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Author Topic: Markle Family Pedigrees  (Read 11744 times)
Steve Markle
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« on: August 17, 2008, 09:16:08 PM »

Please send any pedigrees for this project to:

Please include the following:
•       Name of project
•       Kit Number
•       Name of person posting pedigree
•       Email address to be posted with pedigree
•       Name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse of Earliest Known Ancestor
•       List each succeeding generation, using only those four items of information (or substitute another item of information if missing an item)

Anyone is welcome to post your pedigree for this surname on the Pedigree Forum below, but project members should be sure to send the pedigree by email to the administer's email address listed above to be sure it will be posted on the project's Patriarchs Page.

To post on this Pedigree Forum:
1.  Register and log in at
(How do I register to post a pedigree? Click here
(I've already registered. How do I log in? Click here
2.  When you have logged in, scroll to the last posting on this forum, click "reply" and post your pedigree.
a.  Please do not include names for anyone born after 1910, to protect privacy.
b.  If you have questions or are unable to post your pedigree on this forum, please contact

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Steve Markle
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« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2008, 02:07:11 AM »

Pedigree for Steve Markle [stevefw AT]

Isaac Markle, b1792, Ancaster Upper Canada, m1794 Gertrude "Gittie" Kerr
   Mary Ann Markle, b1819, Near Dundas, Ontario, m1816 Jeromy Lyons
      Marshall Lyons, b1838, Near Dundas, Ontario,
      John Lyons, b1841, Near Dundas, Ontario,
      Eliza Jane Lyons, b1842, Near Dundas, Ontario,
      Anne Peer Lyons, b1846, Near Dundas, Ontario,
   Henry Markle, b1821, West Flamborough, Canada, mc1864 Elizabeth Helborn
       Samuel Markle, b1865
   Emmanuel "Manual" Markle, b1824, m Ellen ?
   Walter Kerr Markle, b1827, Canada, m Eliza Corman, m2 1880 Elizabeth Clark
       Maria Antonette Markle, b1841, Quebec, m1858 Thomas Costello
           Walter W Costello, b c1860
           Francis Ethel Costello, b1861, Mount Forest Canada. m1885 Richard J Wilson
           Margaret Elizabeth Costello, b1865
       Mary Jane Markle, b c1844, Upper Canada, d 1881
       Eliza Ann Markle, b c1845, Upper Canada, m 1863 Rodger Conger Bryant
       Richard Draper Markle, b1853, m c1875 Eliza Maria Markle, d b1880
           Walter Draper Markle, b1876, Carleton Ontario, m1899 Gertrude M Hastings
               Gertrude M Markle, b1902, Rochester NY, d 1934
               Edna Markle, b1904, Mass., d2006
               Florence Markle, b1905, Rochester NY, m1924 Raymond G Holly
               Helene Markle, b1906, Rochester NY, m Peter Morrison
               Earl Richard Markle, b1909, Rochester NY
           Gertrude Kerr Markle, b1877, Rochester NY, m1900 Elwyn C Dubois
               Gertrude Dubois, b1902, m ? Bach
               Charles Dubois, b1903, d1996 Gilroy, Ca
           Eugene King Markle, b1879 Decatur IL, m1900 Kittie Bell Snyder
               Lawrence Eugene Markle, b1901, Rochester NY, m1922 Virginia Baker
                   Eugene Charles Markle, b1923, Rochester NY, m1946 Living Stoll
                   Lillian Gertrude Markle, b1925, Rochester NY, m Albert Otto Baase
                   Living Markle, b1928, Rochester NY, m Robert N. Weaver
               Albert Draper Markle, b1903, Rochester NY, m1926 Velma E Betts
                   Earl Markle
                   Charles Markle
               Walter King Markle, b1905, Rochester NY, m1935 Ethel M Greer
               Clarabel Dorothy Markle, b1907, Rochester NY, m1925 George H Ward
               Foster Gordon Markle, b1909, Rochester NY, d2006 Carlisle, Pa
               Robert Milton Markle, b1914, Rochester NY, m Jenny V. Long
               Raymond King Markle, b1917, Rochester NY, d1921 Rochester NY
               Living Markle, b1919, Rochester NY, m1942 Living Vanasdalen
      Obadiah Washington Markle, b1855, Upper Canada, m1879 Mary Schaefer
   Eli Markle, b1829, West Flamborough Canada, m Catherine Roach
   William Markle, b1831, West Flamborough Canada, m1860 Mary Ellen Shaw
      Adda Markle, b c1862, Waterloo County Canada, m Frederick Charles Pecover
      William Markle, b c1865, Drayton Canada
      Helen Markle, b c1867, Listowell Canada, m William Robertson
      Coulson Markle, b c1870 Drayton Canada
      Gertrude Markle, b c1873 Drayton Canada
   Orill Jane Markle, b1834, Hamilton Canada, m Calvin Claflin
       Celia Claflin, b1871, Waterloo Canada, m1905 William Nebergall
       Gitty Claflin, b1858, Ontario, m1881 Charles Wesley Mulloy
   Isaac Brock Markle, b1838, Bridgeport Upper Canada, m Nancy Winger
        Estella Markle, b c1861, m Robert Gorman
            Morley Edward Gorman, b1891
        Angeline Markle, b c1862
        Ida M Markle, b c1868
        Amos Markle, b c 1871
        Peter Oscar Dallas Markle, b1878, Waterloo Canada, m1901 Eliza Folland
        Walter Claude Markle, b1881, Waterloo Canada, m Victoria E ?
            Walter C Markle, b 1917, Michigan
            Kathryn D Markle, b1919, Montana
            Doad K Markle, b1920
            Meryl N Markle, b1921
            Betty A Markle, b 1925
        William S Markle, b1887
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« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2008, 02:19:43 PM »

