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I have just joined the Butler Surname project.  However, I had my test done in 2004.  Later I had it upgraded to the 37 marker result and have ordered the 67 marker upgrade.  I noted that you have my results posted but it is flagged with ancestor not provided.

My earliest known surname ancestor is Ignatious Butler, born on October 2, 1755.  I descend through his second son Nathan Butler born 1782.  Ignatious and Nathan Butler settled in what is now Bath County, Kentucky.  Ignatious Butler was literate and left a handwritten book in which he recorded the births of his children.  Nathan had a son named Silvanus, my great-great grandfather, born in 1817 and moved to Grant County, Kentucky.  He allegedly died on the way back to Kentucky from Missouri.  My great-grandfather Thomas Nicholas Butler born in 1866 was the youngest son of Silvanus Butler.  

I would like to establish an origin for Ignatious (aka Ignatius).  I believe that it was in Ireland or perhaps England.  I have two hints.  There was an Ignatious Butler who married an Ellinr Cullen in St. Nicholas Without parish in Dublin in 1729.  In 1749 there is a death of an Ignatious Butler recorded in London.  Beyond the tenuous thread of the same name, I cannot make a connection to my Ignatious Butler who showed up in the Virginia records as having 300 acres on the Cheat River in what is now West Virginia.  

Amy (Butler) Doll:
What is your haplogroup and subclad? Do you have a family tree online anywhere that I can look at?


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