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Author Topic: Stacy Family Pedigrees  (Read 11898 times)
« on: January 02, 2005, 02:13:27 PM »

Please send any pedigrees for this project to:
Please include the following:
•       Name of project
•       Kit Number
•       Name of person posting pedigree
•       Email address to be posted with pedigree
•       Name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse of Earliest Known Ancestor
•       List each succeeding generation, using only those four items of information (or substitute another item of information if missing an item)

Anyone is welcome to post your pedigree for this surname on the Pedigree Forum below, but project members should be sure to send the pedigree by email to the administer's email address listed above to be sure it will be posted on the project's Patriarchs Page.

To post on this Pedigree Forum:
1.  Register and log in at
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2.  When you have logged in, scroll to the last posting on this forum, click "reply" and post your pedigree.
a.  Please do not include names for anyone born after 1910, to protect privacy.
b.  If you have questions or are unable to post your pedigree on this forum, please contact

For a step-by-step guide to using DNA for genealogy, please read DNA the Smart Way
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« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2005, 03:35:11 PM »

Robert Stacy, Sr.
Robert, b March 25, 1757, Sussex Co, VA m Sally Austell b 1765, birth place, ?
Robert, d February 06, 1849 Spartanburg Co, SC ,Sally Austell d? December 16, 1828 Same
1) Nancy Stacy, b Jan 25, 1785, SC, d Oct 15, 1860, Ms,? m John (Jackie) Quinn
2) Delia/Deliah Stacy, b Oct 08, 1788, SC, d 1854, AL, m James Lockhart
3) Sally Stacy, b Jan16, 1790 SC, d c 1860, GA, m James Young Boyd
4) William Stacy, b 1792, SC, d Apr 11 1817, SC|, m Jennie Leek
5) Robert Stacy Jr., b Oct 16, 1794, SC, d c 1870, AL, m Eadith Lee
6) George Stacy, b August 1797, SC, d c 1840, AL, m Elizabeth ?
7) Elizabeth Stacy, b c 1799, SC, d ?
8) Amelia Stacy, b Apr 13, 1802, SC, d c 1860, ? m Unknown Gillum, Bryant Lee
9) Amos Stacy, b Mar 11, 1804, d Dec 17, 1876, Cass Co TX, m Mary Elvira Allen
10) Isom Stacy, b Jan 12, 1805, Spartanburg Co SC, d May 18, 1885, Choctaw Co Miss, m Catherine Robinson - S-1
11) Dicey Stacy, b Nov 06, 1806, Spartanburg Co SC, d 1880, SC, m James L. Pearson
12) Martin Chester Stacy, b Aug 01, 1811, Spartanburg Co SC, d Sept 17, 1885, SC, Peninah Peeler
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James Stacey/Stacy
Terry Barton
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« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2005, 11:08:37 AM »

Jim, welcome to World Families Network. I posted your pedigree on the Patriarch page.  I hope that you'll decide to particiapte in the DNA Project.  Or, if your test is one of those underway by an individual at FTDNA, we encourage your to transfer it into the project.

Ellen (Stacy-Dyer) Conley
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2005, 05:11:32 PM »

Simon Stacy b1-29-1710 d abt 1778 Sussex Co, Va m. Catherine 1739, m. Elizabeth Wright abt 1752, m. Mary Wright abt 1764
John Stacy b abt 1740 York Co, Va d unknown  m unknown
Thomas Stacy b abt 1774 Va. d bef 1850 Maury Co, Tn   m. Keziah Brasswell abt 1802
Gilliam Stacy b abt 1805 Brunswick Co, Va  d 1849 Maury Co, Tn  m. Jane Frances Ritchey 8-30-1827 Pittsylvania Co, Va
Thomas G Stacy b 1-16-1837 Tn d 7-30-1912 Denton Co, Tx m.Elizabeth Bryant 4-24-1862 m.Mary Ann McKnight 2-08-1865 Maury Co,Tn  m. Elisa J abt 1867 m. W Powell 11-15-1896
William Arthur Stacy b 11-15-1866 Maury Co, Tn d 3-10-1950 Hot Spring Co, Arkansas mAlice Arney 12-20- 1888, m. Alice Kerr 1896 Tn, m. Viola Riley 1904 Ala.
Marilyn Teaff Barton
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« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2005, 12:13:32 PM »

