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Author Topic: Merritt Family Pedigrees  (Read 20875 times)
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« Reply #25 on: September 20, 2009, 10:30:48 PM »

Here is my pedigree going back to Edward Merritt:

EDWARD Merritt - Born: 1724(?) / Wife: ?
children: JOHN, Sarah, James, William, Thomas, Joel, Obadiah, Joseph
JOHN Merritt - Born: 1754 (Essex, VA) / Wife: Lydia Moore
children: John Jr, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Charles, Edward, Lydia, William, JAMES, Sally
JAMES Merritt - Born 1782 (Stokes County, NC) / Wife: Nancy Rouse
children: Sally, GEORGE, John, James, Edward, Elizabth, Sarah, Charles
GEORGE Merritt - Born: 1811 (Boone County, KY) / Wife: Elizabeth Scott
children: SAMUEL Swift, Sarah, Perren, James, Manervia, Martha, Elizabeth, James Parris, Edward, George Marion, Mary Emily
SAMUEL Swift Merritt - Born: 1838 (HC ?, IN) / Wife: Emma Naylor
children: Perron, Archibald James, Emma Jane, Sarah Ellen, Charles Augustus, SAMUEL Alonzo, George William, Elizabeth Diana, Levi Edward, Delila May, Gertrude Alice, Edna Eveline, Martha Vinnie
SAMUEL Alonzo Merritt - Born: 1866 (SLC, UT) / Wife: Mary Alice Miles
children: SAMUEL Harvey, Ida Irene, Jasper Guy, Benjamin Franklin, Maude Mildred, Mary Iecevinda, Emma Delilah, Adrin Alonzo, Martha Mahulda, Claude Leroy, Jessie Martin
SAMUEL Harvey Merritt - Born 1866 (Peoa, UT) / Wife; Carol Bullard
children: Clinton, HARVEY Ned, Other names withheld
HARVEY Ned Merritt - Born: 1918 (Bedford, WY) / Wife: Rhea Hokanson
children: Children Names Withheld

I have withheld names for my relatives who are still alive in respect to them.  

Mike: It looks like a DNA test might prove useful to get some DNA info going for Edward after reading some of your other posts on the internet.  I will see if I can get one done in the next couple months. Any info that anyone has on Edward and who his parents/wife might be would be appreciated.
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Mark A. Merritt
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« Reply #26 on: October 24, 2009, 12:25:22 AM »

Saw your plea on GenForum for Merritts out of Cecil/Kent Counties, MD.  Here you are:

{Updated 4 Oct 2014}
Email: mark.a.merritt AT
GEDmatch # M434883
Registered @

MERRITT, Samuell 1687 d.1723 m. Phoebe Millward
MERRITT, Lovering b.1716/17 Kent Co., MD d.1777 m. ca. 1741 Martha Davis
MERRITT, Samuel b.1737 Kent Co., MD d.1777 m. ca. 1757 Sarah Miller
MERRITT, Samuel b. ca 1758 Kent Co., MD d.1847 m. 1799 Anna Maria Thomas
MERRITT, Arthur Miller b.1802 Kent Co., MD d.1848 m.1826 Julianna Stewart
MERRITT, James Alfred b.1843 Kent Co., MD d.1901 m2. 1869 Emma Henrietta Wickes
MERRITT, James Alfred b.1885 Baltimore Co., MD d.1929 m3. 1921 Leah Rose Bassett
MERRITT, Ralph Wickes b.1925 El Paso Co., CO d.2011 m.1945 Ethel Elaine Bush
MERRITT, Mark A. (myself)

Family lore and some genealogies suggest a link with the Cecil County Merritts (Thomas Merritt b. ca. 1628 England, who m. Elizabeth and had a son named William - these Merritts were of St. Stephens Parish), but while I have no doubt the families knew of each other, I have no primary evidence of such a link.
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Sam Merritt
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« Reply #27 on: December 30, 2009, 10:28:46 PM »

Pedigree for Samuel Merritt,

John Sherwood Merritt, b c 1780, unknown, m Sarah

Miles Matison Merritt, b 08 Apr 1809, York Co SC, m Elizabeth Tines Adkins

Joseph Marion Merritt, b 05 Jan 1842, Henry Co GA, m Elizabeth Jane Adams

Henry Hugh Merritt, b 15 May 1870, Claiborne Parrish LA, m Alice Ribelin

Elmer Merritt, b 01 Mar 1901, prob Garland Co AR, m Blanche Warren

Samuel Merritt

Todd Merritt
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« Reply #28 on: March 30, 2010, 09:34:40 AM »

Here’s my pedigree, with the latest three generations including mine omitted due to privacy concerns/born after 1910.  Most of this information came from two family burial plots located in Cypress Hills Cemetary, Queens/Brooklyn, NY.  There is also much ancillary info (brothers, sisters, other descendants) available from these plots.  I believe we are descended from the Thomas Merritt/Rye NY line, and here‘s why: Two brothers, Joseph and George Merritt (along with other siblings) are listed in “The Revised Merritt Record”, page 85, and no further info was known about them thereafter, see page 104.  I believe that Joseph from my pedigree is the same as the one listed in “The Record”:  our ancestor Joseph  was interred in our family plot on 2/18/1894, aged 58 yrs, 11 mos., 6 days, which puts his d/o/b around March 6-10, 1836, I believe the George Merritt listed on pg 85 in the “Record“, his brother, is also buried in our family plot (a George Merritt was interred 12/24/1907, aged 73 yrs, which made him b circa 1833-1834).  These dates seem to match the assumed dates in “The Record“, but I’m awaiting the DNA results…12 marker expected 4/9/10, 25 and 37 marker expected 4/23/10.

