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Author Topic: Weaver Family Pedigrees  (Read 23927 times)
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« Reply #25 on: February 14, 2008, 07:58:01 PM »

Samuel Weaver b1600 Shopshire England d 1675 Virginia
William Weaver b 1628 Vrginia  d 1678 Vrginia
Samuel Weaver b1650 Virginai,  D 1709 Virginia
Samuel Weaver b 1670 Virginia D 1745 Virginia
Joshua Weaver  b 1716 Virginia d 1790 Ashe County NC
William Weaver   b1750 Virginia d 1836 Ashe County NC
Joshua Weaver b  1785 Ashe County NC, d 1858 Ashe County NC
Eli Weaver b 1819 Virginia D 1875 Watauga  County NC
John Weaver b1858 Ashe County NC d 1913 Ashe County NC
Squire Elzie Weaver b 1903 watauga  County NC  d 1995 Watauga County N. cC
Roy Weaver b 1940 Watauga County  still living
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« Reply #26 on: February 15, 2008, 12:18:31 PM »

Carl Weber b c1725 Schonbronn, Wurttemberg
   Georg Phillip Weber b 1756 Schonbroon, Wurttemberg, d. 1807 Liemersbach,   Wurttemberg
        Friedrich Karl Weber b 1798 Liemersbach, Wurttemberg, d 1839 Liemersbach
             John Jacob Weber/ Weaver, b. 1837 Liemersbach, Wurttemberg, last heard of US Civil War, 1863
                 Joseph Henry Weaver, b. Nov. 1861, Orange Co, NY or Quebec, Canada, d 1923 Newburgh, NY
                      George Grant Weaver, b. March, 1888, Newburgh, NY, d 1956
                                    Joseph Grant Weaver, b. Feb., 1913, Newburgh, NY, d 1995

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« Reply #27 on: February 22, 2008, 06:06:47 PM »

1.  Edward Parrish m. Clara Judwyn
2.  Edward Parrish m. Mary Roberts 1670
3.  Edward Parrish m. Rachel Harwood 1722
4..  William Parrish d. 20 Sept 1790 n, Elizabeth Perkins 08 Feb 1765
5.  Thomas Eldridge Parrish b. 9 Jan 1723 Charles City, Goochland Co., VA
       d. 1793 Brunswick, VA  m. Mary Edwards
6.  Abraham Lincoln Parish b. 1767 Goochland Co., Charles City, VA, d. 1863 Monroe Co.
     near Bloomington, IN m. Eleanor Yager
7.  Abraham Parrish b. 1807 Nelson Co., KY d. 1879 Knox Co. Mo., buried in Pleasant     
     Ridge Cemetery, m. Anna Evans 17 Jul 1823 in Nelson Co., KY m. Sunsan Snelling
     Linville 1850 in MO
8.  William Stevens Parrish b. 25 Dec. 1837, Decator Co., IN, d. 8 Nov 1918, Steptoe,       m. Sarah Elizabeth Funk in Knox Co., MO 21 Feb. 1860, m. Elizabeth Keller Armstrong 10 
     Apr, 1878 Knox, MO, m. Amy Katherine Gorman 27 Dec. 1881 in Knox Co., MO
9.  Milton Parish, Sr. b. 23 Nov 1873, in Edina, MO d. 19 May 1952 at Ruleton, KS
     m. Lila Loretta Rice 8 Feb 1909 in Edina, MO
10.  Milton Parish, Jr. b. 17 Jul 1916 Goodland KS d. 29 Jan 2007 Goodland KS,                m.Bertha    May Adams 16 Jul 1938 in Goodland, KS
11. Janice Lynn Parish b. 28 Jul 1940 m. Joseph Scanlon 5 Dec 1981.
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« Reply #28 on: February 23, 2008, 11:11:09 AM »

Does anyone have a pedigree that runs until current? The latest that I saw one end was in the 70's
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« Reply #29 on: September 26, 2008, 06:07:11 PM »

Joshua Weaver               b. 1716  VA       d. 1790 NC
William Weaver               b. 1750  VA       d. 1836 NC
Joshua Weaver               b. 1785  NC       d. 1867 VA
Elihu Weaver                   b. 1817 NC        d. 1886 NC
Ambrose Weaver             b. 1849 NC        d. 1910 NC
James Bethel Weaver      b. 1878 NC        d. 1949 VA
Ambrose Lee Weaver       b. 1905 VA        d. 1964 VA
Robert Lee Weaver           b. 1954 VA        Still here
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« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2009, 01:32:12 PM »

