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Author Topic: Carson Family Pedigrees  (Read 44500 times)
Stephanie Carson Feldman
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1302 ancestors for my boy!

« Reply #50 on: January 11, 2009, 01:45:00 PM »

Everyone to this point should be updated on the Patriarch page.  Thanks for posting your pedigree!

A certified genealogy nut!  :)
Carlene Guthier
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« Reply #51 on: March 13, 2009, 09:40:59 PM »

Shadrach Carson b. c1805 TN m. Mary (Polly) Turner
       Robert B.Carson b. 1828, Haywood Co., NC; m1 Mary P. Luallen; m2 Eliza
                                                                                                        (Potts) Fuller
         Martha A. Carson b. 1850 Walker Co., GA
    Hannah Elizabeth Carson b. 1854  Walker Co., GA m. John W. Carrol
    Shadrach Milo Carson b. 1856 TN m. Madeline Breeden
       John Anderson Carson b. 1878 AR
       William R. Carson b. 1883 AR
       Thomas E. Carson b. 1887 AR
     Francis Carson b. 1861 GA m. Martha J. Ross
    Robert Anderson Carson b. 1865 GA m. Sarah F. Kelner
    Charles Carson b. 1867 GA m Mary Crisp
       Henry M. Carson b. 1889 AR
       Walter Sidney Carson b. 09 Mar 1890 AR
       Harvey Edward Carson b. 17 Mar 1892 IT
       Ray Carson b. 1899 IT
       Roy Carson b. 1899 IT
       Charles W. Carson b. 1903 OK
         Mary Alice Carson b. 1875 AR m. Simon Sutton
    Joseph Harvey Carson b. 1877 AR m. Alzina White
       Thomas Harvey A. Carson b. 1899 AR
       Henry Clyde Carson b. 1901 IT
       Charles A. Carson b. 1904 AR
       Etta A. Carson b. 1907 AR
       Ollie Carson b. 1911 AR
       Robert William Carson b.1913 AR d. 2008
        Samuel M. Carson b. 1831 Haywood Co., NC
        John Shadrach Carson b. 1843 Haywood Co., NC m. Margaret "Mary" Lucinda
    Archibald L. Carson b. 1866 Fannin Co., GA m. Martha Jane Davenport
       Lavada Carson b. Dec 1893 Fannin Co., GA
       John Carson b. Sep 1896 Fannin Co., GA
       Lucinda Carson b. Mar 1898 Fannin Co., GA
       Estelle Carson b. 1901 Fannin Co., GA
       William Bennett Carson b. 1903 Fannin Co., GA
       George Carson b. 1909 Fannin Co., GA
    John Carson b. 1869 Fannin Co., GA
       Nancy L. Carson b. 1835, NC; m1 Ezekiel Shaddox (II), m2 Wm. H. Ward,
                                                                                              m3 David Smith
       Martha Carson b. c1836 Haywood Co., NC
       Sarah Angeline Carson b. 1837, NC; m1 Daniel J. Murdock, m2 Joseph
                                                                                              W. Howard
       Adeline Carson b. 1837, Haywood Co., NC
       James Carson b. 1840 Haywood Co., NC
       Jane Carson b. 1841 Walker Co., GA
       Joseph C. Carson b. 1845 Walker Co., GA m. Ann Eliza Bridgeman
    Mary Jane Carson b. 1865 Walker Co., GA
    James H. Carson b. 1867 Walker Co., GA m. Orpha Jane Chandler
       Hubert Carson b. 1895 AR   
       Chloe Carson b. 1897 AR
       James Carson b. 1899 AR
          Hannah Carson b. 1871 Walker Co., GA
          Horace Carson b. 1872 Walker Co., GA m. Viola B. Briggs
                Georgia Carson b. 1879 Walker Co., GA m. George G. Greer
       Margaret Carson b. 1848 Walker Co., GA
       Adelaide Harriet Carson b. 1850 Polk Co., TN
       William Carson b. 1852 Polk Co., TN

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« Reply #52 on: April 09, 2009, 01:14:47 PM »

