Parsons Family Pedigrees

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Mark William Parsons:
I joine dhte dna project and posted my information as reuquired. I originally made a mistake posting my earliest male ancetor to my account, but have since corrected it. This correction has not been updated. Will it update?

There's so much information, web pages, passwords, etc. that it is hard to navigate and keep track of everything. I'm very computer literate, so I feel sorry for those that are intimidated by all this. These pages need to be as simplictic as possible so everyone is able to post accurate and factual information.

Anyway, I'll browse around to try and figure this out!

Mark Parsons

Mark William Parsons:
1. Peter Parsons Sr., b. abt. 1658, d. bef. 28 Mar. 1687, in Somerset County, MD.
    + Mary Kendall, b. abt. 1660, d. aft. 1687, in Somerset Co., MD.
2. Peter Parsons Jr., b. 17 Mar. 1682, in Somerset County, MD., d. May 1709, in Somerset County, MD.
    + Ursula Jenkins, b. 19 Mar. 1680, in Somerset Co., MD., d. aft. 1710, in Somerset Co., MD.
3. John Parsons Sr., b. 07 Feb. 1705, in Somerset Co., Maryland, d. 1758, in Somerset Co., Maryland.
    + Mary Smith, b. 3 Apr. 1709, in Somerset Co., MD., d. abt. 1758, in Somerset Co., MD.
4. John Parsons Jr., b. 11 Sep. 1736, in Somerset Co., MD., d. 1795, in Worcester Co., MD.
    + Rachel Rain, b. abt. 1740, in Worcester Co., MD., d. abt. 1810, in Worcester Co., MD.
5. William J. Parsons, b. 06 May 1769, in Worcester Co., MD., d. 22 Jun. 1825, in Worcester Co., MD.
    + Priscilla Parker, b. 15 Apr. 1769.
6. Elisha Collins Parsons, b. 30 Aug. 1807, in Maryland, d. 4 Apr. 1887, in Parsonsburg, MD.
    + Mary Esham, b. abt. 1797, in Salisbury, MD., d. 9 Jan. 1876, in Parsonsburg, Wicomico Co., MD.
7. William Francis Parsons, b. 26 Jul. 1837, in Salisbury, MD., d. 16 Mar. 1910, Ocean City, MD.
    + Nancy Elizabeth Dennis, b. 31 Jul. 1848, in Worcester Co., MD., d. 9 Aug. 1904, in Parsonsburg, MD.
8. Virgil William Parsons, b. 20 Feb. 1876, in Salisbury, MD, d. 22 Aug. 1958, Parsonsburg, MD.
    + Effie Mae Fooks, b. 2 May 1880, Wicomico Co., MD, d. 27 May 1962, in Millsboro, Sussex Co., DE.
9. Elmer Delaney Parsons, b. 21 May 1906, Pittsville, MD, d. 4 Apr. 1971, in Baltimore, MD.
    + Elsie Mae Young, b. 24 May 1913, in Lonaconing, MD., d. 14 Nov. 1991, Randallstown, MD.
10. Virgil William Parsons, b. 4 Jun. 1939, in Westernport, Allegany Co., MD.
    + Barbara Ann Whiteman, b. 6 Feb. 1943, in Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD.

Submitted by: Mark William Parsons, kit #190102,
John Parsons b@ 1755, NC  m Mary Simmons

Samuel Parsons bet 1774-1781, NC  d in Lee Co, VA  md Unknown

James Simpson Parsons b 1807, Lee Co., VA  m Rebecca Stewart

Jasper Newton Parsons b 1846, Lee Co., Va  d. 1905 East Stone Gap, Wise Co., Va m. Martha Adams

Reeder Curtis Parsons  b 1884, Lee Co., Va  d. 1967, Wise Co., VA m. Rosa Collier

Campbell Bascom Parsons b 1912, Scott Co., VA  d. 1989, Hillsborough Co., FL m 3 times

Gerald Barry Parsons Carpenter - living

Submitted by Sharon Carpenter FTDNA Kit # 196153 shurnlouATcomcastDOTnet              

Marv Parsons:
Joseph Parsons, b. between 1790 & 1794. Believed to be of Irish descent. M. Nancy Eliot (Elliot?) in 1811 in NY.

Nelson Milton Parsons, b. 1823, NY, m. Aramintha Warner in Princeton, Wisconsin in 1855, d. Modesto, CA 1906

Nelson Marvin Parsons, b. 1878, Franktown NV, m. Helen Estelle Beck, Burryessa, CA
Methodist Pastor, d. Oakdale CA 1958

Beck Parsons, b. Oakdale CA 1914, m. Alice Charlene Hull, Stockton CA 1937, d. 1971, Susanville CA

Pedigree submitted by Marv Parsons, kit #194908


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