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Author Topic: Hooker Dna  (Read 4972 times)
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« on: April 15, 2007, 05:02:20 AM »

I had my DNA tested with the national geographics human genome project. The results were suprising I had assumed I was of English / Scottish / Irish stock as I am 6ft tall with red hair and green eyes also the other DNA results for the name Hooker were all showing up as R1B1 or R1 haplogroups   My Y chrom. came back as haplogroup Q with the M242 marker
 This means I come from an adopted line of Hookers even though I had traced my family line back to the 1500s southern England. clearly at one point probably in N.Carolina the Hooker family adopted a male native American does anyone have any info on this ? Henderson Clinton Hooker of NC is a relative as is Harry Leroy Hooker of IL
 Thanks Lee Hooker
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« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2007, 04:20:53 AM »

Hi Lee and any other Hookers reading this,

My brother, Richard, is having his DNA done also for the Hooker project.

My name is Linda Lathrop. My maiden name was Farrell. Or so I thought.
I have a long story that I will try to tell you as easily as possible.
My brother and I have been trying to research our father's side of the family
for years. Our father's name was James Russell Farrell. His father's name, we
all believed, was James Preston Farrell.
My Dad told us that his father would never talk about his family. All he ever
said was that he was born in Chicago, IL. He died at 44 years of age in 1946 of
a heart attack. He had told my Dad, who was in the Navy, that when he came home
from the War they would both go to Chicago and "look up the family". Well, he
died before my Dad came home so that never happened.
My brother researched our grandfather years later and was able to get a copy of
his Social Security application. On it was stated the names of his
parents...George Graves Farrell and Nina Preston.
We searched for months for George Graves Farrell and Nina Preston Farrell with
no luck.
I was lucky enough to find a website that the State of IL has online showing
marriage and death certificates. I entered the name Nina Preston in the Bride
name box and it came up with a match...but not what I expected exactly.
The match was George Graves Hooker NOT Farrell. They were married in 1899
in Chicago, IL.
I started more intense searching and found out the name of George Graves
Hooker's father, brothers and most importantly, his only child, a son named
Preston Nash Hooker.
We were shocked as this Preston Nash Hooker had the same birthdate as our
grandfather, James Preston Farrell. His first name was the same as our
grandfather's middle name. His mother's name was the same. His father's name was
the same except for the last name being Farrell and not Hooker.
What we have pretty much determined, after requesting and receiving Preston Nash
Hooker's naval record, is that Preston Nash Hooker and James Preston Farrell are
the same person.
Preston Nash Hooker was  in the Navy in the 1920 US Census...showing both in
Bremerton, WA Naval Station and also as living part of the year with his father,
George Graves Hooker in Indiana. George Graves Hooker was a disabled
Spanish-American War veteran in bad health.
Preston Nash Hooker requested leave to go see his father who was apparently
dying. It was denied. He went anyways and was arrested and taken back to
Bremerton, WA. He was dishonorably discharged in 1921 shortly before his father,
George Graves Hooker, passed away.
After leaving the Navy, he basically disappeared. We have a copy of a notarized
letter written by a cousin of his saying that he disappeared and was never heard
from again.
What we believe happened is that with his  father dead he decided to move away
and start a new life especially considering his discharge from the Navy.
He kept his first name as his second name and on his SSN application years
later, just changed his father's last name to match the one he had
He married and had two father and my uncle.
As a result of our research we have discovered a second cousin once removed who
is the son of Preston Hooker/James Farrell's cousin, Jerome Beardsley Hooker.
This man is still alive. We have been in touch with him several times.
Because we cannot find any proof anywhere that our grandfather did legally
change his name; we believe that he just changed it and moved on with his life.
But this has become very important to my four brothers and myself. We want to
know if we are indeed Hookers.
We know that George Graves Hooker's father was Stephen G. Hooker of Chicago, IL.
We have alot of genealogical sources and have even spoken with the Graceland
Cemetery in Chicago where the family is buried. Our grandfather's mother, Nina
Preston, died very young when Preston was only 4. She is buried in Bangor,
Michigan with her family.

So my brother is having his DNA tested to see if we have :any: Hooker DNA in us.
Our fingers are crossed.
I am also contacting some other people with the last name Hooker to see if they will
participate in this project.