John Carson b. 1717 m. Ann Dixon d. 1762 Bedford Co. VA
  Elizabeth b. 1742 m. James Patterson
  Ezekiel b. 1744
  Isabella b. 1745/6 m. David Beard
  John b. 08 Nov. 1748 Bedford Co. VA m. ???? Palmer
    John C. b. c.1770 m. Elizabeth Wilson d. c. 1808 Campbell Co. VA
        Mary "Polly"
        Jane b. May 1792 m. Overstreet Doss d. 04 March 1824 VA
        Elizabeth b. 1805 m. Benjamin Owen d. 1884
        Matthew Joseph b. c. 1807 m. Elizabeth Watson d. Feb. 1832 Campbell Co. VA
        James W. b. 6 Jan. 1806 m. Sarah "Sallie" Watson d.19 Jun. 1880 Appom Co Va
           William Albert b. 1827 m. Cynthia Thomas d. 04 Oct 1871 Appomattox Co. VA
           Elizabeth Ann b. 1829 m. Will Stratton d. 02 Jan 1910 Appomattox Co. VA
           John James b. 1831 m Elizabeth Stratton d. 1917 Appomattox Co. VA
           Sarah Jane b. 1838 d. 1860
           Joseph Watson b.12 March 1840 m. Catherine Elizabeth Davidson d. 08 May
             1914 Appomattox Co. VA
                 Carey Egbert b. 07 Aug. 1867 m. Irene Chick d. 02 Jul 1938 App. Co. VA
                        Catherine b. 1895 m. Thomas Christian d. 1980 Covington, VA
                        Annie b. 1897 m. Lyle Caldwell d. 1958 Lynchburg, VA
                        Elsie Madison b. 17 Feb 1900 m. Robert Hall Thornhill Jr. d. 22
                            April 1985 Elkton, MD
                           Martha Watkins m. Thomas McVetty d. 6 Oct 1986 Royal
                             Oak, MI
                                 Linda Jean m. Neil Stutz
                                    Thomas McVetty Stutz 1983- 1994
                                     Matthew Robert
                                 Carol Anne m Douglas Harris
                                  Janet Fay m. Peter Steinmetz
                            Elsie Thornhill m. Floyd Weidman
                        Mary Irene b. 1902 m David Cawthorne d. 1986 St. Petersburg FL
                        Lina Davis  b. 1904 d. 1929 Appomattox Co. VA
                        Myrtle Carey b. 1907 d. 1907 Appomattox Co. VA 
                        Eugene Watson b. 1910 m Ruth Glenn d. 1982 VA
                        Carey Egbert Jr. b. 1913 m. Anna Marie Shifflett d. 1993 VA                 
                 Jesse Davidson b. 1870 d. 1946  Appomattox Co. VA
                 William Watson b. 1871 m. Lula Taylor d. 1917 Appomattox Co. VA
                 Walter Osborne b. 1874 m. Hattie Cheatham d. 1963  App. Co. VA
                 Hubert Thornhill b. 1878 d. after 1930 Western St. Hosp. Staunton VA
                 James Palmer b. 1884 m. Mary Lou Chick d. 1967 Campbell Co. VA
                 Martha Paulina b. 1887 d. 1966 Appomattox Co. VA
           Lucinda Agnes b. 1841 m. Nicholas Owen d. 1897 Appomattox Co. VA
           Mathew Wilson b. 1846 m. Frances Woolfolk d. 1920 VA
           Mary Jane "Dixie" b. 1847 d. 1898  Appomattox Co. VA
           Benjamin Palmer b. 1850 d. 1900 Appomattox Co. VA
    James d. in SC
    Thomas  Evington, VA
  Mary "Polly" b. 1749/50 m.Alexander Dobbins d.1834
  Ann b. 1753 m. Joseph Dickson
  Susan b. 1755 m. William Porter d. 1830 Butler Co. Kentucky
  Sarah b. 1757
  Thomas b. 1760 m. (1) Anne Porter (2) Mary Burgher d. 1840

Stephanie Carson Feldman
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Posts: 80

1302 ancestors for my boy!