John Weaver m. Ann(?)
  Frederick Weaver m. Elizabeth (?)
    Raleigh Peyton Weaver (b. 1770-1780) m. Sarah (Ody) Middleton (b. 1780)
      Thomas Pinkney Weaver (b. 1821 South Carolina) m. Margaret Ann Deavors (b. 1826 - Itawamba County, MS)
        Thomas Pinkney Weaver, Jr., M.D. (b. 1860 Smithville, MS) m. Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Inzer (b. 1865 Itawamba County, MS)
          John Inzer Weaver (b. 1902, De Leon, Texas) m. Eula Mae McIver (b. 1907)
            John Mack Weaver (b. 1931, De Leon, Texas) m. Ellen Ann Bush
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« Reply #31 on: June 23, 2010, 02:22:25 PM »

From an email sent by JL Weaver [shamokinroots AT]:

Pedigree for Robert A. Weaver kit #156293


Fredrick WEAVER I b. circa 1803, Germany (Prussia); res. Saucon Twp., Northampton Co., PA; m. Sophia -- JudyLynn Weaver (proxy) [shamokinroots AT]   

= Fredrick A. WEAVER II b. 1830 Germany or Northampton Co., PA; res. Berrysburg, Dauphin Co., PA; 1m. Caroline CONRAD, 2m. Catherine Anna HELFRICH   

= = Harry Helfrich WEAVER b. 1861 Washington Twp., Dauphin Co.; m. Josephine SCHRAM or SHRUM   

= = = Scott Arnold WEAVER b. 1899 Elizabethville, Dauphin Co.; bur. Shamokin, Northumberland Co., PA

Ted Weaver
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« Reply #32 on: August 02, 2010, 08:04:11 AM »

Researched by: Ted Bryan Weaver (ted.b.weaver at
Michael Weaver b: 18 Aug 1782  PA m: Maria C. Spessard  d: 17 Nov 1875 near Indianola, IL
John Weaver b: 15 Jun 1807  KY m: Mary Baum d: 12 Nov 1865 in MO
Charles Weaver b. 16 Mar 1832 Indianola, IL m: Sarah Jane  Esty d: 28 July 1905 in Emporia KS
Harry Allen Weaver b: 28 Apr 1885 Emporia, KS m: Nobie L Sparks d: 16 July 1948 in Los Angeles, CA
Roland Allen Weaver b:1 Jan1911  Emporia, KS m: Evelyn Audrey Pyke    d: 21 Jul 1988 in Lake Havasu, CA
Herbert Harry Weaver b: 5 Mar 1945 Long Beach, CA m: Carol Lynn Carter d: 14 Apr 1995 in Boise Idaho

ted.b.weaver at
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« Reply #33 on: August 09, 2010, 03:05:21 PM »

From an email sent by Carl A. Weaver Jr. [o1av8r AT]:

Earliest known ancestor for this line:

Alexander M. Weaver, b. 1791 Philadelphia PA

            Spouse: Mary Amanda (Unknown), b. 1793 Philadelphia PA

Henry Weaver, b. 1821 Philadelphia PA

            Spouse: Anna Mary Nagle, b. Abt 1824 Philadelphia PA

George Augustus Weaver, b. 15 Jan 1852, Philadelphia PA

            Spouse: Margaretta Veldran, b. 10 Oct 1851, New Jersey

William Edwin George Weaver, b. 1 May 1880

            Spouse: Anna Evelyn Bartsch, b. 4 Sep 1878, Brooklyn NY

Carl Augusta Weaver, Sr., b. 27 Aug 1908, Brooklyn NY

            Spouse: Ruth Virginia Schovner, b. 5 Oct 1912, Buffalo NY

(me) Carl Augusta Weaver, Jr., b. 3 May 1936

Kit # N89916
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« Reply #34 on: June 30, 2011, 10:28:59 AM »

