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Author Topic: Geer Family Pedigrees  (Read 23329 times)
Melody Speegle
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« Reply #25 on: March 18, 2008, 07:09:56 PM »

I DAVID GEER  [/b] being weak in body but of sound  mind and perfect memory make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.
I wish all my property of every discription except my waggon and carriage to be ........ ..... and sold and the money arisnig from such sale to be equally divided between my wife Susannah Geer and my two daughters Gilley and Catherine except fifty dollars in cash, which I wish paid to my daughter Catharine over and above  the amount paid to my wife and my daughter Gilley.  The waggon and carriage I give to my son Frederick Geer for the use of himself and my wife and two daughters above ........ ?.  Lastly I haveappoint Anthony Debrill executor to this my last will.  ..........? my hand this the fifteeth day of March 1821.
                                                                                                   DAVID GEER
James Pigg
Dovery?   Smith
Seal of ...................?         April Term 1821
White County
This day the oath of David Geer was suggested where upon Anthony Dibrell one with of said
wish, pro.....? here as .....? Court the last will and testament of the said
David Geer this and what of .........     ...........   ...........
Page 2
An Inventory of the personal property of David Geer deceased ......?   on oath by Anthony Dibrell Executor as April Term 1821.
2 Mares, 2 Colts, 1 Rifle Gun, 2 ..... saddles.   13 bushels corn, 1 womans daddle.  3 feather beds and furniture.  1/2 dozen pewter plates , 4 sheep. ..... Steety ands 1/2 Ddozen earthen plates.  1 Coffee  ......  1 coffee pot, 3 laye pewter dishes.  4 pewter c......? 2 lay
2 iron pots, 1........? 1 hand saw, 1 carving knife, 1 auger,  1 grubbing hoe, 3 .........? hoes,
1 culling box, 1 lock and chain, 3 cow bells,  400 pounds of bacon, 100 pounds lard, 1 meal tub, 1/2 bushels, 2........?  2 tea can ......?, 1 lug ?  1 candle stick, 1 looking glass, 1 funnel , 1 ... ...? 1 .... ...... ...... w.......? 1 iron , 1 crow w........? 1 ........ .........? 1 grind stone,1/2 ......, cups sauers,set of knives and forks, 2 wheels, one pair of ........... cards,
Debts and the estate.  ....... ........ the 1st Jan 1822
36.30  .....  Jno Puluso $12 and on Jon  Aleally? $15 and on ........ of Dentons $2.68 and on  ...... ...... 3.75.  In the hands of ....... $7. cash in hand $8.75.
A. Dibrell dated 1st January 1822.
(Question marks and .... I am not able to read clearly )   Copied from Court
Records of White Co. TN at the Nashville Archives in TN as written.
Melody Speegle
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« Reply #26 on: March 18, 2008, 07:32:01 PM »

Reference  White Co. Court Records TN  1844 July 1

Ranson Geer appointed guardian for Solomon and Samuel Geer the sons of Gilley Geer deceased.  Posted Bond
Clerk William Little

Signed by Ranson Geer


Samuel Usrey

William Morgan

It does not mention the Father of the two minor children.
Steve Roberts
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« Reply #27 on: June 29, 2008, 12:27:04 AM »

