Hagan Family Pedigrees

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Personal Pedigree - Frank Hagan [frank AT frankhagan.com]

James Hagan b. c1780 (listed in census for Armstrong CO PA for 1820, but not in 1810.  Area was settled c1806)
Samuel Hagan b 14 FEB 1811 Perry Twp Armstrong CO, PA, d 6 SEP 1851 Farmington Twp, Clarion Co. PA, m. Elizabeth Heasley
Robert William Hagan b: 23 SEP 1847 in Farmington Township, Clarion CO, PA d: 2 JAN 1928 in Mercer County, MO, m. Sarah Taylor
James Stuart Hagan b: 6 OCT 1879 in Mercer County, MO d: 3 FEB 1964 in Mercer County, MO, m. Bessie Mark
Carl Wayne Hagan b: 24 DEC 1916 in Mercer County, MO d: 2 DEC 2003 in Oxnard, CA m. Mina Louise Phillips
Frank Stuart Hagan (Living)

1)John Hagan d. 1806, Barren County, KY

2)John Hagan, lived in Lawrence Co, TN m. Rebecca Wilson

Above, family tradition, but unverified
Below, Certain

3)John Allen Hagan, b.Kentucky 1 Dec 1811, d Mt. Pleasant, TN 22 Jul 1868, m. Mary Ann Bumpass
4)Lewis Nance Hagan, b. 11 Sep 1853, Lawrence Co, TN, d. 21 Dec 1925, Elkmont, Ala., m. Caldonia Dobbins
5) John Alexander Hagan, b. 1 Jul 1873, Giles Co,  d. 23 May 1947, Giles Co, m Malissa Vanilla Jackson
6) Lewis Aubrey Hagan, Sr., b 19 Jul 1896, Giles Co, d Nov 1984, Giles Co, m. Alma Penn Smith
7) Lewis Aubrey Hagan, Jr., b 14 Feb 1918, Giles Co., d. 18 Jun 1980, Giles Co, m. Roberta Hutton Brown
8) Robert Terence Hagan, b 6 Oct 1945, Giles Co, d 18 Sep 2004, San Martin, CA, m. Cynthia Abernathy
9)  Aubrey Hagan (Self) b 1968

Fred Hagan:
1) Francis Hagan b. 1763 Ireland, d. 1825 Maryland, m. Margaret Ramsower
            2) Adam Hagan b. 1791 MD, d. 1855 Maryland, m Cordelia Purdy
               3) John Thomas Hagan b. 1835, MD, d. 1922 Georgia, m. Julia Ann Terres
                  4) Wesley Hagan b 1882 GA, d. 1932 Georgia, m. Margarethe F. Schmidt

H-48  1) Thomas Hagans  d. Edgefield, SC   m. Sarah ??
           2) Edward Hagans,(Sr  ?) 1755-1805 SC? +  1st  Elizabeth ?  1785
            3) Edward Henry Hagins 1782-1866  SC/GA + 2nd  Hearty Porch 
                1795-1866  NC  mrd 1812 GA
              4) Edward  Hagan 1822  GA   m  Gilly Tankersly   
                5) William Carter Hagans  1846  AL + 3d  Moselle Louise Reed
                 6) Charles Ervin Hagan 1912 AL  m. Daina Pearle Corn
                   7) Charles Patrick Hagan (me) 1946 m Mary Nelle Jones
                     8) Michael Patrick Hagan 1973

   1     William Isom Hagan   b: September 09, 1860 Decatur County, GA   m. Sarah Ester Moor Bache   
........   2     Albert Walton Hagan   b: September 07, 1891 Live Oak, Suwannee County, FL    m. Bessie Mina Hunter   
........   2     Marie Eleanor Hagan   1898 -   b: December 13, 1898 Live Oak, Suwannee County, FL   

Trying to link this Hagan with William Hagin who received a land grant for 202.5 acres in Wilkinson County, GA in 1/1/1807 and is listed on the land grant as 'of Pulaski County'. I have this original document, so I am fairly certain that William Hagin is related.

William Isom Hagan had no siblings that I am aware of.

awhagan AT gmail.com (replace AT with @)

Thanks in advance for an assistance!


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