Pedigree for Paul George WEAVER #87909

 Carl WEBER b: in Schonbronn, Wurttemberg, Germany
.....  + Magdalena BUHLER b:  Hutten, Wurttemberg, Germany
...........   Georg Phillip WEBER b: 07 Feb 1756 Schonbronn, Wurttemberg, Germany, d: 11 Dec  1807  Liemersbach, Württemberg, Germany
...........  + Elizabeth Cathara SAURWALD b: 07 Jan 1756  Liemersbach, Württemberg, Germany, m:  23 Apr 1782, d: 06 Jun 1822  Liemersbach, Württemberg, Germany
.................  Friedrich Karl WEBER b: 02 Dec 1798  Liemersbach, Württemberg, Germany, d: 27 Mar  1839  Liemersbach, Württemberg, Germany
.................  + Eva Rosa MULLER b: 05 Oct 1799  Eschenstruet, Wurttemburg, Germany, m: 22 Jun  1825  Sulzbach, Württemberg, Germany, d: 20 Feb 1868  Liemersbach, Württemberg,  Germany
.......................   John Jacob WEAVER b: 11 Mar 1837  Liemersbach, Württemberg, Germany, d: c. 22 Jul 1863  US Civil War
.......................  + Mary BROWN b: Abt. 1830  Ireland, m: 09 Oct 1858 Campbell Hall, Orange Co. NY, d: 06 Nov 1893  Newburgh, NY
.............................   Joseph Henry WEAVER b: 11 Nov 1861  Terrebonne, QC, Canada or Orange  Co, NY, d: 05 May 1923  Newburgh, NY
.............................  + Cathere Eliza Josephe GRANT b: 23 Jan 1863  Williamstown, ON, Can.,  m: 27 Jan 1887  Williamstown, Canada, d: 09 Feb 1898  Newburgh, NY
...................................    George Grant WEAVER b: 31 Mar 1888  Newburgh, NY, d: 26 Jun 1956   Newburgh, NY
...................................   + Eva Hunt WALL b: 24 Apr 1889  Bury, Lanc, England, m: 11 May 1911   Cohoes, Albany Co., NY, d: 04 Oct 1982  Newburgh, NY
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« Reply #35 on: August 22, 2011, 04:08:47 PM »

From an email sent by Dick Weaver [csam AT]:

Kit 170082
John Hannas, ? , Switzerland, ?
  George, ? , Lancaster Co. PA in 1923/Switzerland, ?
    George, 1723 , PA, ?
      Johannas Adam Weaver, 1746, PA, Marie Elizabeth Bassler
        Adam nee Philip Weaver, 1771, Lebanon Co. PA, Anna Marie Stover
          Philip Weaver, 1794, Haines Twp. Centre Co. PA, Elizabeth Smith
            Daniel E. Weaver, 1823, Stark Co. OH, Rebecca Renninger
              Joseph C. Weaver, 1862, Coventry Twp. Summit Co. OH, Jennie
                Clyde Hulbert Weaver, 1886, Akron Summit Co. OH, Jennie 
                      Crocker, nee Brown
          Clyde Richard Weaver, 1920, Akron Summit Co. OH, Dorothy
               Mae Crum
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« Reply #36 on: January 01, 2012, 11:31:58 PM »

JOHN C.1 WEAVER was born January 18, 1813 in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, and died April 27, 1899 in Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri.  He married (1) BARBARA SWITZER January 16, 1840 in Richland Co., Ohio - Rev. S.B. Leiter, daughter of FREDERICK SWITZER and BARBARA STUKEY.  She was born May 30, 1818 in Lucas Fairfield, Richland Co., Ohio, and died October 09, 1859 in Noble Co., Indiana.  He married (2) NANCY FRETZ March 1862 in Noble County, Indiana, daughter of GEORGE FRETZ and MARY STRICKLER.  She was born March 30, 1834 in Tuscarawas, Ohio, and died July 13, 1925 in Adair Co., Missouri.


                i.    MARY JANE2 WEAVER, b. January 1842, Richland Co., Ohio; d. January 24, 1911, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.

               ii.    WILLIAM SHANNON WEAVER, b. October 08, 1843, Richland Co., Ohio; d. August 13, 1932, St. Joseph County, Indiana.

              iii.    FREDERICK S. WEAVER, b. August 18, 1845, Lucas, Richland Co., Ohio; d. Cook County, Illinois (?).

              iv.    JOHN Y. WEAVER, b. July 22, 1846, Richland Co., OH; d. December 24, 1894, Allen Co., Indiana.

                v.    ELIZABETH A. WEAVER, b. Bet. 1849 - 1850, Indiana.

              vi.    MARIAH J. WEAVER, b. June 1853, Indiana.

             vii.    JAMES K. WEAVER, b. July 1855, Indiana; d. Aft. April 1930.

