Rivers Family Pedigrees

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Samuel Rivers b.1785 Sproughton,Suffolk, England.Wife,Elizabeth Rudland.
Samuel Rivers11 b.1811 Sproughton,Suffolk, England. Wife Mary Allen.
George Rivers b. 1843 Bramford, Suffolk, England.Wife Emma Sage.
Herbert "Billy" Rivers b. Bramford Suffolk, England.Wife Ellen Heffer.
Victor George Rivers b. 1907 Ipswich Suffolk,England. Wife Lottie Garnham.

Hi, Brendabixbee.  Your pedigree has been posted:  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/rivers/pats


Mason Harwell Rivers b. c1774 in VA d. c1825 Claiborn, AL m. Mary Willis
Edgar Monroe Rivers b. c1818 in Clarke Co., AL d. c1896 m. (2nd) Nancy Pearl Williams
James Marion Rivers b. 20 Jun 1869 in Clarke Co., AL d. 20 May 1940 in Humphreys Co., MS m. Annie O. Sanders
Eddie Marion Rivers b. 17 Mar 1893 in Clarke Co., AL d. 2 Dec 1965 in Humphreys Co., MS m. Annie Mae Smith
Raymond Rivers b. 11 Aug 1918 in Clarke Co., AL d. 4 Sep 2004 in Rankin Co., MS m. Ollie Mae Smith


Hi, myriversfamily.

Your pedigree has been posted:  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/rivers/pats 


From an email sent by Bonnie Butler [skyvine AT yahoo.com]:

This RIVERS family is unconnected to the Chesterfield SC family as far as we know. We do not have yDNA performed, but I hope to fix that. This is the family of my ex-husband's grandmother, whose father was Lawrence, below. Researching them has been a challenge to many.
1 James Robert RIVERS b: Mar 11, 1835 Columbia, Richland Co., Lexington Co., or Edgefield Co., SC m. Sybil Elizabeth "Sibbie" FIKES
2  Mary B. RIVERS b: Jul 25, 1859 m. Joshua "Josh" LANGFORD
2  [1] David Aaron "Dave" RIVERS b: Feb 23, 1861 Lexington Co., SC m. Ella Jane "Janie" SHEALY
3  Tilman (suspected son) SHEALY b: ca 1879               
3  Emanual Forris RIVERS b: Jul 06, 1884               
3  James Horris RIVERS b: Jul 06, 1884 m. Willie _                  
3  Florence RIVERS b: May 06, 1886 m. Clyde GORDON                  
3  Lawrence Mays RIVERS   b: May 06, 1886 Lexington Co., SC m. Sallie Virginia WILLIAMS
*2nd Wife of [1] David Aaron "Dave" RIVERS: m2. Laura Rodella "Laurie" SHEALY (half sister of Janie) m: Oct 16, 1888
3  Lola Belle RIVERS b: Jul 05, 1889 Newberry Co., SC <Alt Whitaker: Jul 5, 1887> m. Malcolm William REEVES Oct 23, 1911   
3  Cora Lee RIVERS b: Dec 30, 1890 Newberry Co., SC m. Lewis Lemarr CULCLASURE 3  Alonzo Evans "Lonnie" RIVERS   b: Feb 04, 1893 <Alt: Kee Apr 4, 1898, Irwin Smith Apr 4, 1894>   m. Ella Elizabeth MCCARTHA
3  Lessie Meeter RIVERS   b: Jan 04, 1896 Lexington Co., SC m. Walter TURNER May 07, 1919 Newberry, SC   
3  David Reedie "Jake" RIVERS   b: Apr 22, 1899   m. Lucy E. _                  
3  Henry Hearl RIVERS b: Oct 08, 1903 m. Drucy Odelite SHEALY
3  Ella Pearl RIVERS b: Feb 10, 1904 m. Gene BRANHAM                  
3  Minnie Estelle RIVERS b: Jan 21, 1907 Newberry, Newberry, SC         
2  Corrie M. RIVERS b: ca 1866 m. Emanual BERRY   
2  Rebecca RIVERS b: ca 1868         
2  Ina RIVERS b: ca 1871         
2  Henry Preston RIVERS   b: ca 1872 m. Mary Elizabeth LONGSHORE   ca 1912         
3  Arthur RIVERS      
3  James Omega RIVERS   b: Jan 13, 1920   m. Bernice "Bernie" ROBINSON                  
3  Lucy RIVERS   b: ca Jun 1921            
3  Henry Preston RIVERS, Jr. b: Bet. 1922 - 1925         
2  Rebie RIVERS   b: ca 1875 m. Frank LURK         
2  Ara Malverda RIVERS b: ca 1877
2  Ezra Thomas RIVERS b: Apr 05, 1880 m. Amanda SHEALY
3  child RIVERS                  
3  child RIVERS                  
3  Ezra Thomas RIVERS, Jr. b: Mar 28, 1910 Newberry, SC
2  Vina Salome "Loomy" RIVERS b: Apr 03, 1881 Lexington Co., SC m. Sidney Lawson PRICE  Nov 13, 1898 Newberry, SC
2  Sophie Victoria "Vick" RIVERS b: Mar 15, 1885 m. Daniel B. GOINGS      

James Robert RIVERS (b. 1835) is first known in the 1850 Lexington SC census, aged 15, residing with the family of Henry KLECKLEY. Subsequently, Robert variously listed his place of birth as Richland, Lexington, and Edgefield Counties of SC.One means of research has been the KLECKLEY family. I have found a CLACKER (the Edgefield version of KLECKLEY) and RIVERS connection, which would date to approximately the time of Robert's grandparents. There was also a RIVERS family in 1830 Edgefield, which could possibly be his.
1  Thomas  RIVERS    b: ca 1800   d: Aft. 1830         
-   +_ _   b: ca 1800      d: Aft. 1830         
2  daughter RIVERS   b: Bet. 1820 - 1825               
2  son RIVERS      b: Bet. 1825 - 1830      
2  daughter RIVERS   b. Bet. 1825-1830   

Thanks for any assistance.
Bonnie Butler


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