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Author Topic: The Surnames & Synonyms Eligible for the Oriel Project  (Read 13604 times)
Mary Lee Becker
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« on: August 11, 2008, 07:19:31 PM »

Surnames and their synonyms that are eligible for the Oriel Project.

Gaelic name, its description in MacLysaght in quotation marks, and the surname's synonyms.

Curragh "in Oriel since 15th century".

Mac an Bheatha, "Map Armagh": Mac Veagh, MacVeagh, McVeagh, Mac Veigh, MacVeigh, McVeigh, MacVea, McVea, MacVey, McVey, MacVay, McVay.

Mac an Dheaghanaigh, Mac an Deaganaigh "Oriel Sept": Mac Eneany, MacEneany, MacNeany, McNeany.

Mac an tSaoi "Oriel Sept": Mac Entee, MacEntee, McEntee, Entee, MacAtee, McAtee, Atee, MacGinty, McGinty, McKenty, Mac Kinty, MacKinty, McKinty.

Mac Ardghail "Oriel Sept": Mac Ardle, MacArdle, McArdle

Mac Canann "Oriel name": Mac Connon, MacConnon, McConnon, Connon, MacCannan, McCannan, Cannan, McCann, McConnell.

Mac Cathasaigh "Oriel Sept": Mac Casey, MacCasey, McCasey, Casey.

Mac Concaile   Oriel Sept: Mac Enhill, MacEnhill, McEnhill, MacConkeel, Woods.

Mac Conmhaoil "Oriel Sept": Mac Conville, MacConville, McConville, Conville, Mac Conwell, MacConwell, McConwell, Conwell.

Mac Con Ulaidh "in Oriel": Mac Nally, MacNally, McNally, Mac Anally, MacAnally, McAnally MacEnolly,  Nally, Knally.

Mac Cuarta or Mac Cuairt "Oriel Sept": Mac Court, MacCourt, McCourt, Courtney, Court, McCort, Cort, McCord, MacCord.

Mac Cuilinn "belongs to Oriel": Mac Collin, MacCollin, McCollin, Collin, Collins, Mac Cullen, MacCullen, McCullen, McQuillan, Cullenane .

Mac Cumhaighe "Oriel name": Mac Cooey, MacCooey, McCooey.

Mac Dhaibheid "Oriel name": Mac Kevitt, MacKevitt, McKevitt.

Mac Eoin: Mac Geown, McGeown, MacGeon "Oriel synonyms of Mac Keown, McKeown, Mackone".

Mac Fhearadhaigh "of Oriel": Mac Carry, MacCarry, McCarry, Carry, Mac Cary, MacCary, McCary, Cary, Carey, MacAree, McAree, Aree, MacKeary, McKeary, Keary, King.

Mac Fhearchair "Oriel name": Mac Carragher, Mac Carraher, Carragher, Carraher.

Mac Fhearghaile "mainly found in Oriel": Mac Kerley, MacKerley, McKerley, Kerley.

Mac Fhionnain "belonging to Oriel": Mac Kennan, MacKennan, McKennan, Kennan. Mac Kennon, MacKennon, Kennon.

Mac Giolla Fhinnein "Map Fermanagh": MacAlinion, MacAleenen, McAlinion, McAleenan, Leonard.

Mac Giolla Fhiondain "Oriel Sept": Mac a Liondain, McAlindon, McAlinden, MacLinden, McLindon, Mac Lindon, Mac Linden, McLendon, McClendon, Lindon, Lyndon, Glindon, Glendon.

Mac Giolla Mhichil "Oriel name": Mac Elmeel, MacElmeel, McElmeel.

Mac Glew "Oriel name": Mac Glew, MacGlew, Glew, McLeod.

Mac Iomhair or Mac Eimher "Oriel": Mac Keever, MacKeever, McKeever, Keever, Mac Keevers, MacKeevers, McKeevers, Keevers, MacIvor, McIvor.

Mac Lughaidh "Oriel name": Mac Loy, MacLoy, McLoy, Loy.