Hi, Ellen.  Your pedigree is posted.  Hope you are part of the DNA project.
Amy Diane
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« Reply #5 on: November 23, 2005, 05:37:36 PM »

Stacy Family of Hopkins County, TX

My maternal great-grandmother was Poshia Stacy.  Her mother was Daisy Mattie Kiser and her father was Miles Allen Stacy.  I am looking for any information regarding the Miles Allen Stacy line.  Some of the surnames connected are Kiser/Creamer/Allen/McKindley

Amy Williams-Henderson

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Steve Bush
« Reply #6 on: July 08, 2006, 11:48:12 AM »

Your Robert Stacy's markers match those of my ancestor, Calvin C. Garner, 12 for 12.  Calvin lived from 1852 to 1908.   He married in 1874 Malitha A. Dutton, whose father, Thomas Dutton, was from South Carolina.  She was born in Dade Co., GA.  She was probably part Cherokee.  But it is her husband that intrigues me now.  I have never been able to connect Calvin to any othe Garners, and I have just learned he is haplogroup J2, which suggests possible melungeon ancestry.   Stacy is also in J2.  How much do you know about Robert's background and movements?

Best regards

Steve Bush
Robert Lee Stacey
« Reply #7 on: August 09, 2006, 02:42:48 PM »

Although my father, Howard Chester Stacey, born October 4, 1907 in Newton County, Arkansas was born a Stacy he changed the spelling to Stacey because it sounded better. He had a conversation with his brother floyd and they decided to change it.

A review of family documents indicates many used the e, and some did not, for no particular reason I can find.

Oldest known ancestor:

William Stacey who married Rebecca Griffith. Origin may be Hawkins, Co. Tennessee. born c. 1800.
Silas Scruggs Stacey, born 1832, tennessee. Was a country doctor of renown, lived most of his life in Springfield, Mo., and in Newton County, Arkansas.

James Silas Stacey, my grandfather, born 1864, Missouri, lived most of his life in
Newton County, Arkansas. Was married to my grandmother, Lula Hall.

Howard Chester Stacey, born October 4, 1907, Newton County, Arkansas. Lived his early life in Newton County Arkansas and went to the big city by rail car in 20's where he took up residence in Colorado for the rest of his life. Expired October 10, 1956 due to coronary after hernia surgery. Howard married Leona Myrtle Westover b. Dec. 18, 1908 who hailed from South Dakota.

Robert Lee Stacey, born August 4, 1939 in Denver Colorado Lived most of eary live in Colorado, moved to California in 1959 and have lived there since. Current residence in Los Angeles.

I speculate that William could have been of Irish Ancestry accounting for the Battle of Vinegar Hill in 1798. It is possible that his family escaped after two stacys were murdered there. Dad always said the staceys were taking in folks from here and there and I have found that Grace OMalley is known for the Irish Open Table and house policy.

Only material supporting the possibility that he was from Ireland are comments by William Lackey who wrote the History of Newton County Arkansas in 1950 with use of a stenographer. As he described the Stacey family, William in particular, he stated that Wailliam was Irish. Of course Lackey was irish as well, and may just have wanted company. But he mentions Irish 2 or 3 separate times so he must hav ehad it well in mind.

Richard Barton
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« Reply #8 on: August 09, 2006, 04:50:53 PM »

y-chromosome DNA matches at 12 markers are useful for excluding relationships, but are not good for determing possible nearer relatives.  Twelve marker matches will point to a common ethnic background and give about as much information as the Haplogroup.  You will need 25 marker or 37 marker testing with only a one or two mismatches to pursue a verifiable connection within recorded history.