Children of JOHN WEAVER and NANCY FRETZ are:

               viii.    SAMUEL W.2 WEAVER, b. August 23, 1863, Noble County, Indiana; d. April 17, 1926, Fulton, Callaway Co,  Missouri.

               ix.    JOSEPH C. WEAVER, b. April 16, 1865, Noble County, Indiana; d. July 09, 1931, Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri.

                x.    HATTIE LEONAH WEAVER, b. November 03, 1868, Kendallville, Indiana; d. February 26, 1957, Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri.

             xi.    OLLIE D. WEAVER, b. June 20, 1870, Missouri; d. Aft. 1957.

.            xii.    ELLA M. WEAVER, b. January 05, 1873, Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri; d. October 15, 1956, Lebanon, Laclede Co., Missouri.

2.  MARY JANE2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born January 1842 in Richland Co., Ohio, and died January 24, 1911 in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.  She married JOHN YANT July 16, 1865 in Noble County, Indiana, son of VALENTIN YANT.  He was born October 1845 in Ohio, and died 1916.

Children of MARY WEAVER and JOHN YANT are:

              i.    LAURA L.3 YANT, b. February 1869, Indiana.

             ii.    BESS M.YANT, b. December 1875, Indiana; d. Bef. 1930, Illinois.

3.  WILLIAM SHANNON2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born October 08, 1843 in Richland Co., Ohio, and died August 13, 1932 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  He married (1) ANNETTA D. INGERSOLL December 27, 1871 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., Indiana, daughter of PHILO INGERSOLL and MARIA M..  She was born 1852 in Michigan, and died Abt. 1880 in Indiana.  He married (2) JULIA A. CONOVER November 07, 1891 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  She was born February 05, 1856 in New York, and died July 06, 1915 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., Indiana.


              i.    ALBERT M.3 WEAVER, b. September 1874, Indiana.

               ii.    EDWARD E. WEAVER, b. February 1875, Indiana; m. (1) LUCY GANDY; b. December 1874, Indiana; m. (2) MABEL L. MATTINGLY; b. Abt. 1877, Indiana.

                 iii.    WILLIAM S. WEAVER, b. May 05, 1880, Indiana.

            iv.    CLEMENT INGERSOLL WEAVER, b. May 05, 1880, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana; d. January 22, 1953, South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.

4.  FREDERICK S.2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born August 18, 1845 in Lucas, Richland Co., Ohio, and died in Cook County, Illinois (?).  He married ELSIE E. WEIR May 14, 1874 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., Indiana, daughter of JOHN WEIR and MINERVA HANNUM.  She was born February 02, 1857 in Minerva County, Ohio, and died Aft. June 1910 in CA.


                   i.    ANNA M.3 WEAVER, b. September 14, 1875, South Bend, Indiana.

                  ii.    WALTER MERRITT WEAVER, b. February 26, 1880, South Bend, Indiana; d. August 25, 1943, San Francisco, CA; m. CATHRYN; b. Abt. 1886.

                 iii.    BLANCHE L. WEAVER, b. March 20, 1883, South Bend, Indiana; m. DOYLE.

5.  JOHN Y.2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born July 22, 1846 in Richland Co., OH, and died December 24, 1894 in Allen Co., Indiana.  He married ELLEN W. SHONS October 15, 1867 in Noble County, Indiana, daughter of JACOB SHONS and ELIZABETH GILBERT.  She was born March 03, 1844 in Ohio, and died May 24, 1932 in Adams Twp., Hartzell Rd., Allen Co., Indiana.

Children of JOHN WEAVER and ELLEN SHONS are:

               i.    SADIE (SARAH)3 WEAVER, b. 1868, Indiana; d. Aft. 1932; m. MARTIN VAN BOYLE, December 07, 1915, Allen Co., Indiana; b. October 03, 1867.
              ii.    NOAH ELROY WEAVER, b. Abt. 1871, Indiana; d. 1931.
              iii.    WILSON WEAVER, b. August 03, 1872, Indiana; d. April 04, 1891, Allen Co., Indiana.

            iv.    WILLIAM E. WEAVER, b. April 25, 1875, Allen County, Indiana; d. April 23, 1958, New Haven, IN.