Mac Maicin "Oriel Sept": Mac Maken, MacMacken, McMacken, Macken, Mac Mackin, MacMackin, McMackin, Mackin.

Mac Mathghamhna, Mac Mathuna "important sept from County Monaghan": Mac Mahon, MacMahon, McMahon, Mahon, Matthews.

Mac Naradhaigh "Oriel name": Menarry, Mac Nary, MacNary, McNary, Mac Neary, MacNeary, McNeary.

Mac Parthalain "Oriel Sept": Mac Partlan, MacPartlan, McPartlan, Partlan, Mac Parlan, MacParlan, McParlan, Parlan, McParlin, Parlin, McPartland, Bartley.

Mac Raghallaigh "Oriel name": Mac Crawley, MacCrawley, Crawley, Mac Crilly, MacCrilly, McCrilly, Croly, Crolly, Crowly.

Mac Ruaidhri "... descend from the Three Collas(?)": Mac Rory, MacRory, Rory, Rorie, Rogers, Rodgers.

Mac Salaigh "earlier form of Solly": Mac Sally, MacSally, McSally, Sally.

Mac Shitric "belong to Oriel counties": Mac Kitterick, McKitterick, MacKetterick, McKetterick,  MacKetrick, McKeterick, Munketrick, Hanson.

Mac Soilligh "Oriel name": Mac Solly, MacSolly, McSolly, Solly, Soley.

Mac Threinfhir "Oriel name": Mac Traynor, MacTraynor, McTraynor, Traynor, Mac Treanor, MacTreanor, McTreanor, Treanor, MacCrainor, Crainor, Crain, Mac Creanor, MacCreanor, McCreanor, Creanor.

Mac Tomaltaigh "...there remains the sept of Oriel": Mac Tumelty, MacTumelty, McTumelty, Tumelty, Mac Tomulty, MacTomulty, McTomelty, Tomelty.

Mag Bhruadair "Oriel name": Mac Growder, MacGorwder, McGrowder, Growder, MacGrudder.

Mag Eachain "Oriel name": Mac Gahan, MacGahan, McGahan, Gahan, MacGahon, McGahon, Gahon.

Mag Eochadha "belongs to the Oriel": Mac Geough, MacGeough, McGeough, MacGoff, MacGough.

Mag Oireachtaigh: Mac Garrity "variant of Geraghty in Oriel", Garrity.

Mag Uidhir "leading sept of Fermanagh": Maguire, Mac Guire, MacGuire, McGuire.

O Callada "Oriel name": O Kelledy, O'Kelledy, Kelledy.

O Carraigh "belongs mainly to Oriel": O Carry, O'Carry, Carry.

O Cathalain "Oriel Sept": O Callan, O'Callan, Callan.

O Cearbhaill "Oriel Sept": O Carroll, O'Carroll, Carroll.

O Ceileachain "Oriel Sept": Kealaghan, Kelaghan, Keelaghan, Callaghan, O Keelan, O'Keelan, Keelan.

O Crichan   Oriel Sept : Crean, Creegan, Cregan, Creggan, Crehan, Creighton, Chrichton.

O Daimhin   Oriel Sept : Devine, Devin, Davin.

O Diochon "in Oriel it is O Diochon": O Deehan, O'Deehan, Deehan, Dickson Deegan, Diggin, Deighan, Dickson, Dixon.

O Dochartaigh: Dorrity "a corrupt form of Doherty found in Oriel".

O Domhnaill   Oriel Sept: O'Donnell, Donnell, McDonnell.

O Domhnaillain:  Oriel Sept: Donnellan, Donelan, Donnallan.

O Dubhlachain "Oriel name": O Dullaghan, O'Dullaghan, Dullaghan, Dulligan, Dullighan

O Duibheamhna "in Oriel": O Devanny, O'Devanny, Devanny, Devanney, Devenney, Devenny, Deveny.

O Faodhagain "Oriel Sept": Fegan, Fagan.

O Feadagain "Oriel Sept": O Fedegan, O'Fedegan, Fedegan.

