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Author Topic: Collins Family Pedigrees  (Read 65508 times)
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« Reply #100 on: December 04, 2012, 01:06:22 AM »

To Roger:
Thanks for submitting your pedigree. It has been posted on the project’s Patriarch Page. http://
(After November 15, 2012, pedigrees of project members must be submitted by email to in order to be posted on the Patriarch Page.)

To Lori:
Thanks for posting your pedigree. We hope an interested researcher will see it and contact you to share information. We have revised our policy for the Patriarch Page so that only pedigrees for members of the Surname Project at Family Tree DNA are posted on the Project’s Patriarch Page. If there is a kit number associated with this pedigree, please send your pedigree by email to Best of luck in your further research.
Susan J. Barretta
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« Reply #101 on: December 22, 2012, 07:09:13 PM »

I emailed the pedigrees for these two kits to Carrie for posting on the patriarchs page.  I am also posting them here.

 Kit # 262999
Laurence Collins b.c. 1783 IRE d. 10-Sep-1867 Adrigole, Castlehaven, Cork, IRE
   Daniel Collins b.c. 1814 IRE d. 14-Jul-1894 Cullomane East, Caheragh, Cork, IRE
      Daniel Collins b. 14-Sep-1865 Cullomane East, Cork, IRE d. 22-Dec-1852 Tralee, Kerry, IRE
         Daniel Joseph Collins b. 10-Feb-1911 Derreenfinlehid, Templenoe, Kerry, IRE d. ? Tralee, Kerry, IRE
            Kit 262999

Kit # 264348
Humphrey Collins b.c. late 1700's IRE d. before 1864? Cork, IRE
   Michael Collins b. 8-Sep-1822 Blue Hill, Caheragh, Cork, IRE d. 24-Apr-1901 Lower Lissane, Caheragh, Cork IRE
      Humphrey Michael Collins b. 29-Jan-1858 Lissane, Caheragh, Cork, IRE d. 10-Jul-1910 Tooreen, Caheragh, Cork, IRE
         John Humphrey Collins b. 11-Jul-1895 Tooreen, Caheragh, Cork, IRE d. 7-Jan-1988 Skibbereen, Cork, IRE
            Kit 264348
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« Reply #102 on: December 28, 2012, 11:59:32 PM »

I'd like to make an alteration to my pedigree. I have posted before but now have a kit and also would not like it to go so far back as recent research shows that some people may not be in my tree.

Second one down found here:

Jacob Collins b. 1846-1853 MO d. 1925 AR m. Rachel Duty
~Francis Marion Collins b. 3/31/1879 AR d. 12/26/1938 AR m. Ida L. Jones
~~Jacob 'Jake' Calvin Collins b. 8/1910 MO d. 6/1964 MO m. Jessie Marcella Goff
~~~Marion Theodore Collins b. 9/4/1944 MO m. Catherine Collins

Kit# 267645
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« Reply #103 on: January 19, 2013, 04:12:15 PM »

From an email sent by Pat [rustynail AT]:

COLLINS:  James William Collins  b. 1855 Cobb Ga.  d.
1935 Tn or Alabama; Spouse: Hettie Bell Westbrook-Collins, b. 21, Feb. 1859,
Cherokee Ga. d. 15, Jan 1939

Children: Cicero Collins; Tom Collins, Lou
Collins; Jessie Collins, Charlie Collins, Mary Collins; Twins: David &
Victoria; Rosie Collins; Nancy Jane Collins; Rebecca (Becky)Collins

Kits 221504, 234208, and 230079
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« Reply #104 on: January 26, 2013, 11:30:31 AM »

1.  Joseph M. Collins b. abt 1820; Lived in Grainger Co, TN
Spouse 1: Susan E. Key, b. 1821
     2a.  Martha A. Collins b. 1843, Grainger Co. TN
     2b.  Uriah Collins b. 1844, Grainger Co. TN
     2c.  Nancy Collins b.  1845, Grainger Co. TN
     2d.  Sarah J. Collins b. 1847, Grainger Co. TN
     2e.  Frances E. Collins b. 1849, Grainger Co. TN
     2f.  James A. Collins b. 1851, Grainger Co. TN, d. 1920, Jefferson Co.  TN
            spouse: Susan Elizabeth Owens b. 1853, d. 1891 New Market, TN
            2f1.  Manervia Jane Collins b.1873, d. 1891 Grainger Co. TN
            2f2.  Joseph William Collins b. 1876, d. 1965
            2f3.  George Henry Collins b. 1878, d. 1952
            2f4.  Nancy Elizabeth Collins b. 1880, d. 1902
            2f5.  Horace Walker Collins b. 1884
            2f6.  Ida Mae Collins b. 1886, d. 1950
            2f7.  James Earnest Collins b. 1888, d. 1954
            2f8.  Ralph Waldeau Collins b. 1890, d. 1929
            2f9.  Eliza Frances Collins b. 1892, d. 1944
            2f10. Benjamin Franklin Collins b. 1893, d. 1967
            2f11. Lela Pearl Collins b. 1896, d. 1928   
     2g.  Mary P. Collins b. 1853, Grainger Co. TN
     2h.  Joseph R. Collins b. 1857, Grainger Co. TN
Spouse 2: Mary A Morgan b. 1838
     2I.  Amanda E. Collins b. 1862, Grainger Co. TN
     2J.  John S. Collins b. 1868, Grainger Co. TN
     2K.  Nathan Pleasant Collins b. 1870, Grainger Co. TN
KIT #92097

Ryan A. Collins
Shane Collins
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« Reply #105 on: March 05, 2013, 09:11:33 PM »

1. Griffin Collins Sr. b. 1773 NC d.?
    2. Riley Collins b. 1822 Grainger Co TN
       3. Berry Collins b. 1855 Wise Co Va d.1932
          4. Elbert Collins b. 1888 Wise Co VA d.1946
             5. Orlando Collins b. 1918 d. Still living

Contact Shane Collins
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« Reply #106 on: May 10, 2013, 05:40:21 AM »

I have two sets of Collins in my family so I'll post them separately.

The first one starts with Benjamin Collins, b. ca1640-1646 in England (some say Yorkshire), who came to  Salisbury, Massachusetts around 1660.  It's been written that he may be the son from an unknown previous marriage of Robert Collins of Ipswich, MA b. ca1615 in England whose 1st(?) or 2nd wife was Hester Fowler. I've also seen a John Collins listed as his father but have seen no proof either way.  Others say Benjamin was born in Salisbury or Ipswich.

1. Benjamin Collins b. 1640 or 1646 in England(?); m. Martha Eaton 5 Nov 1668
2. John Collins b. 1673 in Salisbury, MA; m. Elizabeth Barnard in 1693
3. Ebenezer Collins b. 1703 in Salisbury, MA; m. Apphia Merrill abt 1725
4. Benjamin Collins b. 1741 in East Kingston, NH; m. Elizabeth Page
5. Benjamin Collins b. 1771 in Weare, NH; m. Sarah Wright
6. Edmund Collins b. 1796 in Weare, NH; m. Hannah Collins

That's where the male lineage for the Collins in my family ends and the 2nd Collins family comes in (and ends as well). Hannah Collins was born in what is now Lewis County, West Virginia in 1801 and married Edmund Collins (6.) in Warren County, Ohio in 1819.  Their daughter Mary Jane Collins Little was my 3rd GGM. Hannah Collins's family will be listed in the next posting.