   John B. Geer, b. c1796 at NY, d. c1876
   +Fanny Harper, b. c1805 at Ohio or Indiana?, m. 3 Mar 1834 at Vermillion Co., IN, d. c1876
   ├── James H. Geer, b. 16 Feb 1833? at IN, d. 14 Mar 1921 at Limestone Twp., Peoria Co., IL
   │   +Hester Anne Collins
   │   ├── Fannie E. Geer, b. 3 Jan 1864 at KS, d. 14 Sep 1928 at Pekin, IL
   │   └── Nancy Ann Geer, b. 1869 at KS
   ├── Elizabeth Geer, b. 31 Jan 1836 at Clinton, Vermillion Co., IN, d. 29 Apr 1920 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH
   │   +Hezekiah F. Bryant, b. 12 Apr 1832 at KY, m. 24 Aug 1855 at Dallas Co, IA, d. 14 Mar 1889 at St. Andrews Bay, FL
   │   ├── Marion Bryant, b. c1856 at IA, d. 1886
   │   ├── John W. Bryant, b. c1858 at MO
   │   ├── James M. Bryant, b. 22 Dec 1859 at KS, d. 26 Jul 1925 at Porterville, Tulare Co., CA,
   │   ├── Benjamin N. Bryant
   │   ├── William A. Bryant, b. Jan 1867 at Coffey Co., KS, d. 21 Mar 1937
   │   ├── Richard Simeon Bryant, b. 22 Nov 1868 at KS, d. 23 Jan 1916 at New York City, Manhattan Co., NY,
   │   ├── Ida May Bryant
   │   └── (unnamed infant) (--?--)
   ├── Mary Geer, b. c1837 at IN
   ├── Hannah C. Geer, b. c1839 at IN, d. between 1865 and 1888
   │   +R. D. Gray
   │   └── Lovie Sarah J. Gray, b. c1863 at KS
   ├── Nancy Geer, b. c1841
   ├── John R. Geer, b. 24 Dec 1842 at Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN, d. 10 Apr 1936 at Metz, MO
   │   +Fanny Ann Reagan, m. 16 Jun 1867 at Coffee Co., KS
   │   └── Phebe Jane Geer, b. 8 Sep 1871 at KS
   │   +Rebecca Ellen Barton, b. c1843
   │   ├── Rosa Belle Geer, b. 5 Jul 1874 at Howard, Elk Co., KS, d. 23 Dec 1952 at Napa, Napa County, CA
   │   ├── Ida M. Geer, b. 20 Feb 1879 at Howard, Elk Co., KS, d. 2 Dec 1911 at Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO,
   │   └── John Henry Geer, b. 29 Jun 1880
   │   +Rebecca Layboldt, m. 8 Apr 1874 at Wilson Co., KS
   │   +Mary Miller, m. 24 Sep 1885 at Carthage, Japser Co., MO
   │   +Margaret F. Mickens, b. c1861 at IL, m. 25 Sep 1889 at Olathe, Johnson Co., KS, d. c1943 at Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO
   │   └── Jasper William Geer Mickens, b. 23 Feb 1890 at Caney, Montgomery Co., KS, d. Jan 1980 at Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO
   │   +Lula Frances Hughes, b. 27 May 1877 at Ballard, Bates Co., MO, m. 6 Sep 1898 at Ballard, Bates Co., MO, d. 23 Jun 1954 at Nevada, Vernon Co., MO
   │   ├── Ina Edna Geer, b. 30 Aug 1899 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 4 Aug 1988 at Harrisonville, Cass Co., MO
   │   ├── Roy Carnege Geer, b. 6 Nov 1900 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 8 Sep 1918 at Nevada, Vernon Co., MO
   │   ├── George Edward Geer, b. 27 Sep 1902 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 22 Feb 1990
   │   ├── Joseph Geer, b. 23 Apr 1904 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 20 Dec 1971 at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN
   │   ├── Martin Lee Geer, b. 5 Sep 1905 at Bates Co., MO, d. 26 Mar 1993 at Effingham, Effingham Co., IL
   │   ├── Ceasar Geer, b. 23 Mar 1907 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 10 Aug 1958 at Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO
   │   ├── Nellie Mae Geer, b. 5 Jun 1909 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 18 May 2003 at Nevada, Vernon Co., MO
   │   ├── Andrew Geer, b. 23 Feb 1911 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 20 Jun 1911 at Butler, Bates Co., MO
   │   ├── Teddy Paul Geer, b. 30 Nov 1912 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 16 Sep 1914 at Butler, Bates Co., MO,
   │   └── Benjamin Franklin Geer, b. 8 Jul 1916 at Butler, Bates Co., MO, d. 18 Sep 1989 at Nevada, Vernon Co., MO
   ├── Eliza Geer, b. c1843
   └── Benjamin Geer, b. c1843 at IN
       +Lucinda Morehead, b. c 1837 at TN, m. 19 May 1867 at Douglas Co., KS
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« Reply #28 on: June 29, 2008, 07:06:17 PM »