O Fearain "Oriel Sept": O Fearon, O'Fearon, Fearon, Feran, Ferran, Feron, Farron.

O Fionnagain "One sept belongs.. to Oriel": O Finnegan, O'Finnegan, Finnegan, Finegan.

O Gabhann "north Oriel": O Gowan, O'Gowan, Gowan, Gowen, Smith.

O hAinbhith "the principle sept of this name was located on the borders of Armagh and Down": O Hanvey, O'Hanvey, Hanvey, Hannify, Hanify, Hannaway, Hanway

O hAileagain "Oriel Sept": O Halligan, Halligan.

O hAluain "Map: Armagh": O Hanlon, O'Hanlon, Hanlon.

O hAnrachtaigh "Oriel": O Hanratty, O'Hanratty, Hanratty, O Hanraghty, O'Hanraghty, Hanraghty

O hAodhagain "Oriel Sept": O Hagan, O'Hagan, Hagan, O Hegan, O'Hegan, Hegan.

O hEarain "Oriel Sept": O Harran, O'Harran, Harran, O Herron, O'Herron, Herron., O Heran, O'Heran, Heran, O Haren, O Heran, O'Heran, Heran.

O hEignigh "Oriel Sept": O Hegney, O Hegeany, O Heagney, O Heaney, O Heeney O'Hegney, O' Hegeany, O'Heagney, O'Heaney, O'Heeney,  Hegney, Hegeany, Heagney, Heaney, Heeney, O Hainy, O'Hainy, Hainy, O Haigney, O'Haigney, Haigney, Bird.

O hIr "Oriel Sept": O Hare, O'Hare, Hare

O Lairgneain "Oriel Sept": O Largan, O'Largan, Largan.

O Lachtnain "in Meath...classed as of Oriel": O Loughnane, O'Loughnane, O'Loughlin, Loughlin, Lawton.

O Lorcain   Oriel Sept : Larkin, Larken.

O Luain "principal sept of that name is Oriel": O Loan, O'Loan, Loan, O Loane, O'Loane, Loane, Lambe, Lamb.

O Manachain "numerous in Fermamagh...said to be of Oriel origin": O Monaghan, O'Monaghan, Monaghan.

O Maolchraoibhe "Oriel Sept": O Mulcreevy, O'Mulcreevy, Mulcreevy, O Mulgrievy, O'Mulgrievy, Mulgrievy, O Mulgrew, O'Mulgrew, Mulgrew, Grew, Rice.

O Marcaigh "sept alway closely identified with Oriel": O Markey, O'Markey, Markey, Rhyder.

O Mearain "sept of Co. Monaghan": O Marron, O'Marron, Marron, O'Mearn, Meran.

O Mearlaigh "Oriel name": O Marley, O'Marley, Marley, O Marrilly, O'Marilly, Marrilly.

O Rianain "Oriel name": O Reenan, O'Reenan, Reenan.

O Ruadhagain "Oriel Sept": O Rogan, O'Rogan, Rogan.

O Ruis: O Rush "in Oriel", Rush.

O Smollain "Oriel name": O Smollan, O'Smollan, Smollan, O Smullen, O'Smullan, Smullan.

O Treodain "mainly of Oriel": Trodden, Trudden.

Rowantree "in Oriel by 1376": Rowantree, Rountree, Roundtree, Roantree.  

Compiled by Mary Becker
Group Admin.
Oriel Septs of Ireland DNA Project

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« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2009, 06:31:07 PM »

Our family name is Rogan, and I have 4 brothers living.  Would like to know more about the Oriel project. Grandfather Hugh Cuthbert and grandmother Martha were married in the early 30's; had one son, Ross; then separated. Grandfather remarried and had other children-I have never met them.  My father had six sons; two have passed on. One of the remaining brothers has two sons. We are second generation Canadians as far as I know.
Kathleen Rogan Foster
(Caitlin in the Gaelic)
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« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2010, 08:24:56 PM »

I am a Deighan descendent whose ancestors were from the Magilligan Strand area of Derry. I have had my dna test done and will post the results.
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