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Author Topic: The O'Neill's in the Military of Spain  (Read 3231 times)
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The O'Neill’s of the Fews by far have produced the most O'Neill’s to serve in the military.

Capt. Tirlough O’Neill, Grandson of Feilimidhe O'Neill, served in the Spanish army after he had a price on his head offered by the English government.

Lieutenant. Colonel Tirlough O'Neill b. 1690. Served in the Regiments of Berwick, Waterford and Hibernia. Killed by the Muslims in 1748.

Lieutenant. General Brian O’Neill, served many years in the Netherlands under General Owen Roe O'Neill Regiments in Flanders. Was said to be on of the key planners of the 1641 Irish Rebellion.

Colonel. Art Og O'Neill b. 1622 d. 1663. Fought in the 1641 Irish Rebellion. served in the Spanish Irish Regiments of Tyrone. Knight of Calatrava 1662. 

Colonel. Jose O'Neill, served under Nicolas (Niall) O'Neill de Tyrone O'Kelly in the Regiment of Irlanda.

Colonel. Terencio (Terence) O'Neill b. 9.3.1759. Knight of Santiago 1786. Served in the Regiment of Hibernia. 

Lieutenant General. Felix O'Neill b. 1720 d. 1795. served in the Spanish Army.

Brigadier. Felix O'Neill d. 1812 . Served in the Regiments of Hibernia.

Captain General. Juan O'Neill b. 1765 d. 1808.
Captain General. Felix O'Neill d. 1862 . Knight of the Order of King Carlos III.

Captain Henty O'Neill (Son of General Tirlough O'Neill).

Lieutenant Colonel. Nicolas (Niall) O'Neill de Tyrone O'Kelly b. 1734.
Lieutenant Colonel. Arturo O'Neill de Tyrone O'Kelly. b 1736 d. 1814

General . Tulio O'Neill O’Keeffe b. 1784 d. 1855.

Lieutenant General . Arturo O'Neill O’Keeffe b. 1783 Knight of the Royal Order of King Carlos III.

Lieutenant. Arturo Eustasio O'Neill Andino b. 29.03.1857, served in the Infantry of Puerto Rico for the Spanish crown, Grandson of Lieutenant General. Arturo O'Neill O’Keeffe.

Captain. Arturo O'Neill Abajo b.1890 (Madrid). d. 3.12.1936. Great-grandson of Lieut. General Arturo O'Neill O’Keeffe.

Sir. William Johnson . born 1715, Smithtown, County Meath, Ire. — d. July 11, 1774, near Johnstown, N.Y. British colonial official. In 1737 he emigrated from Ireland and settled in New York's Mohawk Valley. He purchased his first tract of land two years later, thus beginning the acquisitions that eventually made him one of the largest landholders and wealthiest settlers in British America. He fostered friendly relations with the Indians; his ties with them were further cemented when, following the death of his first wife, he married successively two Mohawk women. In 1746 he was appointed colonel of the Iroquois Confederacy. In the French and Indian War he defeated French forces at Lake George, N.Y. cica 1755, and captured Fort Niagara cica 1759. He was appointed superintendent of the Six Iroquois Nations, helped subdue the Indian uprising called Pontiac's War, and negotiated the first Treaty of Fort Stanwix in the year 1768.

 (William Johnson was born to Christopher Johnson - son of William Mac Shane and great, great grandson of Sir Tirlough Mac Henry Ó Néill.)

  John Johnson, 2nd Baronet Sir John Johnson, 2nd Baronet 5 November 1741 - 4 January 1830 was a loyalist leader during the American Revolution. He was the son of the Superintendent of Indian Affairs Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet, who had promoted the British settlement of the Mohawk Valley and founded the community of Johnstown in Tryone County in the Province of New York. In 1774, John Johnson inherited his father's title and estates, making him a wealthy landowner. 

Clan Aodh Buidhe and Tyrone O'Neill’s.
Officer Felix O’Neill, served in Lord Galmoy's Regiment of King James II. d. 9.13.1709 at the Battle of Malpaquet.

Captain . Charles O'Neill of Shane's Castle.

Henry O'Neill (Payne) served in the Army of William III.  Assassinated in 1698 in Co. Mayo.

Brian O'Neill ( Son of Tiege O'Neill ) a mercenary in France and Portugal.

John O'Neill (Son of Teige and brother of Brian O'Neill) a mercenary in France and Portugal .

Major General. Aodh Dubh O'Neill  d. 1650. Served in the Austrian Army.

General. John O'Neill "Count of Tyrone”, Served in the Spanish army in the Netherlands.

General. Owen Roe O'Neill, d. 1649. Served the in the Spanish army in the Netherlands. Commander of the Irish Confederate Forces in 1640's Irish Rebellion.
Colonel. Eoghan (Owen) O'Neill, served in France.
Officer Luaghadh (Lewis) O'Neil , served in France.
Colonel. Gordon O'Neill, Leader of the Ulster Jacobites.

Sean "the Proud “O’Neill, the first man to be called the “Great O'Neill “. 

