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Pedigree for Robert H. Fitch Test Kit #80122

Joseph B. Fitch b. Abt. 1765 Fayette Co., Pa. m Sussannah Pettit
Benjamin E. Fitch b. 27 Oct 1794 m Ollie Burris
Salathiel Burris Fitch b. 22 Sep 1824 Lewis Co., Kentucky m Nancy A. Rankin
George William Fitch b. 23 Aug 1866 Crittenden, Grant Co., Kentucky m Nancy Margaret Fouts
John Tecumseh Fitch b. 31 May 1895 Crittenden, Grant Co., Kentucky m Maybelle Edna Porter
John Robert Fitch b. 14 Aug 1917 Wheeling, Ohio Co., West Virginia m June Garred Hawes
Robert H. Fitch, living

Hi, Robert. 

Your pedigree has been posted: 


From an email sent by Ann Marie Johannes-Brandenburg [aj1946writer AT]:

Kit # 114910

Here is what I have thus far for my Fitch Family: Ann Mary Fitch, daughter of William Fitch and granddaughter of Henry Fitch is my 5th Great Grandmother on my Mother's side of the family and she married William Greer. they had a son Moses who married Ann Nancy Bailey and they had a son Walter Talloy Greer who was my 3rd great grandfather.
 Here is my information:
Generation I.
7th great grandfather: Henry Fitch, born abt 1680 in Mrince George County Maryland and died 03 June 1734 married Mary Unknown abt 1705 in Prince George County, Maryland and they had two children: William Fitch b. 19 Nov. 1709 in Queen Ann Parish, Prince George County, Maryland and he died on 11 Aug 1787 in Baltimroe County Maryland
                  Mary Fitch b. abt 1706 in Prince George County maryland and she married Martin Parlett bef 1722 in Prince George County, Maryland Generation 2.
6th great Grandfather: William Fitch(Henry Fitch)  b. 19 Nov. 1709 in Queen Ann Parish Prince George Co. Maryland and died 11 Aug 1787 in Baltimore county, Maryland and he married Sarah Jarman. William Fitch and Sarah Jarman had 2 children:
Generation 3.
              5th great Grandmother Ann Mary Fitch(William Fitch, henry Fitch) b. 1716 and she married William Greer Sr.abt 1732 in Baltimore, County, Maryland and he was the  son of Henry Greer and Mary unknown, William Greer was b. 19 Nov 1709 in Queen Anne, Prince George's, Maryland and they had 10 chidren
    Moses Greer
    Moses Greer Sr. born 02 June 1744 in GunpowderRiver, Maryland and died on 10 May 1834 in Franklin County, Virginia,
    Wm Greer b. abt 1732,
    James Greer born abt 1733 in Baltimore Coounty, Maryland,
    Shadrach greer b. abt 1735 in Baltimore Co. Maryland,
    John Greer, b. abt 1736,
    Aquilla Greer b. abt 1738 in Baltimore Co. Maryland,
    Benjamin Greer. b abt 1740 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and
    Walter Greer
    Mary Rebecca Greer

Generation 4 Moses Greer (my 4th great grandfather:(Ann Mary Fitch(3), William Fitch-2, Henry Fitch 1
             Moses Greer married Ann Nancy Bailey and they had 1 child :
 Generation 5    my 3rd Great Grandfather Walter Talloy Greer who was born 30 June 1770 in Franklin County, VA and died aft 1843 in Franklin conty, Virginia.
      and Walter Talloy Greer married my 3rd great grandmother Katherine Harkrider on 30 April 1791 and they had one child:
Generation 6: my 2nd great grandfather John Harkrider Greer             
who was b. 1820 in Franklin Co. Virginia and he married my 2nd great grandmother  Nancy Overfelt on 04 Sept 1839( she was the daughter of John S. Overfelt and Susannah Click), Gr. Gr. Grandmother Nancy Overfelt was born on 22 Spet 1822 in Franklin Co. VA and died on 08 June 1853 in Franklin Co. VA and they had 5 children  John Harkrider Greer and Nancy Oveefelt children:
 My great Grandmother 1. Catherine "Kitty" "Grandma Buzzy" Greer b. 1844 in Franklin Co. VA and she married Sparrel Tazwell Hall Sept 4 1876 and she died 1840 in Brookville, Ohio (where I live currently) at Parish side of Arlington Cem. Brookville, Ohio  child 2 William Greer b. 1842
  child 3 Walter Thomas Greer b. 1846
 Child 4 Mary Elizabeth b, 1849
 Child 5 George Washington Greer
Generation 7 My gr. grandmother Catherine"Kitty" Greer married Sparrelll Tazwell "Waz" Hall who was the son of James Hall and MIriam Pugh andhe was born 1842 in Rocky Mount Virginia and died on his farm 1916 in Rocky Mount, Virginia and they had 7 children Generation 8 My Grandmother Blanche Martha Hall b. 15 April 1885 in Bortetourte/Rocky Mount Va. and died 08 march 1975 in Franklin, Wareen County Ohio
       My Grandmother Blanche Martha Hall married my grandfather Peter J. Stankawich b. 18877 in Poland and came to America with his brother John; grandpa changed his last  name to Stonecash -grandmother Blanche and Grandpa P. J. married in Roanoke in 1905 at St Andrews Catholic church and they had 11 children:
Generation 9 My Mother: Ruby Jean Stonecash b. Feb. 12, 1909 in Rocky Mt, Virginia and she married my father Louis E. Johannes b. Dec. 08, 1911 in Louisville, Ky in Hancock Co. Indiana.
Generation 10 is me: Ann Marie Johannes-Brandenburg b. 25 Nov. 1946 in Dayton, Ohio