Jacob Merckel, b 1747, in Berks PA by 1770, m Maria Eva Mayer
   Jacob Markel, b 1772 Berks PA, m Catharine Berck
      Salome Markel, b 1794 Berks PA, m Adam Fraunfelter
      Catherine Markel, b c1796 Berks PA, m Henry Aldenderfer
      Daniel Markel, b 1797 Berks PA
      Mary Polly Markel, b1802 Berks PA, m Jacob Dunkle
      Hannah Markel, b c1804 Berks PA, m John Freece
      Jesse Markel, b c1806 Berks PA
         Catharine Markel, b c1836 Berks PA
      Charles Markel, b c1806 Berks PA, m Elizabeth
      Lydia Ann Markel, b c1808 Berks PA, m Obediah Boger
      Hester Markel, b 1810 Berks PA, m John D. Reichelderfer
      Ephraim Markel, b 1813, Berks PA, m Elizabeth Reichelderfer
         Rebecca Markel, b c1836 Pickaway OH
         Polly Markel, b c1838 Pickaway OH
         Henry Markel, b c1840 Pickaway OH
         Jacob Markel, b c1843 Pickaway OH
         Jeremiah Markel, b c1845 Pickaway OH
   John Markle, b 1776 Berks PA, m Mary Barbara Henrich
      Benjamin Markle, b 1801 Berks PA, m Elizabeth Bivens
         Frederick T. Markle, b c1823 Berks PA
         John B. Markle, b 1824 PA, m 1822 Mary Ann Staub
            James Martin Markle, b 1848 Westmoreland PA
            Agnes Anna Markle, b 1849 Westmoreland PA
            Stephen Markle, b 1851 Westmoreland PA, m Lucinda Rosanna Stout
            Margaret Ann Markle, b 1857 Westmoreland PA
            Mary Ann Markle, b 1860 Westmoreland PA
            Conrad G. Markle, b1862 Westmoreland PA
            Emilia Catherine Markle, b 1864 Westmoreland PA, m Carl Shanefelter
            Joseph A. Markle, b 1867 Westmoreland PA
            Henry L. Markle, b 1873 Westmoreland PA
         Barbara Ann E. Markle, b c1830 PA, m Cornelius Kuhn
         Joseph Markle, b 1832 Westmoreland PA
         Mary Catherine Markle, b 1834 Westmoreland PA, m bef 1860 Daniel Kuhn
         Lucinda Theresa Markle, b 1836 Westmoreland PA
         Conrad George Markle, b 1840 Westmoreland PA
         Susanna Agnes Markle, b 1842 Westmoreland PA
         Lucianna Matilda Markle, b 1843 Westmoreland PA
         Jacob Ambrose Markle, b c 1846 Westmoreland PA
      John Markle, b 1803 Armstrong PA, m 1826 Elizabeth Kintz
         David Markle, b 1827 Westmoreland PA, m 1852 Mary Ann Heller
            John William Markle, b 1853 Monroe IL, m Catharine Orschler
               Mary A. Markle, b 1874 Monroe IL, m 1897 Charles Stark
               Joseph Lewis Markle, b 1876 Monroe IL
               George Austin Markle, b 1879 Monroe IL
               John William Markle, b 1881 Monroe IL, m 1887 Kathryn Attina Meyer
                  Robert William Markle, b 1903 Monroe IL, m 1927 Bertha E. Engel
                  Helen Markle, b 1905 Monroe IL
                  Genevieve Leona Markle, b 1908 Monroe IL
               Clara Ann Markle, b 1883 Monroe IL, m Joseph Louis Schroeder
               William Alphousa Markle, b 1886 Monroe IL
               Julia Josephine Markle, b 1889 Monroe IL
               Edward David Markle, b 1891 Monroe IL, m 1914 Theresa Mariann Meyer
               Leona Marie Markle, b 1894 Monroe IL, m 1915 Harry Elmer Jackson
         Jacob Markle, b 1832 Westmoreland PA, m 1854 Anna Johns
            Mary Elizabeth Markle, b 1855 Westmoreland PA, m Oscar Lent
            John Markle, b c 1857 IL, m Eliza
               Alice Markle, b 1880 Woodford IL
            Martha Jane Markle, b 1860 IL, m George Joseph
            Agnes Markle, b c1863 IL, m unknown Bellew
            Margaret Markle, b c 1865 IL, m Charles A. Gould
            George W. Markle, b 1867 IL, m Edith W.
               Jessie Markle, b 1890 IL
               Harry A. Markle, b 1894 Saunders NE, m Helen E.
               Anna Bertha Markle, b 1896 Saunders NE
               Margarette Markle, b 1899 Saunders NE
            Jacob Markle, b 1868 Woodford IL, m Jennie Beebe
               Frances Markle, b 1895 NY
         George Alexander Markle, b 1834 Westmoreland PA, m 1857 Margaret Cready
            Mary Joseph Markle, b 1858 Lasalle IL, unmarried
