Let us know if you find a "Glitch".

3/2/09 - Recently, we updated the website and added some features. We have also changed some programming aspects to utilize Drupal (our content management system) features instead of relying on "hard coding" - which should improve our ability to add or fix features.  As expected, there are problems. Below is a list of the problems (glitches) we or a project administrator has found so far - and a t the bottom of the page - ones we have corrected.  (We will be working to correct all of these)

Please let us know if you find a problem that is not on this list.

1. Administrator issues (at bottom of project pages)

  1. Admin (user) cannot change their account email address
  2. Some users in our Forum database are not correctly registered in the new operating system - which prevents us from registering them as an admin in the project
  3. Username is displayed for admins at bottom of project page - Display should not show username if admin has provided a display name
  4. Terry's name is not showing as co-admin on projects that have an administrator and choose to have him also displayed as administrator.
  5. One admin found that he is now listed as admin of another project (and has edit access)  We need for you to tell us if this has also happened to you
  6. One admin found his password no longer works.  (We already issued him a new one)  We need for you to tell us if this has also happened to you

2. Tracking Issues

  1. The "## Members Tracking Project" is a new feature and isn't explained.   (Note - link is a list of those who have clicked the "track" button for a project. You do not have to be a project member to track a project. For now, "tracking a project" gives you a quick link to the project when you log in. More features for those tracking the project are planned)

4.  Log-in - sometimes lose log-in status when going from project website to forum (shows as "Guest" at top of forum page)  When you click to log in, takes you to your 'history" page, with no way to log in.

Potential Solution

If you are still having problems, it may be due to the cookies on your system not being set correctly. Try these steps to remedy:

1. Ensure that your browser is accepting cookies from www.worldfamilies.net
2. Log out of whichever site you are logged in to (either forum or main site)
3. Try to log in from the login link on the forum.
4. If this still doesn't work, try clearing all browser cookies and then try again from step 2.


5.  "Custom" text not appearing on your project's Home Page:

If you are having this problem, even though your choice is set to "Custom", here is a solution:

Click "Edit" , then change the choice to "Default" and back to "Custom", then click "Save".

Your custom text should display on the Home Page.


6. Misc Issues:

1. Changing your project Page title changes it in the menu bar across the top of the page, but does not change the title of the page as displayed on the page

2. Surname project alphabetic listing is only including projects hosted at WorldFamilies - where it should be all projects hosted at FTDNA


To report other glitches, click here to send us an email.




  1. Search - site is reindexed.  Search should be working correctly
  2. Email addresses openly displayed - need to return to a click to open email system system
  3. Project administrator's name and email address are not "clickable" to automatically generate an email form
  4. These messages appear when uploading:  Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
  5. "Tracked projects" listing in left sidebar is now using the full project name - which is too long.  We need to revert to simply using the url name
  6. HTML Upload issues - we believe these are now fixed.  The "Upload HTML" link is now readily visible.  Upload is a little slower, as we added a "scrubber" to remove the "?" which were showing up when folks used the space bar to align text.
  7. Email to us to "Request a New Project" or "Request a New Site" was using an invalid address - fixed.
  8. Embedded logos are not displaying on project pages (even when they are showing in editor).  Example at Hull home page