FTDNA in the News - today

Bennett Greenspan is on Steve St. Clair's BlogTalk show this evening (April 14, 2011) at 8 pm (or you can listen to the recorded show later).


Bennett is founder of Family Tree DNA, a very nice person, dedicated to Genetic Genealogy, and the reason that most of us are having success in using DNA for Genealogy.   His company is fair and decent - and also the leader in providing DNA tests for genealogy - a position they earn everyday with the best service you can find.

Also - FTDNA is working on their FaceBook visibility.  If they hit 10,000 "likes" today, they will have a one day sale.  So, go to "Family Tree DNA" at facebook.com and "like" them.  Do it NOW!!.  We are all guessing what the sale will be.  "Likes" are at 9,990 as I write this at 10:44 eastern time


Family Tree DNA offers the best pricing day in and day out, too.  Go to their site:


- but order yDNA tests through a project for best pricing