            Edward Omer Markle, b 1861 Westmoreland PA, m 1911 Helen Ann Schesso
            Mary Catherine Markle, b 1867 Lasalle IL, unmarried
            George Henry Markle, b 1868 Lasalle IL
            George Joseph Markle, b 1871 Lasalle IL, m 1911 Frances Kaspari
         Mary Elizabeth Markle, b 1842 Westmoreland PA, unmarried
         Martha Ann Markle, b 1845 Westmoreland PA, m 1863 John W. Kelly
      Jacob Markle, b 1805 Armstrong PA
      George Markle, b 1806 Westmoreland PA
      Joseph Markle, b 1808 Westmoreland PA
      Mary Ann Markle, b 1809 Westmoreland PA, m c1833 Robert West
      Barbara Markle, b 1812 Westmoreland PA
      Conrad Markle, b 1814 Westmoreland PA, m 1837 Rachel Rentzel
         George Markle, b 1838 Westmoreland PA
         Cath. Barbara Markle, b1840 Westmoreland PA, m1860 Augustine Kirchner
         Mary Elizabeth Markle, b 1841 Westmoreland PA
         Robert Henry Markle, b 1844 Westmoreland PA
         Rachael Teresa Markle, b 1845 Westmoreland PA
         Sara Anna Markle, b 1847 Westmoreland PA
         Rosanna Matilda Markle, b 1850 Westmoreland PA
         Conrad James Markle, b 1852 Westmoreland PA
         Agnes Anna Markle, b 1854 Westmoreland PA
         John Markle, b 1856 Westmoreland PA
      Solomon Markle, b 1816 Westmoreland PA, m Margaret Harkins
         Albert J. Markle, b c 1854 Westmoreland PA, m 1886 Kate Cowan
         Elizabeth Markle, b 1855 Westmoreland PA
         Francis Boniface Markle, b 1856 Westmoreland PA
         Sara Anna Markle, b 1856 Westmoreland PA
         Marian Irene Markle, b 1859 Westmoreland PA, m 1882 William Edward Maher
         Lucy M. Markle, b c1861 Westmoreland PA
      Catharine Markle, b 1818 Westmoreland PA
      Mary Theresa Markle, b 1819 Westmoreland PA, m Patrick McCoy
   Daniel Merkel, b c 1776 Berks PA
   Catherine Merkel, b 1777 Berks PA, m bef 1805 Jacob Correll
   Susanna Merkel, b 1779, Berks PA
   Abraham Markel, b 1782, Berks PA, m Mary Magdalena Stump
      Jacob Markel, b 1812 Pickaway OH, m 1838 Lydia Defenbaugh
         Rufus C. Markel, b 1841 Pickaway OH, m unknown
            Alice Markel, m unknown Kennon
         William C. Markel, b Pickaway OH, m Sarah Ann Riegel
            Arthur R. Markel, m (1) Emma L. Ley, m (2) Laura DeMay
            Ida Markel, m(1)  Charles Lutz m(2) David V. Wilson m(3) John B. Wilson
            Lucy Markel, m Clifton D. Reedy
            John R. Markel, m Cecilia Bartlet
            Harley R. Markel, m Estella Heffner
            Dora Markel, m Ysidro Soler
         Mary Ann C. Markel, b 1847 Pickaway OH, m David Moyer
         Amos C. Markel, b 1849 Pickaway OH
         Elizabeth Markel, b 1853 Pickaway OH
         Leannah Markel, b 1856 Pickaway OH, m Milton Armstrong
         Hannah Markel, b 1858 Pickaway OH, m 1879 William Henry Shupe
   Maria Merkel, b c 1783 Berks PA, m John Berck
   Peter Merkel, b c 1785 Berks PA
   Barbara Merkel, b 1788 Berks PA, m Kilian Swoyer
   George Markel, b c 1792 Berks PA, m 1812 Catharina Miller
      Elizabeth Markel, b 1813 Berks PA, m 1850 Jonas Hartman
      Maria Markel, b 1815 Berks PA, m George Harriet
      Priscilla Markel, b Berks PA, m Benjamin Faust
      William Markel, b Berks PA, m 1855 Ruth Williams
      Effie Ann Markel, b Berks PA, m 1845 Gideon Seymour
      John Markel, b 1827 Berks PA, m 1855 Margaret O'Hara
         Mollie Markel
         Mary Markel, m Aston Carr
         George E. Markel
         Frank Markel, b c1855, Hancock OH, m Jennie
      Joseph Markel, b 1829 Berks PA, m Elizabeth Ann Everett
         Anna Markel, m unknown Walters
         Rachael Markel, b 1860 Hancock OH, m unknown Alspach
         George S. Markel, b 1862 Hancock OH, m Laura Elsea
            Nellie M. Markel, b 1866, m Emmett Messinger
      Jacob Markel, b 1834 Pickaway OH, m 1850 Susanna Cox
   Salome Merkel, b c 1794 Berks PA, m Christian Herbster
   Elizabeth Merkel, b c 1796, m unknown Gehringer
   Jonathan Merkel, b 1798, Berks PA

