rose (1883-?), m Richard Lyles

o Frances Lyles (1904-1954), m Russell Dunn

o Cecelia Lyles (1909- ), m Joseph Redinger

o Josephine Lyles (1912-?)

· Lillian Rose (1886-1964), m Aubrey M Lee

o Virginia Lee (1909-?), m Charles Proctor

· Josephine Rose (1888-1964), m Thad N. Hewlett

· Virginia Rose (1894-?), m Harold James Clark

§ Mary Vivia Scott (1863-1948), m James Orr

· Estelle Orr (1884-1954), m Thomas Meredith

o Jeanne Meredith (1910-?), m J. M. Woodall

o Elaine Meredith (1920-1948)

o Ann Meredith (1922-), m Hall Barton Clark

· Kate Darling Orr (1888-1979)

· Jane Cresap (1824-1905), m Robert Woods Cox

o Eliza Jane Cox (1846-1869)

§ Rebecca Cresap Ogle (1786-1860) m Stephen Clark, d Adams Co OH

· Phoebe Clark (1805-1853), m John Wyley, lived in Adams Co OH

· Ellen Clark (1807-1865) m Robert Campbell

· Sidney Clark m George Hobbs

· Margaret Clark (1812-1887) m James King West

· Edith Clark (1814-1863) m John Vannoy

· Drusilla Clark m Mr Campbell

· Emily Clark (1819-1847) m William Armstrong

· Fanny Clark (1821-?)

· ? Clark m Mr Cross

· ? Clark m Mr Warren

§ Julianne (Julia Anne) Ogle (1789-?) m Mr Crawford of Ogle?s Grove IN

· Sarah Crawford (1821-1836 m Mr Grimes

· Rebecca Crawford (1830-?) lived at Ogle?s Grove

§ Mary Ogle (1804-1886) b Adams Co OH, m Joseph Zumwalt, settled Anderson CA

· Emily Zumwalt (1822-1905)

· Mary Anne Zumwalt (1824-1912), m George Elbe, lived in Joliet IL

o Louisa Elb (1848-1926), m 2) William Ash

o Almeda Elb (1849-?), m George Hibner

§ Mary Almeda Hibner

o Mary Orlinda Elb (1851-?) m Andrew Shelly

o Catherine Amanda Elb (1858-1905)

· Nancy Anne Zumwalt (1825-1851), m Peter Bailey

o Mary Ann Bailey (1847-?), m Roland Thomas Baker

§ Malvenia Baker (1864-?)

§ Lenora Baker (1875-?)

o Sarah Ruth Cresap (1777-1865) m Aquilla Arrell Browne, attorney in Philadelphia PA

§ Melissa Letty Browne (1802-?)

§ Anna Smith Browne (1805-?)

§ Sarah Ruth Browne (1808-1876)

· Mary Ruth Browne (1832-?) m Hector C Watson

· Emma Browne (1851-?), died at Langhorne PA,  m Jess Darrah

§ Susannah Cresap Browne (1811-?)

§ Mary Arrell Browne (1818-?) m Alford Darley

· Nellie Darley (?-1900), m Col Isaac Stadden

o Lillian Stadden (1867-1899), m William Prager

o Nellie McK. Stadden (1873-1900), m Lee Hart

§ Lillian Hart

§ Augretta Hart

  • Unknown m George W Rowland TN - Carol Viani [carolviani AT]
    • Rebecca Jane Rowland b TN abt 1804-1843 TN m George Hampton Dyer
      • Elizabeth Gibson Dyer b TN 1828 Davidson TN m Col.Thomas J Linton
        • Rebecca Frances Linton b 1849 m William Moore Stokes
          • Sally Ann Stokes m James Chester Rose
          • Nancy E Stokes b 1868 m Hopkins
          • Cora E Stokes b 1875
        • Martha Ann Linton b 1851 m Thomas J Richardson
        • Mary Malenia Molly Linton b 1854 m William F Rose
          • Willie Mae Rose b 1880 Milam Texas m Robert Lee Hatley
          • Mattie Florence Rose b 1887 m Henry Taylor White
          • Dorcus Ivy E Rose b 1891 m Curtis and Coffman
          • Mary Etta Rose b 1893 m Wm F Willock and Holt
            • Bertie V Willock m Richard Ray Hutson
            • Mary M Willock m Bud McGarity  -- 110773
        • Susan Margaret Linton b 1856 Pope, AR d 1930 m William Elisha Mathis
        • Ivey T. Linton b 1862 Pope, AR m James F. Montgomery
      • Mary Catherine DYER b 1830 Pope, AR m Wm C McCune
  • Sarah Jane Shay, b 1850 IL/IN, d 1882 Portland OR - James Robertson [gene AT]


