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 am unfortunately at a standstill my my Phillips family.   I do not have any male Phillip's around to get DNA from.    I am hoping that by posting here - someone in the family may have already done so.   
My Phillips line is as follows:

Abraham b. abt. 1810-1811 in Blount County, TN - m. Ann ( he was possibly the son of Abraham and Polly unk.   This family moved to Monroe County, TN and then on to KY and then to Dallas County, MO.  ( My great great great Grandparents)

Their Children:
Elisha Herman b. 12/11/1835 Blount County, TN  m. Phoebe Bran m. 05 Sep 1856 in MO
Elijah Sanders  b. 1/11/1836 Blount County, TN   Never Married - fought w/union in civil war
Benjamin Madison b. 10/10/1839 Blount County, TN  m Jane "Jennie" Scalf 20 Feb 1861- Clay County, KY
William Riley b. 12/12/1840  Blount or Monroe County, TN  m. Ida Elizabeth Stephens 07 Mar 1879 Dallas County, MO
Silas H.  b. 5/8/1843  Monroe County, TN m. Lucinda Hildebrand 07 Feb 1869  Dallas County, MO
Warren Jasper b. abt 1845 Monroe County, TN   - Do not know if he was ever married
John Washington  b.3/23/1846 TN  m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Hildebrand  1873 in Dallas County, MO
George Marion  b. 1847  TN m.  Christina Miriam Evans 25 Feb 1877 in Dallas County, MO  (MY LINE)
Joseph Marion  b. 1848  Unknown what became of him
James Harvey   b. unk abt 1853  Unknown what became of him
Sarah Ann       b. unk    Unknown what became of her. 

My line descends from George Marion Phillips who married Christina Miriam Evans.  (my great great grandparents)  She was also known as Aunt Dutt - I don't know why.   She was the daughter of Mark B. and Sarah Catherine Russell.   She was b. 5/3/1849 in Dallas County, MO and died 1/9/1933.  She lived many years after George died.   Their Children were as follows:

Elvira Nancy Phillips b. 18 Dec 1878 - Dallas County, MO m. Lorenzo David Powell on 5/22/1898 in Dallas County, MO (My Great Grandparents) Lorenzo was the son of John Roach Powell and Julia Litchfield both of Fulton County, IL.    I do believe Lorenzo ( he went by David) had to leave Fulton County, IL after nearly beating his 1st wife to death and leaving her with 6 children to care for on her own.  Unfortunately he was not a very nice man.   Evidently he was very handsome man and that is why Nancy fell for him.   Elvira Nancy died in March 1920 and Lorenzo David died 3/22/1914.  I know he died and is buried in Dallas County - but I cannot find a record of Nancy's death anywhere, an aunt told me all she knows is that she died in March of 1920.   

John William Phillips b 6/5/1879 m. Margaret Bennett in Dallas County, MO - she was the daughter of John Bennett and Sarah Berry.    John died on 11/7/1961 - Margaret died on 2/9/1937
Levi Phillips b. abt 1886 Dallas County, MO  He died of tuberculosis on 12/16/1929 in Dallas County, MO - he never married.   

Children of Elvira Nancy Phillips and Lorenzo David Powell:

Oscar Herman b. 22 Sep 1899, Long Lane, Dallas County,MO d. 10/16/1960 Peoria County, IL  m. May Elizabeth Watkins in Searcy Ark  on 29 Oct 1921.  (My grandparents)
Floyd  b. 14 Dec 1901 - Dallas County, MO - Never Married  - Died 06 Jun 1974 - Phoenix, AZ
Ida b. 14 Apr 1906 Dallas County, MO  Died 03 Aug 1997 - Holiday, Benton, TN
Iva Ann b. 27 Nov 1907 - Dallas County, MO  Died Sept. 1994 - Phoenix, AZ
Edward Warner Powell b. 19 Mar 1911 Dallas County, MO - d. July 1987 Phoenix, AZ

Oscar and May Elizabeth had a few children - my father was Ernest Edward Powell - now deceased. 

While I cannot provide a male in my family for DNA testing - I do have enough documentation to prove this is my line - so perhaps someone who has had Y DNA done is related to the same family and I can hook up with them through this manner..

Any assistance anyone can provide in filling in a few blanks or me or if I can help anyone else fill in a few blanks - let me know.  I do have much more including some photos of may of the included above as well as a hand drawn map of the bottom land that was part of the Phillips land - my grandfather Powell bought some of the land including land along the Niangua River.   


