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Hi, Charles. 

Your pedigree has been posted:


David Cassells:
William Cassells / Castles  b c 1760? in ?  Lived in Annaloiste, Co. Armagh, Ireland

William Cassells / Castles  b c 1785  in Annaloiste, Co. Armagh, Ireland;  m Jane Turkington

James Cassells  b 3/4/1826  in Annaloiste, Co. Armagh, Ireland, m Isabella Hanna

William Cassells   b 25/11/1852 in Annaloiste, Co. Armagh, Ireland; m  Elizabeth McBride

Francis Cassells   b 24/11/1892 in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Ireland; m Ellen Hayes

Philip M T Castle:
Hi All,

I am reseaching my earliest known ancestor GEORGE CASTLE who came from Kent, England to Australia in the 1840s. He gave his birthdate as (aprox) 1815 and occupation as a ships carpenter on a whaling ship. He said his fathers name was also George and English naming patterns suggest that his mother's name was Sarah.

One family I would like to explore is George Castle who married Sarah Macey in Deal, Kent in 1813.
Details: George Castle, boatbuilder born 1789 Deal Kent; Sarah Macey born 1791 Deal Kent.
Married St Leonards Church, Deal Kent in May 1813.
Children: George William Castle (1814); William Edward Castle (1816); Thomas James Castle (1818); Sarah Macy Castle (1821) Mary Ann Castle (1823); Jane Elizabeth Castle (1828); Caroline Eastland Castle (1830); George William Castle (1833 - yes there were apparently two sons named George).

The above family looks good for a match to our Australian George but it's hard to be sure of the connection without DNA evidence. I'll probably upgrade my 12 point Y-Line DNA test to 64 points but I still need to find a descendent of George and Sarah (Deal Kent) to test for a match.

I welcome any information

Many Thanks,

Philip M T Castle (Melbourne, Australia)

Abraham Calloway Casteel, b c1804, Tennessee, m Sally Williams Reed
Abraham Marshall Casteel, b Jun 18, 1838, Hutton Valley, MO. m Julia Ann Butts
Charles Marshall Casteel, b Mar 26, 1872, Missouri, m Minnie Bell Smith
Glenn Everett Casteel, b May 30, 1903, m Nora Elizabeth Karr
Glenn Everett Casteel, Jr., Oct 23, 1924, Herculaneum, MO. m Violet D. Grittmann
Douglas Casteel, June 26, 1951 Waterloo, Ia. m Virgina Sheridan (my brother)

My earliest documented CASSEL ancestor is Jacob G CASSEL, my great great grandfather

Born: Jul 9, 1815, Pennsylvania
Died: Oct 6, 1879, Eau Galle, Dunn Co, Wisconsin
Burial: Waubeek Prairie Cemetery, Waubeek Township, Pepin Co, Wisconsin
Parents:  Unknown
Marriage: Jul 18, 1842, East Union Township, Wayne Co, Pennsylvania to Jane NOLAND
Children:  seven children, seventh child is my great grandmother Alice Susan CASSEL

Alice Susan CASSEL
Born: Sept 29, 1857, Clayton Co, Iowa
Died: Mar 13, 1918, Menomonie, Dunn Co, Wisconsin
Burial: Clearview Cemetery, Eau Galle, Dunn Co, Wisconsin
Parents: Jacob G CASSEL and Jane NOLAND CASSEL
Marriage:  Nov 18, 1878, Downsville, Dunn Co, Wisconsin to Reuben SMITH
Children:  one child, my grandfather, born out of wedlock.  Abducted as a small girl by native americans, when she came out of captivity she was pregnant at the age of 13

Forest Henry CASSEL WOOD
Born: Feb 18, 1872, Colesburg, Delaware Co, Iowa
Died: Dec 2, 1939, Eau Galle, Dunn Co, Wisconsin
Burial: Waubeek Prairie Cemetery, Waubeek Township, Pepin Co, Wisconsin
Parents:  UNKNOWN and Alice Susan CASSEL
Adopted: Due to young age of his mother and his illegitimacy, Forest was adopted by his aunt Eliza CASSEL and her husband George Washington WOOD; they lived in Eau Galle, Dunn Co, Wisconsin
Marriage 1: May 9, 1896, Eau Galle, Dunn Co, Wisconsin to Luisa DeLONG
Children of Marriage 1:  seven children
Marriage 2: Oct 29, 1927, Fountain City, Buffalo Co, Wisconsin to Maebelle Menilla RAITZ
Children of Marriage 2: four children from 2nd marriage of which Marvin WOOD (my father) was the first child


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