Beck Family Pedigrees

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Warren Garrow Beck:
Pedigree for Warren Garrow Beck

Johann Frederick Beck
b: about 1720 in Germany
d: 5 January 1800 or May 1800 in Granville Co, No. Carolina
Michael or Mickel Beck
b: between 1764 and 1766 in Granville Co, No. Carolina
m: about 1786 in Granville Co, No. Carolina
d: after 1810 in Rowen County No. Carolina
James Beck
b: 1789 in Rowen County No. Carolina
m: before 1813 in Tennessee
d: after 1870 in Sullivan County, Missouri
John Wilson Beck
b: 14 July 1828 in Owens County Indiana
m: 30 October 1851 in Owens County Indiana
d: 17 August 1903 in Yakima, Yakima Co., Wash.
James Abner Beck
b: 26 June 1853 in Gosport, Owens Co. Indiana
m: 5 January 1888 in Yakima County, Washington
d: 2 January 1929 in Nile Vly, Yakima Co, Washington
John Denton Beck
b: 10 October 1888 in North Yakima, Yakima Co Wash
m: 4 November 1920 in Yakima, Yakima Co., Wash.
d: 23 May 1962 in Naches, Yakima Co, Washington
Stanley Warren Beck
b: 9 July 1927 in Nile Vly, Yakima Co, Washington
m: 19 August 1946 in Yakima, Yakima Co., Wash.
d: 29 July 1999 in Yakima, Yakima Co., Wash.
Warren Garrow Beck
b: 1 February 1947 in Seattle, King Co. Washington
m: 28 December 1968 in Seattle, King Co. Washington

Edward Beck (1675-1736 PA)
Edward Beck (1709-1774)
Preston Beck (1756-1844)  OHIO
Richard Beck  (1799- ) Columbiana County OHIO
Harmon William Beck (1829-1893) Moved to Warren County Iowa
William Sherman Beck (1866-1939)  Warren County IOWA
John Clinton Beck (1897- 1953) IOWA
Virgle Clinton Beck
Donald Clinton Beck
Don and Jo Beck, Eureka, MO

Submited by: Jerry Gordon

Edward Beck, b 1675, d 1736 PA, m Sarah Buckman
Edward Beck, b 1709 PA, d 1774 VA, m Sarah Ann Preston
Preston Beck, b 1756 PA, d 1844 OH, m Sarah
John Beck, b 1801 VA or NC, d 1866 IN, m Adah Winder
William J. Beck, b 1833 OH, d 1893 IN, m Emeline Brown
Homer Mark Beck, 1871 IN, d 1959 KS, m Estella P. Osborn
Lester William Beck, b 1895 IN, d 1951 CA, m Geraldine June Bradley
Mark C. Beck Gordon b 1925 CO, d 1987 NE
Jerry Gordon

Manuel R. beck:
Submitted by: Manuel R. Beck

I am looking for the name of my 3rd great-grandfather.  I know my father was William Manuel Beck. My grandfather was William Aaron Beck.  My great-grandfather was William Maddison Beck.  My 2nd great-grandfather was John McDuffie Beck. That is as far back as I can find. I would like to know the name and YOB of John's father.  I can't find anything that states that John McDuffie Beck's middle name is McDuffie or McDuffy.  John signed his name as, John M. Beck or John M.D. Beck

John M. or M D, or McDuffie, or McDuffey Beck 1831-1904 m Mariah E. Amerson 1830-1900
William M. or Maddison Beck 1855-1922 m Nancy E. Harris 1854-1927
William Aaron Beck 1887-1968 m to Mary J. Sims 1891-1980
William Manuel Beck 1910-1975 m Johnnie DeEsta Taylor 1921-1965
Searching for the Irish origin of Thomas Beck m. to Margaret, immigrated in 1827 to New Ireland, NB, Canada. (Haplogroup I1)

1. Thomas Beck (~1801-~1871), m. Margaret
    2. John Beck (1838-1903), m. Mary McKinley
        3.  John Edward "Ned" Beck (1871-1935), m. Diane Douthwright
            4.  James Arthur Beck (1899-1981), m. Dorothy Douthwright
               5. Ervin Arnold Beck (1931-2013)

Ervin is my maternal uncle.

Marcel Muise
Blue Hill, ME
Y-DNA E1b1b1, mtDNA U5


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