BURTON Family Pedigrees

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Mary Inez Turpin born 1943
Lona Elizabeth Turpin born 1910 died 2003
Rachel Levisa Rosetta Adeline Burton born 18 Feb 1875 died 13 Apr 1929
John Marion Burton born 1 Sep 1847 died 13 Feb 1922
James Jeremiah Jaret (Jerry) Burton born Apr 1814 died 9 Jan 1902 or 7 May 1903 Rabun County, Georgia
I am the gr gr grandaughter of James Jeremiah Jaret (Jerry) Burton married to Edy Ramey; parents of John Marion Burton (my gr grandfather) my email is mimlam@nu-z.net

Mary Inez Turpin 1943
John Claud Turpin 12 Jun 1904 died 10 Apr 1990
Huldah Kansas Burrell born 11 Feb 1866 died 15 Dec 1924
Bright Russell Burrell born 4 Jan 1831 died Aug 1905
Mark Burrell born 22 Oct 1806 died 24 Sep 1879
Phoebe Pruitt born 1775 died 1829
Elizabeth Bright born 1746 died  ?
Tobias Bright born abt 1724 died in Spartanburg County, SC his father was Charles Burton born 4 May 1734 who was married to Mary (Polly)  Hunt; Tobias Bright  stated in Court records he was never owned, never a slave, but was the son of Charles Burton; he was a deacon in a church in Roebuck, SC which was a white church. He kept the Bright name, don't know who his mother was, if anyone does, please contact mimlam@nu-z.net; I am a direct decendant of Charles Burton.

1. Richard Burton (B: abt.1586 in New Castle, London, Middlesexshire, England - D: 10 Nov, 1660 in Virginia, USA) -m- Katherine Christian (B: abt.1580 in Henrico, VA, USA - D: 1646 in VA, USA)

2. John Burton (B: unknown in Longfield, Henrico, VA, USA - D: 1 Apr, 1690 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA) -m- Rachel Hutchins (B: abt.1635 in Henrico, VA, USA - D: abt.1656 in Henrico, VA, USA)

3. Robert Burton (B: unknown in Longfield, Henrico, VA, USA - D: abt.1724 in Henrico, VA, USA) -m- Mary Nowell (B: abt.1665 in Charles City, VA, USA  - D: abt.1727 in Henrico, VA, USA)

4. Nowell Burton (B: abt.1692 in Henrico, VA, USA - D: 13 Oct., 1766 in Mecklenburg, VA, USA) -m- Judith Allen (B: abt.1694 in Wallen, New Kent, VA, USA - D: abt.1766 in Mecklenburg, VA, USA)

5. Hutchins Burton (B: 25 Sept., 1723 in Cumberland, VA, USA - D: 12 Oct., 1767 in Boydton, Mecklenburg, VA, USA) -m- Tabitha Minge (B: abt.1720 in Charles City, Charles, VA, USA - D: abt.1767 in Mecklenburg, VA, USA)

6. John Burton (B: unkown in Mecklenburg, VA, USA - D: unkown in Hurricane, Putnam, WV, USA) -m- Sarah Webb (B: unknown in Montgomery, WV, USA - D: unknown in Hurricane, Putnam, WV, USA)

7. John Annis Burton (B: 02 April, 1818 in Montgomery County, WV, USA - D: 29 Feb., 1896 in Hurricane, Putnam, WV, USA) -m- Elizabeth Hannah Roberts (B: 03 Sept., 1824 in Cabell County, WV, USA - D: 30 Sept., 1896 in Hurricane, Putnam, WV, USA)

8. William Samuel Burton (B: abt.1851 in Hurricane, Putnam, WV, USA - D: 10 Nov., 1934 in Prichard, Butler Dist. , Wayne County, WV, USA) -m- Sarah Hasseltine Reynolds (B: abt.1848 in Greenbriar, WV, USA - D: abt.1899 in Hurricane, Putnam, WV, USA)

9. Evermont Reynolds Burton (B: 18 March, 1869 in WV - D: 15 Nov., 1950 in Franklin, Ohio, USA) -m- Florence H. Beckett (B: 29 March, 1879 in Hurricane, Cabell, WV, USA - D: 16 May, 1946 in Columbus, Fairfield, OH, USA)

10. Hugh Clarence Burton (B: 18 Dec., 1898 in WV, USA - D: 23 Jan., 1964 in Columbus, Franklin, OH, USA) -m- Gladys Anita Parks (B: 25 May, 1906 in Louisville, Jefferson County, KY, USA - D: 2 March, 1923 in Point Pleasant, Mason County, WV, USA)

