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Author Topic: Dunbar Family Pedigrees  (Read 62837 times)
Debra Dunbar Nowell
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« Reply #75 on: May 24, 2015, 03:23:04 PM »

Hi Carla,

It's nice to meet you!  Unfortunately, Trish passed away several years ago.  She had two descendants test but I'm not at liberty to reveal their names. 

There are two other people associated with this Dunbar family you could probably contact:
Donald Stanley Dunbar [dsdunbar AT me DOT com]
Debra Wawrzyniak [debbykayann AT]

All the men in Lineage 1 are genetically related and are believed to descend from somewhere in the House of Dunbar Family Tree.  The test that's proving most effective in determining where in the tree is the 'Big Y' test which is very expensive.  The regular price is $575.00 and on sale is usually $475.00.  Maybe you and the other two people above could go in together and order that test for either person above. 

Family Tree DNA has great resources to help you learn about DNA testing.
They have great Webinars in the Community section you might want to check out. 

If you'd like to send a more complete tree of your direct line of descent from Elizabeth Perkins we can add it to our database.  Please send to: DunbarDNA AT

Cheers, Debra

I am cousin to Trish Gray who is posted on the Patriarch site. I descend from:
    Samuel Dunbar, b. c1735 in Ireland?, m. Anne Moore, d. in Ireland?   Trish Gray [pgray223 AT
◾Alexander Dunbar, Sr., b. 13 Aug 1771, Wicklow, IRE, m. Elizabeth Dolmage, d. 5 Feb 1845, Rockwood, Ont. CAN
   Then their daughter Elizabeth Dunbar who married George Perkins.

I have been in contact with Trish, but have not been able to connect with her lately. I am trying to make sense on how we would go back to the top of the Patriarch page. Also I do not understand the Genetic testing. I know that Trish said another known family member completed the testing. However I can't remember who that might have been. I would appreciate any help on understanding this. Thank You.
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« Reply #76 on: January 27, 2016, 07:38:54 PM »

I am an interested Dunbar descendent, although not male, and am still searching for nearby cousins to help with the tests. In the meantime I am carefully combing through all the Dunbars I can to find 'points of probable attachment' for Robert Dunbar of Hingham, Plymouth Colony, former prisoner of Cromwell.

Here's my line:
1. Robert Dunbar d. 19 SEP 1693, Hingham, m. Rose (Can she be Margaret (Pega) Rose? Rose is a common surname in Moray linked with the Dunbars.)
2. Peter Dunbar, d. 23 APR 1719, Bridgewater, m. Sarah Thaxter
3. David (Peter's youngest child) Dunbar, d. BEF. 14 AUG 1781, Bridgewater, m. Mercy Soule.
4. Sylvester Dunbar, d. 19 FEB 1836, Croydon, NH, m. Hannah Powers
5. Rev. Otis Dunbar, d. 17 JUL 1883, Corning, IA, m. Julia M. True
6. Julia M. Dunbar, d. 18 MAR 1919, Hughs, South Dakota, m. Amos B. Webster.
Julia is my GGG Grandmother. She had 4 brothers and 2 sisters:
John "Fletcher" Dunbar, b. abt. 1836
Lewis Wilson Dunbar, b. abt. 1837
Lydia A Dunbar, b. abt 1840
Otis Henry (fought in the Civil War) Dunbar, b. 18 JUN 1842
Sarah E. DUnbar, b. abt 1846
Frederick Oberlin Dunbar, b. abt NOV 1848

Otis married secondly Abigail Gooden and had three daughters: twins Mary & Abby 1851, and Hattie 1861.

It's interesting to me that a couple of Dunbars, who descend from Alexander of Westfield, were priors who actually rebelled against the rule of celibacy for church positions. They continued to have mistresses, and several had children that were later 'legitimized'. One theoretical line for Robert Dunbar of Hingham that I have come up with is:

Robert Dunbar b. abt 1630, d. 1693, Hingham
Robert Dunbar of Westerton, b. bef 1560
Robert Dunbar of Inchallon, Moray, b. bef 1527 (b. illegitimate, legitimated 12 FEB 1547)
Alexander Dunbar, Prior of Pluscarden, b. abt 1510 (illegitimate), d. 19 SEP 1560
Mr. Patrick Dunbar, Chancellor of Aberdeen, b. abt 1461, d. 8 SEP 1525
Sir Alexander Dunbar, 1st Baron Westfield, b. 1420, Frendraught, Aberdeenshire, d. 10 MAR 1498/98 at Westfield, Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland. m. Isobel Sutherland of Duffus.

