Cummings Family Pedigrees

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John Cummins, b. Jun 1814, VT; m. Louisa Brooks, 31 Dec 1837, Medina, OH; six children b. Kenosha county, WI 1840-1850
James Cummins b. 1840, WI, d. 1900 Waseca county, MN.
Charles Cummins b. 1865, Waseca county, MN
James Lee Cummins b. 1893, Waseca county, MN
Charles Lee Cummins b. 1917, Waseca county, MN
Charles Ralph Cummins b. 1947, Blue Earth county, MN

From an email sent by Lauretta Cummings Kehoe [Mkehoe1 AT]:

Here is a short version of my pedigree for the Cummings family.  I have documented proof enough from Moses Cummings to be accepted into the Daughters of the American Revolution and circumstantial evidence to link back to William.  I am looking for anyone who has documentation that William Cummings is indeed the son of Nicholas Comins Jr.  I have found no such documentation.


Nicholas Comins (1602-1655) and Eleanore (Ellen) Ellesmere

-Nicholas Comins, Jr. (unknown), m. Elizabeth Hooper

--William Cummings (1656 -1691) m. Ann (last name unknown)

---Alexander Cummings (1677-1739) m. Sarah Mattoone

----Moses Cummings (1712-1785) m. Winifred Lattimore

-----Asa Cummings (1746-1816) (wife unknown)

------Asa Cummings Jr. (1785-1855) m. Nancy Howerton

-------Presley Cummings (1816-1865) m. Mahala Cummings

--------James Knox Polk Cummings (1844-1911) m. Emily Marie Bushnell

---------Peter Selden Cummings (1876-1947) m. Anna Florence Williford

----------Troy Addison Cummings (1925-1989) m. Barbara Schiemann

Willard M. Cummings:
Willard Milo Cummings b. 02-04-1935
Imon E. Cummings b. 04-10-1905 Nevada, Arkansas, M. Joy Marie Luker
Thomas E. Cummings b. 02-18-1870 Nevada, Ark. m. Eliza Jane Wicker
James B. Cummings b. 1839 Hempstead, Ark. m. Harriet M. McMahan
Jefferson Cummings b. 1812 Ark. Missouri Terr. m. Anne Ward
John H. Cummings b. 1790 South Carolina M. Elizabeth Hatcher
John Cummings b. 1763 South Carolina M. Eleanor Helen Thompson

1. James B. Cummings: b. 13 Oct. 1772, Craven Co., NC - d. 9 June 1857 Louiana, Randolph Co., AL. Married Nancy Bates ca. 1800 Wilkes Co., GA. 9 children.
2. John Wesley Cummings, Sr: b. 20 Dec. 1805 Putnam Co., GA - d. 8 May 1880 Wedowee, Randolph Co., AL. Married Elizabeth Narcissus Griffin 1846 Wedowee,
John and Elizabeth's daughter Haley married Ivey Cornelius Whaley and they had 4 children.
One of those children was Dee Witt Whaley who was my grandfather.

From an email sent by Linda Cummings [l.cummings AT]:

Gideon Cummins   B:  1795 NC      D:  1832 ?
Margaret               B:  1795 NC      D:  1850 GA

Their son:
James Thomas Cummings, Sr.   B:  1830 GA   D:  1909 GA
Frances Harget                          B:  1834 GA   D:  1910 GA

Their son:
Wiliam Flynn Cummings            B:  1861 GA   D:  1941 AL
Maggie Saloma Godwin            B:  1870 AL   D:  1945 GA

Their son:
Bryan Cummings                     B:  1897 AL   D:  1967 KY
Thelma Warren Cubbedge      B:  1897 GA   D:  1987 KY

Their son:
William Bryan Cummings      B:  1924 KY   D:  2011 TX
Susan Virgina Burns              B:  1924 KY   D:  1965 OH

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