1. He was a typical Irish Captain, Lord, Noble and Prince. Son of Conn Baccach and Alice Fitzgerald (Daughter of Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Kildare).
2. That he was enormously rich he must have owned more than a hundred thousand cows.
3. That he had murdered his brother, or caused him to be murdered; killed of his rival nephew, or caused him to be killed.
4. He kept his mistress, Catherine McLean, the Countess of Argyle, in chains in a cellar until, of evenings, when wine was in his brain, he chose to have her up for his pleasure; has they had guessed that she had betrayed her husband to become O'Neill's woman and knew while she was in O'Neill's arms, her husband Calvach O'Donnell was being shown to people outside in chains like a baboon. ( For this reason the McLean’s offered over 3,000 men to the English against the Irish during the Nine Year War.)

5. It was believed he had swarms of bastard children.

6. He had gigantic potations, of the vast cellars at Dundrum where two hundred tuns of wine were commonly stored at a time.

7. He had a strange habit of burying himself to the neck in sand to cool his mad blood.

8. He kept bards , rhymers , annalists, priest , friars , kerns and mercenaries. He was escorted by gallowglasses , armed with battle-axes.

9. He was said to have secretly corresponded with Charles IX and the Cardinal of Lorraine.

10. Weakened by the English attacks, he was defeated by the O’Donnell’s and found himself without a friend. He fled to the Scottish controlled Antrim glens, and according to one account, during negotiations a fight broke out and Shane was killed. After being buried for 5 days he was exhumed and his pickled head was sent south to be stuck on a spike outside Dublin Castle by premeditated treachery, he was slain by the MacDonnell’s, and was buried at Glenarm. The MacDonnell’s, hoping to ingratiate themselves with the English, who wanted to expel their clan from Ireland, sent O'Neill's severed head to their government in Dublin.

11. It said that Shane O'Neill was a tall man over 6 feet tall. Tall for the standard height in Ireland during those times.

12. Many of his descendants immigrated to Flanders, Portugal then to Brazil , others stood in Ulster and many immigrated to Co. Cork, Ireland. Many married women of the surname McCawell (Campbell) , O'Dogherty, MacGurk and O'Donnelly.

13. "My ancestors were kings of Ulster, and Ulster is mine, and shall be mine. O'Donnell shall never come into his country, nor Bagenal into Newry, nor Kildare into Dundrum or Lecale. They are now mine. With the sword I won them; with this sword I will keep them"—an excuse equally valid for possessions unjustly or justly won. The pride that was at the bottom of Shane's character came out with equal vigor in the estimates he formed of his fellow-chiefs. When he heard that MacCarthy had been created Earl of Clancar, "A precious earl!" quoth he, "I keep a lackey as noble as he." In spite of the exhortations constantly given him by his English friends "to change his clothes and go like a gentleman," Shane seems to have retained the manners of his ancestors, after a brief exercise of "civility, justice, and Christian charity" which followed on his visit to London. - About Sean O'Neill

Hugh O'Neill (Aodh Mor O'Neill) the Great O'Neill, 2nd Earl of Tyrone.  
1. Hugh O'Neill was born in 1550 Co. Tyrone, Ulster. His father was Matthew O'Neill called Feardorcha 'the dark man'. Matthew was said to be the illegitimate son of Conn Baccach by the woman Alice Kelly (wife of the blacksmith of Dundalk). Matthew was raised has a Kelly. It is said this was a plan of the English to eliminate O'Neill power in Ulster.

2. After the murder of his father by Shane the Proud O'Neill. He was adopted by the Hovenden family, the Hovenden family were Scottish mercenaries brought in by the O’Neill’s. Henry and Richard Hovenden in 1594 were described has foster brother of Hugh O'Neill.

3. He was raised under the protection of Sir. Henry Sidney of England.

4. One of his greatest friends was Sir. Garret Moore of Mellifort, Co. louth. The last night in Ireland for Hugh O'Neill was spent at Sir. Garret Moore's home. O’Neill’s eldest son John born in 1599 was placed with Sir. Garret Moore to be educated.

5. O’Neill form alliances with the O’Donnell’s ( Hugh Roe O'Donnell) and O'Sullivans . In preparation for the Nine Years War. With Strong opposition from the McMahon’s and various other Ulster Clans.

6. He suffered a great defeat at the town of Kinsale.

7. On September 14,1607 at midnight he sailed from Lough Swilly bound for Spain. They passed the winter in the Netherlands and in 1608 arrived in Rome.
8. He died blind and penniless on July 20, 1616 in Roma; he is currently buried at San Pietro de Montorio, Roma.
9. The title of Count of Tyrone was created for Hugh O'Neill’s grandson Patrick O'Neill in the Spanish Netherlands in 1623.

10. Hugh O'Neill's descendants after the defeat of the Irish Confederate wars of 1641-1653. Patrick O'Neill cousin of General Owen Roe O'Neill. Patrick O'Neill left Ireland and took loyalty for the French King. He moved his family to the Island of Martinique in the Caribbean and there they lived for 200 years.

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