« Reply #53 on: May 11, 2009, 11:02:24 AM »

Carlene and Linda,
I've added both of your pedigrees.
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A certified genealogy nut!  :)
Wayne Carson
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« Reply #54 on: August 15, 2009, 08:44:49 AM »

Pedigree for Robert Wayne Carson - Kit 157407

James Carson     -     b. ??  ??
m. Honor Prudence Biggs
     William Stewart Carson     -    b. 1758 Rowan County N.C.
     m. Rachel Blair
          James Carson     -     b. 1794 Rowan County N.C.
          m. Lucinda Dalton
               John Dalton Carson     -    b. 26 May 1826 Sumner County TN
               m. Nancy Casandra Johnson
                    Kit Carson     -     b. 5 December 1855 Wilson County TN
                    m. Betty M. Rye
                         Ernest Leslie Carson     -    b. 16 May 1890 Wilson County TN
                         m. Daisy Brooks McIntire
                              James Robert Carson     -     b. 26 January 1924 Wilson County TN
                              m. Flora Ellen Lavender
                                   Robert Wayne Carson     -      b. 5 August 1954 Lebanon, TN
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« Reply #55 on: May 03, 2010, 11:14:22 PM »

Carson, Joseph C.   b. abt 1863 Mississippi; m. unknown abt 1885; m. Annie abt
                                  1895; m.   johanna abt 1910
      Carson, Joseph B. b. Texas abt 1902;   did prison time in Oklahoma abt 1930
                   Oran Carl  b. Texas abt 1905; lived in Beckham County, OK
                   Fred          b. Oklahoma abt 1912; lived with his sister, Gladys Wilkes,
                                         in OK 1930
                   James G.    b. Oklahoma abt 1917
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« Reply #56 on: May 01, 2011, 10:32:21 AM »

Isaac Wells Carson b.9-11-1801, NC or SC d. 1832, Clinton, IN
m.9-5-1829, IN to Maria Andrews b.7-31-1804, OH

William Green Carson b. 1829, IN d. 11-10-1906, IL
m.Feb. 1854, IN to Martha Jane Bales b. 8-27-1834, IN

Caleb Wells Carson b. 12-18-1859, IL d. 8-1915, KS
m. Martha "Mattie" Congleton b.8-24-1859, KY

Frank Lee Carson b. 6-23-1890, KS d. 3-4-1952, KS
m. Carrie May Price b. 1-8-1893, KS

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« Reply #57 on: December 06, 2011, 02:25:03 PM »

From an email sent by Sherry Pees [peesfarm AT]:

"I do not have a pedigree to submit but do have Carson info and a question.
The background to my question is this.
My ancestor Nicholas Pees and his Washington Co PA will of 1818 stated
he had 2 Pees daughters who each married a un-named Carson; these daughters
were listed as Catherine Pees Carson and Margaret Pees Carson.   My question = Is there a way that this info could be submitted to World Families
so it might help me and someone else to connect 2 Pees daughters to 2
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« Reply #58 on: March 14, 2012, 03:14:25 PM »

DNA Kit#140670

William Carson (b. abt. 1715, d. 1775, Rowan, N.C.)
m. Eleanor Eliza McDuff (b. abt. 1725, probably Scotland, d. 1814, Iredell Co. NC)

Andrew Carson (1756-1841 Iredell Co. NC)
m. Temperance Young (1767-1831 Iredell Co. NC)

Andrew Washington Carson (1799-1862 Henry Co. TN)
m. Margaret Allison (1799-1863 Henry Co. TN)

Mary Young Carson (1826-1892 Henry Co. TN)
m. first... John Douglas
m. second.... William Whitlock Lyon

Jerusha Harmony Lyon (1866-1942 Henry Co. TN)
m. William Henry Morris (1861-1947 Henry Co. TN)

Andrew Carson is the brother of Lindsey Carson who is the father of Kit Carson.  DNA from a descendant of Andrew Washington Carson matches the DNA of a great-grandson of Kit Carson.  I have much more info on this line but do not know how much to post.

Suzie Morris Ball
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« Reply #59 on: August 18, 2012, 07:47:08 PM »

DNA Kit 247531 - Carson

William Carson, Sr. b 1735 Ireland, m ?, d. Chilicothe, Ross Co. Ohio 1819. Arrived in      America in 1773 with two other brothers. Father of 13, grandfather of 74.
William Carson, b. 1776, PA, m Margaret Beattie b.1785, PA
James Carson, b. 1816, Ohio, m Jane Kerr  b 1819
Samuel Aten Carson, b 1852, Ohio m Rachel Maria Stoops b 1875, Ohio
Evart Lee Carson, b 1881, Ohio m Winnie Mae Corlett b 1883
Alvin Corlett Carson, b 1911, OK m Frances A. Seigler b 1910

Carson children of Oklahoma

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