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« Reply #9 on: March 13, 2007, 04:57:05 PM »

Shelby Stacy b15 mar 1843 d.9 oct 1909 Bevier, Macon,MO.
Andrew Jackson Stacy b17 jul 1877 d.13 jul 1948 Hot Spr, Garland, Ar.
Andrew Jackson Stacy b 27 dec 1929 d16 jan 2002 Hot spr, Garland, Ar.
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« Reply #10 on: March 14, 2007, 01:45:36 PM »

Hi, dedgar.  Your pedigree is posted:

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« Reply #11 on: December 13, 2007, 07:42:42 PM »

Descendants of John STACYE
25 Nov 2007
1. John STACYE (b.1539-Ballifield Hall,Yorkshire,ENgland;d.13 Apr 1593-Yorkshire,England)
   sp: Ann PARKER (b.1541-Of,Whitley Hall,Yorkshire,England;d.1609)
2. Thomas STACYE (b.24 Feb 1573-Ballifield,Handsworth,Yorkshire England;d.Feb 1632-England)
   sp: Ann BOOTHE (b.1579-Yorkshire,England;m.18 May 1597;d.8 Jul 1579-Handsworth,York,England)
3. John STACYE (b.Abt 1595-Balifield,Handsworth,Yorkshire,England;d.18 Sep 1658-Ballifield,Yorkshire,England)
   sp: Mary FULLWOOD (b.Abt 1600-Ballifield,Yorkshire,England;m.16 Dec 1618;d.23 Jan 1682-England)
4. Mahlen STACY (b.1 Jul 1638-Dorehouse,Handsworth,England;d.3 Feb 1703-5 APR 1704,Nottingham Twp,B,,N.J.)
   sp: Rebecca ELY (b.1648-Utterly Manor,Mansfield,N,England;m.29 Jul 1668;d.26 Oct 1711-Mansfield,N,England)
5. Rebecca STACY (b.8 Jun 1684-Burlington County,New Jersey;d.7 Feb 1767-Burlington County,New Jersey)
   sp: Joshua WRIGHT (b.16 May 1672-Howden,ER,Y,England;m.19 Jun 1702;d.31 Mar 1741-NH,B,New Jersey)
6. Elizabeth WRIGHT (b.8 Oct 1708-NHT,Burlington,New Jersey;d.27 Jan 1746/1747-Abington Township,P,PA)
   sp: Isaac KNIGHT (b.6 Mar 1707-Abington Township,P,PA;m.9 Nov 1728;d.3 Nov 1792-AT,Philadelphia,PA)
7. Joshua KNIGHT (b.13 Sep 1731-Pennsylvania;d.1801-Pennfield,Charlotte Co. New Brunswick)
   sp: Sarah TYSON (b.5 Mar 1726/1727-Abington,Pennsylvania;m.18 Dec 1753)
8. Priscilla KNIGHT (b.Abt 1766-New Brunswick,Canada)
   sp: Caleb PAUL
9. Hannah PAUL
   sp: James STINSON (b.7 Aug 1795-St. Andrews Island,NI,New Brunswick;m.15 Dec 1817)
10. Catherine Priscilla STINSON (b.1819-St. Andrews Island,Navy Island,New Brunswick)
   sp: Thomas SMITH (b.1809-England;m.13 Nov 1839)
11. Priscilla SMITH (b.1840)
11. Horatio SMITH (b.1842)
11. Ann Gamble SMITH (b.1844)
11. Louisa SMITH (b.1846)
11. Thomas SMITH
11. James Alfred Burke SMITH
11. Hannah SMITH
11. Augusta SMITH
10. Margaret STINSON (b.13 Mar 1821-St. Andrews Island,Navy Island,New Brunswick)
   sp: John MCCULLOCK (b.1822)
11. Mary MCCULLOCK (b.1845)
11. Sarah MCCULLOCK (b.1847)
10. Euphemia Ann STINSON (b.1823-St. Andrews Island,Navy Island,New Brunswick)
