Willoughby Family Pedigrees

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Thomas, 1632 Elizabeth City VA-1672 VA, had a child with Mary Bennett
Thomas, 1654 VA-1710 VA married Ann Halstead
William, 1679 VA-1755 VA, possibly married Elizabeth Warrington
Benjamin, 1736 VA-1800 Greene Co TN, m Susannah Wyatt
Elijah, 1762 Fauquier Co VA-1834 Monroe Co IN, m Susannah Leachman
Sons: Enoch (married Susannah Moyers), George W (no further info), Benjamin Jefferson (married Katharine Russell James)

The most recent three generations are clearly documented. Benjamin had a brother John, born ca 1720, whose son John, ca 1765-1814, married Mary Leachman. DNA evidence is available for a descendant of John and Mary (Leachman) Willoughby.

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Christopher Neil Willoughby:
Richard Willoughby  Birthdate and Place unknown, but probably Ireland.  Married Mary Moore.
Edward M. Willoughby, born May 1855, Tallow, Co. Waterford, Ireland.  Married Mary A Jennings.
Leo Richard Willoughby, born September 15, 1889 in Titusville, PA, USA.  Married Gretchen Leocadia Dubar.
Richard Dubar Willoughby, born April 27, 1918 in Philadelphia, PA, USA.  Married Margaret Jeanette Lawson
Christopher Neil Willoughby, born January 12, 1950 in Rochester, NY, USA.

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