             v.    ARTHUR CHARLES WEAVER, b. March 24, 1877, La Otto, Noble Co., Indiana; d. August 24, 1964, Hermansville, Menominee Co.,  MI.

              vi.    BURTON ELMER WEAVER, b. July 30, 1879, La Otto, Indiana; d. June 27, 1949, Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., Indiana; m. EMMA RUTH, Abt. 1903; b. Abt. 1884, Indiana.

             vii.    MYRTLE WEAVER, b. July 30, 1879, Indiana; m. CHARLES A. CLARK.
             viii.    ICY MAY WEAVER, b. Abt. 1882; d. February 11, 1895, Allen Co., Indiana.
             ix.    EVA CAPTOLIA WEAVER, b. June 29, 1883, Walen,  Allen Co., Indiana; d. July 21, 1972, Fort Wayne, IN.
              x.    MILDRED MAY WEAVER, b. April 25, 1885, Perry, Allen Co., Indiana; d. August 1964.

              xi.    RICHARD WEAVER, b. Abt. 1886.

6.  MARIAH J.2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born June 1853 in Indiana.  She married FRANK S. PERKINS 1877.  He was born September 16, 1855 in Indiana.

              i.    EDWARD3 E.PERKINS, b. October 1877, Indiana.

              ii.    HOWARD L. PERKINS, b. May 1879, Indiana.

            iii.    CHESTER A. PERKINS, b. January 03, 1881, Indiana.

             iv.    HARVERY H. PERKINS, b. December 1882, Indiana.

7.  JAMES K.2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born July 1855 in Indiana, and died Aft. April 1930.  He married CLARA SIEFER July 19, 1891 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  She was born December 1871 in Indiana, and died Aft. April 1930.

Children of JAMES WEAVER and CLARA SIEFER are:

                   i.    MAUDE M.3 WEAVER, b. January 1892, Indiana.

                  ii.    ARTHUR J. WEAVER, b. August 1897, Indiana; d. Bef. 1920.

                 iii.    GENEVIEVE R. WEAVER, b. Abt. 1908, Indiana.

8.  JOSEPH C.2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born April 16, 1865 in Noble County, Indiana, and died July 09, 1931 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri.  He married STELLA HULL CHANEY October 11, 1893 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri, daughter of MARION CHANEY and NETTIE COWELL.  She was born March 03, 1872 in Macon County, Missouri, and died November 1950 in Pasadena, Calif..


              i.    NELLIE3 WEAVER, b. December 01, 1894; d. December 28, 1894.

             ii.    BENJAMIN T. WEAVER, b. February 17, 1896, Adair County, Missouri; d. June 22, 1966, Denver, CO.

            iii.    JOHN BRYAN WEAVER, b. May 15, 1900, Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri; d. October 1937, Rochester, New York.

            iv.    ALMA GRACE WEAVER, b. June 10, 1905; m. E. VAN NORMAN BROOKS, June 06, 1925, Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri; b. Abt. 1897, Missouri.

             v.    ANNIE BELL WEAVER, b. October 31, 1910; d. March 04, 1916, Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri.

9.  HATTIE LEONAH2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born November 03, 1868 in Kendallville, Indiana, and died February 26, 1957 in Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri.  She married ALBERT FRANKLIN GRASSLE December 15, 1896 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri, son of FREDERICK GRASSLE and SUSAN HOOVER.  He was born September 15, 1858 in Winesburg, Holmes, Ohio, and died February 27, 1937 in Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri.


              i.    LEONAH BELL3 GRASSLE, b. February 10, 1898.

             ii.    ALBERT E. GRASSLE, b. October 31, 1900; d. August 18, 1953, Auburn, New York.

            iii.    HERBERT LEROY GRASSLE, b. November 29, 1902; d. January 28, 1959, Macon County, Missouri.

            iv.    NANCY SUSAN GRASSLE, b. January 14, 1908, Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri; d. October 20, 1986, Kirksville Twp., Adair Co., Missouri.

10.  OLLIE D.2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born June 20, 1870 in Missouri, and died Aft. 1957.  She married DR. GEORGE ELGIN. PREWITT September 20, 1894 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri, son of GEORGE PREWITT and MARY.  He was born August 1863 in Missouri, and died Bet. 1920 - 1930.


                   i.    ROBERT CHANDLER3 PREWITT, b. June 10, 1895.

                  ii.    GEORGE ELGIN PREWITT, JR., b. August 12, 1900; d. October 1957, Missouri.

                 iii.    ELLA I. PREWITT, b. October 1898; m. THEODORE F. HARVEY, July 12, 1930, Wellsville, Montgomery, Missouri; b. Abt. 1899.