   sp: Alexander Thomson PAUL (b.1824;m.23 Jan 1853)
11. daughter 1 PAUL
11. Charles PAUL
11. James PAUL
   sp: Mary Ann SHAW (b.1849)
10. Alice STINSON (b.3 Dec 1825-SAI,Navy Island,New Brunswick;d.1914-Montreal)
10. Alfred STINSON (b.1829-St. Andrews Island,Navy Island,New Brunswick)
   sp: Agnes DOUGLAS
11. infant STINSON
10. James Paul STINSON (b.11 Dec 1830-St. Andrews Island,Navy Island,New Brunswick)
  sp: Sarah UNKNOWN
11. Thomas STINSON
11. son STINSON
10. Angus STINSON (b.14 Jun 1833-St. Andrews Island,Navy Island,New Brunswick;d.1914)
   sp: Ann Eliza LAW (b.1837;m.12 Dec 1862;d.1914)
11. Jarvis Stephen STINSON (b.1865)
   sp: Miss VAN WART
11. Grace Symonds STINSON (b.1867;d.1942)
11. Walter Allen STINSON (b.11 Dec 1871)
10. John Knight STINSON (b.1 Oct 1835-S,NI,New Brunswick;d.19 Mar 1899-6APS,MA)
   sp: Mary Anne SEXTON (b.1851-New Brunswick;m.13 Jun 1864)
11. Arthur Abner STINSON (b.22 Jul 1865-SAI,Navy Island,New Brunswick;d.2 Mar 1922)
   sp: Lizzie FISKE (m.21 Apr 1889)
11. Isaac Crosbyt STINSON (b.13 Jul 1867-St. Andrews Island,Navy Island,New Brunswick)
11. Ada Knight STINSON (b.Feb 1870-S,NI,New Brunswick;d.6 Jun 1953-NR,Middlesex,MA)
   sp: Charles James SMITH Jr. (Aka JRBJ (b.4 Feb 1874-,,;m.6 Feb 1897;d.19 Apr 1955-)
12. Harold Edwin SMITH (b.16 Jan 1903-Somerville,Middlesex,Ma.;d.Apr 1971)
   sp: Eleanor J. SARGENT (b.5 Oct 1904;m.28 Mar 1924)
12. Frederick Arnold Stinson SMITH (b.23 Feb 1904-Somerville,M,Mass;d.28 Sep 1963-)
   sp: Ethel Frances CLINCH (b.13 Jul 1916-Lowell,Middlesex,MA;d.5 Oct 1954-)
   sp: Ethel Bertha REID (b.8 May 1910-W,M,Ma.;m.18 Oct 1946;d.28 Jul 2006-)
   sp: Marilyn HOLEMAN (m.4 Dec 1925;d.6 Feb 1930)
   sp: Hazel  (m.(Div))
12. Charles James SMITH (b.14 May 1906-Somerville,Middlesex,Ma.;d.30 Aug 1976)
   sp: Dorothy Alma DENNY (b.4 Aug 1906-Northampton,Ma.;m.18 Jul 1936)
12. Walter C. SMITH (b.15 Feb 1911-Somerville,Middlesex,Ma.)
   sp: Thelma E. BROWN (m.7 Dec 1935)
12. infant girl SMITH
11. Mary Ethel STINSON (c.6 Jan 1874)
10. Phoebe Jane STINSON (b.10 Sep 1840-S,NI,New Brunswick;d.27 Jul 1844-,,New Brunswick)
10. Heber STINSON (b.1843)
   sp: Jean KENNEDY
11. Warren Royal STINSON (b.4 Jul 1874)
   sp: Mavis B. UNKNOWN (b.1884;d.1955)
11. Jeminis Kennedy STINSON (b.19 Feb 1875)
11. Heber A. STINSON (b.3 Feb 1879-SA,New Brunswick;d.25 Jan 1919-USA-MA-Boston)
11. James Kennedy STINSON (b.31 Aug 1879)
   sp: Jessie STEWERT
11. Jean Hannah STINSON (b.28 Sep 1881)
11. Norman Stanley STINSON (b.8 May 1889)
11. Alfred Douglas STINSON (b.4 Nov 1891;d.1892)
9. Mary PAUL (b.1781-New Brunswick,Canada;d.17 Jun 1868-Pennfield,Charlotte County,N,Canada)