My Great-Grandmother was Minnie Tonkaway Geer b. 1891 in Grayson, Texas & d. 1928 in Handley, Texas. Any info about her anywhere?
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« Reply #29 on: April 10, 2009, 11:54:59 PM »

Your Geer family line descends from John Geer (d. 1769) in Orange Co., NC as follows:

1. John GEER died 2 OCT 1769 of Orange Co., NC. He married MARTHA ABT 1735. She died BEF 7 DEC 1790 in Wake Co., NC.

2. David GEER was born ABT 1745 in North Carolina, and died BET 15 MAR AND 14 APR 1821 in Sparta, White Co., TN. He was buried in Sparta, White Co., TN. He married Susannah MADISON 3 JAN 1770 in Granville Co., NC, daughter of William (or Peyton) MADISON. She was born BEF 1755 in Granville Co., NC, and died ABT 1823 in of Sparta, White Co., TN.

3. Solomon GEER was born DEC 1775 in North Carolina, and died OCT 1851 in Anderson Co., SC. He married Nancy NICHOLS 23 MAY 1798 in Wake Co., NC. She was born BET 1775 AND 1784 in of Pendleton District (now Anderson Co.), SC, and died ABT 1827 in poss. Anderson Co., SC. He secondly married Jane WARNOCK ABT 1810, daughter of John WARNOCK and Eleanor DOWDLE. She was born 4 JAN 1789 in Andserson Co., SC, and died 1865. Solomon & Nancy had

4. John M. GEER was born BET 1807 AND 1808 in Pendleton District (now Anderson Co.), SC, and died in Lamar Co., TX. He married ELIZABETH ABT 1830 in Anderson Co., SC. She was born 1808 in South Carolina.

5. Lorenzo D. GEER was born 1840 in Georgia, and died 23 DEC 1882 in Arlington, Tarrant Co., TX. He married Sarah A. CLUBB 27 FEB 1862 in Red River Co., TX. She was born NOV 1840 in North Carolina.

6. William Carlos GEER was born 26 AUG 1862 in Texas, and died 1932 in Tarrant Co., TX. He was buried in Parkdale Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant Co., GA. He married Ester Ann MARTIN 1887. She was born 24 NOV 1873 in Weatherford, Parker Co., TX, and died 11 JAN 1953 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. She was buried in Parkdale Cemetery, Arlington, Tarrant Co., GA.

7.  William Carlos and Ester Ann Martin had Minnie Tonkaway Geer, Sim William Geer, Ada Geer, Lizabel Geer, Maggie Geer, Robert Martin Geer, Dumont Geer, and Otic D. Geer Sr.
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« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2010, 12:47:43 AM »

Joseph Geer (ID#4) b.1664 Niantic, New London CT. m Susannah Silsby, d.1743 Preston New London, CT
  James Geer (ID#60) b.1715 Preston, New London, CT m.Mary MacKeel, d.1794
    Jonas Geer (ID#193) b.1754, ?Preston, New London CT,  m.Martha Burton b.Vinton Cty, OH
      Earl Percy Geer(IDE#472) b.6/03/1783 Preston CT, m. d.1831, b. Vinton Cty, OH
        Armineas B. Geer (ID# 472-6),b.1816 in OH, m. Polly Holcomb, d.07/18/1882 in OH, b. Geer Cemetery Vinton Cty, OH
          Jonas Geer (ID# 472-6-7) b.05/24/1849 OH, m.Caroline Nunemaker, d.9-2-1933, b. OH
            Dora Dee Geer (ID#472-6-7-2) b 1882, OH, m. William John Norris, d.1945, OH
               Addie "Faye" Norris b. 1903, OH, m. Albert Schumacher, d.1979, OH
                   Theodore Schumacher b.  m. Katherine Kovach, He is still living
                      Shelley Schumacher m. Stephen J. Smith
              John William Norris (1904-1982. mLaura Worth (1905-1982)
              Damon Norris (1907-1959) m. Clarice Kline (1904-1968)
              Oscar Paul Norris b. 1908 in OH, d. 1919 in OH
              Carl Norris b.1911 in OH, m. Gayle Palmer, d. OH
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« Reply #31 on: February 13, 2010, 09:38:45 PM »