11.  ELLA M.2 WEAVER (JOHN C.1) was born January 05, 1873 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri, and died October 15, 1956 in Lebanon, Laclede Co., Missouri.  She married FRANK L. DAVIS December 12, 1906 in Hawk Point, Lincoln, Missouri.  He was born Abt. 1864 in Missouri.

Children of ELLA WEAVER and FRANK DAVIS are:

                   i.    VERA O.3 DAVIS, b. Abt. 1908, Missouri.

                  ii.    ALICE I. DAVIS, b. Abt. 1910, Missouri.

                 iii.    FRANCES L. DAVIS, b. Abt. 1913, Missouri.

12.  BESS3 M.YANT (MARY JANE2 WEAVER, JOHN C.1) was born December 1875 in Indiana, and died Bef. 1930 in Illinois.  She married ANDREW H. MCDOUGAL November 29, 1905 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, son of GEORGE MCDOUGAL and SARAH FERGUSON.  He was born Abt. 1877 in Michigan, and died in Illinois.

Children of BESS M.YANT and ANDREW MCDOUGAL are:
                   i.    MARION4 MCDOUGAL, b. Abt. 1912, Illinois.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH A. MCDOUGAL, b. August 10, 1908, Illinois; d. December 1983, Green Valley, Pima, Arizona; m. WILLIAM R. RIGGS; b. June 24, 1909, Missouri; d. June 10, 1988, Arizona.

13.  ALBERT M.3 WEAVER (WILLIAM SHANNON2, JOHN C.1) was born September 1874 in Indiana.  He married (1) SYLVIA H. DULLER.  She was born Abt. 1876 in Iowa.  He married (2) GLENDORA HECK October 29, 1895 in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  She was born August 1874 in Indiana, and died November 30, 1907 in South Bend, St. Josephh, Indiana.


                   i.    WILLIAM MERRIL4 WEAVER, b. May 1897, Indiana.

                  ii.    ALBERT C. WEAVER, b. Abt. 1907, Illinois.

14.  CLEMENT INGERSOLL3 WEAVER (WILLIAM SHANNON2, JOHN C.1) was born May 05, 1880 in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana, and died January 22, 1953 in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.  He married (2) SELINA MARIE BERNIER June 30, 1906 in St. Rose Church, Kankakee, Illinois, daughter of OLIVER BERNIER and AGNES SAVOIE.  She was born April 19, 1884 in Kankakee, Illinois, and died December 18, 1940 in South Bend, St. Joseph, Indiana.


              i.    AGNES JULIA4 WEAVER, b. February 21, 1908, Hammond, Indiana; d. April 09, 1999, Mishawaka, St. Joseph Cty, IN.

15.  NOAH ELROY3 WEAVER (JOHN Y.2, JOHN C.1) was born Abt. 1871 in Indiana, and died 1931.  He married EMMA F. SHILLING October 31, 1906 in Allen Co., Indiana, daughter of ELIZABETH.  She was born June 22, 1870 in Indiana, and died 1942.


              i.    LUCILLE4 WEAVER, b. Abt. 1910.

16.  WILLIAM E.3 WEAVER (JOHN Y.2, JOHN C.1) was born April 25, 1875 in Allen County, Indiana, and died April 23, 1958 in New Haven, IN.  He married MARY C. June 17, 1893 in Allen Co., Indiana.  She was born Abt. 1878 in Ohio.
Children of WILLIAM WEAVER and MARY C. are:

                   i.    CLIFFORD4 WEAVER, b. Abt. 1896, Indiana.

                  ii.    CLYDE WEAVER, b. Abt. 1898, Indiana.