9. Sarah PAUL
8. David KNIGHT
8. Edmund KNIGHT
8. Elizabeth KNIGHT
8. Isaac KNIGHT
8. Jacob KNIGHT
8. John KNIGHT
8. Joshua KNIGHT
8. Johnathan KNIGHT (b.12 Apr 1764)
   sp: Mary CLEAVER (b.12 Apr 1771)
9. Joseph KNIGHT (b.1789;d.8 Dec 1851-Pennsylvania)
9. Sarah KNIGHT (b.8 Oct 1791)
9. Eliza KNIGHT (b.16 Jan 1794;d.Bef 1842)
   sp: unknown FOLWELL
9. Hannah KNIGHT (b.6 Jan 1796)
   sp: R.P.Cummins
9. Mary KNIGHT (b.13 Dec 1797)
9. Lydia KNIGHT (b.31 Dec 1799)
9. Rebecca KNIGHT (b.7 Dec 1801)
9. Isaac KNIGHT IV (b.1 Aug 1804)
   sp: Mary UNKNOWN (d.18 Dec 1878-St. Georges,Charlotte County,New Brunswick)
9. Susannah KNIGHT (b.22 Nov 1806)
   sp: Jesse VANDEGRIFT
9. Ann KNIGHT (b.3 Jan 1809)
9. Jane KNIGHT (b.21 Aug 1811)
   sp: T. B. PATTERSON
9. Johnathan KNIGHT (b.6 May 1814)
7. Mary KNIGHT (b.6 Jan 1734/1735-Abington Township,P,PA;d.30 Sep 1821-Upper Merion,M,Pennsylvania)
   sp: William CLEAVER (b.20 Mar 1734/1735-BT,Philadelphia,PA;m.1757;d.8 Aug 1809-UMT,MC,PA)
8. Johnathan CLEAVER (b.3 Mar 1758;d.15 Feb 1833)
8. Elizabeth CLEAVER (b.3 Jun 1761-Bristol Township,Philadelphia,PA;d.1819-NT,Burlington,New Jersey)
8. Hannah CLEAVER (b.1771;d.1842)
   sp: Abraham HORNBECK
7. Rebecca KNIGHT (b.18 Jul 1736-Abington Township,Philadelphia,PA;d.1792)
   sp: William MANN (m.14 Jun 1768)
8. Elizabeth MANN
8. Ann MANN
8. Isaac MANN
7. Sarah KNIGHT (b.21 Sep 1738-Abington Township,Philadelphia,PA;d.Bef 1810-Montgomery county,PA)
   sp: John TYSON (b.22 Nov 1740;m.12 Oct 1762)
8. Elizabeth TYSON
8. Elijah TYSON
8. Rebecca TYSON
8. Johnathan TYSON
7. Johnathan KNIGHT (b.4 Aug 1740-Abington Township,P,PA;d.28 Sep 1769-Abington Township,P,PA)
7. Isaac KNIGHT III (b.10 Sep 1742-Abington Township,Philadelphia,PA;d.Mar 1815-Abington Township,P,PA)
   sp: Mary BEWLEY (m.1772)
8. Mary KNIGHT
   sp: Sarah SHANNON (m.1797)
   sp: Mary BEWLEY (m.1772)
7. Mahlon KNIGHT (b.30 Jul 1744-Abington Township,Philadelphia,PA;d.1816-Kingstown township,FC,O,CA)
   sp: Rachel BOWEN (b.1751-Ontario,Canada;m.1771;d.1824-Kingstown township,FC,Ontario,CA)
8. Isaac KNIGHT (b.1772-American Colonies;d.10 Oct 1834-Waterloo,Frontenac County,Ontario,Canada)
8. John KNIGHT (b.1784-Cataragui,Ontario,Canada;d.28 Apr 1844-Kingstown township,FC,Ontario,CA)
   sp: Mary KNAPP (b.1788-Ontario,Canada;m.22 Feb 1809)
8. Peter KNIGHT (b.1 Jan 1786-Kingstown township,FC,Ontario,CA;d.16 Jan 1856-Salem,Iowa)
8. Mary KNIGHT (b.13 Jun 1788-Kingstown township,FC,Ontario,CA;d.13 Apr 1860-KT,FC,Ontario,CA)
8. Mahlon KNIGHT (b.1 Feb 1795-Kingstown township,Frontenac county,Ontario,CA)
8. Cornelius KNIGHT (b.1774-Abington Township,Philadelphia,PA;d.1851-Kingstown township,FC,O,CA)