Thanks for reading this long post!

Linda Lathrop

Linda Hooker-Farrell Lathrop

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« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2007, 12:23:57 AM »

Just wanted to let the Hookers know that we have another Hooker taking the DNA test.
He is the last remaining Hooker male of what we believe is our line. His father was first
cousin to my grandfather.
His test has been ordered.
My brother also has taken his test and has mailed it back.

So, 2 more Hookers heard from for DNA research.

Linda Lathrop nee Farrell/Hooker

Linda Hooker-Farrell Lathrop

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« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2007, 12:28:23 AM »

any updates on the recent tests ?
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« Reply #4 on: December 01, 2007, 05:53:31 AM »

Hi Lee and other Hookers!

As a matter of fact we received our second email today on the DNA results.
We matched our new second cousin exactly on all 25 markers!!! We are very excited.

Lee, that must have been a shock for you to get the results you did from your testing.

I know we were raised to believe that my father was 1/2 German and 1/2 Irish with his father
being all Irish.
Finding out that we have hardly any Irish in us and that our name although on our birth certificates was Farrell...was not
really our family name. It was Hooker and now it has been proven.

We are haplogroup J2b I was told. I know that most of the Hookers with the R1b1 markers are in the Southern States and
most came into the country through Jamestown area.

It looks like we are from Rev. Thomas Hooker's family but I am still trying to find some solid proof of one generation.
But however that turns out we are Hookers.

What amazed me is that I was told that our way back ancestry was Middle Eastern Ashkenazi Jewish mainly.
We are all very fair skinned, mostly blue eyed and also tall. My brothers are all 6ft to 6ft 6". Our father was 6'4".

But I think that was our mother's Swedish side showing itself! LOL

It amazes me how DNA works.
Our story has been such a surprising one and one we never knew about all the time we were growing up. Actually just
until the last year.

Unfortunately my father passed away a long time ago and never knew that his father had taken on a new identity and never
saw his family again.

Lee, have you joined the Hooker email list/forum at Rootsweb? Most of the members are Southern Hookers and you might be
able to find some help there.

All the best,
Linda Lathrop nee Hooker/Farrell

Linda Hooker-Farrell Lathrop

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« Reply #5 on: December 19, 2007, 12:03:29 PM »

congrats Linda.
I hadn't read anything about the J2 group yet.One more puzzle piece to play with.
I will sign up for rootsweb today . thanks Lee
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"Never give up!"

« Reply #6 on: February 26, 2008, 09:09:01 AM »

Hi Lee,

I have been doing some reading about the different Haplogroups and remembered our discussion about the Q that you
got for yours and your concern about being an adopted Hooker from a Native American.

I wanted to let you knowthat I have read that the Q haplogroups is much more than just Native American. The subclades or
subgroups for Q are many and quite a few show a beginning wayyyy back with the Vikings in Northern Europe in areas such
as finland, iceland, norway, etc.

Q is considered the link haplogroup between Europe and the Americas.

Q3 is the subclade for Native Americans. But there are many others.

You can find out by doing a snip test with your DNA results at FTDNA what your subclade is.

Here is some info I found about the Q subclade. You might want to also Google as there is lots out there about it.
I think FTDNA also has some info about it. I just wanted to let you know.

Linda Hooker Lathrop

Linda Hooker-Farrell Lathrop

Sharon Marsalis
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« Reply #7 on: August 15, 2009, 12:10:51 PM »

Linda and Lee,
Speaking of surprises-- I just received an email from a person whose brother matches my uncle as genetic distance 1 which with the same surname implies "tightly related."

Until a few years ago this person thought they were "Browns". Apparently a death bed confession revealed the grandfather had been born a Hooker.
So the brother, still with the Brown surname, takes the test and it seems they really are from the Hooker line.

Now we have a new mystery for the Mailing list and here. I encouraged them to join here and really hope they do.

Oh and my uncle upgraded to a 67. All the results except for a small section that had to be redone are back.
Since the last name is common Richard and Ray Hooker (results listed here as H14 and H15) are still shown even at genetic distance of 3 on the 37 marker to be "related"  to my uncle H11.

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