11. George Reynolds Burton (B: 01 April, 1922 in Redhouse, WV, USA - D: 28 Aug., 2000 in Princeton, Collen, TX, USA) -m- Peggy Lou Thomas (B: 24 Feb., 1924 in Georges Run, Jefferson, OH, USA - D: 29 June, 2003 in Columbus, Franklin, OH, USA)

12. George Keith Burton, Sr. (B: 07 June, 1943 in Monterey, Monterey, CA, USA) -m- Diana Ellen Snyder (B: 21 Aug., 1946 in Columbus, Franklin, OH, USA)

13. Angela Marie Burton, Laura Ellen Burton, George Keith Burton, Jr., (me)Gabriella Aileen Burton

Quote from: BURTONAdmin on January 26, 2005, 01:50:28 PM

We ask you to post your "Pedigree" on the Burton Family Project Patriarch page.? Simply click "Reply" and type in your family information, then click "Post".?

1. You can provide either your personal ancestry or your general family information.? Terry's are listed below as a reference.
2. Your info is meant to provide enough so that another researcher can recognise your family and contact you. This is not a place to list all you know.
3. Keep to one line per generation.? Abbreviate and leave off unnecessary date (married date & place, death date & place)
4. You can include the surname or leave it out, just be consistent
5. Only include generations that have your family surname
6. Please keep the information simple and don't try to "Format" it, as that will only make more work for us
7. Please provide your name and email address, so that other researchers can contact you

PERSONAL ANCESTRY (one generation per line, 100 letters maximum per line)

Personal Pedigree - Terry Barton [terry AT bartonsite.org]

Thomas, purchased land, Stafford Co VA, 1678
Thomas, b c1666,? m Grace
Thomas, d 1751/2, Prince William Co VA
David, b c1730, Stafford Co VA, m Ruth Oldham
Thomas, b 15 May 1768, Fauquier Co VA, m Sarah Kees
Conway Oldham, b 20 Aug 1805, prob Greenville Dist SC, m Martha John Cox
John Matilda, b 1839/40, ?Columbus? MS, m Emily Cassandra Sneed
Joseph James, b 6 Nov 1865, Milam Co TX m Mary Jane Harlan
John (Jack) Sneed, b 24 Feb 1897, Bartonsite TX, m Josephine Cresap Waddell

FAMILY ANCESTRY (limit to 5 generations, one generation per line, 100 letters maximum per line)

Family Pedigree - Terry Barton [terry AT bartonsite.org]

Thomas Barton, purchased land, Stafford Co VA, 1678
? ?Thomas Barton, b c1666,? m Grace
? ? ? Thomas Barton, d 1751/2, Prince William Co VA
? ? ? ? ?David Barton, b c1730, Stafford Co VA, m Ruth Oldham
? ? ? ? ?Thomas Barton Sr, b c1732, m? Sarah Wilson
? ? ? ? ?John Barton, m Rhoda/Rhody
? ? ? Valentine Barton, b. c1703/6, m Ann Bivin
? ? ? ? ?Charles Barton, b c1721
? ? ? Burr Barton, b c1704/8, m Elizabeth
? ? ? James Barton, b c1711
? ? ? William Barton, b c1712/31
? ? ? Lydia Barton, b c1716/18, m Benjamin Drummond

Please use these abbreviations:
b = birth date
m = married
d = death date
Co = County
VA = Virginia (GA for Georgia, CA for California, etc.)
c1820 = circa (around) 1820

Click "Reply" to post your pedigree? ?


Allen Burton b. ? d. Dec 1807, Edgefield, SC m. Mary ?
Beverly Burton b. c 1797 Ga. d. 1870  Edgefield Cty, SC m. 1814 Frances (Fanny) Forrest
George W. Burton b. 1829  d. 1887 m. Sarah Rebecca Thomas (Timmerman); Mary Ann Street - Edgefield, SC
James Forrest Burton, Sr. b. 1879 d. 1938 m. 1905 Annegell Talbert, Edgefield, SC
James Forrest Burton, Jr. b. 1914 Edgefield, SC d. 1996 Moncks Corner, SC m. 1941 Jennie Morgan
Annegell Burton McCants, b. 1945 (Augusta, Ga)  (1st cousin Jim/James, son of John, DNA tested)

Note that names Edgefield/Ninety-Six District and Granville sometimes apply to the same location.  Allen, and later Beverly owned property on the Savannah River near present day Augusta, Ga.


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