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Join the The Appalachia Craddocks DNA Project

Our project is open to anyone who is a decendant of a Craddock regardless of surname except decendants of the WELSH CRADDOCK Line. 


Click here to place an order through the project for a DNA test at Family Tree DNA


 Who can Test?

  • You must have a Craddock Ancestor (have a Craddock in your Pedigree).
  • You must have a Craddock ancestor who is not known to be related the Welsh Craddock DNA Line (the well known William Craddock of Amelia Co VA).
  • If your surname is Craddock and you do not know which DNA line you are in please join the Craddock Surname Y-DNA Study first (only 12 markers are required to determine this).
DNA Test Prices at FTDNA:
  • D9S919 Ala Carte - Panel 3 (Autosomal DNA) - $15 
  • CODIS Panel 1 (Autosomal DNA)
  • Add $2 for US postage or $4 for international postage.
  • There is a $9.50 one-time fee if this is your first autosomal DNA test.

What are the specifics?

The test will be conducted by Family Tree DNA, of Houston TX, the World's leading testing company for Surname DNA Projects.  All tests include an estimate of the "Haplogroup" (an indication of deep ancestry).

The test is a simple cheek swab.  The kit will arrive and leave your house by mail.  You simply follow the instructions.  (You'll rub the inside of your cheek a number of times with a special scraper, put the kit back into the envelope, sign the release and put the completed sample in the mail. )

What do I do if I have questions?

1.      Please read DNA Testing the Smart Way at World Families Network.
2.      Please read the Freq Asked Questions at World Families Network.


If you still have questions, contact one of the Project Administrators


Group admins