6. Joshua WRIGHT (b.7 Jan 1705-Chesterfield,Burlington,New Jersey;d.1751-Chester Township,B,New Jersey)
   sp: Thomasin PANCOAST (m.3 Apr 1729)
6. Mahlen WRIGHT (b.17 May 1712-New Hanover,Burlington,New Jersey;d.2 Feb 1786-NH,Burlington,New Jersey)
   sp: Mary THORNE (m.3 Apr 1735)
7. John WRIGHT (b.Abt 1736-New Hanover Twp,Burlington Co.,,N.J.;d.Aft 5 Aug 1799-New Jersey)
   sp: Hannah BARBER (m.Abt 5 Oct 1769)
7. Mary WRIGHT (b.Abt 1738)
7. Isaac WRIGHT (b.Abt 1740;d.Bef 31 Mar 1780)
   sp: Sarah WETHERILL (m.8 May 1764)
7. Ann WRIGHT (b.17 May 1742-New Hanover Twp,Burlington Co.,,N.J.)
   sp: Ralph ALLEN (b.26 Jun 1741-Shrewsbury,M,Q,N.J.;m.21 Oct 1762;d.Bef Oct 1777-BC,New Jersey)
8. Meriam ALLEN (b.15 Aug 1763-Chesterfield,Burlington,Monthly Meeting,N.J.)
8. Jediah ALLEN (b.5 Jul 1765-Chesterfield,Burlington,Monthly Meeting,N.J.)
8. Mary ALLEN (b.1 Apr 1767-Chesterfield,Burlington,Monthly Meeting,N.J.)
8. Phebe ALLEN (b.8 Feb 1769-Chesterfield,Burlington,Monthly Meeting,N.J.)
8. Joseph ALLEN (b.14 Jan 1771-Chesterfield,Burlington,Monthly Meeting,N.J.)
8. Ann ALLEN (b.9 Apr 1773-Chesterfield,Burlington,Monthly Meeting,N.J.)
8. Ezekiel ALLEN (b.7 Jun 1775-Chesterfield,Burlington,Monthly Meeting,N.J.)
7. Stacy WRIGHT (b.Abt 1745-New Hanover Twp,Burlington Co.,,N.J.;d.Bef 1 Oct 1810-UF,Monmouth,,N.J.)
   sp: Sarah BAKER (m.8 Jun 1768;d.Bef 20 Jul 1810)
8. Thomas WRIGHT (b.Abt 1770-Burlington Co.,New Jersey;d.21 Jan 1817-Upper Freehold,M,,N.J.)
   sp: Elizabeth STEWARD (m.20 Aug 1799)
8. Nancy WRIGHT
   sp: John HOY
8. John Baker WRIGHT (b.7 May 1775-Burlington Co.,New Jersey;d.29 Jun 1832-NE,B,New Jersey)
   sp: Rebecca GREGORY (b.13 Dec 1786-MC,New Jersey;m.3 Nov 1814;d.25 May 1854-,,New Jerse)
9. Sarah Baker Robbins WRIGHT (b.15 Jun 1816-New Egypt,MC,New Jersey;d.13 May 1907-)
   sp: Abraham T. BURTIS
   sp: ? HOPKINS (m.Aft 29 Jul 1871)
9. Thomas Gregory WRIGHT (b.19 Mar 1818-OC,New Jersey;d.Bef 1880-? Jerseyville,Illinois)
   sp: Mary T. BUTTERFIELD (b.Abt 30 Jun 1820-B,New Jersey;m.1 May 1839;d.Abt 7 Jun 1860-)
10. Rebecca H. WRIGHT
10. Anna B. WRIGHT
10. Joseph H. WRIGHT
10. Ludevenia L. WRIGHT
10. Thomas G. WRIGHT
10. John Butterfield WRIGHT
10. Edward A. WRIGHT
8. Mahlon WRIGHT
   sp: Ann WILGUS (m.24 Jun 1798)
8. Mary WRIGHT
   sp: William WILGUS (b.29 Feb 1776-New Jersey;m.23 Feb 1804;d.9 Mar 1866-Warren County,Ohio)
9. Rhoda WILGUS
9. Henrietta WILGUS
9. Thomas WILGUS
9. Angeline WILGUS
9. William WILGUS
9. Samuel WILGUS
9. James WILGUS
9. Daniel H. WILGUS
9. Mary WILGUS
9. Lydia WILGUS
9. Harriet WILGUS
7. Ruth WRIGHT (b.1748;d.5 Aug 1799-Burlington Co.,New Jersey)
