Private Glitches

Things consuming my time that we need to find a way to simplify:

  1. Listing me as co-admin.  This is something a lot of admins want.  I still can't figure out how to do it - but even if I could, I don't have time to do this manually for 100s of projects.   We need a db solution here - as we had carefully set the projects to include me - or not.  If there was an admin and my name was also listed - they expect and want my name there.  We can't manually fix 100s of these
  2. Project setup.  (Updated) Takes all of this:
    1. Run script through url to create drupal project
    2. Administrator
      1. determine existing username that goes with email address
      2. or create new admin user
    3. go to forum, open admin, create a Family Board
    4. go to new project page
      1. click on members in left side bar
      2. add or select admin
      3. edit admin personal info to add actual name and email address
    5. open Home page
      1. add url for Forum family Board
      2. add FTDNA access codes
      3. identify whatever tasks admin is doing
      4. input admin name and email address
    6. go to FTDNA and add admin's name and email
    7. Tell Marilyn she needs to make welcome and pedigree messages
    8. Marilyn sets up new messages at Forum
    9. Open project home page edit again to add pedigree forum url
    10. Somehow, somewhere, add Terry or others as Co-admin
  3. File Upload is very slow.
  4. Need to be able to hide
    1. [surname]admin if project administrator doesn't want to use that user name
    2. or simply hide username of admin when displaying at bottom of page
  5. Some admins want to be able to display a non-clickable email address
  6. Need to be able to hide original admin name - or original admin info
  7. Need to know how to restore a page from backup


Passwords and users

  1. Finding a user and issuing them a new password
    1. can't find them in Drupal with search
    2. changing their password at SMF doesn't register at drupal
  2. User tries to register again after already being registered. 
    1. Error message is stupid - telling them that their name and/or email address is not valid - instead of telling them it is already being used
  3. User tries to get a new password
    1. drupal refuses to send email with new password - saying they are not recognised