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« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2008, 01:41:05 PM »

Felix Merckel b  c1645 Germany
Friederich Merckel b c1671 Germany m Anna Barbra Alman
Wilhelm Merckel b c1722 New York m Sarah Koch
William Markle b 1754 New York m Agnes
James William Markle b 1774 New York m Catharine Swartz
James K. Markle b 1807 Upper Canada m Catherine Simons
Jacob Markle b 1826 Upper Canada m Caroline B. Foster
George W. Markle b 1880 Ontario, Canada m Meta
Clarke W. Markle Sr. b 1911 Winnipeg, MA m Dorothy

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« Reply #4 on: August 25, 2009, 02:04:56 AM »

YSearch: 5JPZA

Konrad Merkel b. 1732, Schlierbach, Germany m Anna Elisabeta Ruhl
[member of founding settlers of Göbel]
... (explicit lineage to Patriarch not yet known)
Johannes Merkel b.c. 1860, Göbel, Volga, Russia m Barbara Bretz
John Markel (AKA Johannes Merkel) b. 1889, Göbel, Volga, Russia m Mary Fromm
     Adam Markel b. 1911, Kansas
     John Markel b. 1912, WI
     Herman Markel b. 1914, WI
     Mary Markel b. 1916, Rocky Ford, CO
     Esther Markel b. 1918, Rocky Ford, CO
     Conrad Markel b. 1920, CO
     William Markel b. 1921,  Sugar City, CO
     Albert Markel b 1923, Fresno, CA
     Elsie Markel b. 1926, CA
     Eleanor Markel b. 1928, Lodi, CA
     Edward Markel b. 1930, Lodi, CA
     Richard Markel b. 1932, Lodi, CA
     Barbara Markel b. 1935, Lodi, CA
Douglas Miracle
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« Reply #5 on: August 28, 2009, 07:48:52 PM »

