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Author Topic: Patterns Of Y-DNA Grouping - McGuire  (Read 4324 times)
Mary Lee Becker
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« on: August 19, 2008, 10:35:53 PM »

Patterns of Y- DNA Marker Grouping Among Test Subjects Who May Carry Surnames Historically Linked to the Oriel (Airghialla), as of Aug. 19, 2008

Brief statements in quotation marks are from Dr. Edward MacLyshaght's "The Surnames of Ireland."

The 23-25 marker Y-DNA matches are the personal matches of the McGuire test subject/member. Matches to the McGuire test subject/member are not necessarily members of the Oriel Project, although we hope to recruit them.

Subject: Kit #20012 McGuire

25 marker matches:

*7 McGuire / McGuyer: Mac Guire 'Mac Uidher' "The leading sept of Fermanagh...Map Fermanagh": Oriel
     territory. Note: That makes a total of 8 matching Mac Guire descendants.
*2 Garvey: Possibly O’Garvey, ‘O Gairbhith’ “a sept of the same stock as the
     O’Hanlons” and "One of the most important septs of Ulster... Map Armagh-Down": Oriel territory.
*2 Corrigan: Possibly O’Corrigan, ‘O Corragain’ “Akin to the Maguires, originally of
     Fermanagh...” Fermanagh: Oriel territory.
*1 Devine: O’Devine, ‘O Daimhin’ “This branch of the MacGuires was a leading sept in
     Fermanagh in the fifteenth century...” Fermanagh: Oriel territory.
*1 MacGintie: Mac Entee ‘Mac an tSaoi’ “A sept of Oriel...Map: Amagh-Monaghan": Oriel
*1 McGrath: ‘Mac Graith’  Possibly of the branch of Termon McGrath, of north-west Ulster.
     "Map: Donegal-Fermanagh". Fermanagh: Oriel territory.
*1 Mathews:  “...numerous in Ulster and Louth, is used as a synonym of MacMahon there.”
     MacMahon: Oriel surname. Louth: Oriel territory.
*1 McManus: Mac Manus, ‘Mac Maghnuis’ “The main sept of this name is a branch of the
     Maguires.” Map: Fermanagh: Oriel territory.
*Additional matches: 1 Gurry, 1 O’Donohue, 1 Brady, 1 Burgess, 1 Hamilton

25 marker matches with a distance of 2:

*3 Maguire (see above Mac Guire)
*2 McGuire (see above Mac Guire)
*1 Meguiar (see above Mac Guire)
*2 McMahon / MacMahon ‘Mac Mathghamhna’ “In later times the majority of the many
     distinguished men of the name were from Co. Monaghan...Map Monaghan": Oriel
*3 Tumelty: ‘Mac Tomaltaigh’ and ‘O Tomaltaigh’ “...there remains the sept of Oriel...where
      Cos. Monaghan, Down and Louth meet.” Monaghan, Down, Louth: Oriel territory.
*1 McManus (see above)
*2 Leonard: Probably anglicized form of MacAlinion ‘Mac Giolla Fhinnein’ “Leonard Often changed to
     Leonard in modern times, and distinct from MacAlindon...Map Fermagh": Oriel
     territory. Note: This is very important, because these Leonards are not matching the
     McLendons/McClendons of America. We have probably proved Edward MacLysaght
     to be correct in this assertion that the MacAlinions and the MacAlindons are separate clans.
*1 Herron: probably O’Herron, O’Harran ‘O hEarain’ “was anciently of importance in Oriel”
*2 McAuley / McCauleys: Mac Auley ‘Mac Amhlaoibh’ “...a branch of the MacGuires...Map:
     Fermanagh": Oriel territory.
*1 Morgan: “A Welsh name numerous in Oriel...also used as the anglicized form of several
     Irish surnames.”
*1 Quinn: Possibly O’Quinn ‘O Coinne’ “The most numerous surname in Ulster...Often ‘O Coinne’...Map Tyrone": Oriel territory
*1 Reiney: Slight chance that this could be an anglicization of ‘O Reannachain’
     “Monaghan...long associated with Oriel”  Monaghan: Oriel territory OR
    O’Reenan ‘O Rianain’ “an Oriel name.”
*1 Hand: Possibly O’Handlon, a known variant of O’Hanlon ‘O hAnluain’ “One of the most
      important septs of Ulster....Map: Armagh": Oriel territory.
*Additional matches: 4 Byrne, 1 Donohoe, 1 Timblin, 1 Staratt, 1 Golliher, 1 Fountain.

Oriel Septs of Ireland DNA Project Y-DNA Results page Spreadsheet:

Researched, written and posted by Mary Becker      
19 Aug 2008

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Peter Gurry
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« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2009, 04:55:17 AM »

Hello everyone,

I am the Gurry listed on the McGuire grouping.
I have tested to 37 markers and nearly all of my close matches at 37 and 25 markers are surnames associated with Airghialla.
At present I am a member of the Breifne Clans Project which has an Oriel section, and it may be that my surname comes from the Gaelic Mac Gofraidh which is part of the Siol Uidhir branch of the Ui Lughain.

Peter Gurry
Brad McGuire
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« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2010, 05:09:17 PM »

Greetings cousins!!  A new Y-DNA project is underway at FTDNA -
Mag Uidhir Clan - DNA project

How to join:
To add your kit... just go to your "myFTDNA homepage" screen... then look along the left hand side of this page for Add projects.  Click on the add project link then look for available project to join.  If Mag-Uidhir doesn't show up for you... then click on the search project area, and type in McGuire, or Mag-Uidhir.  And it should bring up the project description page, with a join button down near the bottom of the page.
This project is open to all McGuires throughout the world.

Project Goals

One of the goals for the project is to attract Mag Uidhir participants of all spellings, and from all parts of the world to join. We especially want to invite any Mag Uidhirs who might live in Ireland to join this project. We also hope to identify various possible origins for the lines found. Your family no matter where they live, can join us in our journey to connect Mag Uidhir families.

We welcome you, and I would suggest that you take the Y-DNA67 test... to have your results in the same range as many others who will be in the project.

Please let me know if you need more information and I will gladly help in any way I can. Suggestions and assistance in recruiting more members for this project are very welcome.
Group Administrator: J. McGuire - Email:
Group Co-Administrator: Brad McGuire - Email:

Project Surnames
Guaire, Guire, Gurry, Gware, Mac Guire, Mac Quire, MacGeir, MacGiver, MacGuaidhre, MacGuaire, MacGuarie, MacGuier, MacGuire, Mac-Guire, MacGuiver, MacGurrie, MacGwier, MacGwire, MacGwyer, Mackguire, MacQuaire, Macquer, MacQuire, Mac-Quire, Mag Uidhir, Magh Uidhir, Mag-Uidhir, Maguier, Maguir, Maguire, Maguyre, Magwire, McGuaire, McGuarie, McGuier, McGuire, McGuyer, McGwier, McGwire, McGwyer, McQuire, Meguiar, Meguire, Meicc h-Uidir, M'Guaire, M'Guire, M'Gwier, M'Gwyer, O'Guaire

We have 9 members is this first week of being live, go to:  and join up!
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