John K.
Flower Mound, TX
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« Reply #107 on: May 10, 2013, 06:19:19 AM »

Part 2 of my Collins family.  Part 1 started with Benjamin Collins b. 1640 or 1646 from Yorkshire(?), England.  Part 2 begins with John Collins from Ireland.

1. John Collins b. unknown in Ireland, d. 1769 in what is now Hampshire Co., West Virginia; wife unknown.
2. John Collins b. 1715 in Ireland; m. Jane Major of Lancashire, England ca1740 in IRE, d. ca1795 in Hacker's Creek, WV.
3. John Collins b. 1750 in Frederick Co., Virginia; m. Hannah Cozad abt 1771
4. Jacob Collins b. 1773 in Morristown, NJ; m. Mary Ellsworth in 1795 in what is now Harrison Co. WV.

The male lineage ends with Jacob (4.) in my family. Their daughter Hannah Collins b. 1801 in what is now Lewis Co., WV married Edmund Collins (6.) from the Part 1 Collins family in Warren County, OH in 1819.  Their daughter Mary Jane Collins Little b. 1826 in Clermont County, OH was my 3rd GGM.

Thanks again,
John K.
Flower Mound, TX
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« Reply #108 on: June 12, 2013, 12:39:06 PM »

Elijah Collins (1861- ) married to Mary A Stewart, Kentucky (White)
William Allen Collins married Ivory M Boothe (6 Aug 1882-18 May 1960) Born Carter County, Kentucky Died Logan County, West Virginia (White)
Golden Collins married Lucy Morrison (12 Apr 1924-3 Jun 1992) Born Mingo County, West Virginia Died Logan County, West Virginia (White)

Would like more information on Elijah Collins.
C.K. Collins
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« Reply #109 on: September 27, 2013, 03:35:23 PM »

  • James Collins, b. circa 1790; birthplace unknown, m. Mary (unknown last name), lived in Ohio possibly from 1810 to 1820.
  • William Collins (son of James), b. 1818, Ohio; m. Mary "Polly" Hurd, 9 Oct. 1854, Orion Twsp., WI;
    enlisted in Union Civil War regiment ca. 1863, never returned from war.
  • Mary "Polly" Hurd (wife of William), m. Jason Hitchcock, 1842, Boone, Indiana (Hitchcock died ca. 1848); also married Zachariah Hole (friend of William Collins) 25 Dec 1867; Polly Hurd
    d. 9 May 1905, Orion Twsp, WI
  • James Collins (brother of William), b. 1814, Ohio; m. Lydia, 1839; d. 16 Oct 1883,
    Orion, Richland, WI
  • Benjamin Franklin Collins (William's son), b. 6 Oct 1858, Orion Twsp, Richland, WI; m. Helen Finch, 13 Feb 1891; d. 4 Nov 1929, Forsyth, Rosebud, MT
  • George W. Collins (brother of Benjamin), b. 1855, Orion Twsp, Richland, WI; d. 1935, Compton, Los Angeles, CA
  • James Robert Collins (brother of Benjamin), b. 8 Feb 1858, Orion Twsp, Richland, WI; d. 11 Mar 1932; Kimball, Brule, SD
  • Clarissa Elizabeth "Lizzie" Collins (sister of Benjamin), b. 1862, Orion, Twsp, Richland, WI; d. 1933, Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA
  • David A. Collins (son of Benjamin), b. 23 Sep 1909, Bruneau, Owyhee, NV; m. Virginia Goldsworthy, 14 Jul 1935; d. 16 Mar, Pocatello, Bannock, ID
  • David's sisters: Edna Mae, b. 1899; Clara Elizabeth, b. 1907; Wilma H., b. 1908

Kit No. 308053
C.K. Collins
jcollin4 (at)

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Susan J. Barretta
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« Reply #110 on: January 18, 2014, 01:08:58 AM »

I wish to append the lineage of 315944 to 262999.  The two testers are second cousins.  Thanks.  collinsgenealogy [at]

Laurence Collins bc 1783 Ireland d 10-Sep-1867 Adrigole, Castlehaven, Cork, Ireland
  Daniel Collins bc 1814 Adrigole, Castlehaven, Cork, Ireland d 14-Jul-1894 Cullomane East, Caheragh, Cork, Ireland
    Daniel Collins b 14-Sep-1865 Cullomane East, Cork, Ireland d 22- Dec-1852 Tralee, Kerry, Ireland
     Daniel Joseph Collins b 10-Feb-1911 Derreenfinlehid, Templenoe, Kerry, Ireland d ? Tralee, Kerry, Ireland
   Denis Collins b. 25-Jul-1860 Cullomane East, Caheragh, Cork, Ireland d. 3-Dec-1930 same location
      Laurence Collins b 20-Nov-1907 Cullomane East, Caheragh, Cork, Ireland d 11-Oct-1981 Ceancullig, Drimoleague, Cork, Ireland
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