Matching Ramses the Great?


Alex Hernandez:
Examination of the mummy of Ramses II have shown that he was of Haplogroup E3b. It is also known that he had about 100 children. I was wondering if there have been any studies such as the Matching Genghis Khan and Matching Niall of the Nine Hostages only about Ramses the Great? I think this would be an incredibly cool project (and I'm not even Hap E3b!). I know mummified DNA tends to be more damaged that most, but if scientists can track down descendants of Genghis Khan and Niall it should be possible for them to do the same for this fertile Pharaoh.

Scott Yancey:
Who were the people who determined what haplogroup he was in?

Linda Lea Christ:
For more information on the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt look into The Great and get The History of Ancient Egypt by Professor Bob Brier.
I rated this excellent.


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