1-Lorentz Merckel / Lawrence Merkle / Lorance Markle b. Abt 1697, Neustadt, Germany; d. Abt 1777, Lincoln Co, NC
+Sibylla Catherina Kehl b. Abt 1700, Germany; m. Apr 6, 1724, Kingston Dutch Reformed Church, Ulster Co, NY
2-Maria Merckel b. Feb 1725, Ulster Co, NY
2-Gertrude (Charity) Merckel b. Jun 1726, Ulster Co, NY
+(John) Frederick Scholl b. Abt 1726; m. Apr 10, 1759, Tohickon Reformed Church, Bucks Co, PA
2-Elizabeth Merckel b. Apr 1728, Ulster Co, NY
+Edelman ???
2-Friederich Merkle / Frederick (Sr) Markle/Miracle b. Apr 18, 1741, Northampton Co, PA; d. Aft 1820, Harlan Co, KY
+Ann Eve (Anna Eva?) Unknown b. Abt 1745, PA?; m. Abt 1762, Northampton Co, PA; d. Aft 1820, Harlan Co, KY
 3-Lorance (Lawrence) Maricle/Myracle b. Abt 1765, Northampton Co, PA; d. Aft 1830, Henderson Co, TN
 +Margaret Weir/Wair b. Abt 1765, NC; m. Nov 1, 1785, Lincoln Co, NC
  4-Jacob Myracle b. Aug 6, 1787, Burke Co, NC; d. Aug 6, 1848, Decatur Co, TN
   +Catherine Long b. Jul 18, 1789, VA; m. Sept 1810, Grainger Co., TN; d. May 12, 1873, Decatur Co, TN
 3-Abraham (Abram) Miracle/Mericle/Maricle b. Abt 1771, Lincoln Co, NC
 3-Frederick (Jr) Miracle b. Abt 1774, Lincoln Co, NC; d. Aft 1840, Harlan Co, KY
  +Hannah Hall and Mary ?
   4-Frederick Maricle b. Mar 18, 1812, Lee Co, VA
 3-Peter Maricle b. Late 1778 / early 1779, Lincoln Co, NC; d. Nov 1849, Tippah Co, MS
  +Susan Derryberry b. Abt 1789, Gunpowder Creek, Burke Co, NC; m. Abt 1806, TN; d. Bef 1860, Tippah Co, MS
 3-John Miracle b. 1787/1788, NC; d. Dec 2, 1851, Harlan Co, KY
  +Margaret Bethurum b. 1792, NC; m. Feb 26, 1808, Lee Co, VA
   4-(Elder) Andrew Miracle b. 1808, Lee Co, VA; d. 1870, Harlan Co, KY
    +Rhoda Wilder b. Abt 1808, Bell Co, KY; m. 1826, Bell Co, KY; d. 1880, Bell Co, KY
     5-Fanny Miracle b. 1826, VA; d. Aft 1900; m. Preston Bull
     5-Sarah Miracle b. 1830, VA; d. Aft 1900, Bell Co, KY; m. James Wilder
     5-Abraham Wilder Miracle b. Aug 11, 1833, Harlan Co, KY; d. Nov 18, 1864, Camp Douglas, IL; m. Mary Polly Lee
     5-Sampson Miracle b. 1835, Harlan Co, KY; d. Apr 15, 1908, Bell Co, KY; m. Catherine Bull
     5-James Miracle b. Mar 6, 1836, Harlan Co, KY; d. Sept 6, 1922, Bell Co, KY; m. Mary Jane Miracle
     5-Margaret Miracle b. Mar 1839, Harlan Co, KY; d. Feb 7, 1905, Bell Co, KY; m. James Green
     5-Nancy Miracle b. 1840, Harlan Co, KY; m. Barnett Green
     5-Frederick William Miracle b. 1843, Harlan Co, KY; d. 1880; m. Letita Green
     5-John P (Potter) Miracle b. Oct 1844, Harlan Co, KY; d. Aug 18, 1927, Lincoln Co, KY
      +(Sara) Malinda Green b. 1842, Harlan Co, KY; m. Aug 3, 1865, Harlan Co, KY; d. 1909, Lincoln Co, KY
      6-James Edward Miracle b. Aug 26, 1866; d. Feb 7, 1945, Lincoln Co, KY