Pedigree for Todd Alan Merritt Kit 164994 toddmerrit AT

 Joseph V. Merritt, b 1835, NY, d. 1894 m Catherine, b 1832, d 1902

George C. Merritt, b 1871, NY, d 1932, interred 6/5/1932 m Margaret V. Irish, b 1870 d 1904, m2 Alice Ward

Wesley  G. Merritt, b 3/1900, New York, d 1961 m Edwina Brewer b 1907, d 2/5/1976
Bill Arnold
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« Reply #29 on: April 27, 2010, 05:11:04 PM »

My Merritt Pedigree  -  My Name:  Bill Arnold <>
                                    My Grandfather:  Leonard Cicero Merritt

Capt. Robert Merritt, bc 1725-30, d bef 1804, Sampson Co, NC, wife unknown
David Merritt, bc 1760-67 Duplin Co, NC, d aft 1840 Baker Co, GA, wife unknown
Jacob Merritt, bc 1800-10 Sampson Co, NC, d aft 1840 GA/AL, m Civil d 24 Feb 1864
Francis Marion Merritt, b 12 Sep 1836 Baker Co GA, d 13 Aug 1909 Henry Co AL, m
    28 Nov 1872 Minerva L. Kirkland b 4 Aug 1854 d 12 Jul 1938 Henry Co AL
Leonard Cicero Merritt, b 31 Dec 1875 Henry Co AL, d 19 Feb 1955 Ft Gaines GA, m
    17 Jul  1898 Mary Ella Owens b 13 Nov 1881 d 10 Dec 1954 Abbeville AL
My Uncle > Edward Merritt b 18 Sep 1901 Henry Co AL, d 1976 Henry Co AL, m
    Carrie Herring d Mar 1965 Dothan AL
His Son > Edward Merritt, Jr., d Jun 2009 Tallahassee FL
His Son > Mickey Merritt, Chattahoochie FL, Kit No. 173416
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« Reply #30 on: May 04, 2012, 12:18:43 PM »

Great-great grand daughter of George Merritt, Stephanie Bour

*George Merritt b. 1849, VA, d.1913, MI. m. Matilda K. Beck  
George W. Merritt b. 09/1890, MI, d. 04/1968, CA. m. Louie M. Dunk

*Possibly of American Indian ancestry.
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« Reply #31 on: May 05, 2012, 01:10:44 PM »

Captain Israel J. Merritt Whitestone New York
Hamilton Merritt
Israel J.(9)Merritt
Flora Merritt
Rosalind Merritt Pauly
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« Reply #32 on: January 11, 2013, 11:58:54 AM »

Joseph Mattison Merritt (1822-1/6/1888) m. Emilia Emily Beeco.  Anderson, SC
Marion W. Merritt (12/1853-8/1923) 2nd m. Martha "Carrie" Smith.  Anderson, SC
Abraham P. Merritt (4/1902-10/1947) m. Zoe E. Oates. Anderson, SC

Joseph Mattison Merritt was son of Lucy (daughter of Obadiah Merritt 1770-1860).  There is lost history on Lucy as to exact birth/deaths/husband(s).  NEED HELP
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« Reply #33 on: February 02, 2013, 06:21:38 PM »

Merritt, James b. 1828 Bury, Lancashire, England m. Betsy Taylor
Joseph b. 11 Sept. 1857, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England m. Mary Hutchfield
John Thomas b. March 1879 Bury, Lancashire, England m. Mary Ann Ryder
Joseph b. 7 Oct 1902 Brooklyn, Kings, NY m. Johanna Etzkorn
Joseph L. b. Mar 1930 Brooklyn, Kings, NY d. 2011 m. C.M. Urso

see for more names and photos

Ellen Fritz Merritt
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« Reply #34 on: September 16, 2014, 08:11:53 PM »

From an email:
Bruce Merritt
- John R. Merritt, b. 1824, TN m. Nancy Jane Musick
  - Samuel Alexander Merritt, b. 1855, KY  m. Polly Ann Ross
    - Ephraim Merritt, b. 1878, WV  m. Flora Blanche Miller
      - Ephraim Merritt, Jr., b. 1916, CO  m. Edna McNulty
        - Bruce Merritt, b. 1946, CA  m. Linda J. Price
          - Douglas Merritt, b. 1969, CA
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« Reply #35 on: January 13, 2016, 10:01:30 PM »

