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The mtDNA test is used to test your mother's mother's ... mother's maternal ancestry.  It is difficult to use in a Surname DNA Project for genealogy, as the surname tends to change with  every generation, but some people are beginning to make paper trail connections with mtDNA.  For information, see our mtDNA page.   We encourage everyone who has been mtDNA tested to join their mtDNA haplogroup project.  See our mtDNA Haplogroup Projects page for more information.
Kit Name Most Distant Known Maternal Ancestor Country Haplo HVR1 Mutations HVR2 Mutations
209324 Cornelius   Germany H 16519C  
N20771 Lynch   Germany H 16519C  
105410 R. Grossart   Germany H 16519C 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C
235489  VEERHUSEN JANE ALLER, b. 1811 d. 1890 Unknown Origin H1b 16189C, 16356C, 16362C, 16519C 152C, 263G, 309.1C, 309.2C, 315.1C, 522-, 523-
144628 Waalkes Anna Havenga, 1870, Usquert, Netherlands Netherlands H3 16311C, 16519C 93G, 164T, 263G, 315.1C
37631 Quiring Anna Regier 9 Jan 1818 to 21 Aug 1886 Poland J2a1a1b 16069T, 16126C, 16145A, 16231C, 16261T 73G, 150T, 152C, 195C, 215G, 263G, 295T, 310.1T, 315.1C, 319C, 489C, 513A
215122  Ocken Harriet Lucille Cole Acker, 1877 - 1918 Unknown Origin K1a4a1 16224C, 16311C, 16519C 73G, 195C, 263G, 315.1C, 497T, 523.1C, 523.2A, 523.3C, 523.4A
243563  Sonius Hannah Kimberly b 1694 d. 1735 England T2 16126C, 16256-, 16294T, 16296T, 16304C, 16519C 73G, 146C, 152C, 263G, 315.1C
110897 Daniel Caroline Antoinette Rubach b. 14 Dec 1781, d. 6 Ap Germany U4 16129A, 16134T, 16320T, 16356C, 16519C 73G, 152C, 195C, 263G, 296T, 309.1C, 315.1C, 499A
163038 Franks Weeke Grunhoff, 1831-1916 Germany U5 16192T, 16256T, 16270T, 16362C, 16399G, 16428A, 16430G 73G, 263G, 315.1C
E14332 Dootz   Unknown Origin 16256T 16270T 16297C 16399G 73G, 263G, 315.1C Private
189103 Hassebrock Anna Sophia Eilers, 1836-1884 Germany 16278T 16298C 16319A 72C, 263G, 315.1C 750G, 1438G, 2706G, 4580A, 4769G, 7028T, 8860G, 12681C, 15326G, 15860G, 15904T


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