The lines from Mr. Patrick, Chancellor, are complex and full of undocumented branches that could easily support our Robert.

The names David and Robert are repeated over and over again from Alexander on, and it's very difficult to be sure who is who in the records.

There is a Lt. Robert Dunbar who appears in Moray's records for the year of the Battle at Dunbar and then disappears, and I thought he might be a match for our Prisoner, who might be on the officer's list, if not on the passenger list of the Unity. However, it seemed as though he appeared AFTER the battle of Dunbar.
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« Reply #77 on: January 28, 2016, 12:03:03 PM »

Hi Clayton,
Great info in your post.  I am also descended from RofH, Robert Dunbar of Hingham Massachusetts.  Robert - Peter - James - James - Benjamin - Ruel - William - George - Donald -Donald -Me.  I am an assistant-administrator of the DunbarDNA project and immersed in the hunt for RofH's line in Scotland.  I have been reading everything I can find on Alexander & Isobel's descendants.  In the mean time we are getting close with DNA results, specifically the Big-Y from FTDNA.  My father tested Big-Y as did 3 other RofH descendants in the project. The only Robert - Peter - David tests we have are one Y-37 marker and one &-67 maker through David's son John.

The Big-Y results are here

Sir James, Chief of Clan Dunbar has a strong paper trail to Crinan the Thane d. 1045 via Alexander & Isobel's son Alexander Dunbar of Conzie.  Sir James has 7 unique SNPs found with Big Y and not shared with anyone else yet. John Dunbar in Australia who descends from Sir Alexander Dunbar & Isobel Sutherland's son Patrick of Bennefeld Chancellor of Aberdeen.  John has 3 unique SNPs not shared by anyone else yet.  We have new results from a recent test but are awaiting the raw data for him to be added to the results and tree in the above link.  We think he descends from Alexander & Isobel's (A&I) son David of Durris.  Each above; Alexander, Patrick, and David, are brothers and each has their own DNA signature. The RofH Big-Y results are close matches to Sir James and the two above. If we share unique SNPs with the new results it would indicate that we descend from David of Durris.  If not then its likely we are from one of A&I's other sons.  I would have to defer to the experts to learn if we could descend from A&I's son Patrick when not sharing his unique SNPs.

You have obviously done quite a bit of research and I hope we can collaborate on further research and will let you know Big-Y developments.  Are you a member of the DunbarDNA project?  We have a section for people who descend from Dunbar daughters.  You can see the published results from the DunbarDNA project link from the Clan Website.  

I am a member of the Scottish War Prisoner's yahoo group and DNA project and the Scottish DNA project.  There are several RofH descendants who participate in the SPOW yahoo group and I hope you will join the discussion and get added as a researcher for RofH.  There is an associated facebook site and a blog with lots of information  There has been much discussion of late of the skeletal remains of Dunbar prisoners who died at Durham Cathedral. The University of Durham Archaeology department exhumed up to 27 of these during a construction project and held a consultation in the town Dunbar late last year.  Here is a video of that event One of the team is on the SPOW group.  He and the SPOW DNA admin attended.  Our group suggested DNA testing and we are working with them on that.  We also suggested that they be reburied atop Doon Hill on the Dunbar Battlefield.

The administrator of the SPOW and Scotland DNA sites, John Cleary, has been very helpful and thinks we have a good chance of finding RofH's paper trail.  I had noted the Lt. Colonel Robert Dunbar on the captured officers list from the Battle of Dunbar.  John Cleary indicates that it would be highly unusual for an officer to be transported to the colonies as RofH was.  He is in Edinburgh and has done research in the National Archives.  I am going to try to enlist the help of a RofH descendant who is a young barrister in Edinburgh to see if he can work on the paper trail too.  Your research and sources will be a big help getting when looking at the Old Parish records and the National Archives.  Please feel free to contact me direct via email at David AT DunbarOilandGas D0T com.  I also hope to see you on the Yahoo SPOW blog. 
Best regards,
David Dunbar
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