Peck Family Pedigrees

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Joseph Died 1701 M Alice Heath (Burwell)1612 - 1666
  Joseph (Lieut) 1653 - 1731 M Mary Camp 1660 - 1703
    Jeremiah    1687 - 1765 M Hannah Fisk B 1687
      John 1718 - 1790 M Sarah Platt 1721 - 1783
        John 1755 -1831 (Revolutionary Soldier) M Mary Camp 1764 - 1861
          Marquis de Lafayette (Marcus) Peck 1791 - 1849 M Hannah Judson 1795 - 1876
            Henry J (AKA Henry A) 1835 - 1869 Mary Ann Squires 1833 - 1891
              Hiram W (Sr)1868 - 1955 M Dorothy French 1898 - 1987

Family Pedigree (Partial) - Roger Peak [RWP_Genealogy at]

John Peak b c1735 d after 1791
   Abel Peak b 1756 Buckingham Co VA m Lydia Jones 1794 Franklin Co VA d 1852 1852 Morgan Co TN
      Lewis Peak
      ? Peak m Thomas Sherrill
      Catherine Peak b c1818 Morgan Co TN m William Davis 1835 d 1891 TN
      Louis Peak b 1823 m Matilda Griffith1841 d 1863
   Jonathan Peak
   Cue Peak
   Jacob Peak b 1769 Henry Co VA m Mary Jones 1789 Franklin Co VA d 1853 Anderson Co TN
      James Peak b 1789 d 1825
      Elizabeth Peak b 1791 m Abraham Waden Hagler Polk Co TN d c1880 Polk Co TN
      Chloe Peak b 1793 VA m Benjamin Griffith c1824
      Violetta Peak b 1794 m Benjamin Hagler c1810 Roane Co TN d 1827
      Susannah Peak b 1796 m Thomas Hagler c1816 Meigs Co TN d UNK
      Mary Jemima Peak m Jacob Rector c1815 TN d after 1860 Barton Co MO
      Major Jacob Peak b 1800 TN m Kesiah Prigmore c1829 Meigs Co TN d 1879 Meigs Co TN
      Bird Peak b 1801 Anderson Co TN m Harriet Wiliams c1822 d 1892 Scott Co IL
      Absalom Peak b 1803 Anderson Co TN m Rebecca Boteler 1823 Anderson Co TN d 1867 Scott Co IL
      Luke Peak b 1804 Meigs Co TN m 1815 TN d UNK
      Rhoda Peak b 1805 Anderson Co TN m William R Butler 1825 d 1897 TN
      Westley Peak b 1809 m Nancy Ann Pickle 1833 Roane Co TN d UNK
      William Peak b 1812 Anderson Co TN m Sarah Tunnell 1835 Anderson Co TN d1864 Dalton GA

John Howard Peck:
Abraham Martin Peck - Bedford County, PA
  Silas Edward Peck - Needmoe Fulton County, Pa
   Samuel Wilson Peck- b: Cumberland, MD  - 1895  m: Gertrude M. Fiesel
      John Howard Peck  b: Ridgewood, Queens County, NY - m: Muriel LeBel

My Grandfather was Gordon Vasser Peck, Dad was Jr and brother the third. He also had 3 daughters and then remarried a woman with 3 children. Ive been told that we are at somepoint related to the french DePache but do not have the paper to confirm it.
I will look into what I can to get more detail and post later.

Ronald Peck:
Eugene LaGrange Peck, b. 1831, Otsego Co., NY
Alfred Marion Peck, b. 1859, Erie Co., PA
Royal Truman Peck, b. 1883, Schuyler Co., IL
Vernon L. Peck, b. 1813, Kay Co., OK


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