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Family Tree DNA offers you unique tools.
FTDNA is the largest, most reliable DNA testing company for genealogy.  They continue to offer customers the best tools for getting the most out of their test.  Take the time to learn what they have to offer on your mtFTDNA page.                                             
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  • Logging In:  Use your kit number and the password FTDNA sends you to log in at  (Forgotten either of these? Contact FTDNA: (713) 868-1438 or )
  • You will be given access to your myFTDNA Page at FTDNA as soon as you order a kit.
There may be some confusion about the Family Tree DNA website, and the Project website that is located at World Families.  These are two separate websites that have information about your DNA testing for genealogy and your surname project. 

Here are the places you will want to provide information.  Make sure you provide as much information as you can, as this can influence the success of your DNA testing.