7. Joel WRIGHT (b.Abt 1750;d.Aft Jan 1793)
6. Nathan WRIGHT (b.Abt 1716-Burlington,New Jersey;d.Abt 1752-Trenton,Hunterdon,New Jersey)
6. Rebecca WRIGHT (b.Abt 1722-Burlington County,New Jersey;d.1790)
   sp: John TERRY (m.1741)
6. David WRIGHT (b.1718-Burlington,New Jersey;d.19 Jul 1791-New Hanover,Burlington,New Jersey)
   sp: Sarah THORN (b.30 Jun 1718-C,Burlington,M,N.J. ?;m.Abt 5 May 1743;d.30 Jun 1811-C,B,MM,N.J. ?)
7. Joshua WRIGHT (d.Aft 7 Sep 1784)
7. Robert WRIGHT
   sp: Ann HARRISON (m.13 Feb 1783)
7. Theodosia WRIGHT (d.Aft 14 Mar 1806)
   sp: Andrew CRAIG (d.Bef 16 Sep 1805-Burlington,Burlington,,N.J.)
7. Aaron WRIGHT (b.26 Aug 1748;d.8 Oct 1801-Nottingham Twp,Burlington,,N.J.)
   sp: Elizabeth SATTERTHWAITE (b.6 Jun 1759;m.1 Apr 1779;d.17 Feb 1789)
7. David WRIGHT
7. Sarah WRIGHT (d.1821)
   sp: Caleb IVINS (b.14 Dec 1753;d.26 Aug 1845-Hornerstown,N.J.)
7. Elizabeth WRIGHT
   sp: ? RIDGEWAY
7. Moses WRIGHT
   sp: Thomas POTTS (m.Aft 1741)
5. John STACY (b.30 Sep 1671-Dorehouse,Yorkshire,England;d.11 Dec 1671-Dowhouse,Handsworth,Y,England)
5. Sarah STACY (b.4 Jul 1675-Dowhouse,Handsworth,Yorkshire,England;d.28 Nov 1703-Bucks,Pennsylvania)
   sp: Joseph KIRKBRIDE
5. Elizabeth STACY (b.27 Oct 1676-Sheffield,Yorkshire,England;d.1743)
   sp: Abel JANNEY
5. Mary STACY (b.12 Jun 1677-Dowhouse,Handsworth,Yorkshire,England;d.10 May 1763)
   sp: Reuban POWNALL
5. Mahlen STACY (b.7 Apr 1686-Trenton,Mercer,New Jersey;d.14 Apr 1742-Northhampton,Burlington,New Jersey)
5. Ruth STACY (b.30 Mar 1680-Trenton,Mercer,New Jersey;d.9 Jun 1775-Chester,Burlington,New Jersey)
   sp: William BEAKES (b.22 Apr 1663-Of,Blackwell,Somersetshire,England;m.Abt 3 May 1705;d.Bef 1714)
   sp: Samuel ATKINSON (b.Abt 17 Jul 1685-Of,FT,Bucks Co,Pa;m.12 Sep 1714;d.21 Feb 1775-Chester Twp,B,,N.J)
5. Rebecca STACY (b.30 Mar 1682-,Trenton,Mercer,The Falls,N.J;d.Bef 8 Jun 1684-Yorkshire,England)
4. Thomas STACYE (b.28 Sep 1619-Ballifield,Handsworth,Yorkshire,England;d.19 May 1687)
4. Mary STACYE (b.29 Mar 1621-Handsworth,Yorkshire,England)
4. John STACYE (b.1623-Yorkshire,England;d.1642)
4. Ellen STACYE (b.2 Apr 1626-Yorkshire,England;b.9 Oct 1693)
4. Anne STACYE (b.1 Feb 1627-Handsworth,Yorkshire,England;d.23 May 1702)
4. Robert STACYE (b.11 Feb 1630-Handsworth,Yorkshire,England;d.5 Oct 1701)
4. William STACYE (b.Abt 1633-Handsworth,Yorkshire,England)
4. Matthias STACYE (b.Abt 1635-Handsworth,Yorkshire,England)
3. Elizabeth STACYE
3. Helen STACYE
3. Thomas STACYE
3. Robert STACYE
3. Mary STACYE
3. Cuthbert STACYE
3. Anne STACYE
2. Katherine STACYE
2. Elizabeth STACYE
2. Anne STACYE
2. Philippa STACYE


