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Author Topic: New YCC Tree  (Read 8669 times)
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« Reply #25 on: March 18, 2011, 02:57:40 PM »


Here is a reply I received from Darren at Ftdna when I inquired about the positioning of L150.

"Thank you for your email. Our lab along with the Y-chromosome Consortium determined that the best position on the tree for L150 is as a branch of L23. This means it would be downstream of L23 instead of being parallel to it."

Many thanks again. Probably this answer is resolutive but I don't understand why they put many persons tested as R1b1b2a (R1b1a2a)=L150- and others as R1b1b2a (R1b1a2a)= L150+, when the unique found L150- was the Italian Romitti (the son is under exam from 1 or 2 years without FTDNA has replied). Of course that the Italian Romitti was R1b1b2a/L150- was one of my points in favour of the Italian refugium of R1b1b2 but not the alone.


YDNA: R-Z2110

MtDNA: K1a1b1e

Denny R Seymour
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« Reply #26 on: April 20, 2011, 06:53:00 PM »

I would like to add to the discussion about L150-.  I am L150- according to FTDNA.  My V2 and V3 chip results from 23&me are posted to Adriano Squecco’s spreadsheets. I have a 2 of 67 match with a Seymour cousin for whom our most recent common ancestor was born in 1604 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England.  Usually most people assume our family is of Norman ancestry.  How/when/where Romitti  and I are related must be quite early if the L150 clade is correctly classified.  I note that while there are quite a few HT35 project members who are L150+, there are some who have not been tested but might be either R-L23 or R-L150.

Does anyone know of any other tested (R-L23+ L150- L51-)?  Where does L405 fit into the picture?

Denny Seymour
ySearch: RAQ2J

*****ISOGG R-Haplogroup
•      •       •      •       •      •       R1b1a2a   L23/S141, L49.1
•      •       •      •       •      •       •       R1b1a2a*   -
•      •       •      •       •      •       •       R1b1a2a1   L150
•      •       •      •       •      •       •      •       R1b1a2a1*   -
•      •       •      •       •      •       •      •       R1b1a2a1a   L51/M412/S167

N37658    Romitti    R1b1a2a    R-L23    L10-, L150-, L23+, L49+, L50-, L51-, L52-, L7-, L8-, L9-, M126-, M153-, M160-, M173+, M18-, M207+, M222-, M269+, M343+, M37-, M65-, M73-, P107-, P25+, P310-, P311-, P312-, P66-, SRY2627-, U106-, U152-, U198-

108347    Seymour    R1b1a2a    R-L23    L11-, L138+, L150-, L151-, L176.2-, L189-, L216-, L23+, L49+, L50-, L51-, L52-, M126-, M153-, M160-, M173+, M18-, M207+, M222-, M269+, M343+, M37-, M65-, M73-, P107-, P25+, P310-, P311-, P312-, P66-, SRY2627-, U106-, U152-, U198-

R1b M269+ xP312 xU106

R-M269   Crenson, Lanza, Merante, Peddler, Sutherland

R-L23   Boghozian, Enezi-Iraq, Konietzny, Onur

R-L23/L405+   An1, An2, An_ES, Ciulla, Ehrman, Kruger, Romitti, Seymour, Stahl, Tognoni, Wahl, West

R-L23/L405-   Armenian_L23, Assyrian_L23, Assyrian_R1b1b2a, Chitsaz, Joakim

R-L23/L277+   Assyrian, Burkholder, Goulde, Grossman, India, Koundakjian,  Manno, Morluk Turkey

R-L51   Collins, Lidzbarski, Paulie

R-L11   Artherton, Chamberlin, Evans, Landry, Matias, McCauley, Merkel, Reece, Roberts, Schmeer, Schneider

John( -1605)*, Robert (1573-1637)**, Richard-1 (1604-1655)***, John-2, John-3,Timothy-4, Allyn-5, Allyn-6, Rodney-7, Alphonso Hannibal-8, Alphonso Sherwood-9, Allyn Henry-10, Denny Richard-11 Seymour   * of Sawbridgeworth, England  ** Sawbridgeworth, England *** died  Norwalk, CT USA.
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