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Sankt Wendel DNA Project


St. Wendel is a town in the north eastern part of the Saarland. It is situated on the river Blies 36 km north east of the capital of Saarland, Saarbrücken and is named after Saint Wendelin.


Some - but not all - of the villages included within the boundaries of Sankt Wendel are:  Freisen, Marpingen, Namborn, Bliesen, Guedesweiler, Nohfelden, Nonnweiler, Oberthal, Niederlinxweiler, Oberlinxweiler, Remmesweiler, Winterbach, Urweiler, Bliestal, Leitersweiler, Osterbrücken, Hoof, Marth, Niederkirchen, Saal, Bubach, Werschweiler, Dörrenbach, Tholey and Sankt Wendel.



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