My line goes down through Frederick Arnold Stinson Smith b. 1904 and Ethel Bertha Reid Smith b. 1910.

Hope to hear from someone.

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« Reply #12 on: January 04, 2008, 02:42:13 PM »

Hi, Kathy.  Thank you for your interest in the Stacy Surname Project.  If you would like to submit your pedigree in the simplified format we require for the patriarch page, I will be glad to post it there for you.  Thanks again and good luck with your research!

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« Reply #13 on: April 29, 2008, 04:23:34 AM »

William Stacey m Rebecca Griffith c 1820
Silas Scruggs Stacey b 1828,Jackson Co., Tennessee
James Silas Stacey b 1864, Missouri
Howard Chester Stacey b 1907,Newton County, Arkansas
Robert Stacey, b 1939, Denver, Colorado
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« Reply #14 on: April 29, 2008, 11:21:21 AM »

Hi, charliebob.  Your pedigree has been posted:

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« Reply #15 on: January 02, 2009, 06:25:24 PM »

Hi, Kathy.  Thank you for your interest in the Stacy Surname Project.  If you would like to submit your pedigree in the simplified format we require for the patriarch page, I will be glad to post it there for you.  Thanks again and good luck with your research!


Hi Carrie,
  What is the simplified format?

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« Reply #16 on: January 06, 2009, 03:22:12 PM »

Hi, Kathy.

An example of the format we use on the patriarchs page can be seen in at the top of this forum page (in the first post from the StacyAdmin, in the light blue boxes).  Each generation, including spouses, should fit on one line.  This may mean sacrificing some of the most specific information, such as townships and settlements.  We also ask that US postal abbreviations be used for states as well as limited punctuation.  Each line should look something like the following:

John Doe b 1 Jan 1799 Ireland d 1 Jan 1899 New York, NY m Jane Doe

The sample format at the top of the page shows commas being used.  This is something we no longer include.

I hope this helps.  I look forward to hearing back from you!

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