William Marriott
b. 1791 LONG CLAWSON, Leicestershire England
m. Anne Swain Oct 17, 1814 LONG CLAWSON
d. between 1846 - 1851,  LONG CLAWSON (approx.)
  John Marriott
        b. 1817 LONG CLAWSON
        m. Jane Hubbard Dec 31, 1838, SOMEBY, Leicestershire England
         i. 1851 immigrated to East Flamboro, Ontario, CANADA (now called Aldershot)
         d. Nov 22, 1886, East Flamboro, Ontario, CANADA
            Charles Marriott
                 b. April 12, 1840, LONG CLAWSON
                 d. ?? LONG CLAWSON

             Mary Marriott
                 b. May 25, 1844 LONG CLAWSON
                 i. 1851 immigrated to East Flamboro, Ontario, CANADA (now called Aldershot)
                 m. Oct 14, 1864, Nelson Alonzo Bowen, East Flamboro Ontario, Canada
                 d. Sept 10, 1924, East Flamboro Ontario Canada

             Thomas John Marriott
                 b. June 5 1846 LONG CLAWSON
                 i. 1851 immigrated to East Flamboro, Ontario, CANADA (now called Aldershot)
                m. Ester Jane Webster, Shediac New Brunswick, Canada
                d. April 16, 1925, Hamilton Ontario Canada

                             John Ross Marriott
                                 b. Dec 24, 1873, Shediac New Brunswick Canada
                                 m. Jan 25, 1899 Francsis Elizabeth Mahoney, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                 d. Feb 22, 1931 Hamilton Ontario Canada

                             Nelson A. Marriott
                                 b. Feb 11 1873, Shediac New Brunswick, Canada
                                 d. Nov 15, 1873, Shediac New Brunswick, Canada

                             Mable Jane Marriott
                                  b. Feb 1, 1878, Shediac New Brunswick, Canada
                                  m. June 7, 1904, Thomas Charles Turner, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                  d. 1957 Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                              Albert Thomas Henry Turner
                                                   b. July 13 ,1905, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                   m. Sept 7, 1929 Myrtle Irene Smith, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                   d. Aug 15, 1985, Hamilton Ontario Canada

                                                                 Warren Thomas Turner
                                                                      b. March 13, 1938, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                                      m. May 28, 1960, Audrey Anne Ellis, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                                       d. living

                                                                                   Douglas Turner (living)
                                                                                   David Turner (living)
                                                                                   Julie Turner (living)

                                                                   William Albert Turner
                                                                        b. May 26, 1945, Hamilton Ontaro Canada
                                                                        m. #1 Gail Goodbrand, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                                        m. #2 Deborah Bryer, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                                        m. #3 Judy Hill, Dundas Ontario Canada
                                                                        d. living

                                               Isabelle Lillian Turner
                                                   b. Feb 21, 1907 Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                   m.#1 Oct 1, 1926, King Simpson, Brant Ontario Canada
                                                   m. #2 ?? James Gilmore, location unknown
                                                   d. May 11, 1987, Hamilton Ontario Canada

                                               Thomas R. Turner
                                                    b. Aug 22, 1910, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                                    m. ?? Hilda Murray
                                                    d. Dec 24, 1990, Logan UT, USA

                              Annie Maria Marriott
                                  b. Nov 18, 1882 East Flamboro Ontario
                                  d. April 1, 1884 East Flamboro Ontario

                              Nancy (Lizzie) Marriott
                                   b. July 10, 1885, East Flamboro Ontario Canada
                                   m. March 25, 1907, George Richy/Rechie
                                   d. ?? Hamilton Insane Aslyum, Hamilton Ontario Canada

                               Albert Gordon Marriott
                                   b. Aug 20, 1891, East Flamboro Ontario Canada
                                   m. May 25, 1912, Sarah Ellen King, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                   d. (after 1938) Hamilton Ontario Canada

                               Baby Boy Marriott
                                    b. May 18, 1893 Hamilton Ontario Canada
                                    d. May 18, 1893 Hamilton Ontario Canada

             William Marriott
                 b. Oct 14, 1848, LONG CLAWSON
                 i. 1851 immigrated to East Flamboro, Ontario, CANADA (now called Aldershot)
                m. April 10, 1871, Ellen Taylor, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                d. June 6, 1886, Hamilton Ontario Canada

            James Marriott
                b. Sept 23, 1850, LONG CLAWSON
                i. 1851 immigrated to East Flamboro, Ontario, CANADA (now called Aldershot)
                m. July 20, 1874, Ester Yake, East Flamboro Ontario Canada
                d. Feb 1, 1919, Jarvis Inlet British Columbia Canada

             Anna Marie Marriott
                 b. 1854, East Flamboro Ontario Canada
                 m. Dec 25, 1872, William George Mapplebeck, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                 d. March 4, 1876

             Jane/Jenny Marriott
                  b. Nov 5, 1856, East Flamboro Ontario Canada
                  m. Dec 5, 1882, Thomas Lees, East Flamoro Ontario Canada
                  d. Sept 23, 1934, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada

              Markham Marriott
                  b. April 22, 1862, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                  m. Jan 13, 1885, Jeanette (Nettie) Case, Hamilton Ontario Canada
                  d. (post 1940) Hamilton, Ontario Canada

CONTACT - jturner AT jne DOT ca

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