       +Melinda Jane (Linda J) Arnett b. Jan 8, 1872; m. Mar 3, 1892; d. May 13, 1934, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Victoria Miracle
       7-Sudie Miracle b. 1896; d. 1979, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Lee Bryan Miracle b. 1898; d. 1918, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Dewey P Miracle b. 1900; d. 1982, Lincoln Co, KY
      6-Hillery David (HD) Miracle b. Jun 23, 1868, KY; d. Jan 15, 1950, KY; m. Sarah Alice Hoskins
      6-Rhoda Miracle b. Apr 10, 1870, Bell Co, KY; d. Apr 28, 1946, Bell Co, KY; m. William H (Boff) Miracle
      6-Levi Henry Miracle b. 1872, Bell Co, KY; d. Mar 14, 1965, Bell Co, KY; m. Silviana Arnett
      6-Charles Bales (Charlie B) Miracle b. Jan 24, 1874, Bell Co, KY; d. Jan 24, 1961, Lincoln Co, KY
       +Nancy E Durham b. May 2, 1875, Bell Co, KY; m. Jan 23, 1892, Bell Co, KY; d. Nov 8, 1960, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Grover Charles (GC) Miracle b. Apr 18, 1893, Bell Co, KY; d. Aug 1959; m. Jennie
       7-John (Johnie) [Boog] Miracle b. 1895, Bell Co, KY; d. May 8, 1980, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-William (Willie J) Jefferson Miracle b. 1896, Bell Co, KY; d. Aug 10, 1956, Lincoln Co, KY
       +Maggy (Maggie) Wilder b. Feb 16, 1898, Bell Co, KY; d. Jan 13, 1975, Lincoln Co, KY
        8-Calvin Charles Miracle b. Dec 7, 1928, Lincoln Co, KY; d. Sept 1984, Berea, KY; m. Eva Lois Cupp
        8-Dexter J Miracle b. Aug 7, 1921, Lincoln Co, KY; d. May 14, 2005, San Antonio, TX
        8-Vivian Miracle b. Feb 4, 1923, Lincoln Co, KY; d. Jan 13, 1997, Lincoln Co, KY; m. Cedric Lee Thomas
        8-William Earl (Cotton) Miracle b. Aug 16, 1931, Lincoln Co, KY; d. Feb 5, 1990, Lincoln Co, KY
        8-Nancy Miracle b. Jun 1937, Lincoln Co, KY; m. Glenn Alford
       7-Cillus (Silas) Miracle b. 1898, Bell Co, KY; d. 1964
       7-Lloyd Beckham Miracle b. Nov 23, 1900, Bell Co, KY; d. Dec 31, 1978, Lincoln Co, KY; m. Margaret E Osborne
        8-Lloyd Jr Miracle b. 1926; d. 1987, Lincoln Co, KY
        8-Jesse F Miracle b. 1930; d. 1999, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Sarah Malinda Miracle b. 1902, Bell Co, KY; d. Abt 1993; m. ? Keesling
       7-Connie Miracle b. 1905, Lincoln Co, KY, d. 1991; m. ? Thompson
       7-Daniel B Miracle b. Jan 10, 1907; d. Apr 4, 1980, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Boyd Miracle b. 1910, Lincoln Co, KY; d. 1977
       7-Chester Miracle b. 1912, Lincoln Co, KY; d. 1975
       7-Myrtle Miracle b. 1913, Lincoln Co, KY; d. 1991; m. ? Adams
       7-Laura Miracle b. Feb 3, 1917, Lincoln Co, KY
      6-Dora Miracle b. 1877, Bell Co, KY
      6-Laura Ellen Miracle b. Dec 21, 1879, Bell Co, KY; d. 1967; m. Milliard Cheek
