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Author Topic: Bunch Genealogy Resources, Part 2: Online Family Histories  (Read 3532 times)
Mark Bunch
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« on: October 20, 2010, 09:25:20 PM »

It's intended for "Bunch Genealogy Resources" to be a topic in 4 parts.  The first part will be for listing printed family history compilations (of any Bunch family line); the second part will be for online Bunch family history compilations; the third part will be for general genealogy source compendiums that contain significant references to individual Bunches (e.g., a compilation of Tennessee marriages from 1800 to 1850); the fourth part is to be for listing genealogy guides of a general nature that Bunch y-DNA project members (and other forum participants) have found to be especially useful.

Part II: Online Bunch Family Histories.  The purpose of this second part of the Bunch Genealogy Resources topic is to list some useful Bunch family history resources that I've come across online, as well as any that other folks would like to send me.  This will mainly be secondary source material for which the warning "caveat emptor" applies: The material should be viewed in the light of helpful research guide, not gospel truth!  I will try to follow a roughly standard format, citing the title of the material, a description of the type of material represented, the name of the author (when that information is available), the URL address on the internet and some notes about what the resource contains.  URL's can change over time, so some links that I list today may not be active when you try to access them.  I would appreciate being notified of any dead links you encounter (send to marktherustic AT  Thanks!

  • Title:  Barlows, Bunches and Bundrens of East Tennessee (Descendants of John Bunch)
    • Type:  Detailed HTML Descendant Tree
    • Author:  Harry K. Till
    • URL:
    • Notes:  You'll need to scroll down the page and click on the hypertext "Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Bunch" to get to the descendant tree, but don't bypass the links to some wonderful photos on your way there!  The tree starts with John Bunch (born ca. 1640), the first recorded Bunch in America, and restricts itself to the (more or less) standard account of the "Virginia Line":  John I begat John II (born ca. 1662) begat John III (born ca. 1690), whose descdants comprise the Virginia Line.  Mr. Till provides an extensive tree including descendants to about great granchildren of John III through each of his sons (I was able to find my own great great grandfather in the tree).  He seems to have used Alice Crandall Parks' "Park/e/s and Bunch on the Trail West" as a source.  I found this tree with its excellent notes to be particularly useful in researching the descendants of John III's son William, which is Mr. Till's own line.

  • Title:  Bunch Families of Cumberland Kenctucky
    • Type:  Personal Family History Website
    • Author:  Russ Klicker
    • URL:
    • Notes:  This is Russ Klicker's family genealogy site, dedicated to a Bunch line that traces back to a Lorenzo Dow Bunch and his brother James.  L. Dow Bunch was born about 1810 and first appears in 1836 tax records near Albany, Kentucky.  The brothers are believed to be descended from the Grayson County, Virginia Bunches with close associations to the Melungeons of northeastern Tennessee and southeastern Kentucky, and with Cherokee Indian connections as well.  A unique feature of this site is a link to pedigree charts for Dawes Roll (Cherokee tribal membership) applicants who listed Bunch as their surname.  Also worth noting is that someone has saved an older version of Mr. Klicker's material at

  • Title:  Bunch Family Record - 1965
    • Type:  Genealogical Compendium
    • Author:  Dewitt and Frances (Bagot) Bunch
    • URL:
    • Notes:  Dewitt and Frances Bunch self-published a "by subscription" typewritten monthly periodical of Bunch genealogical information beginning (I believe) in 1965 and continuing (I'm told) into the 1970's.  They compiled a second (computerized) series of the Bunch Family Record between 1997 and 2000, producing and distributing it on paper in quarterly installments.  This is the only publically available copy that I know of, although it's possible that other editions may be obtained through the Daughters of the American Revolution or the LDS Family History Library.  It's not clear who posted this scanned image (in pdf format) of nearly the complete 1965 edition (only the last few pages appear to be missing) to the internet, although the name of the original subscriber (probably in Dewitt's handwriting) can be made out on the cover page. Whoever it was, they may perhaps be forgiven for not obtaining permission from the authors because this is an invaluable resource, especially to those interested in the early North Carolina branch of the Bunch family for which there is otherwise little by way of published compiliations.  Dewitt is aware that this has been made available on the internet and does not seem particularly perturbed by it (possibly he's simply philosophic about the horse being already out of the barn), and so I include a link to it here because of its significance.  In addition to family tree compilations, references to records of land transfers, marriages and wills, it also includes such jewels as a Civil War era letter from a Bunch living in the North to his brother living in the South, as well as a list of all physicians named Bunch who were in practice in 1965.  This is truly a priceless resource.

  • Title:  Bunch Lines
    • Type:  Personal Family History Website
    • Author:  Anne Fialcowitz
    • URL:
    • Notes:  This links to the front page for the Bunch material of Anne Fialcowitz's exensive online personal family history research website.  The particular branch under consderation are the Grayson County, Virgina Bunches, dating from around 1805.  Their origin prior to this is obscure, though it seems not unlikely that their roots trace back to the Bunches of northeastern North Carolina (Bertie, Chowan, Perquimans Counties).  They are closely connected to the Melungeons of Hawkins County, Tennessee (including portions of later-formed Claiborne and Hancock Counties).  The pages of HTML-linked descendant trees on this website include links to e-mail addresses of other researchers of these family lines.

  • Title:  Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware
    • Type:  Published Historical/Genealogical Research for Multiple Families
    • Author:  Paul Heinegg
    • URL:
    • Notes:  Paul Heinegg has published a two volume tome representing his research on virtually every free African American family with roots in colonial Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas.  These volumes can be purchased through the Genealogical Publishing Company (  Mr. Heinegg has also created a website granting free access to the same research material.  The link above takes you to the page that includes discussion of the Bunch family, which makes note of the family's Virginia beginnings but focuses on a fairly well documented line that transplanted to South Carolina via North Carolina. This invaluable research provides an historical context for the beginnings of the oldest and largest Bunch lineage in the United States (Bunch E1b1a Lineage 1 of our project), as well as something of an explanation for the numerous members of this lineage who had no idea of their relatively recent African roots.

  • Title:  My Ancestors of Anderson, Scott County , Tennessee (Descendants of James Bunch)
    • Type:  Outline Descendant Tree
    • Author:  Franklin D. Bunch
    • URL:
    • Notes:  This a great secondary source for anyone researching the descendants of James Bunch, who was born in South Carolina around 1793 (likely among the enclave of Bunches living in St. James Goose Creek Parish) and went to Anderson County, Tennessee about 1820.  Numerous descendants still live in Anderson County.  His connection with the St. James Goose Creek Bunches seems indicated by the name "Layford" or variants used for male children.  It seems not unlikely that this South Carolina line descends from "Old" Paul Bunch (died in Chowan County, North Carolina about 1727 leaving a will) through Paul's son John who went to the Orangeburg District of South Carolina.  Franklin Bunch's tree is impressively extensive (32 pages), but only minimal information (name, birth and death year at best) are provided for each descendant.
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