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Sankt Wendel DNA Project

St. Wendel is a town in the north eastern part of the Saarland. It is situated on the river Blies 36 km north east of the capital of Saarland, Saarbrücken and is named after Saint Wendelin.

 Some - but not all - of the villages included within the boundaries of Sankt Wendel are:  Freisen, Marpingen, Namborn, Bliesen, Guedesweiler, Nohfelden, Nonnweiler, Oberthal, Niederlinxweiler, Oberlinxweiler, Remmesweiler, Winterbach, Urweiler, Bliestal, Leitersweiler, Osterbrücken, Hoof, Marth, Niederkirchen, Saal, Bubach, Werschweiler, Dörrenbach, Tholey and Sankt Wendel.



#1.  Backes Lineage from Bliesen, Saarland Germany to Buffalo, Erie County, NY

 Leader for this Line: Johnna St. Clair,

**There is documentation that this line of Backes was in Bliesen back into the 1500's.
Johannes Backes b. abt 1695 Bliesen  m.  Barbara Klees
Johann Mattias Backes b. 1727 Bliesen m.  Susanna Nau
Michael Backes b. 1756 b. Bliesen m.  Eva Marx
Peter Backes b. 1775 Bliesen m.  Anne Marie Konig
Peter Backes b. 1813 Bliesen m.  Katharina Naumann

Nicholas Backes b. 1851 Namborn m. Maria Muller
Henry John Backes b. 1876 Buffalo, NY m. Mary A. Beyer

Normal Paul Backes b. 1903 Buffalo, NY m.  Gladys Ruth Cobb