Common Questions:

Do I need to register to view the website and project pages?

  • No, you do not need to register or log in to view any of the pages on the website or any of the project pages or the forum.  You must register or log in to post on the forum or to use the :Track Project" feature.

Problems logging in?

  • Everyone:  The upgrade to the new system incorporates a new login function which looks at the SMF user database for authentication.  However, if you had not logged into SMF recently, it is possible that your account does not have the appropriate flags associated with it.  To rectify this, simply attempt to login here one time: SMF Forum Login.  If that does not work please continue reading.
  • Project Administrators: In the changeover to the new website, some Project Administrator's passwords were deleted or changed.  If you are unable to log in, send us an email  and we will send you the password to log in.
  • Project Members or Forum Users Who have Registered in the Past:
    Click on "Request new password" just below the Log In button.
    If you are still having problems, send us an email.

How do I use the "Track Project!" tool?

  • Log in or register (see above for information)
    Go to your project website
    Click the Track Project! button
    Whenever you log in from now on, a link to the project will appear in the left sidebar.

Can't find a Surname Project?

  • Use the Search Box
    Type the name in the search box in the upper left hand corner of the page (has a magnifying glass in it).
    A page will come up with links to the project.  (Some links may take you to Family Tree DNA site, but most will be to the site)
    Click a link to the project at
    If you have logged in, click the Track Project! button.
    If you have not logged in or registered (see above), do so and you will be able to use the Track Project! button.

  • OR--Use the Surname Projects Page
    Click the link to Surname Projects in the navigation menu at the top of the page.
    Click on the letter with which the surname begins.
    Scroll down until you find the Surname Project.
    Click on the link.
    If you have logged in, click the Track Project! button.
    If you have not logged in or registered (see above), do so and you will be able to use the Track Project! button.

What pages should I view if I want to learn about using DNA testing for genealogy and surname projects? 

About DNA Testing

Order a test

Update your
FTDNA page

Understand yDNA

FTDNA's Order Form

Getting Started in Genealogy

Choose the right test

Understand mtDNA results

DNA the Smart Way

Using your FTDNA page

Understand your results

Understand mtDNA

Test kit

Y-Haplogroup projects and websites

Receive your results

mtDNA Haplogroup Projects

Join a Project

Post your pedigree

to more markers

DNA Testing FAQs


Geographic Projects

 Join Forces with your kin

Success Stories



Before you contact us, please make sure that you went through the following steps to try and have your question answered:

  • You browsed through our web site
  • You checked the Frequently Asked Questions
  • You read the step-by-step guide DNA the Smart Way
  • If none of the above helped you, please address your questions according to the following: 

For questions concerning pedigrees, posting your pedigree, Patriarch Page, adding code-identity numbers to pedigrees, or adding earliest known ancestors to resultsi:

For general questions requesting information about a project, ordering a test, joining a project, posting on the forum, suggestions for the newsletter, and using the editing features for the website:

For questions regarding setting up a project, understanding your test results or your project's results, interpreting a project's lineages, or to request Terry to speak at an event