Dunbar Family Pedigrees

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Marie Dunbar:
Hi, my husbands father was Sean Dunbar, born Dublin in about 1921.  His mother died when he was 6 weeks old and he was brought up by neighbours.  His brother and father moved away. Any info welcome.

Dunbar Administrator:
Hi Marie, Thank you for your post and interest in the Dunbar DNA project.?

I did a quick search of the 1920 Indiana Census, using the Dunbar surname, hoping to find the father, mother, or brother you mentioned.? Was it Dublin, Indiana  or Dublin Ireland where Sean was born?? I couldn?t tell from my map if Dublin, IN was in Wayne or Henry County, so I checked them both for possibilities but didn?t see anything that might match.? The site I use only has a partially completed 1930 US Census and doesn?t list Sean yet.? Do you know the name of the neighbors that raised him?? Or, do you know the first name of Sean?s father/mother?? Is it listed on his birth/death certificate?

Using Y-DNA for genealogical purposes is designed to help prevent a beginning researcher from wasting time chasing a dead end or for those advanced researchers who cannot get around a ?brick wall?.? Already, the men of Lineages I & II have found they share a common ancestor.? Until this project, only D-4 & D-5 knew they shared a recent ancestor.? It was a surprise for the others tested and now we can stop wondering if our ancestors descend from the other pedigrees.? I have spent a lot of money over the years chasing leads, but this has been the best investment I?ve made so far.? My Dad is D-1.? I hope your husband will join our project.? Sincerely, Debra

Debra Dunbar Nowell,
Dunbar Surname DNA Admin. & Clan Dunbar Project Admin.

Jackie Wanegar:
My Dunbar line follows:
1. Solomon Dunbar, b. Ireland, m. Seneth Snow
2. John Dunbar, b. 1796 in PA., m. Lititia McKee
3. John Dunbar, b. 1824 in PA, m. Rachel Glascow, b. 1827
4. Emily Dunbar, b. 1856, Butler CO., PA, m. William Grossman, b. 1848 (his 2nd wife was Lydia Dunbar, sister of Emily)
5. Mary Ida Grossman, b. 1875, Butler CO., PA, m. Ernest Albert Teater, b. 1872, NY
6. Pearl Amanda Teater, b. 1906, Ohio, m. Lucien Grolock, b. 1905, MO.
7. Jacqueline Grolock, b. 1926, MO, m. Frederick Wanegar, b. 1928, IL

Richard P. Dunbar:
Richard P. Dunbar Family Ancestry

John, b c1733, East Lothian, Scotland, m (1) ? (2) Lydia Dilworth, (3) Anna Barbara Stober
   George, b 1 May 1770, Philadelphia, PA, m Elizabeth Elliot
      John, d 1877, Canton, OH
      George JR., d 1851
      Mary, m Eli Sowers
      Elizabeth, m Hiram Myers
      Margaret, b 1800
   Robert, b 1 Feb 1771, Philadelphia, PA, m Magdalena C. Bretz
      Joseph, b 15 Mar 1799, PA, m Mary Kepner
      George, b 16 Oct 1800, Dauphin Co, PA, Margareta Bruner
      William Henry, b 2 Jun 1802, PA, m Sarah Kepner
      Lewis, b 12 Nov 1803, Hummelstown, PA, m Mary Powers
         William, b 25 Jun 1823, OH, m Sarah Burckhalter
         Silas, b 23 Mar 1825, OH, Chineworth
         Eliza, b 4 Jan 1827, Dayton, OH, m Calvin Cooley
         John Adam, 9 Aug 1828, OH, m Eleanor Burckhalter
         Susannah Elsie, b 24 Jan 1830, OH, m Luther Cooley
         Robert, b 12 Nov 1831, Montgomery Co, IN, m (1) Mary Meroney, (2) Sarah Ann Summers
         Catherine, b 29 Nov 1833, Montgomery Co, IN
         Elias, b 27 Aug 1835, Montgomery Co, IN, m Esther Bowers
            Mary Ellen, b 9 Jul 1857, Montgomery Co, IN
            Charlotte Hoffman, b 20 Jan 1859
            Elias Peter, b 14 Feb 1861, Montgomery Co, IN m (1) Violet May Lane (2) Emma Coe Parker
               Mae Elizabeth b 5 Jan 1890, Montgomery Co, In, m Leslie Vincent Halladay
               Lillian Esther, b 22 Feb 1891, Montgomery Co, IN, m Manassa Sampson Judy
               Joesph Elias, b 18 Feb 1893, Montgomery Co, IN, m Anna K. Ikenberry
               Austin Walton, b 31 Oct 1894, Montgomery Co, IN, m Catherine Everhart
               Williard Parker, b 1 Apr 1896, Montgomery Co, IN, m Irma Claire Dykes
               Harvey Nelson, b 21 Nov 1897, Montgomery Co, IN, m Ruby Geneva Robison
               Roscoe Abner, b 2 May 1899, Montgomery, Co, IN, m Helen Maguire Custer
               Theodore Bowers, b 2 Feb 1902, Montgomery Co, IN, m Anna Mary Campbell
         Lewis Morton JR, b 22 Apr 1837, Sugar Creek Ts, IN, m Christenia Bowers,
         Simon, b 4 Oct 1838, Montgomery Co, IN, m Rebecca Blacker
         Marion B., b 17 Apr 1840, Montgomery Co, IN m (1) Amanda Stook, (2) Elizabeth Smith
         Daniel, b 17 Jan 1842, Montgomery Co, IN
         Elizabeth, b 4 Nov 1843, Montgomery Co, IN, m Martin Bowers
         Mary, b 22 Apr 1845, Montgomery Co, IN, m Jacob Blacker
         Taylor, b 16 Jan 1849, Montgomery Co, IN, m Nancy Wadell
      Mary Catherine, b 22 Jan 1805, John McLaughlin
      Mary Magdalene, 10 Apr 1805 Mifflinburg Union, PA, m John Bruner
      Adam, b 9 Jun 1809, Mifflinburg Union, PA, Margaret Fogler
      Susannah, b 9 Jun 1809, Mifflinburg Union, PA m (1) Nathan Kious, (2) John Bishop
   Susanna, b 7 Jan 1774, Philadelphia, PA, m George Kraft

Carolyn Furtado:
Robert and Rose
  Peter Dunbar and Sarah Thaxter
   Peter Dunbar (Jr.) b. 1701, Hingham  m. Hannah Damon, Scituate
    Theophilus Cushing, Jr. m. Patience Dunbar
       Washington Cushing 1776 m. cousin Hannah Cushing, Hull
          Theophilus Cushing m. Cynthia Cushing Jacob  b. 1815
             Calvin House Young m. Mary Washington Cushing
               Eugene Burleigh Young m. Clara Pratt, Weymouth (my great grandparents)
                 Joseph Scully, Norwell, m. Mary Adelaide Young, Hingham
                   Joseph Crovo, Boston, m. Alice Scully, Rockland
                          This brings it to me Carolyn Crovo Furtado


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