      6-John Lee (Big John) Miracle b. Nov 14, 1880, Harlan Co, KY; d. May 26, 1960, Lincoln Co, KY; m. Mary Davis
       7-James Oscar Miracle b. 1899; d. 1920
       7-Charles Miracle b. Jan 29, 1902
       7-Rhoda Ellen Miracle b. Jun 22, 1904
       7-Clementine Miracle b. Sept 19, 1906; d. Dec 2, 1959, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Adeline Miracle b. Oct 16, 1908; d. Feb 26, 2004, OH
       7-Clarence Lee Miracle b. May 12, 1910, Lincoln Co, KY; d. Dec 23, 2000, Phoenix, AZ
       7-Virgil (Woody) Miracle b. Feb 3, 1912, Lincoln Co, KY; d. Feb 27, 1937, Mason, OH
       7-Lena Miracle b. Mar 19, 1914, Lincoln Co, KY
       7-Minnie Miracle b. Jul 8, 1916, Lincoln Co, KY; d. Aug 12, 1999, Fort Logan, KY
       7-Abraham Miracle b. Mar 30, 1918; d. 1996
       7-Nelllie Miracle b. Mar 31, 1920, Lincoln Co, KY; d. Mar 10, 1997, Whittier, CA
      6-Beatrice Malinda Miracle b. Feb 26, 1883, Bell Co, KY; d. Feb 10, 1965, Oak Ridge, TN; m. James Slusher
      6-Telitha Miracle b. 1884, Bell Co, KY; m. William Frank Durham
      6-Andrew J Miracle b. 1887, Bell Co, KY; d. Jan 1973, Lincoln Co, KY; Lydia ?
     5-Julia Ellen Miracle b. Jun 30, 1847, Harlan Co, KY; d. Oct 20, 1921, Bell Co, KY; m. Thomas Nathaniel Miracle
     5-Elisha Miracle b. Dec 1849, Harlan Co, KY; d. Oct 21, 1922, Bell Co, KY; m. Esther Green
     5-Levi T Miracle b. Mar 12, 1852, Harlan Co, KY; d. Jun 22, 1925, Bell Co, KY; m. Martha Jane Wilder
     5-Preston Miracle b. Jun 19, 1853, Harlan Co, KY; d. Bef 1920, Bell Co, KY; m. Mary Jane Miracle
    4-Abraham Miracle b. Sept 16, 1809, Lee Co, VA; d. Jan 29, 1885, Madison Co, AR
     +Fanny Wilder b. 1813, Knox Co, KY; m. 1828, Harlan Co, KY; d. 1865, Madison Co, AR
     5-Rhoda Miracle b. Sept 1829, KY
     5-John Dixon Miracle b. Jul 1834, Harlan Co, KY; d. Feb 1908, Newton Co, MO
     5-Andrew Miracle b. 1836, Harlan Co, KY; d.  AR
     5-Reason Miracle b. Mar 1839, Harlan Co, KY; d. Apr 1915, Seminole Co, OK
     5-Sarah Catherine Miracle b. Feb 1841, KY; d. OK
     5-Mary Miracle b. 1843, KY; d. AR
     5-Josephus Miracle b. 1845, KY; d. 1862, Civil War, KY
     5-Rachel Ellen Miracle b. 1847, KY; d. 1914, AR
     5-Margarette Miracle b. 1849, KY
    4-William (Working Bill) Miracle b. 1812, Lee Co, VA; d. 1885, Claiborne Co, TN
     +Elizabeth Shackleford b. 1813, KY; m. Dec 23, 1830, Harlan Co, KY; d. 1871, Bell Co, KY
     5-Martha Miracle b. Abt 1831, Harlan Co, KY
     5-Martin Andrew Miracle b. May 1832, Harlan Co, KY
     5-Henry Calvin Miracle b. 1834, Bell Co, KY
     5-(Elder) Silas Miracle b. Mar 15, 1838, Harlan Co, KY; d. Sept 5, 1917, Claiborne Co, TN
     5-Elijah (Lige) Miracle b. Apr 20, 1840, Harlan Co, KY; d. Mar 9, 1907, Lincoln Co, KY
     5-Rutha Jane Miracle b. Aug 10, 1847, Harlan Co, KY; d. Nov 17, 1890, Bell Co, KY