17.  ARTHUR CHARLES3 WEAVER (JOHN Y.2, JOHN C.1) was born March 24, 1877 in La Otto, Noble Co., Indiana, and died August 24, 1964 in Hermansville, Menominee Co.,  MI.  He married (1) MARGUERITE DIEHL, daughter of ARTHUR C. DIEHL.  She was born Abt. 1885 in Indiana.  He married (2) ETHEL LOVINA LEDGER April 25, 1916 in Trenary, Alger County,  MI, daughter of EDWARD LEDGER and CARRIE BESEAU.  She was born August 03, 1893 in Pittsfield, Brown Co.,  WI, and died May 18, 1946 in Hermansville, Menominee Co.,  MI.


              i.    HARRY R.4 WEAVER, b. October 15, 1904, Indiana; d. September 1980, Melrose Park, Cook Co., Illinois.


             ii.    HOWARD EDWIN4 WEAVER, b. October 06, 1916, Manistique, MI; d. March 30, 1990, Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan.

            iii.    EARL PAUL WEAVER, b. June 30, 1918, Manistique, Schoolcraft Co., MI; d. September 28, 1966, Chicago, IL.

            iv.    GWENDOLYN HELENA WEAVER, b. March 27, 1923, Manistique, MI; d. June 01, 1990, Manistique, Michigan.

             v.    JOHN ELROY WEAVER, b. March 08, 1927, Hermansville, MI; d. December 07, 1999, San Francisco, CA.

            vi.    CARRIE MARIE WEAVER, b. February 19, 1929, Hermansville, MI; d. December 18, 2011, Pinecrest Medical Center, Spalding, MI.

            vii.    ANNE MARIE WEAVER, b. 1930, Hermansville, MI.d. 1930.


CathyC. Kit #227338
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« Reply #37 on: February 24, 2012, 04:12:36 PM »

From an email sent by Roy Weaver [royweaver75 AT]:

THis is my family line...I am Roy Weaver living in Swindon England
Cunedda Ap Edern
Casner ap WLEDIG 500
Llary ap CASNER 530
Rhun ap LLARY 570
Bywdeg ap RHUN 600
Bywry ap BYWDEG 630
Gwineu ap BYWRY 670
Teaon ap GWINEU 700
Tegonwy ap TEON 700
Caenog ap TEGONWY 766
Corf ap CAENOG 800
Ceideo ap CORF 830
Lles Llawddeog ap CEIDIO 855
Gwynnog Farfysch ap LLES
Gwynnan ap GWYNNOG 900
Gwaithfoed ap GWYNNAN 920
Gwerstan ap GWAITHFOED
Cynfyn ap GWERYSTAN 978
Bleddyn ap CYNFYN killed 1073 Founder Powys
Cadwgon ap Bleddyn    slain 1111     king
Gruffudd ap Cadwgan 1087 Presteigne
Maredydd Goch ap GRUFFYDD 1120 Presteigne
Maredydd Vychan ap MAREEDYDD 1148 Presteigne
Llewelyn ap Mredydd Vychan 1185 Hywel ap Llewelyn
Hywel Vychan  Ap Llewelyn 1210-1243 To Sara le Sore  1214  1312
Prince madoc ap hywell ap vychan b 1225– d 1251 Llanwinio Miss Weaver 1231
Ieuan madoc ap hywell-Wever b 1252– d1272 Eva verch Trevor de Bohun 1273-1303
Humphrey de Bohun Wever b 1265 Shropshire d 1303 Married Joyce Verch Jenkin 1299 1273-1303
Walter Weaver b 1303 d 1338 at 25 1365 ?
Walter Weaver b 1334 Presteigne Married Joane de Bohun 1320-1375
Thomas Weaver b 1365 Presteigne Married Margaret Wynsham 1380 Shropshire d 1388
Walter Weaver 1388 Herefordshire d 1413 to Maud Burghill 1392
Thomas Weaver 1413-1503 Herefordshire to Anne Delabere1440    1427-1509
John Weaver b 1440 d 1479 Herefordshire Married 1471 Jane Appleby 1452-1494
Jenkin Weaver b 1473 Married Herefordshire 1496 Marguerite Nanton 1509 Herefordshire
Griffith Weaver b 1506 Herefordshire d 1533 Presteigne Married to Ellen Sadler 1529   1510– 1568
John Weaver b 1530– Herefordshire married 1558 Presteigne Radnorshire Married Alice Anton d 1578 Ch.Thomas1560 John1558 George 1562 James 1564 Jane 1566 Anne 1568 Catherine 1570
Thomas Weaver b 1560 Presteigne – d 10 Mar 1605 died in Glastonbury Married Margaret Adams 1562-1586
Clement Weaver b 1592 Glastonbury ye elder emigrated founder of Rhode Island 1630 at 70yrs d 1663 73yrs  Married Rebecca Holbrook  Mainly Baptists
Sergeant II Clement Weaver b 11 Dec 1625 Glastonbury Somerset must have travelled aged 5 ? d 1683 58yrs Newport Rhode Island Married Mary Freeborn aged 28 from Staffordshire!
Captain Clement Weaver b 1647 – d 1691 44yrs Rhode Island Married unknown 1668 at 21 then Rachael Andrew 6 may 1678 31 yrs Newport Count RI
William Weaver b 1670 d 22 May 1718 48 yrs East Greenwich Rhode Island Married Elizabeth Harris 17 Dec  1693  1672-1748 d 24 Sept
Joseph Weaver b 1698— d 1780 82yrs and  Mary Matteson Shropshire born?
Thomas Weaver 2 May b 1743  3 march d 1835 92 yrs Hereford Married Ann Lawrence 3 July Worcestershire
George Weaver b 1787 in Worthen Shropshire d 1875 lived in Asterley Shropshire the Fallibroome with Richard 88yrs Buried Chorlton Manchester
John Weaver b1821 Asterley Shropshire lived Biddulph d 1879 his Brother Richard Weaver Evangelist book Life of R Weaver
John Weaver b Chester b 1843 -lived 7 Station Street Macclesfield d 1912
Abraham Weaver b 1878 Macclesfield lived Great Moor Stockport Cheshire-d 1961
Harry Weaver b 1909 Stockport Cheshire –d 1972
Roy Weaver b 1938 Stockport Cheshire lived Swindon  ME
Calvin Scott Weaver b 1969  Manchester    My SON
David Weaver
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« Reply #38 on: February 26, 2012, 11:24:31 AM »