Ruth Swearingen's mtDNA descendant line is from The History of the Cresaps, published by The Cresap Society, Revised Edition - 1987. Ruth's sisters and parents are from Family register of Gerret Van Swearingen and descendants by Henry Hartwell Swearingen (1906). The first entry is internet "gleanings", which needs to be validated



  • Elizabeth Burris Burroughs b c1738 Orange County, NC m Thomas Estes Estridge, III - nwrenn37 [nwrenn37 AT]
    • Martha Patty Estes Estridge b c1763 m James Cheek
      • Abi Aby Cheek b c1793 m William Anders Andrews, Jr.
        • Mary Polly Anders Andrews b c1822 m Ambrose Ambers Willey
          • Frances Susan Willey b 14 Jan 1856 Ashe Co., NC m Creed Columbus Carpenter
            • Margie Alice Carpenter b 11 Apr 1891-06 Jan 1961 m Thomas Jefferson Medley

  • Dorcas Russel or Russell b. c1810, Ireland - LMiranda
    • Jane Dorcas Armstrong b. c1847, Ontario, Canada
      • Mary Catherine Rourke b. c1872, Ontario, Canada

  • Eliza Diaper b Stowmarket, Suffolk, England - Lin Jensen
    • Jane Hammond b 1857 Stowmarket, Suffolk, England
      • Elizabeth Harvey b 1875 d 1954 Stowmarket, Suffolk, England
        • Marie Welham b 1898 d 1943 Ipswich, Suffolk, England

  • Efrosinij b c1886 m Peter Tesow - Skripka [scheiermann AT]

  • Anna m Josef Pranke - LGaia [LGaia AT]
    • Helen Pranke b 5 Aug 1855 Poland m August Wegeng
      • Rose Wegeng m Albert Kline
      • Anna Wegeng b 13 May 1891 Baltimore, MD m William McPherson Wood
      • Margaret Wegeng b 15 Dec 1893 Arlington, MD d 1973
      • Matilda Lillian Wegeng b 7 Sep 1897

  • Orpha M. McDowell b 17 Sep 1860 - lgebaroff
    • Beulah May Hampton b 2 Mar 1897 KS m Richard Ray Robinson

  • Mary Ann Lee b 1829 GA d 4 Nov 1850 Butts Co., GA - georgelweaver [gweaver AT]
    • Mary Ann Hoard b 4 Nov 1850 Butts Co., GA d 21 Feb 1904 Butts Co., GA
      • Mary Ellen Brownlee b 7 Nov 1869 d 24 Jun 1932 Butts Co., GA
      • Martha Callondona Brownlee b 13 Mar 1871 d 26 Mar 1954
      • Addie Alberta Brownlee b 20 Nov 1874 d 22 Jun 1969 Butts Co., GA
      • Tennie Catherine Brownlee b 3 Jun 1879 Butts Co., GA d 1 Dec 1964 Butts Co., GA
        • Sarah Jane Etheredge b 20 Nov 1910 Butts Co., GA d 24 Mar 2002 Butts Co., GA

  • Judy Canute b c1770-1780 - omoonbeam [omoonbeam AT]
    • Molly Cornett b c1790-1800 m Samuel Long
      • Charlotta Long b c1820 d 1897 m David Cox Phipps
        • Zilphia Ann Phipps b 1856 d 1927
          • Gracie Vanover b 1895 d 1986
      • Rhoda Long b 1823
      • Anada Emaline Long b c1831
      • Lucinda Long b 1836

