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November 20, 2017, 04:09:03 PM
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Author Topic: the problem as I see it...  (Read 993 times)
Jake H
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« on: June 15, 2009, 10:08:10 PM »

For folks who have a mixed clan bloodline that got blended several times back in time can forget about checking teir DNA lineage based on their family name, 'cuz there is no guarantee that yer forebearers were not illigitmate.

Take foerexample the Royal Bastards Society which brags about how everybody in this elite bastards club was connected to some sort of nobility way back when. What does it prove, how does the exprfession , zilch, nada, nought mean.

WEhere I am in Scandinavia a large majority od couples co-habitate without getting married, its not unusual to meet familes withj 6-8 kids all sired in varying combinations. A mother who had 4 different sex partners, a man who hadf his 4 sex partners and bring all of these kids under 1 roof. How is anybody living outside of Scandinavia ever gonna know this fact of life?

This sort of thing has been going on for vĀ“c enturies here. Bordrs change in times of war, nationalities aloso change. Norway did not become Norwegian 'til 1907, prior to that it was a Swedish province. South Sweden area called Scania did not become Swedish until late 1700s, prior to that it was a danish province.

If yer gonna check back i time to any Euro country ya gotta know the history of that country extremely well. Poland has been kicked around so much, its nearly impossible for Poles living in Poland to track down their pedigree, for those Poles outside of Poland its nigh  on to impossible.

Even immigrants coming to the U. S had their name changed. Immigration Officers had to figure out how to spell a name, after learning how to pronounce it. Since many immigrants were illiterate in their own home language, they could not spell their own name and had to go by the name they were given.

In my own familial bacjkground, my Mom is a Finn, her dad came to te U.S with his twin brother. Her dad kept the Finn falmlly name, but the twin changed his name to Hill and went on his merry way, never seeing his brother again.  The name Hill is not a native Finn  word, its strange how amareekins think that by hearing a name they automagically 'know' wjere folk come from.

Well, surprise, surprise, its estimated that 30-36% of all amareekins do not have the same name their forefathers had when they entered the U.S. Another case in point, when my mom's older brother was born a not too bright bureaucrat working in the birth registry office in Wisconsin misspelled the family name, this moronic single digit mental midget forced a misspelled name on this lad, while the rest of the family kept the original spelling.

Then ya got the problem that arose in Ireland when Gaelic as a language was forcibly beaten out of folk by Cromwell's goons and folk in Ireland had Elizabethan English jammed down their throat. These battered Irish had to figure out to the best of their ability how to spell their family name without the benefit of any formal schooling. So if yer wondering why there are so many variants to the spelling of many Irish names the guilty finger is to be pointed at perfidious Albion.

Then ya got the added problem of folks who were on the run from the law and  created a new identity as they went. They also had kids under these circumstances as well, so 1 man can easily have spread 15-20 assumed names these kids had to bear with zero heritage behind them. The name they ended up with has no connection to the actual clan bloodline.

Why do I bring all of this up ya might be asking, well, put it this way, my own father was rather shocked to see in a parish Church in Rathlee, Sligo that when he looked for his own father's baptismal registry, the priest said, ya gotta know the names of his parents + grandparents on both sides, otherwiserts all guess work. My dad was born in 1904, this was 1977 when I took him to the family homestead that was owned by the family for nerly 500 years.

In the local townland property book the area was named after our family. There were 25 families who had farms these, there were all cousins to each other. These families were also intermarried into a majority of the surrounding countryside of Easkey going as far as Inniscrone, Ballina, Dromore West, so if  ya mention a name like Brown, Devaney, Flynn, Tuffy, Healey, Finnerty, and the rest of the 25 I mentioned, they are typical Irish names ya find all over Ireland.

So, if yer searching yer Irish roots ya gotta know the exact parish that person was baptized + lived in,was married in,  otherwise its impossible to guess who yer related to. Just having a family name and a geographical location like Sligo is actually useless info.

In my situation, I have a Finn  mom, so her DNA is non-existent in Ireland for comparison purposes. I am married to a full-blood German, so now my kids have a divided maternal DNA, so which aspect ae dominat which are recessive?  My siblings all married folks fvrom other clan groups. I have a brother married to a gal whose dad is a German Jew, her mom is Scots-Irish. So in future, if ya collect DNA samples from children I and my brothers produced, thee will be no common maternal DNA, only partial at best.

Its this dissemination I brought up in the beggining of this topic. To make things really interesting, what do ya do to allow for a complete racial jump? I came a across a Jamaican with our family name and the guy had a great sense of humor and said its obvious one of my predececesssorĀ“s found a better Jamaican woman than native Irish woman to have a family with. This mixed race blending has given rise to the expression black irish 'cuz if ya look at all of the blacks in the U.S who have an Irish family name, it was an Irishman who initiated that family line.

It would actually make more sense to DNA test these Irish named blacks, Hispanics, like Mariah Carey, asiatics who have Irish names and see if a commonality can be derived.

And last bit not least, I will put this concept out for discussion. Nobody can say with certainty they are not jewish, 'cuz twice in antiquity Hebraic-Semitics were dispersed all over the place. Women who were crossbrd.interbred by their captors who had females kids passed the Hebraic-Semitic line on to the next generation.

The Irish are the 2nd largest group after the Jews to have a large %-age of red hair. Adam means ruddy-man, to me sez he was red haired. The mark of Cain was red hair, 'cuz why would Cain complain folk would recognize him immediately when he went into dark-haired clans. The Irish transmitted red hair to the Scandinavians when the Vikings  ravaged Ireland for over 300 years.

So, if ya ever bothered to read the Apocalypse of St. john it mentions 144,000 evangelizing Jews, with 12,000 coming from the original tribes of Israerl will be evangelizing Israel when Anti Christ sets up shop there. By this I mean folk who don't think or even know if they are bonafide Jews may be more Jewish than folk we traditionally consider to be Jews. Which country is Israel's best friend? I assume ya know its Bible loving U.S. Which country has the most Irish? It sure ain't Ireland.
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