Joanna Powell-Wilson
Peoria Heights, IL

PHILLPS WORLDWIDE DNA Project Group 10, Kit 69666

PHILLIPS Lineage tracked to Lancaster County, SC
Phillips, Robert (Robin); b. 3 Jan 1786 Lancaster County, SC; d. 31 Mar 1861, Lancaster County, SC
m. Susannah Deason b. abt 1795; d. 1872 Flat Creek Township, Lancaster County, SC
(16 children)

Phillips, William Burrell; b. 1 Jan 1823, Lancaster County, SC; d. 23 Oct 1889, Lancaster County, SC
m. Elizabeth (Eliza) Hilton; b. 22 Mar 1823, SC; d. 5 Jul 1907, Lancaster County, SC
(7 children)

Phillips, James Madison; b. 11 Mar 1858, Lancaster County, SC; d. 1 Juh 1928, Lancaster County, SC
m. Annie Lou Morgan, b. 16 Nov 1874, Lancaster County, SC; d. 9 Jan 1919 Lancaster County, SC
(7 children)

Phillips, Thomas Jefferson; m. Reba Estelle Rogers; (4 children)

I am looking for information on Marianne (Mary Ann) Phillips.  I did the mtDNA test and she is my mothers, mothers, mothers, mother or my great, great grandmother.  She was born in Plymouth, Devonshire, England in 1825.  Her father's name was John William Phillips and he was born c. 1780 in Milford Haven (or Harbor), Pembrokeshire, Wales and married Grace. He was a plasterer. I know nothing about the family beyond this. Marianne immigrated to the USA in the 1850's. She married Aaron Walker in 1852, and 3 generations of his family from Mottram Parish, the village of Hollingworth, Cheshire, England all immigrated within a few years time to Fall River, Rhode Island and then they settled later in Bridgewater, MA.  Maryanne and Aaron had 3 daughters, the eldest born in England and the others born in Bridgewater.

I am uniquely a Phillips, my Dad and my Mother.  I have been unable to connect these two Phillips families.  How they both got to Forsyth County, Ga, I do not know.  They were some of the original settlers of this county.  The dates/info I have confirmed via tombstones, census records and personal knowledge. I have lots of other info if anyone is interested please contact me.

My Father's side:
William Phillips b.8/12/1794-10/1/1878  m. Nancy B. Chick from Grayson Co. Va.
William L. Phillips b. 1830 in SC m. Selina L. Bannister  (he died in Mar 1863 in the Civil War)
James W. Phillips b. 12/25/1862-3/31/1928  m. Elizabeth Stripland
James Andrew Phillips b. 3/30/1892-11/4/1929 m. Annie E. Clark
Dorsey H. Phillips b. 4/20/1925-6/4/1960 m. Violet Etrulya Cook
(me)Brenda S. Phillips b. 11/9/1949

My Mother's side:
Richard Henry Phillips b.3/9/1791-9/28/1865  m. Deliah Rainwater from NC
Lewis Berry Phillips b.2/15/1819-7/16/1879 m. Mahala H. Pirkle
Sarilla H. Phillips b. 2/4/1849-12/6/1918 m. Alvin L. Hansard (both born in Cumming,Ga.)
Richard Emory Hansard b. 8/10/1884-5/15/1956 m. Lessie Shelton
Lillian Othella Hansard b. 9/14/1907-11/17/1929 m. Horace Ruper Cook (d. from typhoid epidemic)
Violet E. Cook b. 3/19/1928-4/20/1967 m. Dorsey H. Phillips
(me) Brenda S. Phillips b. 11/9/1949

Gloria Phillips:
Brief Family History -

Interested in contact with Family Group 10!!  Any help will be appreciated.

Joel Phillips (?-?) m. Phoebe ? (possibly Saunders)

Labourn Phillips (1794-1868) m. Anna Maria(h) Deaton

Robert Jackson Phillips (6/1839-5/9/1933) m. Matilda Jane Kiser

Sara Ann Phillips (2/17/1859-6/18/1886) Unmarried.  Father of James B. has been
said to be the son of Samuel 'Bozier' Sutherland.

James Barnabas Phillips (5/17/1878-1/15/1966) m. Maggie Ellen Smith


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