  • Sarah Helms b c1765 m Jacob Helms - Anne Souza [sharonsimmons AT]
    • Sarah Rachel Helms b 1788 NC m Fleet Williams
      • Ester (Easter) Williams b 1827 Union Co., NC m Sanders Baucom
        • Melissa Baucom b 1850 Union Co., NC m William Alexander Tarlton
          • Permelia Drusilla Tarlton b 1878 Union Co., NC m Elias Alexander Purser
            • Mary Lola Purser b 1900
            • Mamie Frances Purser b 1901 Union Co., NC m John McCorkle
            • Jollie Bell Purser b 1909
          • Sarah E. Tarlton b 1870
          • Mary F. Tarlton b 1875
        • Elizabeth Baucom b c1853
        • Caroline Baucom b c1865
        • Emaline Baucom b c1865

  • Andras Hudak m Anna Fenczik, Bezovce, Slovakia c1850 - marke75 [marke75 AT]
    • Maria Hudak b 1854 m Istvan Kuklincza, Bezovce, Slovakia
      • John Kuklincza
      • Anna Kuklincza b 10 Mar 1896 Bezovce, Slovakia m Jozsef Ivanics
      • George Kuklincza

  • Mary Howe b Salem, MA m Jonathan Parsons - CurrenMcBride [pbmcbride AT]
    • Martha A. Parsons b c1835 Salem, MA m George Francis Getchell
      • Elizabeth C. Getchell b Salem, MA m George Edwin Hayes b 1862
        • Dora Lizzie Hayes b 1886 Peabody, MA m Ralph Osgood Russell

  • Elizabeth Boyd Key b 10 Sep 1821 NC m Henry Calvin Cloyse (Cloyes) - William L. Harvey [wlh AT]
    • Sarah Elizabeth Cloyse (Cloyes) b 21 Nov 1854 m William Nelson Asbell
      • Susie Alice Asbell b 29 Dec 1881 KY m1 Wesley Lincoln Harvey m2 Elmer Harvey Page m3 CC Fowler
        • Estella May Harvey b 2 Aug 1905 CA m1 James Louis Dougherty m2 David Jeremiah House
      • Adah Maye Asbell b 1887 KY m1 Luther Bird Hampton m2 Almus Wall
      • Bessie Asbell b 1889 KY m Ernest Albert Dunstan
  • Lydia Key b 16 Jun 1817 NC m Aaron Asbell

  • Angela Raffaela Monaco b c1817 m Francesco Passaro - Mike Maddi [m.maddi AT]
    • Maria Gaetana Passaro b 1843 m Eustachio Colaninno
      • Mariantonia Colaninno b 1875
      • Angiola Raffaela (Rachel) Colaninno b 1877 m Gregorio Grippo
        • Mary Grippo b 1910 m Frank Granato
        • Anna Grippo b 1911 m Joseph Schiraldo
        • Theresa Grippo b 1913 m Daniel Citarella
        • Josephine Grippo b 1917 m James Maddi
        • Carmella (Millie) Grippo b 1921 m Angelo Meluso

  • Elizabeth Woody d c1870-1880 AR m Thomas Maxedon - Rita Terrell [taerie AT]
    • Elizabeth b 1802 VA m Noah Hunt
    • Sara
    • Anna b 1810 IN m John Hunt
      • Susan b 1832
      • Mary J. b 1834
      • Sara E. b 1850
      • Parthena b 1852 d 1910 m Jesse Martin Freeman
        • Charlotte Leona m James Franklin Price
        • Anna m John Cox
        • Imogene b 1890 AR m Joseph Hillary Hunt
          • Biddie Jewel b 1908 AR m Foy Stowe
          • Gladys Viola b 1914 TX m Paul E. Terrell
          • Gaythel Vera b 1914 (twin) m Melvin Cole

  • Margaret Bates b c1845 Dublin, Ireland - Lisa Hawkins [lisahawkins1999 AT]
    • Mary Purcell b c1873
      • C Quigley b c1905

Please note that a pedigree does not include any death info or any info on the husband.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.

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