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Author Topic: C-19, C-35, C-38 (I2b1) DNA Test: Uriah Carson the Quaker of North Carolina  (Read 3944 times)
Stephanie Carson Feldman
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1302 ancestors for my boy!

« on: September 01, 2006, 09:56:53 AM »

Do you have research/information/comments to add to this genealogical line?  Feel free to post and please indicate your sources!!

Short List:
    *  Uriah Carson, b c1743, d 1780 NC, m Mary Cook - Stephanie Carson Feldman [steph_carson AT]
          o John Carson, b 1768 NC, m Abigail Sumner
                + Jacob Carson, b 1789, m Alsey Jackson
                      # Eli W Carson, b 1812 NC, d 1904 KS, m Agnes Hastings  C-38
                      # Jesse B Carson, b 1827/8
                      # Albers J Carson, b 1838/9
                      # William M Carson, b 1830/1
                      # Henry S Carson, b 1832/3
                      # Abner J Carson, b 1834/5
                      # Francis Marion Carson, b 1837/8
                + Caleb Carson, b 1790, m Delilah Jessup
                      # Levi Carson, b 1821/2, m Susannah
                      # John Carson, b 1831/2
                + John Samuel Carson, b 1794, d 1877, m Mary Bethania Jessup
                      # Allison Carson, b 1821/2, m Ahava Williams
                      # William Carson b c1825, m Elma George
                      # Anderson Carson, b 1830, d 1878 m Achsah Carson C-35
                      # Henry H Carson, b 1841/2
                      # Emery Carson, b 1845/6
                      # John Carson, b 1844/5
                      # Samuel Carson, b 1847/8
                      # Jesse W Carson, b 1849/50
                + Jesse Carson b 1809, m Mary Williams
                      # John Carson, b 1835/6
                      # Eli Carson, b 1836/7
                      # Enos Carson, b 1836/7
                      # Allison Carson, b 1838/9
          o Jacob Carson b 1772 NC, m Martha Horton
                + Josiah Carson, b 1795, m Ann Beeson
                      # Levi J Carson b 1845/6, m Arline
                + Silas Carson, b 1797, m Sarah
                      # Allen J Carson, b 1827/8
                      # Silas J Carson, b 1835/6
                + Uriah Carson, b 1801, d 1860, m Phebe George
                      # Jesse George Carson, b 1832, m Arcada Sumner
                      # Amos Carson, b 1833, m Perlina
                      # Elwood Carson, b 1843, m Hannah Milhouse
                + Jacob Carson, b 1803, m Esther Beals
                      # Amos Carson, b 1839/40
                      # Joshua Carson, b 1841/2, m Mary J Spidell
                      # George Carson, b 1873/4
                      # Jesse H Carson, b 1880
          o Bowater Carson b 1775 NC, m Charity Pierce
                + Hiram Carson, b 1790/1800, m Clementine Pierce
                + Elisha Carson, b 1800/10
                + Cyrus Carson, b 1800/10, m Cynthia
                      # John V Carson
                      # William H Carson
                      # Buster Carson
                      # Jonathan Carson
                      # Isaac Carson
                + Jacob M Carson, b 1811/2, m Emily St-Clair
                      # Clayton W Carson, b 1848/9
                + William Carson, b 1816/7, m Elizabeth
          o Uriah Carson, b 1777 NC, d 1821 IN
                + Pleasant G Carson, b 1813 NC, d 1870 IA, m Sarah Beeson [unconfirmed son]
                      # Uriah William Carson, b 1841 OH, d 1884 IA, m Hester Anna Notson C-19   

I have been working on Uriah's descendants for some time now and have them online.  If you have more to add, I'd love to hear from you!

We still aren't sure if Uriah was born in PA, NC or Ireland.  Many say we are related to Kit Carson, western pioneer, but we have not found that tie yet and don't know how far back it might be, hopefully DNA will be able to prove this!

Descendants of Uriah Carson
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A certified genealogy nut!  :)
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« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2006, 12:14:14 AM »

My name is Althea Smith, and I am rlated to Uriah Carson. He was my Great grandfather 4 generations back. My great grandparents were  Rhodema Jane Hendricks and William David Hendricks. As a child, My grandmother (Rhodema Ruth Wells(Hendricks) always told me that her sister Mary had done a family tree, and that we were direct decendents of Kit Carson.  So, I find it interesting that you say the same thing.  Unfortunately I never got to see this family tree that she supposedly did, but it was talked about and I was also told that we had indian blood, which I have no idea if this is indeed fact.  I am just starting to research, and I see that it could be a very long process. I would love to solve the mystery!
Althea Smith
Stephanie Carson Feldman
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1302 ancestors for my boy!

« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2009, 02:26:34 PM »

This Carson lineage is I2b1, Nordic.  It does not connect with the R1b1 lines for many thousands of years back.

C-35 is a 33/37 match with C-9, C-11, C-12 so their common ancestor could be within a thousand years, but the paper trail has not yet confirmed who it is and likely never will.

There is an unusual development in this lineage.  It appears that markers CDYa and CDYb (724) have fused back together.  It was not a six jump step from 31-37 to 37-37, but likely just one.  And not seven steps from 31-37 to 36-36, but likely only two.  Family Tree DNA's ancestor predictor will not be accurate if comparing test results that do not have the same markers for CDYa and CDYb.

Further speculation on Haplogroup I - Lineage I-C should go here:
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A certified genealogy nut!  :)
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« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2012, 01:18:30 PM »

I'm just beginning to research  my lineage and have traced it back to Uriah. from there things really seem to get fuzzy. I have found several references that suggest that Uriah was the son of William Carson and brother to Lindsey Carson, Kit Carsons father. can anyone confirm this one way or another? there seems to be a lot of conflicting information. I'm considering the DNA testing to confirm what I've learned. I don't know of anyone in my family that's had it done.
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