I am not 100% positive of this, but this is what I have been told: Does anyone have this information?
George Geer
-Joseph Geer
--James Geer
---Allyn Geer
----Peter Parley Geer
-----Louis Carl Geer
------Albert Edwin Geer (my g g grandfather)
-------Frederick Geer (my g grandfather)
--------Robert Eugene Geer (my grandfather)
---------Robert Lee Geer (my father)
----------Robert Leer Geer Jr. (me)
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« Reply #32 on: April 08, 2010, 03:36:09 PM »

Hey Cousin.  My dad, Jerry Dee, was your dad's brother.  I have been working on collecting information on Fred and Dora's families.  You can reach me at

Dennis Geer (Jerry > Fred > Albert > Lewis > Parley > Allyn > James > Joesph > George)
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« Reply #33 on: November 21, 2010, 07:10:50 PM »

Nathaniel Gear (1732 - 1815) of Orange Co., VA
   -Ransom Gear (c1767 in Orange Co., VA-1862 in Hardin Co., IA) ...m 1802 Mary "Polly" Lamb
     --CARPENTER (CAVENDAR GAER) GEAR, b. October 25, 1809, Casey Co., KY; d. January 27, 1896, Marshall Co., IA. (first known use of GAER name in my family Tree)
      ---ALMARION7 GAER, b. September 12, 1830, Illinois; d. June 1915, Redline, Shelby Co., IA.
        ---- PHILIP MARVIN GAER134,135, b. July 25, 1853, Marshall Co., IA; d. January 1901; m. MARY ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" MCCRARY, February 28, 1878; b. October 1861; d. February 194
          -----LEROY LAWRENCE GAER (b. 07 FEB 1879 Kirkham, Shelby, Iowa) Father Philip Marvin Gaer
             ------Lawrence GAER  (b. 12 Oct 1918, Harlan, Shelby, Iowa, d. 2005 Harlan IA) Father Leory Gaer
              -------Allen Jay Gaer(b Dec 26, 1944, Kirklan, Shelby, Iowa) Father Lawrence Gaer
                 -------Brian James Gaer (b. April 29th, 1971, Redding, California), Father Allen Jay Gaer, Mother Mary Jane Davidson
                    -------Carson Allen Gaer (b. July 20th, 2006, Scottsdale, Arizona), Father Brian James Gaer, MOther Carin Rae Jongsma

Still Living:

Allen Jay Gaer, SC - age
Brian James Gaer, AZ - age 39
Carson Allen Gaer, AZ - age 4

Would love to find something prior to Nathaniel, but all I have is family stories before that, I cannot find any actual documentation.
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« Reply #34 on: May 15, 2012, 09:42:28 PM »

hello, i am doing research on the Degeer family that lived in Michigan. My Gr'Gr' Grandmother was Edith Degeer, the last daughter of Colin Degeer and Eliza (Fuller) Degeer. Gr'GR Grandma Edith was born 2-14- 1856. she married Isaac Phillip Ridley in Sanilac Co MI  4 -16-1871. they had 11 children and my Gr' Grandmother Eliza Jane (Dollie) Ridley was born 7-6-1883. (Dollie) married Henry P Willis (b:9-10-1878) in Michigan. Dollie and Henry had one daughter, my Grandmother Hazel M Willis b: 5-22-1910.i also know that after Colin's Death Eliza Degeer remarried Randall Wixson about 1859.
 i am trying to confirm any knowledge on Edith, her father Colin? who were his parents? if you can help please leave me a message here.
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