kit number is 229691

Submitted by David Weaver (

Earliest known ancestor for this line:

Henry Weaver, b. 16 Sep 1811, Middletown Valley, Frederick Co., Maryland

  Spouse:  Catherine Butler, b. 20 Feb 1822, Pennsylvania

William Henry Weaver, b. 8 Sep 1863, Leitersburg, Washington County, Maryland

  Spouse: Ellen McCoy, b. 2 Dec 1865, Funkstown, Washington County, Maryland

Roger William Weaver, b. 28 Dec 1889, Funkstown, Washington County, Maryland

  Spouse: Sara Grace Jolliffe, b. 12 Aug 1900, Mannington, Marion County, West Virginia

George William Weaver, b. 12 Aug 1924, Morgantown, Monongalia County, West Virginia

  Spouse:  living

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« Reply #39 on: February 27, 2012, 12:32:56 PM »

Hi, David.

Your pedigree has been posted:

Thanks so much for providing it!

William Weaver
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« Reply #40 on: September 23, 2012, 02:18:13 AM »

Here is my pedigree:

Kit# 240436 [WilliamWeaver500 AT]
Clement Weaver b.1590 Glastonbury, Eng, m.Rebecca Holbrook
Clement Weaver b.1620 Glastonbury, Eng, m.Mary Freeborn
Clement Weaver b.1647 Newport, RI, m.Rachel Andrews
William Weaver b.1671 Newport, RI, m.Elizabeth Harris
William Weaver b.1695 East  Greenwich, RI, m.Alice LNU
Peter Weaver b.1723 East Greenwich, RI, m.Anstress Spink
Richard Weaver b.1751 East Greenwich, RI, m.Judith Ann Reynolds
Josiah Weaver b.1785 Clarendon, VT, m.Harriet Sisco
William M. Weaver b.1818 Warrensburg, NY, m.Abigail Combs
James Lewis Weaver b.1861 Warrensburg, NY, m.Mary Ameila Burdick

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« Reply #41 on: September 23, 2012, 03:24:26 PM »

Hi William,

I have posted your pedigree. You may view it at

(After November 15, 2012, pedigrees of project members must be submitted by email to in order to be posted on the Patriarch Page.)

Best Regards,
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« Reply #42 on: December 05, 2013, 09:40:58 PM »

I'm looking for families of mr. Walter (Kermit) Weaver, he was born on 17-nov-1911 Alabama.
According to records he died september 1977. He might have lived in new york and was also a seamen. visited Aruba and was married to a great aunt of mine he left and never heard again of him. pls any information is welcome.
My name is Rosa Maria Arends. Does my name say anything to anyone who knew walter? pls get in contact.
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