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Pedigree for William Hughes. Haplogroup i2b contact

William Hughes b. 1834 in Sedgley, Staffordshire, UK. Married Mary as his first wife and Anceline as his second. Worked as a coal miner and colliery agent.

William Henry Hughes b. 1857 in Kingswinford, Staffordshire, UK. Married Myra H Pagett March 1878 in Dudley. Worked in the ironworks and as a coal miner.

William Henry Hughes b. 26/04/1891 in Wordsley, Staffordshire, UK. Married Mary Ann Morgan. Worked as a coal miner.

Frederick William Hughes b. 28/09/1915 in Lower Gornal, Staffordshire, UK. Married Rose Goodall, d. 2/8/1970 in Swindon. Worked as a publican and maintenance fitter.

Pedigree for Hobart Hughes kit 55858 contact:           James Hughs,m.Elinor Madden,and died 1734 in Northumberland Co.,Va.  Hezekiah Hughes son of James and Elinor b. Jan.4,1727 and died unknown. Jesse,son of Hezekiah and Mary b.Jan29,1767 and m.sarah McClester, first wife,Sarah H.Waters,second wife and Margaret Trippe,third wife. Jesse d.Nov.29,1838. Caleb Hughes,son of Jesse and Sarah b.Jan.3,1787 and m.Mary E. Nelson,d.1823 and Charlotte Nelson,d.Dec.23,1868. Thomas BF Hughes,son of Caleb and Charlotte,b.1828 and d. 1864 and m.Mary Jones first wife and Elizabeth Jane White second wife. Thomas J. Hughes b. 1863 m.Mary E. Street and d.1932. Hobart C.Hughes b.May6 ,1899 m. Ellen Britton and d.1994.                     

Paul Hughes:
Pedigree for Paul Hughes-Buchanan. Kit N79961.
Henry Hughes b 1843 Lilleshall, Shropshire, England. m Mary Rushden
Thomas Hughes b c1868 Wrockwardine Wood, Shropshire, England. m Annie Jessop
Herbert Hughes b 1898. d1973 Leicester, England. m Ann Beatrice Buswell

Virginia Phillips-Smith :
Pedigree for Kit #173115
WILLIAM HUGHES, b ca 1760 Chester, SC, d 1843, Bamberg SC
GEORGE MARTIN HUGHES, b ca 1825 d 1897, Bamberg, SC
JAMES JEFFERSON HUGHES, b ca 1876 d December 1, 1939 Bamberg, SC

B Sept 7 1942 -- Orangeburg SC Hospital
387 Lake Drive Bamberg, SC 29003 
/Family Tree (links to;  RootsWeb and Family Registar Reports

JAMES WENZELL HUGHES,b May 10, 1920 LIVING (my father)Bamberg, SC; certain
JAMES JEFFERSON HUGHES b1876 d dec 1 1939 Bamberg, SC (have pictures), certain
GEORGE MARTIN HUGHES b1825 d 1897 Bamberg, SC (have picture cem), certain
WILLIAM HUGHES b1760 Chester SC?? d 1843 Bamberg SC (have will),
certain (could be wrong William, but good indications)Definately died in Bamberg County and William is the name of my ancestor. 
THOMAS HUGHS b1754 d 1813 Chester SC(have will a William is listed as son), (good indications but could be wrong)
CALEB HUGHS b 1703 d ???? (have verry little information), a little questionable as there are some other possibilities. There is a Caleb Hughs b1730 d1799  also in Indian Fields (St George, SC) that I have will and land records as well as tons of information but dates don't quite match up.  He is definately in my line somehow. 
DAVID HUGHS2 b: 1676 in Abt Merion Pa, d June 9, 1709 Merion Pa; names mentioned match up down the line.
david ELLIS (name change  suspected -- found some data to that effect but unproven for sure)[/b][/b]


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