William Fytche b. 1398 d. 24 Apr 1466 Essex County England
John Fitch b. abt 1437 Essex England d. 9 Apr 1468 Wicken Bonhunt, Essex, England m. Juliana b. 1440 d. 1475
Thomas Fitch b. 1465 Essex, Eng d. 21 Apr 1514 Essex County, Eng. m. Agnes Algore b. 1470 d. abt 1527
Roger Fitch b. abt 1500, Bocking, Essex, Eng. d. 1559, Essex, Eng. m. Margery
George Fitch b. 1540, Brason Head, Essex, Eng. d. 12 May 1605, Bocking, Essex, Eng. m. Joan Thurgood b. 1553 d. 1600 Edwardstone, Essex, Eng.
Thomas Fitch b. 12 Jun 1590, Bocking, Essex, England d. 1633 Bocking, Essex, Eng. m Anne Reve b. 29 Nov 1590 Bocking, Essex, Eng. d. 20 Jan 1686 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT
Thomas Fitch b. 14 Oct 1612, Bocking, Essex, Eng. d. 14 Apr 1704 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT m. Anne Stacie b. 1611 Bocking, Essex, Eng. d. 20 Jan 1686 Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Thomas Fitch b. 1640 Bocking, Essex Ct. England d. 1684 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT m. Ruth Clark b. 20 Feb 1642 Milford, New Haven, CT d. 1709 Woodbury, Litchfield, CT
Thomas Fitch b. 1665 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT d. 10 May 1731 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT m. Sarah Boardman b. 4 Mar 1655 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT d. 18 Oct 1704 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT
Thomas Fitch (Gov. of CT) b. b/t 1696 and 1700 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT d. 18 Jul 1774 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT m. Hannah Hall b. 31 Jan 1702 New Haven, New Haven, CT d. 7 Aug 1779 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT
Ebenezer Fitch b. 25 Sep 1729 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT d. 23 Feb 1762 Wilton, Fairfield, CT m. Lydia Mills b. 29 Jan 1731 Greenwich, Fairfield, CT d. 31 Oct 1813 Greenfield Village, New York
Ebenezer Fitch b. 9 Sep 1755 Wilton, Fairfield, CT d. 14 May 1817 Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY m. Sarah Hobby b. 13 Nov 1763 North Castle, Westchester, NY d. 16 Apr 1817 Saratoga, NY
Ebenezer Fitch b. 27 Mar 1783 Wilton, Fairfield, CT d. 6 Jul 1830 Butler, Wayne, NY m. Polly Howland b. 27 Mar 1787 Washington, Dutchess, NY d. 16 Jun 1867 Wolcott, Wayne, NY
Ebenezer Howland Fitch b. 18 Dec 1814, NY d. 21 Jul 1888 Walworth, Wayne, NY m. Jane Douglass b. 15 Nov 1833 Verona, Oneida, NY d. 26 Aug 1878 Newark, Wayne, NY
Frederick Douglass Fitch b. 17 Jun 1870 Walworth, Wayne, NY d. 12 Sep 1964 Northampton, Hampshire, MA m. Charlotte Hackstaff Waring b. 24 Sep 1872 NY d. 7 Feb 1946
John Douglass Fitch b. 18 Dec 1903 Montclair, Essex, NJ d. 9 Dec 2003 Vero Beach FL m. Mary Hamilton Grover b. 1 Jan 1904 Orono, Penobscot, ME d. 10 Dec 1997 Vero Beach, FL
Alan Fitch - Living
Alan Fitch Jr - Living;

Family Tree DNA is kit #243543 (currently in process)


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