     5-Newton (Newt) Miracle b. 1848, Harlan Co, KY; d. 1883, Bell Co, KY
     5-Serena Miracle b. Oct 22, 1849, Harlan Co, KY; d. Oct 1, 1907, Whitley Co, KY
    4-James Miracle b. 1813, Lee Co, VA; d. Bef 1870, Bell Co, KY
     +Mary Ann Shackleford b. Abt 1822, KY; d. Jun 4, 1881, Estill Co, KY
    4-Delia (Dillie) Miracle b. Abt 1815, Lee Co, VA
    4-Elijah Miracle b. 1816, Lee Co, VA; d. Bef 1900, Harlan Co, KY
     +Elizabeth Hoskins b. 1824, KY, d. Bef 1900; m. 1840, Harlan Co, KY
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 Jacobus Markle, b1735 or 1739,Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany, m1758 Eva Hurle
       Jacob Markle, b1760, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany
 Abraham Markle Sr, b1760, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany, m1786 Barbara Shaver
      Abraham Markle Jr, b1787, Pennsylvania, m1811 Anna Konkle
      Jacob Markle, b1789, Pennsylvania, m1816 Alice Cody
      James Markle, b1791, Pennsylvania, m1811 Hannah Taylor, m1830 Eliza Ann Bigelow
       Michael Markle, b1797, Pennsylvania, m1818 ??
       Andrew Markle, b1800, Ontario, Canada, m1819 Elizabeth Cook
       Daniel Markle, b1804, Ontario, Canada, m1829 Lydia Boardman
       Elizabeth Ann Markle, b1807, Toronto Twp, Ont, Canada, m1822 Isaac James Lightheart
John Edwin Markle Sr, b1794, Pennsylvania, m1817 Anna Boughner
        ??Markle, b1819
        Robert Markle, b1821, Ontario, Canada, m1846 Sarah Catherine Longstreet, m?? Nancy J Elliot
        Alexander Markle, b1830, Ontario, Canada m?? Sarah ??
        John Markle, Jr, b1831 Chinguacousy Twp, Ont, Canada, m1852 Mary C, m1867 Jane Mary Murray
        Eliza J Markle, b1832
        Sarah E Markle, b1834  
Isabella Markle, b1824m Ontario, Canada, m1844 Amos Pettit
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These People are also in my family tree. I would like to get in touch with you.

YSearch: 5JPZA

Konrad Merkel b. 1732, Schlierbach, Germany m Anna Elisabeta Ruhl
[member of founding settlers of Göbel]
... (explicit lineage to Patriarch not yet known)
Johannes Merkel b.c. 1860, Göbel, Volga, Russia m Barbara Bretz
John Markel (AKA Johannes Merkel) b. 1889, Göbel, Volga, Russia m Mary Fromm
     Adam Markel b. 1911, Kansas
     John Markel b. 1912, WI
     Herman Markel b. 1914, WI
     Mary Markel b. 1916, Rocky Ford, CO
     Esther Markel b. 1918, Rocky Ford, CO
     Conrad Markel b. 1920, CO
     William Markel b. 1921,  Sugar City, CO
     Albert Markel b 1923, Fresno, CA
     Elsie Markel b. 1926, CA
     Eleanor Markel b. 1928, Lodi, CA
     Edward Markel b. 1930, Lodi, CA
     Richard Markel b. 1932, Lodi, CA
     Barbara Markel b. 1935, Lodi, CA
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