Hardy Family Pedigrees

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Hi, Hardman.  Your pedigree has been posted to the Hartman patriarch page: http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/h/hartman/pats.html


Terrie P.:
Miles Hardy b. c1808 Georgia
Miles Hardy m. Martha Holland, Jackson, Hinds Co., Mississippi September 6, 1830
Miles Hardy d. c1870 possibly Hinds Co., Mississippi
   John Francisco Hardy b. July 9, 1831, Jackson, Hinds Co., Mississippi
   John Francisco Hardy m. Mary L. Cooke June 25, 1857, Carthage, Panola Co., Texas
   John Francisco Hardy d. January 24, 1879, Franklin, Robertson Co., Texas
      Hiram Phillippe Hardy b. October 22, 1858
      Hiram Phillippe Hardy m. Henry Ann Jones July 31, 1883
      Hiram Phillippe Hardy d. January 23, 1958
         Joseph Daniel Hardy b. August 6, 1907 Calvert, Robertson Co., Texas
         Joseph Daniel Hardy m. Mary Ethel Harmon, November 4, 1933 Houston, Texas
         Joseph Daniel Hardy d. September 26, 1953, Fayette Co., Texas

Hi, Terrie.  Your pedigree has been posted:  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/h/hartman/pats.html


Joanne Fox:
Richard Hardy b.1640 England m. Mary Vincent 1694
     Richard Hardy b. 1699 Isle of Wight, VA m. Mary Olive Covington
          William Hardy b. 1722 Isle of Wight, VA m. Mary Elizabeth Winn
               Covinton Hardy b. 1749 Lunenburg Co., VA m. Catherine Buford
                      Charles Hardy b. 1772 Lunenburg Co. m. (1)Dorothy Bruce
                                                                                       (2)Sallie Jordan Green
                           John Covington Hardy b.1798 m. (1)Emeline Eldridge
                                                                               (2)Sarah Anne Boswell
                                 Sarah Anne Bruce Hardy b.1854 m. Fitz Ormon Robertson
                           Sally Green Hardy b.1818 m. William E. Robertson

I am trying to find the correct father of Richard Hardy b. 1640.  Was he brother to Capt. George Hardy?

            (You see double 1st cousins, for John Covington and Sally Green were
                       half brother and sister - both children of Charles Hardy. 
                       F.O. Robertson was son of William. E. Robertson.)   

Hi, Joanne. 

Your pedigree has been posted:  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/hardy/pats



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